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Trillian for BlackBerry: BiDi support, fixes! (1.1 Build 8)

We start off today’s updates with a new build of Trillian for BlackBerry. The bug preventing BlackBerry OS 6.x users from selecting the ‘load photo’ option has been resolved, and we’ve drastically improved our support for bidirectional script. Lastly, some regressions to the Facebook Connect code have been fixed. If you were having troubles getting Facebook connected please try again.

Download the new beta here.

Enjoy the new build!

4 Responses to “Trillian for BlackBerry: BiDi support, fixes! (1.1 Build 8)”
  1. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Cool, Good luck BB Testers :)

  2. angisthya Says:

    why i’m cant use trilian in my blackberry 9300. im already registered but not success

  3. Matt Says:

    Direct your BB to instead of the regular to get the beta build instead of being asked to purchase.

  4. Melanie Tomitsch Says:

    Hey, I have a purchased copy will downloading the beta from today make a diff? I thought the paid version was a final.