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Pro customer invites.

Invites will be going out to all Pro customers who signed up to be alpha testers as of this morning, staged throughout this week and next. Please watch your inboxes for invites (from the domain); we’re looking forward to hearing all of your feedback, both positive and negative! Don’t be shy when submitting bugs and feature requests to Bugzilla, and please carefully read your invitation e-mail to ensure you’re up-to-speed on the current limitations and flaws of the alpha. Major items we haven’t (re-)added yet include but are not limited to full mail alert integration, voice/video, web profiles, MSN/Jabber/Google on Web/iPhone, a proper upgrade and installation wizard, etc. This build is still considered alpha quality and therefore feature incomplete.

Invitations will continue on their normal schedule for non-Pro customers as well. You do not need to be a paying customer to join the testing team, but we’re fast tracking Pro invitations to thank those of you that continue to keep us in business. If you’re a current or past Trillian Pro customer and did not submit your information to our alpha signup form, please do so now and we’ll be sure to get you into the team over the next week or two.

Once we have a chance to hear from our paying customers we’ll move more aggressively towards an open public beta (feature-frozen except for emergencies/horrendous oversights) and an invitation system so you can get some of your friends and family on Trillian Astra.

One caveat: this is the largest batch of invitations we’ve sent out thus far, and we are staging them accordingly. If we notice a major server explosion during any stage of the invites, we’ll halt further invites until the problems have been tracked down and resolved. We will update the blog if this happens so you’re aware and so you don’t expect an e-mail that isn’t coming.

Thank you for your patience and support, and we hope you enjoy testing the new build! Remember that we release builds roughly every week, so keep checking back with the blog for news and updates. We have a few more tricks up our sleeves before reaching beta! :D

95 Responses to “Pro customer invites.”
  1. virgoville Says:

    keeping both eyes on my mailbox!!! :-9

  2. agraham208 Says:


  3. DiamondNRG Says:

    Wow and I just doubted this was happening, awesome!

  4. felixderkater Says:

    In :-)

  5. cgon Says:

    Just got my invite!

    I was worried the fact that my year had run up for Pro would keep me from getting an invite.

    I’ve only had it open for a couple minutes now and I can’t say how excited I am. Time to test out the features …

  6. Giolon Says:

    I still can’t get to Bugzilla. I never received any new URL for it, and the one in my original alpha acceptance e-mail is returning 404.

  7. virgoville Says:

    Giolon: try bugs instead of blog on the (not the .cc) domain…

  8. ttaker2654 Says:


    I just got my invite thank you so very much. Look forward to testing it.

  9. lavenderpekoe Says:

    You can really tell a lot of invites went out. I keep getting “server is too busy” errors on the forum.

  10. DiamondNRG Says:

    They had to shut the forums down because of it.

  11. psynexus Says:

    Is it possible to get an invite? I’ve been trying for about 2 months now. My email address is

  12. DtD Says:

    Cool, I got my invite today ^_^

    A few questions I have so far: (I know it is feature incomplete! I just want to know if there is something I missed.)
    1. Where did Metacontacts go? The settings imply they are still there, but I can’t seem to fins them.
    2. Is IRC still going to be in Trillian? I sure hope so, I actually found Trillian because I was looking for an IRC client better than MIRC.
    3. I noticed some people had thoose status thingys in thier signatures on the forum, I assumed that was part of Astra, how do I gte one of thoose?


  13. tensixteen64 Says:

    Thanks for the invite! Looks good so far. :)

  14. DiamondNRG Says:

    MetaContacts are exactly the same as 3.1 … select 2 contacts and right click… create MetaContact.

    IRC is dropped. The 3.0 version still works in Astra though.

    That is the Trillian Mini, it is at … but on the forums you need to use BBCODE not HTML … once the forums are up look for a forum user by the name of “tourbi” she has the instructions in her signature.

  15. rsalinger Says:

    If we haven’t received an invite yet, (pro member for 4½ years) whom should we leave a message to?

  16. MTWomg Says:

    If I buy trillian pro RIGHT NOW, will I get an invite?

  17. AngelSword Says:

    So far, I’m enjoying it :D

    But there are two issues I’ve thus noticed (one has been bugged already, but not the other)
    1. Anyone know when chat rooms will come to Astra?
    2. I’m having trouble logging onto MySpaceIM via the connections. Anyone know of a fix?

  18. dbatesphoto Says:

    For those asking about invites have you signed up to be an alpha tester yet if not the link is
    Not sure when the next round of invites will go out, but I don’t think I had to wait much more than a month if that long before getting my invite today,Tuesday the 4th.

