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Trillian for Windows: Crash fixes and Facebook+XMPP support. (4.1 Build 24)

Build 24 is now available to all customers. Since the gold release of Trillian 4.1 a few weeks back, we’ve been watching our crash reports and fixing them whenever we found them! If you’ve experienced the “stuck troubleshoot” button in your chat windows or have crashed when connecting to AIM or Google Talk, Build 24 should address these issues.

Additionally, Facebook recently started to support XMPP (the same communications protocol used by Jabber and Google Talk, among others) in their Facebook Chat product. As they’re not running a “true” XMPP server, a few things they do were incompatible with our existing plugin and we’ve made the necessary workarounds in Build 24.

For more detailed instructions on how to get the new XMPP connectivity working, please visit our help page:

Enjoy the build!

178 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: Crash fixes and Facebook+XMPP support. (4.1 Build 24)”
  1. Scream81 Says:

    Thanks CS!!! Great as always …

  2. kitezer Says:

    Great job guys I love it! :D is there a way to make it so I do not need to keep re-applying allow Trillian to access skype?

  3. Peter Says:

    first comment?

  4. CRob Says:

    Nice, but here’s my simple question: Is it better to use with Astra Facebook’s new (but not “true”) XMPP capability or stick with the Facebook plugin?

    If they are of the same quality, reliability, and capability I say just use the Facebook plugin. Thanks for any thoughts.

  5. Michael Stanclift Says:

    Any idea on when the iPhone client will be updated to support Facebook as well? The connection establishes but none of the contacts will show right now.

  6. Michael Says:

    Is there a way in the Trillian Pro’s latest version to not see the BRB contacts in my contact list? If they are gone I do not want them to show up in the list as BRB in italics. How do I stop them from showing up?

  7. Rock Says:

    Thanks so much for the due diligents. Is there any support for the IBM Sametime chat client?

  8. ghosttie Says:

    Wow, that was quick – they only announced the FaceBook thing yesterday

  9. Ben Carroll Says:

    I think we should just all eat some cake.

  10. smw Says:

    @CRob: Over time, the XMPP solution should prove more reliable. We’re also going to do a better job of silently integrating XMPP support in 4.2, so in the future you’ll get the benefit of XMPP power without having to interface with the XMPP plugin directly.

    @Michael Stanclift: Good idea, will try to get it done this week.

  11. smw Says:

    @Ben: It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake.

  12. Midnite Says:

    yoohoo finally some news. Thanks for the build!

  13. andrej Says:

    How about an Android Version of Astra.

  14. different ben Says:

    I was unable to get the facebook xmpp connection to work as it cites that the connection has failed for an invalid password. even though the password is identical to the one being used for the facebook connection. is it possible something else could cause this?

  15. ms7168 Says:

    I have two computers and two different operating systems and Trillian on both of them. This one is Windows 7 64 bit and the other is XP Pro SP2. I have had more crashes on this machine so I hope this build will fix those :)

  16. dicks Says:

    Very cool, congrats. I moved from Digsby to Trillian and don’t regret it a single day! Keep up the good work.

  17. Monty Loree Says:

    I like all the features.. it seemed kind of buggy in the start.. hopefully the new fixes will solve all of that.

    Thanks again.

  18. Eoin Says:

    I couldn’t get it to work either. I’m not sure how i’m supposed to do it.
    You say to just add “” but in my case that’s “”
    I’m guessing the 2 @s are confusing things.

    I tried to change the hostname in the settings to “” and set the username to “”, but that doesn’t work either. Any ideas?

  19. Morenicano Says:

    Great job! On top of things as usual!

  20. Suzanne Says:

    I am also getting the invalid password message. I know it’s the right password as I type it into facebook daily. How exactly is the username supposed to look? I tried

  21. Suzanne Says:

    Nevermind I think I figured it out. You don’t add a new Jabber account like the directions above state. When I clicked on my existing facebook connection, it gave me a spot to add Facebook chat by putting in my email address and password. Now it works!!

  22. Raed Says:

    this is very speed and suitable

  23. Thomas Says:

    Andoid Astra would be sweet!

  24. the c Says:

    wow! amazing new version! i didn`t like the crashes, but they`re gone now!!
    rock on!

