Say hello to the brand new Trillian 6.3! ✨

We've added lots of great new features and security improvements in Trillian 6.3. Keep reading to dive into the latest and greatest coming your way in this exciting new release!

Trillian 6.3 and Trillian Server 6.3 are now available for all customers.  To coincide with the launch of our new enterprise plan, we've been hard at work on some new enterprise-class features like 2FA and urgent messages as well as making some much-needed improvements to how messages and pictures are sent.  And as always, we spent some time roasting a few bugs while we had the hood up.  Here's what you can look forward to in Trillian 6.3!

Urgent messages

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Enterprise customers now have the option of sending urgent messages for mission-critical or life-threatening situations.  Urgent messages render differently, play a special sound, and continuously alert the recipient across all of their connected devices every 2 minutes for up to 20 minutes until the message is read.  They'll also break through any muted windows or users who've marked themselves as do not disturb, so use them appropriately!

Group chat typing and read receipts

groupchat typing

Trillian now supports group chat typing indicators and read receipts to help your conversations with groups feel more alive.  We've tidied up the look and feel of group avatars as well.



Two-factor authentication is now available with support for Duo and RSA SecurID tokens out of the box, along with a whitelist option for internal networks that don't require 2FA protection.  As an alternate - and slightly more paranoid - method of two-factoring, Trillian 6.3 also introduces the ability to automatically deny newly-seen devices by default, requiring an administrator to manually approve each new user device after verifying its legitimacy.

HIPAA Compliance

hipaaWith the launch of our new Trillian for Enterprise billing plan, eligible healthcare customers can now achieve HIPAA compliance when using Trillian.  Covered entities and business associated, as defined by HIPAA, are all automatically included in our new HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.  If your company is using the free version of Trillian, check out our business offerings to see how you can achieve HIPAA compliance!

Admin Dashboard Usage


Track active users, messages sent, media shared, and leaders for all of these categories with our beautiful new admin dashboard.

Edge Transport Roles (Trillian Server Only)

Trillian Server can now be split into multiple roles whereby one sits on your DMZ and one sits on your internal network segment.  The DMZ server acting as an edge transport would accept external connections from the internet only; the internal Trillian Server would connect to the DMZ server to provide a reverse proxy back into your internal network.  This allows you to configure your edge firewall to not allow traffic inbound whatsoever for environments with the strictest security requirements.

Password Policies

Admins can now enforce password length and complexity, as well as expire passwords after a period of time, when not using an LDAP user directory source.

AMiON Integration


By popular request, our healthcare customers can configure Tricia McMillan (our lovely chat bot) to integrate with the AMiON physician scheduling service for quick schedule queries right within Trillian.

Download Trillian 6.3

Builds are now being pushed to their respective app stores, and you can use the download links at the bottom of this website to grab non-appstore versions of Trillian 6.3 whenever you are ready.  We hope you enjoy the new release!


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