    The Myspace IM plug in is said to have been put on hold for at least the time being. From what I have read from past blog entries since MySpace was updating so often it was just not feasible to add it until other things are working a little better. I hope it will be reactivated, but that is probably low on a long list of things to work on.

  19. tinuzzo Says:

    I got the kit, installed it, but I do not have yahoo functionality. Is this normal for the Alpha status? I tried adding Yahoo IDs but after I clock connect they never appear in connection list. Please let me know if this is normal. My email is in my profile. Thanks a lot!

  20. dliefbroer Says:

    Received the invite yesterday. Been trying to connect through a proxy. But that’s impossible, it’s been filled as a bug, but not much work being done.

    Can’t register myself at the bugzilla site, no registration email…

  21. gabarella Says:

    I had exactly the same problem with Yahoo connection. Any fix?

  22. virgoville Says:

    rsalinger: if you haven’t done so yet, sign up at

  23. virgoville Says:

    AngelSword: it’s a bug, not fixed yet

  24. virgoville Says:

    tinuzzo: this thread might help you with the yahoo issue

  25. DiamondNRG Says:

    rsalinger … its going to take 1-2 weeks to invite all the pro members just as it was stated in the blog, so you shouldn’t send an email to anyone after a mere 12 hours.

  26. brianhoney Says:

    Got my invite, but I cannot login. Have veriried my user/pass – only way to edit/recreate that I’ve found so far is to kill the ID, and enter another – but still cannot login.

  27. rsalinger Says:

    DiamondNRG: I think I overlooked that due to sheer excitement. Thank you.

  28. AngelSword Says:

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks, DBate

  29. ODAAT Says:

    Just wanted to say I have succesfully installed Astra and it works great (though I only use MSN as an IM). However I was very pleased that all my plugins transferred over automatically – Trilly Tunes, My Mail and Good News all seem to work fine. Looking forward to video messaging being set up so I don’t have to run Windows Messenger every time I want to webcam my sister in Australia. Any idea when this may happen?

    Thanks very much.

  30. Tabris82 Says:

    Is there any way to make sure that you requested to be an Alpha tester? I do not want to bog them down with multiple requests but at the same time I hope they got mine.

  31. Arkware Says:

    I am also having problems adding a Yahoo! connection. After entering in my username and password, disappears and returns back to the previous screen. MSN worked fine.

  32. kurtd Says:

    Um.. I just received another invitation for Alpha testing with my 2nd choice user name. Did Cerulean accidentally send out invitations to users that already are alpha testing?

  33. Gerchu Says:

    Thanks a lot for the invite!!! Not getting access to the alpha test had ground me down but you made my day!!!!
    Sorry if I’m asking an already discussed or answered question but… will Trillian Astra feature emoticons from MSN? I love Trillian but when I chat with my buddies, they usually say: “Hey, did you like my emoticon? Sorry, I’ve got Trillian”
    Really hope this is enabled.
    Thanks again!

  34. urnotski Says:

    i have the same login issues as brianhoney, but i think that it’s due to our corp firewall — any chance to use a diff login port other than 3158?

  35. kurtd Says:

    ““Hey, did you like my emoticon? Sorry, I’ve got Trillian”

    Why not say Sorry, I’m using beta software which is still in development and it doesn’t have this feature yet”

  36. rich_phoenix Says:

    I’d send them one of the other Trilly emoticons in return
    Like send an MSNer a Yahoo emoticon :D

  37. loraxxarol Says:

    Wow. Thanks for the invitation! I’m already using Astra, and I am enjoying it very much. Great work, folks.

  38. Low:SNR Says:

    Thanks for the invite! Since signing up for Alpha testing, I’ve migrated to Linux — does anyone have reports of running Astra under WINE? I might not get around to playing with it for a couple days, so any advance info would be appreciated!

  39. rich_phoenix Says:

    that’s a good question, I’m still struggling to get WINE (or equiv) on my AMD64 machine, but that’s a topic for another blog. I read somewhere that someone had done it, I’d be very interested if it is! :)

  40. cynicusprime Says:

    Got Astra installed and loving it so far. One question: how does one change their Astra account password? I can’t seem to find an option on the website or in the application itself to change the login password.

  41. DiamondNRG Says:

    cynicus, in the FAQ thread it says this functionality is not yet available.

  42. Traumrakel Says:

    Help please -

    since last auto-update I can`t logg in anymore to Astra. Any idea?
    Thanks a lot for your help.


  43. Howard Says:

    Got my invite and have it installed at work. Thank you! So far only had a crash switching to the other skin available, but am very impressed with the Google integration.

  44. Tabris82 Says:

    Got my invite, great product. I’m going to enjoy testing it out.