  25. the c Says:

    wow! amazing! i like it that the crashes are gone now.
    rock on!

  26. mebrelith Says:

    And well, what do you know? Still crashing on exit. Starting to feel like a neverending story.

  27. monikawithak Says:

    I have not had a crash problem yet. AND i am using Vista… yay! i would, however, really like the AUTO-RESPOND feature back. THANKS!!!

  28. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Eoin … no you need to have a USERNAME in facebook… you might not have ever made one yet… so go to your facebook account and create one… it is NOT your email address.

    @Suzanne … facebook chat was there all along, this is a new method and it does work just fine (and soon will be way better and the way you just discovered (which we have been using for years I think) will be gone). You also need to create a facebook USERNAME, it isn’t automatically made for you based on your name or anything like that. You create it in Facebook itself by going into Settings > Account.

  29. DiamondNRG Says:

    @monikawithak … it has been there for ALL of 4.1 but it is an option now and not enabled by default. Try going into Preferences > Away Mode and you will see the option.

  30. Brian Says:

    In the past, I used to be able to login to my Hotmail account by simply double-clicking my Hotmail folder icon in Trillian. When I first upgraded to Trillian Astra (a couple months ago, or so) that feature suddenly quit working. Now, I have to enter my password to login to Hotmail. What happened?

  31. Lars-Erik Says:

    If I add Facebook Char using the new interface, do I have to add all my Facebook Chat contacts again, or will it share the contacts between the new and old chat interface (or will I get double entries for all the Facebook chat contacts or something…) The newsfeed and other Facebook things – where will they get the userlist from (old or new inteface contacts)

  32. AndreasZ Says:

    @all: I’ve got a facebook username (like and when setting up Facebook in Astra I didn’t type in my email but my username and pw..

    e.g. instead of I typed in username

    I suspect it works because I’ve registered a Facebook username though…
    Good luck! :)

  33. Lars-Erik Says:

    Can’t get it working. Use my Facebook name “” and my Facebook password, but get a “Connection to JABBER had failed: Invalid password”. Have had same problems earlier when I trid to test XMPP against another chat service…

  34. Tuskan360 Says:

    What does this mean, if anything, for the iPhone version? Will the iPhone version use the new XMPP protocol option for Facebook, or the traditional Facebook connect? If so will this speed things up with the next iPhone release or slow them down?

  35. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Lars-Erik, it slowly pulls all the contacts in again… they are not going to be associated with your other Facebook connection at all as its under a different medium (XMPP instead of Facebook) … so you need to pick one or the other, not use both… unless you turn just the chat portion of the other one off and remove those contacts (you can search for just facebook to accomplish this).

  36. Bob Lindabury Says:

    Suzanne, your method is the OLD method and not the new Jabber (XMPP) connection type. You can easily tell what type of connection your using by looking at you Contact List.

    If all your Facebook contacts are under a “Facebook” heading, then you’re using the old method. If you create a new Jabber connection using your facebook username and password your Facebook connections will show up a Jabber connections and will be distributed in your Contact List by the groups you created on Facebook.

    I’m not sure if I like this or not yet.

    Maybe it would be nice to be able to put ALL Facebook XMPP connected people under a Facebook heading and then split them into the various sub-groups. At least we should have that option I think.

    I liked having all my FB people in one place. Maybe I’m missing something? :-)

    – Bob

    Suzanne Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Nevermind I think I figured it out. You don’t add a new Jabber account like the directions above state. When I clicked on my existing facebook connection, it gave me a spot to add Facebook chat by putting in my email address and password. Now it works!!

  37. leslie Says:

    trillian / facebook piece started to work this morning, as suddenly as it had gone away earlier. But, nice job in coming out with a new rev. Do i need it?

  38. David Says:

    It appears that the Facebook chat over XMPP is doubling messages I’m receiving. Still, that’s pretty cool :)

  39. BFarmer1980 Says:

    Having the same problem as many above. I’ve established a username for Facebook, and I’m using the correct password, but connection is failing due to invalid password.

  40. smw Says:

    For those of you who are just establishing Facebook usernames, here’s a snippet from Facebook’s dev wiki:

    “After the user gets his or her username, he or she must log out of and into Facebook once for us to store the special hash of the password.”

    Hopefully this works for some of you!

