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Trillian 1.5 for iPhone: Stability improvements and fixes, emoticons, in-app browser!

Version 1.5 of Trillian for iPhone has been approved and will be available in the App Store shortly! Our number one goal with version 1.5 was to improve connection stability, fix crashes, improve speed, and address as many corner cases as we possibly could. As a result, we’ve fixed a large number of bugs and improved many different internal areas of code. Loading and resuming Trillian has also been dramatically sped up, especially for those of you with large contact lists. A new emoticon browser has been added featuring the familiar Trillian emoticons, we’ve fixed the annoying URL rendering issues, and we’ve added an in-app browser to view links easily from within Trillian!

We hope you enjoy the new release. We will continue to work on improvements and speedups moving forward!

27 Responses to “Trillian 1.5 for iPhone: Stability improvements and fixes, emoticons, in-app browser!”
  1. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Is it really? Can it be True? Thank you CS :) (Mine worked perfectly, so lets hope 1.5 doesdnt break it :P

  2. MechMykl Says:

    Thanks for working so hard to continually improve your products; you’ve definitely earned a lifelong customer.

  3. Wade Says:

    I was having all kinds of problems with Trililan on my iPhone. Disconnections, lost messages, messed up links, etc. Hopefully this takes care of these problems.

  4. Daniel Spiewak Says:

    Could you make the in-app browser an optional feature? In light of the fact that we now have fast app switching, such a feature seems both unnecessary and redundant. I usually go far out of my way in most applications to avoid using their in-app browser, simply because I prefer Mobile Safari for that purpose.

  5. Wade Says:

    Not getting push notifications. I tried a complete re-install, still nothing. Anyone getting push notifications?

  6. smw Says:

    @Wade: Are you active on your desktop and running Trillian 5 there?

  7. Wade Says:

    Trillian 5 is running on my desktop. In the past I would still get push notifications to my iPhone even if my desktop Trillian was running and active.

  8. Jigar Mehta Says:

    When is Trillian coming to Windows Phone 7 ? Would be super cool to have it on windows phone platform!

  9. DiamondNRG Says:

    Wade, it only pushes messages you haven’t read on another active device now! WOOHOO :)

  10. Wade Says:

    DiamondNRG – I’m not getting messages that I have yet to read on my desktop. Do I have to set my Desktop trillian to away, or shut it off, in order to get Push Notifications to my iPhone? I liked having them synced so if I was out of the room, outside, etc, and I got a new message I would get it on my Desktop and my iPhone would alert me to it.

  11. DiamondNRG Says:

    Wade, are the messages replies to an active conversation that was already taking place on the desktop though? The initial message should go to both and then if you reply from a device messages should then notify that device while now going to the other device silently. I don’t know if there is an amount of time that has to pass before the messages are pushed to all devices again or if it won’t do it until you close the desktop chat window thus forcing it to drop knowing which resource is active. Unsure until I test it some more…

  12. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    The messages should still appear on your phone if you open the app and look at the chat window. However the change functionality is that it only sends Notifications to your ‘Active’ resource. If you sign-off off your desktop, that will be a good test of the push notifications, as your ‘Active’ resource should become your phone.

  13. Wade Says:

    Why can’t my desktop and iPhone both be active? There should be an option to get push notifications on the iphone no matter what the desktop version is up to. So basically I have to shut down my desktop version every time I leave the room and want my iPhone to alert me to new messages?

  14. Wade Says:

    It’s a shame when you pay for a product because you like what it does, then it gets changed and no longer does what you paid for.

  15. Wade Says:

    Okay, I shut down my desktop Trillian so only my iPhone was connected. I sent someone an IM on my iPhone and closed the app. I waited, got no push notification that they replied. I opened it up and they had already replied with no notification sent. I haven’t had a single push notification for Trillian since installing 1.5.

  16. derSpinner Says:

    How the application works on ipad?