  45. palmerized Says:

    G’ah… I have been waiting for this software for ages and finally got an invite.
    First, the GUI is slow – just doesn’t seem too snappy. Also, I am having a MSN issue where I can’t send messages:

    *** The following message could not be delivered to all recipients: MSG 2 N 65 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF 8.

    Also… from time to time when running Astra is completely takes down my wireless internet connection!

  46. cynicusprime Says:

    Thanks, DiamondNRG. I’ll have to re-read that.

  47. DtD Says:

    Actually, I used the “Add Contact > Meta Contact” method, so I didn’t know about that, thanks.

    Awww, IRC is gone. =(
    I hope they bring it back.



  48. rich_phoenix Says:

    #1. Right click on this link:

    #2. (assuming you saved in default locations) save to C:\Program Files\Trillian\plugins

    #3. restart Trillian, go to Trillian Preferences->plugins and it should be ready for activiation

    #4. then you can add your account into identities

  49. DiamondNRG Says:

    rich, you need the language files too … not just the plugin.

  50. pbrown Says:

    I like Astra! One thing I’ve noticed. I can see buddy icons in my contact list for AIM, but not for yahoo nor msn. Hopefully this will be fixed in the final version????

  51. rich_phoenix Says:

    interesting, I just copied the one file to Astra and it works perfectly….*shrug* maybe it found some ‘language files’ :D

  52. Low:SNR Says:

    Well, the early returns with Astra on Wine aren’t good. It installs fine, but it crashes due to an unimplemented function, which I think is Vista-specific. I don’t know how it gets around this on Windows, since it should think it’s on Windows XP. Anyway, I’m going to investigate this and try and hack up a Wine patch. More info will be on my blog ( for anyone interested.

  53. offtone Says:

    Crap. I don’t think the address I gave matches the address in my Pro account? It might now though (just changed my e-mail address for my Trillian account) but I’m thinking I’m a bit late… *sigh* It ends in, though!

  54. luka8088 Says:

    woohoo !
    I got it ! :D
    my trillian astra name is: luka8088
    all welcome to contact me so we can test :D

  55. tr33lo Says:

    I just got my Invite and it looks good so far :) the only problem i have now is i cant seem to enter the astra website? I put in my account name and details but it just sits on ‘logging in’ , is this just me or am i doing something wrong?

  56. Gerchu Says:

    Hi! Does anyone know where the topic about emoticons from msn is covered? Is there a blog about it!!!
    So far, I’m amazed at how smoothly this “alpha” software is running. I can’t image how it will run in the following stages!!!

  57. virgoville Says:

    Gerchu, search the forums… You mean this for example?

  58. Gerchu Says:

    virgoville, Thanks a lot for the info…. it’ll be of great help to me.
    I just wanted to know if Trillian Astra will feature the ability to “understand” and “produce” the custom emoticoms you get from a buddy using windows live messenger. With Trillian 3.1, I’ve been having problems with this!!!
    Anyway, you’ve been too kind to inform me about this!

  59. whorfin Says:

    I am a new Alpha tester of Astra and so far I love it. My only issue is with using it through a secure proxy tunnel.
    Yahoo and MSN connect fine, but AIM and Google don’t. Is this being worked on or on the shelf for a rainy day?

    Everything connects find when at home and using the software sans proxy.

    Just wondering.

  60. Shari Vegas Says:

    I might add, if you all are having issues with bugs, to look on the Forums ( for more information, or to submit a bug there with all the information required, and someone will enter it into the Bugzilla.

    These comments are not the proper place to enter bug reports in, as often times the developers will not look here for bug reports.

  61. Whatever6750 Says:

    I’m a pro user and still have not received an invite :(

  62. Brad I Says:

    I registered to be a beta tester for Astra way back in December or January. I still never got my invite. C’mon!

  63. shawnmos Says:

    thanks a lot for inviting me! I really like Astra so far, but is there anyway of getting rid of the new feeds at the top of IM windows? also the font size is a little small. it would be nice if that could be increased. other than that though, it works great. no crashes or anything yet.

  64. janusofzeal Says:

    I got my invite today, I have a question though. My main computer runs OS X (PPC) is there an alpha available for Mac?
    I promise I’ll submit bug reports. :P


  65. janusofzeal Says:

    (My Astra username is januszeal)

  66. Boegl Says:

    astra is very nice, since then it doesn’t crash a few times a day…
    i might add, i would enjoy having secure conections like it was in trillian 3

  67. janusofzeal Says:

    Hmm. Disregard that I suppose. :( I will have to use the web version for now.
    (I’ve just read over most of the blog. I haven’t checked here in a while)

  68. gkumar Says:

    I received a tester email in early summer and tried to register today once I came back US. I was able to download the software. But upon running the software, I am not able to log in. Can anyone provide assistance on how I can log in and complete the tester process? email is gkumar [at] gmail [do t] com

  69. DiamondNRG Says:

    shawnmos … you need to read the forums, the knowledge bar will later have preferences to allow you to customize the feeds and/or turn it off.