  41. Andrew Logan Says:

    hello, can anybody please tell me how many emails can I put in ‘ad new connection’ area? I mean we already use 61 email address from in our company and we just have 20 more employes. please let me know if we can use more than 100 email address at once or trillian will blow. thanks

  42. snark Says:

    also getting ‘invalid password’ – generated a new one, updated facebook and then tried again, same problem

    i have a username set, when i go to this page – – and click ‘other’ it shows my username that i have set, not my full name. so that should be good

    was also getting this same issue before the update

  43. LMPLoyd Says:

    yea no dice on the face book Jabber thing. I cant get it to connect either.

  44. K-Dub Says:

    Just curious, but even if you set the preference to show Idle statuses for AIM, it never actually shows. … Anyone else have this issue? Would be nice to know when someone is away from their computer.

  45. dt Says:

    I connected just fine using the jabber thing for my facebook account, except now everything someone tells me through it comes out as two identical messages in succession.

  46. DavidC Says:

    Log in/out of FB didn’t change the invalid password error here. FB is screwing around with their chat servers again obviously.

  47. Bob Lindabury Says:

    People getting double messages are you connected to facebook chat both ways? LOL! Mine works absolutely fine but I got rid of the old connection type. Removed my email and password.

  48. sevenalive Says:

    To the people getting double facebook chat messages, your running the old facebook chat and the new xmpp chat. You have to go into the connection settings and remove the password for the facebook plug and re-authorize trillian if necessary.

    You need a facebook username, it’s like a myspace username. It’s not your email.
    Mine is

    So it’s

    For the password issues, either relogin to facebook or change your password and it will work.

  49. LMPLoyd Says:

    well I put my face book username and password into a new jabber conection and I get invalid password, so what am I missing??

  50. LMPLoyd Says:

    do I needa jabber account or something to get the facebook through jabber to work??

  51. FS Says:

    When I use the Jabber connection, I don’t see people’s current status messages, the way I do when using the old method. Do I have something set up incorrectly?

  52. ooofest Says:

    It would be really nice if you properly enabled Invisible mode for Google Talk while you were in the XMPP plugin code. It hasn’t worked properly under any version of Astra that I can recall – instead, it simply marks you as Away and keeps the ID visibly logged in for other users. See bugzilla #9030 .

  53. Josh Says:

    Hey I just applied this update to my computer and now Trillian crashes at the start up I cannot run Trillian now without a Instant crash this never happened to me before until I applied this update. If you could tell me how to fix i’d be so thankful :]


  54. icha Says:

    Great….Keep Move in ;)

  55. Stephen Says:

    I did the following
    Go to File -> Manage Connections… click your Facebook connection and click the “Settings” button. Then, click “Miscellaneous” on the left, and check “Connect to Facebook Chat” under “Experimental Chat Support”.

    Start your instant message program and locate the menu where you can add a new account (usually in preferences or settings).
    Create a new account by entering the following info:
    Protocol: XMPP or Jabber
    Username: SexySHol
    Jabber ID:
    Enter the following server info, as requested:
    Port: 5222
    Use SSL/TLS: no
    Allow Plaintext Authentication: no

    and I got this message
    [21:49] *** Facebook Chat: Couldn’t log in! If you made sure that your login credentials are correct, Facebook may have changed something that causes Chat functionality to stop working for now.

    Every thing elce works fine but chat what do I do now???

  56. FaeryKiss Says:

    I’m having the same problem with adding facebook chat as a jabber/XMPP account. Invalid username or password. I have a username associated with my facebook account and my password is correct. I tried to set it up using the instructions above, but no dice…….. hrmmmm.

  57. kstew21 Says:

    @CRob: I took a shot at the suggestion you made about just using the Facebook plugin again and it worked! I removed the XMPP/Jabber connection as I didn’t want to have 2 connections under the same “Facebook” identity I created. Let’s hope this remains stable.

    @ all: I used my full Facebook name as my “display name”, though I’m sure you can use whatever name you’d like as to how you’d want your name to be displayed to others. I typed in my Facebook email address and password, which instantly updated “My web” identity for Facebook.

    After going into “settings”, I again typed in my Facebook user name and password (in the “connections” section) so that the friends list would re-appear. At first, it didn’t but after I exited the program and restarted it, the list reappeared!