  17. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Wade … they didn’t change it to screw you over… your push notifications are clearly not working at all. Plus there are more options coming in a future update to help control the preferences of how each user would like notifications and such to work :)

    I would suggest trying to sign into the web application and back out at … other users have reported that doing that “fixed” their broken push notifications.

    You should not have to sign out of your desktop to be notified, I think if you were having an active conversation and you wanted to walk away and be notified with a push on your phone when the person replied, I think all you would have to do is close the chat window on your desktop or set yourself to away (I believe a status change resets the active window to none again as well)

  18. Fabio Albieri Says:

    Very happy for you iGuys :-)

    Now hoping for Android push (c2dm) fix. No, it’s not working. Yes, battery saving mode enabled and Trillian not suspended. Screen off 5 minutes = no more messages. Switching to Trillian gets all messages at once.

  19. Raqib Says:

    It’s a lot better now than it was before, but it really doesn’t merit two version jumps, at best, it feels like 1.3.2

    Five months for this?

  20. Wade Says:

    Tried logging in and out of the web application. I tried logging out of everything, logging in and out of the web app, etc. I do get badge updates on the iPhone, but no push notifications. So I get a silent badge update over the Trillian app icon and that’s all. I have had some other apps have problems with their push notifications after an update, but the problem was always on their end and once they issued a fix the push notifications returned.

  21. DiamondNRG Says:

    Raqib … I think there is a lot more to it than what we see on the surface, and for the record the last version was 1.3.2. Message delivery is completely different and the resume seems different and so does its ability to hold my connection, those all seem like pretty *big* things.

    I agree that skipping 1.4 seems weird though… but I suppose if the idea is that 1.5 is going to have the sync’d history very soon, then it makes sense.

  22. honus Says:

    Wade: one suggestion… on your phone go into Settings, Notifications, Trillian, turn all 3 off then back on. See if that helps at all.

  23. Rachel Blackman Says:

    The reason we skipped 1.4 in version numbers is that a great many non-obvious changes happened under the hood and the 1.4 tree got burned on internal builds. Rewritten network engine, rewritten conversation engine, reworked core controllers… many of the changes aren’t immediately apparent now (save in better network performance, etc.), but lay the foundation for future versions. By putting that framework in place now, it means less dev time has to be burned on it when we’re ready to roll those features out down the road.

    In terms of actual percentage of code touched, there’s considerably more different between 1.3.2 and 1.5 than there was between 1.2 and the 1.3.x line, even if most of it isn’t immediately apparent to the end user. :)

    Wade: have you turned off intelligent push to diagnose? (That requires logging out and back in for the setting to take on Octopus, though.) If you turn off intelligent push, every single message once you’re suspended should be pushed to the phone. If that works, then something’s happening with the intelligent push logic in your case. If it /doesn’t/ work, then something more significant is wrong… the fact that you’re getting badges means the push from Octopus /is/ working, but the fact that you get no popup notifications is odd. Once you have additional info, though, go ahead and open a Bugzilla ticket. (Bug 11394 may be your situation.)

  24. Seim Says:

    What about redesigning the GUI for an iPad Version of Trillian? It’s annoynig to chat from a 2 times smaller window than the display size and after all Trillian is the best Messenger App for iOS devices..

    I’m a Cocoa Noob but I think it wouldn’t be too much work to change the GUI to the display size of an iPad, since all other functions and that stuff are working – just the same view of Trillian for iPhone but with the resolution (and of course the keyboard) of the iPad

  25. REQUiRED Says:

    This is awesome! I love the update but I’m stIll missing irc chat. Using the iPhone 4 there would be the possibility of Video-Chat using Astra-Protocol .. Nice ideas, lets see whats up next :) .

  26. chris Says:

    missing chat plugins like vz on iphone! but great work! reconnect could be faster!

  27. REQUIST Says:

    Hi there!

    Please bring FaceTime calls and integrated contacts with contacts in address book on iPhone.. and support themes!