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Trillian 1.0 for BlackBerry!

Trillian for Blackberry

We are pleased to announce that Trillian for BlackBerry is now available on BlackBerry App World! Our introductory pricing of only $4.99 makes Trillian one of the best values today for your BlackBerry. Upgrades for the BlackBerry will follow a similar path to our desktop products, with all minor updates being free of charge. We have plenty of great features to still add to the 1.x product line and are looking forward to getting new versions out the door!

A note for beta testers: the beta build will eventually expire. We have no immediate plans to disable the beta build, as we want everyone to avoid disruption of service and to give everyone an opportunity to upgrade. Thanks to everyone who helped us iron out the bugs and we hope you enjoy Trillian for BlackBerry.


16 Responses to “Trillian 1.0 for BlackBerry!”
  1. kitezer Says:

    awesome! :D

  2. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Awesome and Congrats!!!

    Now for a Linux version??? :P

  3. bernard Says:

    Disgusting phone. But whatever floats ur boat…

  4. Heiko Says:

    U should seriously consider fixing Android beta first ;-)

  5. Zap Says:

    Buzzed all over the web :

  6. Irontiger Says:

    The development cycle is blowing up, great!
    You are very fast these days. Keep up the good work!

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  8. Maddeen Says:

    LOL .. every plattform is preferred – except mac – ridiculous.
    All mac developers ill for months?! wretched!

  9. Tim Says:

    What’s your refund policy? The app does not work on my Storm2.

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  11. Mr.Buyer Says:

    Great, releasing beta version and charging people for it, then when time comes for the real release v.2 we will get charge again !! way to sucker ppl in trillian (Upgrades for the BlackBerry will follow a similar path to our desktop products, with all minor updates being free of charge)

  12. Ian Says:

    @Mr.Buyer, I don’t know what you mean. My dad’s been using the beta version of Trillian Blackberry for weeks now, and he never had to pay a dime.

    If you’re talking about Trillian Pro, buying a Pro account and buying a Blackberry App are two different expenditures.

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  14. Brad Says:

    Looking forward to trillian wap email.. Alternative to getting on the BB rim server. (not that there is anything wrong with the rim server).

    Looking forward to those updates. Was on the beta, phone broke, then had to buy it at $5.

  15. Brad Says:


  16. marewo Says:

    py carane le nginstal ke BB mas