    My apologies to any of you for the obvious description of what most or all of you have already tried. But we’ve all been dealing with this issue for quite some time so I just wanted to offer my assistance. Here’s to hoping that we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief!

  58. kstew21 Says:

    @CRob: I almost forgot… Thanks for the suggestion!

  59. kstew21 Says:

    @kitezer: You may need to open the Skype program and go to tools, options, advanced, manage other programs’ access to skype and allow Trillian access to it. Prior to installing this new build, Skype did allow access from Trillian. I’m guessing it reverted back to “not allow access” because of the new build? In any case, those are the steps I took and it again works. I agree with you and hope that this is automatic in future builds – unless it is already and I’m just missing something. Hope it works for you!

  60. Yotsume Says:

    Well before this update my Trillian and Skype would often crash and reboot. After this update the same damn problem remains! I get this message that my Trillian is now offline message. I think its time for a error log and bug report ticket. :(

  61. Pete Says:

    Do we need to disable the chat on the existing FB plugin first?

  62. Katie Says:

    Is there a way to suppress signoff/on notifications just on facebook xmpp, but not my other connections?

  63. kstew21 Says:

    @Pete: That may be necessary if you are receiving duplicate chat messages.

  64. Kei Says:

    I don’t have any problems with Trillian and I love it for that, but I wish I could use the themes with the free version. :3

  65. nuke Says:

    Woot, Trillian Finally Supports Facebook Chat!

  66. zoubiao Says:

    my god
    my english is so poor
    ang i can`t use it

  67. Desocupado_ Says:

    Great, it’s really nice when you buy a product and receive constant updates. Thanks team!

  68. ahsan butt Says:

    its Awsooooooooooooooooooooooooooome for me !!!
    luv it

  69. ahsan butt Says:

    but some time i got problem with my cam in vdo chat
    may b i dnt knw proper abt it ??
    may b
    but its grrrrrrrrrrrrreat !!

  70. xman63 Says:

    how about trillian for Droid (Android 2.0)

  71. MEnebetu Says:

    Keep them coming, its awesome, i use it everyday at school

  72. Heleen Says:

    I really miss the msn list where you can see who has you on his or her list :-(

  73. zlep Says:

    hey guys, first of all, great work. just have one question: new jabber connection method works like a charme for me (created a username, logged out and logged in at facebook). but how could i organize my different contacts into groups (like family, friends, co-workers, and so on..). does it work like in icq?


  74. Sven Says:

    Thank you very much for the fantastic product an support!
    Keep on doing such great work!

  75. RoG Re Says:

    Please revise the instructions for chat as many of us still do not know what to add to new connections and what username and password to use to chat. Thank you

  76. RoG Re Says:

    RE: I get invalid password

  77. RoG Re Says:

    I get the invalid password like most people.

  78. maren Says:

    my facebook login:
    but may name on facebook is maren.fritsche ==> so really works.

    see the facts on your account at facebook! enjoy it!

  79. Portraits by Michael Nielsen Says:

    Thank you for the tip to remove the old Facebook account, no more double chat messages.

  80. uspec Says:


    wonder if u may implement a filter so i can hide all user with “brb” status, cause its always a really long list and only 5 are really stated as online!!!

    it would greatly increase my trillian caht experience ;)

    thx uspec

  81. rd1701 Says:

    Yeah, I’m having the same lock up problems with Skype intergration. In that it loads up.. once Skype loads, nothing works – all you can do is minimise trillian, you can’t do anything else. And to quit I’m having to resort to the task manager in windows to terminate it! :-(

  82. jeng Says:

    So whenever i try to add a contact on the Astra connection – it crashes.
    that’d be a nice thing to fix…kinda annoying now lol

  83. Megamichl Says:

    Hi all!

    I also have the Facebook password problem.

    I have a Facebook username and i logged off and on in facebook many times now.
    But Trillian gives me “invalid password” if i want to connect with Jabber.
    With old Facebookplugin all works.

  84. giero Says:

    hi, is it possible to turn off the notifications when facebook-chat is connected by jabber?

