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Trillian for Mac (1.6 Build 36)

We’re releasing a minor new Trillian for Mac update today for beta testers. Once everything looks good we’ll submit this to the App Store for everyone else, so please let us know if you find any glaring issues! The bulk of the work in 1.6 will be invisible to users, but we’ve now got a fair portion of the work required to support group chats done. Visible changes in 1.6 include better support for sending images, metacontact windows, the ability to tweak or disable auto away, and the utilization of your address book pictures in the chat window as well as the contact list. You can download the 1.6 beta here.

12 Responses to “Trillian for Mac (1.6 Build 36)”
  1. Pechente Says:

    “the ability to tweak or disable auto away” sounds nice and it’s good to see progress on the OS X releases :)

  2. Hakan Says:

    Has Trillian for Mac a built-in updater if we device to install this beta instead of the App Store version??

  3. REQUiRED Says:

    Hell yeah! I really love the usage of built in notifications. .. will test the other features within the next days but it looks quiet nice right now.

  4. Neil Says:

    Thanks for this; it’s great to see that the Mac client is being updated. Will Trillian for the Mac support Skype accounts anytime soon?

  5. Serge Says:

    It’s still does not have Skype… sad.

  6. logaen Says:

    Skype is more necessary than ever. Messenger is closing!

  7. Pechente Says:

    Yup skype support should be a top priority. Well it probably is but development is so damn slow :/ They mentioned skype support will soon be integrated into the OS X client in a blog post about a year ago and then removed any mention of it – pretty sad.

  8. Stuart Says:

    I’ve not switch back to Trillian (after switching Windows to Mac) because the Mac client seems to be completely “as and when we get time with nothing else to do”. It will never be a viable product until it is allocated some development time and functionality developed – and it has a lot of catching-up to do. Which is a shame because the Windows version was excellent. But the Mac version has a poor UI and missing core functionality (e.g. Skype).

  9. REQUiRED Says:

    What about this bug?

  10. REQUiRED Says:

    Sorry for spamming.
    I just wanted to open new chats, but the double-clicks didn’t open the desired windows. I cannot reproduce this problem but it is definitely a new problem that didn’t exist in the past.

  11. Lukas Valenta Says:

    In Facebook Messenger I have problem with following: ěščřžýáíé – instead of these characterss are these characters: ?????????

    Do you planning Notification center in Mountain Lion?

  12. Lukas Valenta Says:

    sorry, I wrote it wrong – In Facebook chat.