Introducing Trillian Calls: 1:1 video calls and screen sharing

We're pleased to announce Trillian 6.5 for Windows, including the new Trillian Calls feature! Say it face-to-face with simple and secure video calls and screen sharing, now available in Trillian 6.5 for Windows.

Trillian 6.5 for Windows is now available, including the brand new Trillian Calls feature. Trillian Calls brings you simple and secure 1:1 video calling using the same lightweight platform that you’ve come to know and love. Included for all existing Trillian for Business users, you'll get access to video and audio calling to provide you with instant communication with the people you interact with most. Here are some of the highlights of our new release!

Crisp and clear 1:1 video calls

Thanks to the fact that Trillian isn't just another web browser app, we've been able to thoughtfully design a user interface that gets the job done and stays out of your way when you need it to. Drag your video call into a corner to snap it into place, go full screen, or minimize it entirely if you need to! Trillian Calls also support up to 720p resolution (when supported by bandwidth and hardware).

Feeling camera fatigue? We got you

After the year we've all just had it's normal to be feeling a little exhausted showing your face. That's why Trillian Calls include an audio-only option that snaps neatly into the corner of your screen and stays out of your way. You can drag it around your desktop or even minimize it entirely, just like with video calls.

Screen sharing for the collaborators in your group

With Trillian Calls, you can now easily turn on a screen share, including the ability to select a partial area of your screen to share or go full screen. Show your entire screen or just a window - it’s up to you.

An easy to understand user interface

Instantly launch a video or voice call by clicking one of the two buttons at the top of your chat window. It's that easy!

Trillian’s pricing is transparent and all-inclusive

All business customers get the power of 1:1 video calling without any additional fees or charges. Also included is screen sharing, a powerful tool for collaboration. If you're still on the free version of Trillian, you'll still get access to audio calling just like you already have today (with a shiny new UI!).

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is automatically enabled for all types of Trillian Calls (we use DTLS-SRTP). Cerulean can’t see or hear the content of your calls and never stores your data. We make sure that you and your organization’s privacy is at the forefront of everything that we do, including your private calls.

Download Trillian 6.5

Use the download links at the bottom of this website to grab Trillian 6.5 for Windows whenever you are ready. We are working on finishing up Trillian Calls for Mac, iOS, Android, and Web and will announce those versions as soon as they are ready.  We hope you enjoy the new release!


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