  85. brian Says:

    I also had problems with “Invalid Password”, I followed the advice instructing me to “log out” of facebook, (something about password hash files) After that Trillian xpp/jabber facebook worked perfectly, I did also diable the ‘old’ facebook plugin

  86. Bubba Says:

    Hi, after i updated to 4.1.24 i lost notofication chat window. Have anyone the same problem?

  87. Gnomentum Says:

    Fantastic, been waiting for this for ever!!! However, the Facebook chat funtionality seems to be glitching; I’m seeing everything my friends type come up twice. It’s STILL better than the built in client on facebook though.

  88. Megamichl Says:

    @Admin: Why delete my posts?

    I also have the password problem with Jabber and Facebook.
    I have a Facebook username and i really use the right password.
    All is set right (i checked 10times), but i get:
    “[11:35:50] *** Connection to JABBER has failed: invalid password.”

    Hope this will fixed soon :-)

  89. Gnomentum Says:

    Oh, sorry – disabled the existing plugin and it’s working fine now

  90. Bubba Says:

    Sorry i found a problem, and it’s not a trillian issue.

  91. Tony Says:

    I switched from the old FB plugin to the new Jabber/XMPP one this morning and it worked like a charm. The best part is that it actually displays the contacts by group now..Thanks CS!

  92. peterpiper Says:

    since 4.x this pro feature alert and abilities to load skins is totally annoying me. if i receive further warnings that im not using the pro version i start using miranda, wich is totally free……..
    dont make ur product more bad.

  93. Manu Says:

    I would love to use Trillian to connect to a PBX or some IP phone/VoIP plate-form. I’m forced to use another client for that. Is there a way to do so ?

  94. monikawithak Says:

    @DiamondNRG – THANKS!!!! duh.

  95. Sardtok Says:

    Wow, the Facebook-XMPP thing works great. The ordinary Facebook Chat plug-in showed no online contacts out of 306, but the XMPP version shows 16 online out of 341.
    So it’s obviously better.

  96. April Says:

    If I download and install any updates after trillian-v4.0.0.119 when I launch the app it opens for a second and then immediately closes. I reinstall v4.0.0.119 and it’s fine. I am running Win XP SP3. I am running the paid version. Any comments?

  97. Candoris Says:

    I think the issue with new facebook is special characters in the password… look into it… I get wrong password despite it being dough right…

  98. Asif Says:

    thanks for the update guys. looking forward to support for buzz.

  99. Clint Westwood Says:

    maybe adding functionality of allowing privacy settings to carry over from previous sessions. Such as, since I start as invisible to all then I have to select to make myself appear online to each individual I wish to be seen by, make this attribute continue after a network disruption or program restart.

    Thanks, good job.

  100. CRob Says:

    This is good news about the added support, but I still don’t see clearly the advantage of XMPP over the “old method” using the Facebook plugin. From what I can tell, XMPP is chat-only while the Facebook plugin allows all the various status updates.

    While running both connections I note that XMPP delivers IMs faster and perhaps suffers from fewer connection problems. However, it seems to me that the dedicated Facebook plugin is the way to go because it has more capabilities to take advantage of Facebook.

    If I’m missing something here please do let me know. Thanks.

  101. smw Says:

    @CRob: In the future we will merge the Facebook plugin with the XMPP engine in the background, giving you the best of both worlds. We fixed the XMPP engine to connect to Facebook in Build 24 for the intrepid users who like to try things out, but will have a smoother solution in the future.

  102. CRob Says:

    @smw: So are you saying that in 4.2 you will integrate the XMPP into the Facebook plugin?

    Honestly, I think having multiple methods to connect to Facebook chat will only lead to confusion.

  103. CRob Says:

    @smw: Sorry for the clutter on the board, but thanks for you work and expertise (and prompt responses!).

  104. smw Says:

    @CRob: Hopefully by 4.2, yes. Having two methods to connect to Facebook is beyond our control – users can always decide to use XMPP directly, just as they’re able to technically connect to Google Talk today using the XMPP engine. It won’t be obvious, however, and most users will connect through the Facebook plugin without realizing it’s using XMPP. We will continue to promote the standard “Facebook” medium and combine social streams with an XMPP backend.

  105. kp Says:

    I suspect I’m in line behind the Android folks but could we PLEASE have a version for webOS???

  106. Play Says:

    the color of font is still messed up when using bubble chat. Some colors have (apply) a DARK GRAY background instead of the original transparent background…. hard to see font color. Please fix this, it’s annoying to paying customers. Been like this since the last build as well.

