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Trillian for BlackBerry: Bugfixes! (1.0 Build 215)

Build 215 is now available and will be automatically delivered to existing testers over the next few days. We’ve made a few important fixes and tweaked a few features in this build, so please let us know in the forums how the new build is working for you! If you don’t want to wait for the update system you can always download the new build by hand at the download page. Enjoy the new build!

16 Responses to “Trillian for BlackBerry: Bugfixes! (1.0 Build 215)”
  1. DiamondNRG Says:

    Great work, keep the updates coming. Looking forward to soon too ;)

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  4. McFlyinCA Says:

    Really liking the app and the changes. Only issue I have is when talking to users on facebook chat they go offline after they send me a message. I am still able to send them a message even though they show as offline and once they start to type it shows them as back online. A little annoying and really bloats log files.

  5. Petrit Says:

    I’ve downloaded the new version and the site recognized my OS 5 ( I’ve a storm9500) later than I started trillian and its little(not over the whole screen) and the keyboard appears too. But I want the fullscreen without the keyboard. Is that a bug too I don’t know perhaps. This problem don’t appear in the first beta I 204.

  6. Dmitry Says:

    Email alerts doesn`t work (((

  7. Thomas Says:

    Build #215 won’t accept my account name. It contains one hyphen / “-”. #204 worked.

  8. denise Says:

    It keeps bringing up the secure API error. Please help

  9. Joshua T Says:

    Android > Blackberry.

  10. joker47man Says:

    Android is not as great as it is hyped up to be. If the hardware it was put on was better, android would take off a lot quicker than it is. Anyone have the Droid Incredible?

  11. DiamondNRG Says:

    @joker47man … you clearly have smoked too much of something. The HTC phones are flat out “incredible”. It is the software that keeps Android from having the polished feel of an iPhone. And to both of you, quit raining on the Blackberry post. Save the Android posts for when they announce the beta of that. You all know it is coming.

  12. Thomas Says:

    Love it! Killer App!

  13. taviethong Says:

    Dear Support!
    I love soft Trillian chat on blackberry, basically have fixed a lot
    But there are still some limitations of Trillian as:

    - Automatically save the avatar to the Memory, with the line can not remember why, but 8700 is running on memory use, sometimes even save the avatar to more than 1MB, 1MB with 8700 than we can do many things utility instead save avatar! BeejiveIM, IM + … the load is still soft but not indifferent avatar avatars saved, very comfortable!

    - Contact should be integrated search (nick name) on the menu

    - Check should be more integrated version on New Menu

    - When configured in pre save it does not automatically save after each singout! major disadvantage is that!

    Hopefully new version will be more perfect!


  14. Brian P Says:

    So is there a way to automatically sign in? Am I just missing the option? I use quickpull to reboot my phone every night while I am sleeping. When it starts back up I’m not signed in until I wake up and think about it

  15. npaladin2000 Says:

    Ok, I’m liking Trillian for BB a lot except for three items: integration with the “Messages” list is still needed, an emoticons menu to the right of the text entry box would be a good idea as it’s a standard for BB chat programs, and a quick way to switch between chat windows (perhaps by swiping the trackpad/ball left and right, since I’ll be that will also be used with the Android version?). When carrying on multiple chats, going back to the contact list isn’t the most efficient way to do things.

  16. TJ Says:

    I’ve downloaded this for the Blackberry Storm, and it’s telling me “uncaught exception: jave.lang.NoClassDefFoundError”