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Trillian for Mac: Metacontacts, tabbed window preferences! (1.0 Build 161)

Build 161 is now available. You can now drag two or more contacts together to create a metacontact and we’ve added a preference to disable tabbed windows. A handful of the most common bugs with our new social window have also been addressed in build 161. Enjoy the build!

24 Responses to “Trillian for Mac: Metacontacts, tabbed window preferences! (1.0 Build 161)”
  1. Marlon Chalegre Says:

    Nice!!! are you working in audio\video chat?

  2. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Cool! Auto-Update worked like a charm after restarting Trillian :) ‘Astra’ Account still showing offline even though connected :/ Mah Chat window is fixed too :D

    Great Job Sparks! (And Team)

  3. James Hill Says:

    Great to see this client moving along!! :)

  4. Cliff Says:

    This is great. I love the Twitter and e-mail integration like the PC version has. Just need to get the MS Hotmail check mail feature working.

  5. Ernie Says:

    It’d be nice to be able to search through the history logs.

  6. Lucky Says:

    Finally, thank you for ignoring incoming fonts!

  7. jacob Says:

    thanks for the build great job

    please we just need to get Audio/Video Support

  8. Deep Shah Says:

    Thank you for such a fast build!

    FYI, I’d definitely buy a Pro Version for Mac if it matches the same features (or close) as its Windows counterpart…

  9. Patrick Says:

    It would be great if this pulled from the Apple Address Book to create metacontacts (and use a real name) on the fly like Adium.

  10. SanderG Says:

    Great to see more progress! btw I still hope the IRC plugin gets revived (ingmar?)

  11. jonyfive Says:

    I have some problem when i click on the option ‘Check mail’ for windows live mail… Nothing happen!

  12. Bruno Says:

    i want buy triliam pro for mac! but needs a/v support

  13. Whois Says:

    Thanks, Sparks! Lovin’ all the Mac action!

  14. SunsetBoy Says:

    PLEASE Give us the chance to change the short-keys! On a german-keyboard the given shortcuts want work very good!! (such us for switch the chat-tab to the next)

  15. Phillip Says:

    Mine won’t update, It seems to downlaod but the update fails. SAD, this is a 10.6.3 version of Mac OS

  16. Julius Says:

    I hope the themes and full features like windows will be release soon to MAC

  17. Xorpi Says:

    Please integrate contact with Address Book (like iChat) and support new FaceTime!

  18. Xorpi Says:

    Please integrate contact list with Address Book (like iChat) and support new FaceTime!

  19. Luis Says:

    It seems it suffers from the same bugs the windows version have: In MSN at least no display pictures are show until you start a conversation with someone, then the picture is show in the contact list, but only for that individual. You have to talk with your entire contact list just to see their pictures. Also, sometimes the picture does not download correctly. Cerulean’s server side fault?

    Custom emoticons are not shown. I know this is not vital, however many people communicate using them and often I fail to understand them fully.

    I would like to have more options for my contact list, like the window version.

    And of course, the perennial request: A/V support!

    Thanks :)

  20. catherine Says:

    Custom away messages (that can be saved) would help. The option to customize/enter your status is good…most of the time it doesn’t even give me the chance to edit and when I can it doesn’t or can’t be saved. Also setting individual account status (ie invisible/online/away) hasnt been working lately.

  21. christian Says:

    Looks nice, but i want to customize the background, the sounds, more plugins and i dont want to have more than two different icons in the menubar!!! please use ONE icon with all functions!

  22. Kenny Says:

    Do we have offline messaging in Trillian yet? I think it is much more important than audio/video stuffs right?

  23. Dave Says:

    I am seeing an odd little bug whereby I can’t start a new chat after waking my MacBook Pro up from Sleep. The client appears to be running and connected, but when I click on a contact, nothing happens. I have to shut down and restart the client to restore responsiveness.

  24. Sandra Says:

    Hi I wanted to add that I, once I moved the group A (intended or unintended) into another group B, can’t pull out group A out of group B anymore – it stays in there “forever”. :(
    I noticed it when I wanted to manually arrange the groups into a specific order (which isn’t possible either).

    I’m using Trillian for 6 years now, keep it up!! :)