  107. Bustout Says:

    I got the XMPP chat working for facebook but whenever I get a message it appears twice in my window. For example I see something like the following:

    How are you?
    How are you?

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  108. graeme Says:

    looks like the username should be all lowercase… my fb username is FirstLast, but in order for it to login and not say invalid password I need to login as “firstlast” and then it works.

  109. smw Says:

    @graeme: Good catch, updated the post.

  110. Bustout Says:

    Seems like closing it and opening it again fixed it. nm.

  111. smw Says:

    New help page posted:

  112. Megamichl Says:

    Facebook works now. You have to type only lowercase letters in username.

  113. Sue Says:

    My only issue is not having a global reconnect option as in previous versions. I hope at some point this will be reimplemented.

  114. createcoms Says:


    Big thanks to the guy that talked about needing to log in with the username but of course it’s not clear to many so here we go with a regurgitation:


    After creating your /username for your facebook account you need to log out of facebook, and then login again but don’t use your email address this time instead type the new username instead. It should log you in just as before, now log out again and try trillian once more.

  115. muhmed ameen Says:

    this is a good program i like it it is more comfortable than any massenger

  116. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Sue, if you need to reconnect something that got disconnected a giant RECONNECT button shows up… otherwise if can just click “online” and it will connect all disconneted mediums at once. There is no need for that feature anymore.

  117. Alex Says:

    Would it be possible to move trillian out of the system tray and onto the taskbar/dock for windows 7 users? This is how msn is set up, it’s really nice.

  118. Leslie Says:

    WOW!!! I live on the island of Crete and was missing my Facebook friends. I installed the update and everything worked beautifully the first time!! I love how Trillian is not a memory hog!!! I am back to happy chatting with my friends!!! Thanks again!!

  119. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Alex, look in your preferences, you can already do that.

  120. meno Says:

    please please please please put support in to auto join jabber conferences, I have to manually join groups every time I login, do this and I’ll stop using exodus for jabber

  121. canon Says:

    hello.ti is good and nice

  122. K-Dub Says:

    Just curious, but even if you set the preference to show Idle statuses for AIM, it never actually shows. … Anyone else have this issue? Would be nice to know when someone is away from their computer.

  123. Alex Says:

    oh wow, i swear i couldn’t find it before…thanks diamond!

  124. CAPTxSMACK Says:

    When can we expect to add custom skins as our themes?

  125. Ras Says:

    still crashing, no change at all. This is on Win2kSP4. Crash on shutdown ever since upgrading to Astra.

  126. airstation666 Says:

    what about to ntegrate the webcam service for the windows msn that will be great

  127. sergiocg Says:

    Hello Cerulean Studios. Thanks for the update of Trillian. I wonder if you have any plans to support the new service “Buzz” from Google. Thank you,.

  128. CRob Says:

    @smw: what’s with the gchat invisible mode? I’ve come to realize that I’m not invisible when the program reports me as such. Thanks.

  129. jörre Says:

    foobar now playing support would be nice

  130. Souperman Says:

    hey i got a suggestion to trillian how about a add-on that includes xbox live? like letting users be able to sign in with their gamertag and sending messages to other people using xboxlive i think this is great idea and i would love to see it happen.

  131. sinanh79 Says:

    Thnx. :)

  132. sinanh79 Says:

    Plesae support Twiter and other soscial networks

  133. leaflord Says:

    I’d like to see a more native aero skin on windows, the current one doesn’t feel at home :(

  134. Someone Says:

    Great job. But please get rid of the second click I have to hit, after launching Trillian Astra. One click and the whole program should start. It’s a little annoying to wait 6-7 seconds, just to hit on the connect button/my avatar. Thank you very much.

  135. Marina Says:

    Thanks guys, excellent work with xmpp. I miss the status updates of facebook though. Is there a way to show them and also to update my facebook status with trillian status?


  136. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    You can use the facebook plugin for status updates etc. and use the xmpp plugin for the facebook chat. Thats how i have mine setup and it is working nicely just make sure that chat is not enabled in the facebook plugin itself.

    @ sinanh79
    Astra already supports twitter and other social networks.

