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Trillian for iPhone: Bugfixes! (1.5.1 Build 17)

A quick update for the iPhone product is now live on the App Store. We’ve fixed the bugs with messages sorting in the wrong order, resolved some crashes, and crossed off a few other minor but annoying bugs. Enjoy the new build!

13 Responses to “Trillian for iPhone: Bugfixes! (1.5.1 Build 17)”
  1. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Thanks! Got it last night actually, no issues :) Great work C.S.

  2. z1r0_ Says:

    9591 Rachel Blackman FIXED [IPHONE] Auto-correct quirk with last word <- why??? :( loved that you could hit on send after typing the last word without being frightened that it will get replaced by something :/
    Always thought it's not a bug, but a feature :|

  3. Tigu Says:

    Great job, but there is still a bug with trillian starting in landscape mode (iPhone 3G) – it cuts off a few top contacts/search field/etc. Anyway – keep up the good work.

  4. Hobson Says:

    Wait there’s logs in trillian for iPhone? Where are they?

  5. john doe Says:

    How about you guys fix the android app? Many bugs and no updates since release.

  6. DiamondNRG Says:

    @john doe, how about you realize that different people work on different platforms so you should keep Android comments to it’s blog posts and forums.

    @Hobson, you can not access logs on the iPhone build yet, not sure why you suddenly thought they were there already.

  7. ebarrera Says:

    Do we have news about the iPad version of Trillian?

  8. Hobson Says:

    Hm ever since this update my Push notifications don’t seem to be reliably working with the Trillian App, anyone notice this too?

  9. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Hobson, there are lots of reports of that right now, mine work about 50% of the time :(

  10. b.moker Says:

    any chance that an iPad-native version will be put out? one that allows us iPad owners to use that big keyboard?

  11. Blizz Says:

    On a jailbroken iPad the app works almost flawless in HD mode if you use the “FullForce” tool. Just a couple minor glitches. So IMO that shows it should be fairly easy to implement a version supporting that.. Come on guys, I think a lot of people want a native ipad version without having to resort to hacks

  12. REQUiRED Says:

    Unfortunately its not perfect yet. Often messages are swallowed .. they just wont become green in my list. :( Some messages appeared more than 24 hours too late – some messages take 20 -60 minutes. I’m connected via WiFi .. please solve this problem.

  13. Kendall Says:

    Before I switched to the iPhone 4, I had an Android phone with Trillian, and it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the iPhone version. Since I downloaded this app, I haven’t received a single push notification nor badge icon, even after reinstalling, turning off and on push notifications, closing the app, and any other troubleshooting method I could possibly think of. The only way to know if I have received a new message is to open the app, which is not how I expected this app to function. It’s quite annoying. Is anyone else having this problem? How can I fix push notifications?