10 reasons Trillian is perfect for business instant messaging

Interested in how business IM can help supercharge employee communication? Here are the top ten reasons our customers trust Trillian (and us!) to do the job.

Instant messaging: it’s all grown up. In 2019, the global number of IM accounts totaled over seven billion. Today, instant messaging has become a vital part of doing business for organizations of many different shapes and sizes.

At Cerulean Studios, we have 20 years of experience providing Trillian's secure (and now HIPAA-compliant!) instant messaging to consumers and businesses alike, so it stands that we know a thing or two about integrating IM into your organization. We’re launching our new blog to share a little know-how, get the conversation flowing and help bring better communication to the world.

IM for the growing business

As your business grows, departments become siloed and it can get much harder to collaborate. Suddenly, Marketing is making promises that Sales can’t keep, and the devs have built a desk-fort and declared war on Customer Service.

You need up-to-date tools to maintain open lines of communication. That way, you ensure everyone is working towards the same goals, and you can increase your employee productivity while still meeting the standards set by modern customer expectations.

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Why Trillian is perfect for business communications

Our customers tell us when we do great work (and when we don't!). Before we start using our blog to share advice and insights, let’s talk about why people put so much trust in us and why Trillian 'just works':

1. 'It’s easy for our employees to use and understand'

Trillian is easy to pick up for new users no matter how technologically savvy they might be or what methods of communication they are used to.  No training manual required!

2. 'In fact, it works better than everything else we tried'

Because our customers rely on Trillian for employee communication, we believe strongly in reliability and service uptime.  Take a look at our status page to check our track record.

3. 'It’s reasonably priced'

We don't hide our pricing behind a sales call. Trillian's pricing is completely transparent and very competitive! For more information on our pricing for businesses, see here.

4. 'Employees can request help from a group of people'

Instead of searching out answers from one individual at a time, Trillian's powerful group chats let users message a group and find out what they need to know right away.

5. 'It reduces the need to use overhead paging'

Yep, this is still a thing, especially with some of our healthcare customers. 'This is an announcement for Mark to come to reception. That's Mark... to reception. 

6. 'We're spending way less time on emails or on the phone'

Phone calls can be disruptive and email inboxes get cluttered – Trillian might never replace these entirely (sorry!), but it does help restore balance and reduce email load.

7. 'If we're stuck on a call we can still communicate'

Trillian's desktop applications integrate tightly with the OS – we're not just a web application! – which means pop-up notifications appear near the clock to help you see and deal with urgent matters in real time.

8. 'Trillian can be run on-premises to keep data under our control'

We are one of the last few companies still committed to offering on-prem server software, and regularly work with organizations in industries with regulatory and compliance needs like banking and healthcare.

9. 'Our remote employees can reach us anytime, on any device'

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working options critically important for businesses. Trillian works great with BYOD (bring your own device) policies and helps teams stay connected wherever they are.

10. 'Customer service is accommodating, responsive and helpful'

We aim to help! It's not uncommon for our staff to end up on a screen share or phone call with customers to help troubleshoot problems. Think of this blog as an extension of our excellent customer service.

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