  137. BJ Breukelman Says:

    I had Trillian a while back, and recently downloaded and discovered the facelift, and I love it. And the new asthetics are amazing! My only question would be…Anyway you guys could make Trillian voice compatible for yahoo chat???

  138. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    @ BJ Breukelman
    Voice was available for yahoo in astra but there were several issues. With that being said, i am sure it will eventually be re-added.

  139. kstew21 Says:

    @Someone: There are one of two ways you can set this option. At the startup screen, above your avatar, there are 2 options when you hover over it – “set as online” or the icon that looks like a pen. Click on the pen and check both boxes: “save password on this computer” and “automatically log into this account at startup”. Or, if you are currently running the program, click on Trillian at the top of your contact list, then click on preferences, installation & startup and check the box next to “automatically sign me in” under the “when trillian loads up…” section.

  140. Wahid Jawed Says:

    I want to use skype through Trillian without signing in into skype,

  141. Zhane Says:

    Nice, but could you guys let the icons without avatars appear as just colored dots, like they were in previous build?

  142. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Wahid, that is not possible.

    @Zhane, quite a few people have expressed wanting it back to the 4.0 way and hopefully they allow that option in the future.

  143. AngryUser Says:

    I still get
    *** Connection to ASTRA has failed: system errorcode “10060″.
    *** You have been disconnected.
    after installing this update as it was in the buggy build. This problem has not been fixed.
    Fallback to Version 4.0 – no problems. So I wait for a next fixed version.

  144. sevenalive Says:

    For all the people having trouble with the new facebook chat, read now:
    Go into the connection settings, click facebook and delete it. Go to, setup your facebook username (under account settings). Then change your password (this will fix the invalid password issue).

    Now back in trillian connection settings add xmpp connection. and enter your new fb password. Connect to it.

    Now that chat works. Add a facebook connection and re-authorize trillian. Do not enter your email or password in the facebook connection or you will have 2 different fb chat connections, ie. double chat messages.

    So if you set it up this way, you will get fb status messages through the facebook plugin and fb chat through the xmpp plugin.

    Why use XMPP over regular FB chat? Simple, Multiple signons without being logged off, presence and other great features you enjoy in google talk. I love XMPP, it means i can be on google talk on my desktop and cellphone at the same time and messages get routed to the proper client I am using at that time. So now facebook chat is the same way.

    Now if only MSN, Yahoo, Myspace and aim can follow suit. Why can’t we just have 1 IM account!!!

    I hope my instructions are clear enough, You need to change your FB password to prevent the invalid password error. Most of you probably need to change it anyway since you probably use the same password for everything, you know who you are!

  145. sevenalive Says:

    Here is a screenshot how the plugins should look when done:

    Also anyone else having a issue when a friend adds photos. I get 3 notifications in a row when a friend ads photos, and when i click on any of them, it says invalid url.

  146. zingersg Says:

    Great work guys ! Love it . …. when will these be available
    for installation on a windows mobile phone ? please.

  147. DarkNovaGamer Says:


    I believe, Trillian will not be available on Windows Mobile Phones for a bit, they are already working on a Windows, OS X and iPhone version. I could be wrong though.

    Perhaps DiamondNRG will pop in and correct me.

  148. Keith Berard Says:

    I second the notion for IBM Sametime support. I held off on my upgrade to Astra, and now I’m somewhat kicking myself since the old plugin does not work.

  149. Nicole Says:

    Speaking of XMPP – OnSIP (advanced business VoIP system) just began XMPP support! Now OnSIP users can chat with Trillian users, etc. Very cool stuff. Here is some more info, including a “How To” configure Trillian settings.

  150. Jill Says:

    Bummer, Facebook chat was working great for me until I installed the update. Now it does not. Any way to go back?

  151. XAVIER Says:

    OpenID and IRC support for the Web interface would be killer !

  152. DiamondNRG Says:

    @sevenalive … I would agree but Facebook doesn’t appear to route messages correctly at all, I get them on every machine… BLAH… they don’t even get the whole point of XMPP. Facebook is seriously stupid. And the photos notifications are bogus more than likely… probably your friend is using a Facebook App that is sending out fake notices.