  70. BusinesswithGreg Says:

    Send me my invite when you get a chance. I would like to test this one out. A good friend showed me it and I was very impressed. Great job!

    So do you think M$ will add Astra to the authorized Live Connect 3rd party clients?

  71. DiamondNRG Says:

    No, Microsoft will probably not do that.

  72. pauliecycles Says:

    This is very cool. Keep up the good work!

  73. martinasencio Says:

    I am a pro customer and I have waited for ever to get my invite… I am still waiting… please, please

  74. Aitrustekis Says:

    So glad to get an invite finally, I look forward to seeing where and how Astra develops and grows.

  75. Brad I Says:

    I am waiting still too. Please send

  76. orty Says:

    Got it. Love it. Wish you guys would have another mobile interface other than iPhone for those of us who live in a Cingular/AT&T hole and can’t get iPhones. I have a blackberry and would love to be a beta tester :-)

  77. kcohen23 Says:

    Pro user and I am still waiting for my invite………… I signed up to test a long time ago as well……

  78. hersheysc Says:

    I’m also waiting…I thought I signed up over a year ago.

  79. teknikool Says:

    Thanks for the invite guys! It’s been a long wait, but well worth it. I am glad to help.


  80. jwwws Says:

    My Y! account logs in now! YAY!

  81. ker Says:

    Pro user and I am still waiting for my invite…………Very good work !!!

  82. Brad I Says:

    Is the Astra team still sending invites? I am a pro user but never got an invite.

  83. Woolf Says:

    Hm I’m a Pro member and submit my wish to test Trillian Astra in the Alpha, but actually I read the blog news, where is written all Pro Member have an invite, but I do not have an invite

    my mail is sebastian at bejga dot de

  84. spooky_cvc Says:

    still waiting for invite….pro user and signed up several times (last time one week ago)……

  85. velvetgeisha Says:

    I have been a Pro member for a very long time and I still haven’t received any invite :( I signed up 2 times even..first one being a very very long time ago.

  86. velvetgeisha Says:

    I just got my invite but after installing it (and it imported my old settings) I can’t logg in! It tell me it’s the wrong password! I tried on the website but get “Error #272 during server poll.” I also went to bugzilla and others seem to have the same problem that I am having but noone is adressing this issue. Please help us!

  87. huth.sebastian Says:

    same here, no invite yet, but I’ll keep on waiting, it said about two weeks. Can’t wait to get it though :)

  88. freedman Says:

    yeah keep on waiting.. that’s generally how it works with these people… so far, for the last 3 years, I can’t really think of any thing they’ve said that turned out to be true.

  89. subkamran Says:

    Hopefully I’ll get an invite. I think it’s been like… 2 years now.

  90. DiamondNRG Says:

    huh.sebastian and subkamran … Please understand the invites are not the important part of the test, the group is already big enough, they likely just didn’t get to them all yet as their are still plenty of people receiving invites daily.

    And there is no way you have been waiting 2 years because the Invite system wasn’t even around a year ago, and they didnt even start working on Astra until December 2005.

    And also remember, freedman hates this company, this program, and life in general and is just here to make you discouraged. He is one of those pathetic real-life lacking individuals that tries to take it out on others.

  91. Lazarus Says:

    HELP!!!! I was using Astra for almost 2 weeks, and LOVED it, however, I had to slick my system and now, dont know how to get it back! Please, let me back in on it. Check my account if needed, or email me. THanks yall. Not knockin Pro3, but I really liked Astra….

  92. DiamondNRG Says:

    Lazarus, too late. They don’t have time for that kinda stuff. You should learn to back up important emails and info prior to “slicking” things.

  93. Lazarus Says:

    that would be what i normally do, however, i cant stop the weather, or pause it so that i can backup. Its ok though, I actually HAD moved the email over to the server storage before everything happened. Just hadnt been able to see it when i looked the first time. Thanks for trying to help anyhow. Got it up and running again.

  94. DiamondNRG Says:

    Good news. Glad to hear you had been prepared.

  95. Asa Says:

    I never received an invite, although I registered for the alpha a long time ago. I think you are saying you sent them to current and previous Pro users — my 1 year of Pro updates expired in June. Let me know how to get an invite?

    Thanks :)