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Build 116 is going out to all testers this morning. Additionally, we wanted to take a minute to bring a few exciting projects brewing in the community forums to your attention.

Avion Pro: A very cool new skin from Insomnautik and Scream81! Check it out on our forums here, or go directly to the deviantART download page here. Many months of effort have been put into this excellent skin and we urge you all to check it out and see what you think!

Iconpack Selector: A standalone utility built by community members DiamondNRG and Scream81 to easily change your icon packs within Trillian – more information can be found on our forums here. This is something we need to build directly into Trillian ourselves, but in the meantime the community has built a solution for you! If you find yourself swapping out icon packs or preferring a different style of icons than those we provide by default, take a look at this utility – it’s much easier than editing files by hand in our skinning language.

Enjoy the new build and be sure to drop a friendly note to the authors of these great additions to Trillian if you enjoy their work. :)

14 Responses to “Community News…”
  1. y0himba Says:

    I cannot wait for the Icon Pack functionality to be built-in. Until then, the globes are perfect for me. Avion Pro is a work of art, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the work you guys did on the skin!

  2. purrcher Says:

    looks good so far. Now if only I had the money to get Pro… O well such is life. Will look to break things tho. :)

  3. DiamondNRG Says:

    I plan to do some iconpack updating very soon… so then the selector should automatically pick up the updates.

    @y0himba… I think you can use the iconpack selector just fine, it is not set to “ignore” YOU.

  4. Scream81 Says:

    well Nick sorry… but I actually coded it to ignore y0himba, maybe I should have tell you that sometime …

  5. miro_i Says:

    Nice polished but basic functionality got worse – i cant connect to AOL, it worked just few minutes ago before to install this update!

  6. Flyer00 Says:

    Avion Pro is gorgeous! Nice work Insomnautik and Scream81!

  7. Says:

    Server 2k3 / win xp no problems so far.

  8. Irontiger Says:

    Hey, great work! Thanks!

  9. mee Says:

    Thanks for the update.. Unfortunately when I change my language from LOLCAT to English, some buttons stay Lolcat (“preferencez”). In fact, there seems to be no way to completely change the language back to something normal…

  10. DrBuzz0 Says:

    Is there any chance we’ll be getting full support for webcam and A/V chat? Right now, it only seems to exist at all for Yahoo. No voice or video at all for AIM. This is the primary reason I wanted to use Trillian and not another multi-protocol client like Pidgin.

  11. mee Says:

    Never mind, after a reboot everything worked fine.

  12. RampantAndroid Says:

    Awesome, love the new theme!


  13. DiamondNRG Says:

    @DrBuzz0 … audio/video for other protocols is now a 4.1 feature request, it is not planned to add anymore to 4.0 as they are trying to get it bug free so they can start on 4.1.

  14. DrBuzz0 Says:

    @DiamondNRG: That’s a shame. If that is the case then unfortunately I’m no longer interested in this software until at least version 4.1.

    Oh well. Since the release of the AIM SDK there has been some effort to create a plugin for Pidgin that will allow for video (at least on the windows version)