  153. sevenalive Says:

    No they do add photos when i get the notifications, but I get 3 notifications of the same thing at the same time and when i click the links firefox say invalid url. I was getting them before this update. I did delete the facebook connection and readded it to. I guess i’ll file a bug report in the tracker.

  154. sevenalive Says:

    Hmm just discovered an option to combine notifications of the same kind, that helps for now, but the link is invalid still stands.

  155. Den Says:

    “Some fixes for dark colors in cobalt”

    Thank you. Better lately than never :)
    But there is another problem with a dark background in Сobalt – url with title (Hyperlink)! Fix it, please!

  156. Dima Says:

    “please please please please put support in to auto join jabber conferences, I have to manually join groups every time I login, do this and I’ll stop using exodus for jabber”

    the same with groups in Skype((((

  157. Roman Kilgus Says:

    Hi guys,

    This build works great, but I recently noticed, that in ICQ group conversations,
    only the ICQ UINs are shown, instead of nicknames or later assigned names like in the Contact list. This is very unhandy and should be implemented. By the way, my own name is shown instead of the UIN, but the others appear as numbers. :(

    Hope you can fix this as soon as possible,


  158. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Roman, people have been requesting that for years. Hopefully it happens someday.

  159. Jennifer Ashworth Says:

    i’m all for Astra for Droid!

  160. Tuskan360 Says:

    All I want to know is how long it’s gonna be till the web version and iPhone versions support XMPP with Facebook.

  161. gladys mbogo Says:

    just what i have been looking for

  162. Andrew Says:

    Crash in “Quick Reply” on win 7 x86 :(

  163. Joshua Emmanuel Says:

    Thank your hlep

  164. Akia Says:

    Omg you guys are out of control – awesome job….thanks so much!! I’ve always been a fan of Trillian and will continue to pass the word!

  165. reed1 Says:

    status not working on YM, changed the status but YM status is not changing

  166. jpfrizzle Says:

    Thanks Cerulean for Trillian Astra!! Keep up the great work!! :)

  167. Sandman Says:

    I LOVE TRILLIAN ASTRA! About damn time. Even plugin support for winamp “Now Playing” feature. You guys rock! My faith is restored.

  168. samarac Says:

    Will this new update fix the Yahoo problem as well? I’ve had all my yahoo im members state that they can see a message that I’m typing, but that they can’t see what I say when I respond and it shows me as offline; however I can see them and what they have typed.

  169. DarmaOne Says:

    it’ll be more good when it can comment status facebook from it….

  170. Stefan ANICA Says:

    WoW this update fixes the crashing that I was having.
    Way to go trillian :)

  171. Agostinho Magalhães Says:

    I’m very happy with Trillian 4.1 24

  172. shine5 Says:

    in this program i mean trillion astra there is no need to install such a different programs

  173. matei Says:

    seem to have a bug in the add Groups and contacts. I can add groups but cant delete them? and the groups added were not shown in the contact list. Otherwise is a marvellous free software. Please help me… send me response:

  174. RoadWarrior00 Says:

    Reply to: matei

    On contact list, you should be able to just right click the group you want to delete and select “Delete”. Works for me.

    As for the new groups added not showing in contact list, you probably need to rightclick the top title bar, then select “view” and uncheck “Hide empty Groups”.

    Hope this helps!

  175. Orleff Says:

    Two months without updates? What’s going on?

    I got one small problem – sometimes when I receive a message, after opening and closing the message there’s still yellow dot blinking in contact list, but there aren’t any unread messages.
    Any ideas?

  176. Paul Says:

    “automatically log into this account at startup”

    Rarely works, when i click and later on for whatever reason … I find that its unclicked..
    Seems that cerulean has a bug that is now becoming a bit of a issue especially considering how easy it is to fix (I am a developer and I know whats needed, but unfortunatley im not on staff.

    Its enough that because of all the work I do that it gets in the way now.
    Sufficent enough to consider dumping it for lesser quality alternatives.

    I havent yet gone to the registry to see if maybe it needs to be something there.
    Ie; maybe the trillian app doesnt change whatever the chkbox changes.

  177. jonathan max Says:

    I received a lot of msgs on MSN and now it doesn’t even load up the screen. crashes every time i wanna open the app.

  178. B-Ball Says:

    I experience the same Facebook bug which some users above already pointed out: Every Facebook wall notification appears twice.