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Trillian 5: Chat everywhere. For free.

Raise a glass – today marks the official release of Trillian 5 for Windows! With a beautiful new interface, vastly improved social integration, cloud-based chat history, and our recently unveiled “continuous client” feature keeping you synchronized between devices, there’s never been a better time to use Trillian. Even cooler?

Trillian is going free for desktop and mobile, starting today with Trillian 5!

Themes, an awesome activity history viewer, and all the rest of Trillian’s great features will now be available to everyone! This is an exciting step forward and means our users will always experience the best products we have to offer. To continue to reward our amazing paying customers, Trillian Pro will carry on as a way to contribute to our development efforts directly, hide ads across all versions, and unlock the ability to store your chat history online. We hope you’re as excited as we are and will continue to support Trillian and spread the word!

The free versions of our mobile products are not live yet but we are working on finishing them up right now. We’ve put a brief Q&A together below with additional details – happy chatting, and thanks for using Trillian!

What’s going free?  All previous Trillian Pro features: the ability to sign in from multiple locations, themes, the activity history viewer, and every other minor feature previously available to Pro subscribers only! We are also hard at work on free versions of all mobile editions of Trillian, which should be making their way to an app store near you shortly.

How will the new Trillian Pro service work?  Pro service can be purchased yearly. We’re setting the price at $12 per year, or basically a dollar per month. As long as your account is a valid Pro account, you won’t see advertising on any platform and can store your chats online. However, if you’ve already purchased Trillian 5, you’ve been grandfathered into Pro! See the question below for the details.

What happens to me as a paid Trillian 5 customer?  You’ve been automatically grandfathered into the new Trillian Pro. You shouldn’t see any advertisements (ever!) and chat history storage should be unlocked in preferences (for as long as you use Trillian 5). Thanks for your support!

What happens to me as a paid Trillian 4 customer?  You can continue to run paid copies of Trillian 4 without seeing advertisements. Thanks for your support!

What happens to me as a paid mobile customer?  You will continue to receive free software updates and will not see any advertisements, but storing your chats online will only be available if you upgrade your account to Pro status. Note that you can still take advantage of synchronized chats. Thanks for your support!

What happens when my Pro membership lapses? Advertisements will return, but you’ll always have read and delete access to the chat history you’ve already generated. In addition, all desktop versions of Trillian store chat logs to disk locally, which will continue to populate. The conversations on any of your desktop computers will be retroactively uploaded as soon as you renew Trillian Pro.

How will advertising work?  We’ll be utilizing standard advertisement solutions on the mobile side, and have created beautiful ad units on the desktop side. Desktop ads are organic members of your chat window – meaning they scroll away naturally – and do not animate, do not play sounds, and can be hidden on an individual basis.

We hope you enjoy the new Trillian!

370 Responses to “Trillian 5: Chat everywhere. For free.”
  1. Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer Says:

    Well if you think the free ad model will work better for you that’s great. I can now tell people to use Trillian who are cheap.

  2. Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer Says:

    When can I see a Debian build?

  3. Gueph'Ren Says:

    Congratulations on your Milestone!
    I only hope your ads are truly not as bothersome as I have always known them to be. The ability to chat in peace -not thinking about anything else someone wants us to buy- is a feature I appreciate greatly.

    Thanks for the update and Happy Day!

  4. JC Says:

    Congrats guys! Seems I bought my Pro version just in time for the launch! Hope to see as much of you in the future as we have in the past!

  5. Anthony Says:

    …Huh? So wait. I paid for Trillian 5 right around its first announcement. Will I start seeing advertisements in a year from now? Because… that’s not really what I paid for.

  6. gesellix Says:


  7. Arcanemagus Says:

    Since Pro membership is turning to a subscription based model, how long will “grandfathered” Trillian 5 pro licenses be valid for? The original “all of 5 lifeline” or…?

  8. Josh Says:

    Free works for me. Thanks!

  9. Jeff Says:

    I am really bummed right now. I just shelled out $5 for the Android app like 3 days ago. Not cool. I feel like I should get a refund. Can anybody help me with this?

  10. StickyFinga Says:

    I just hope you got your financial stuff covered, I wouldn’t want to see CS going down because you felt forced to release some free versions. In any case, great work! I’ll be sure to support Trillian as a Pro member in the future. I hope you guys send out an individual reminder or something when the pro membership is about to run out. Keep up the good work!

  11. Junkdewd Says:

    Are you saying that those of us that have already purchased a full paid license will now be required to pay a yearly fee? If that is the case it will be the last penny you get from me. I have paid for a new license with every release since the beginning days, and there are too many other free clients to pay for yours and then get shafted and expected to pay again.

  12. StickyFinga Says:

    Also, love the new design all around the website. Good job!!

  13. Trillian 5 ist da: kostenlos für Desktop und Mobile! Says:

    [...] in Version 5 ist für Windows in der finalen Version erschienen und die Jungs der Cerulan Studios kloppen gleich das nächste Erfreuliche raus: alle Versionen werden auch in einer kostenlosen Variante zu haben [...]

  14. Trillian 5 ist da: kostenlos für Desktop und Mobile! Says:

    [...] in Version 5 ist für Windows in der finalen Version erschienen und die Jungs der Cerulan Studios kloppen gleich das nächste Erfreuliche raus: alle Versionen werden auch in einer kostenlosen Variante zu haben [...]

  15. LordDeath Says:

    I don’t like the fact that we have now only time-limited pro subscriptions instead of an infinite pro license within a major Trillian version. And now besides the ads-removal I wouldn’t have any further benefits because I will not store my private chat logs on servers which are located in a totally different legal space than mine.

  16. TrillianLyn Says:

    Thank you!!! :)

  17. Richard Says:

    I’m happy to see the subscription will now follow Trillian and not the system; I asked before about this when 5 was announced along with the versions for all the various mobile platforms were popping up and you guys said you’d take care of us, and I do appreciate that. However, I too wonder how long you’ll give us for existing pro accounts. As a few people above have said, I’ve now paid for every major release of Trillian, as well as Trillian on the iPhone and Android. I hope this isn’t some “free Pro for a few months” deal for those of us who’ve shelled out quite a bit to you guys over the years.

    I know I sound like I’m complaining, and I’m not. I love Trillian and am so happy I can use it on every platform I use now. Thanks guys!

  18. "Trillian" wird kostenlos :D - Says:

    [...] [...]

  19. DivinoAG Says:

    I also want more information on what does this mean to me. Like others here I paid for Trillian 5 right after there was an option to do so, and I also paid for the Android client more recently to make use of the Continuous Client features. Now I feel like I paid for something I shouldn’t have. So how exactly will these “grandfathered” Pro accounts will work for current costumers on all platforms?

  20. Akiragrey Says:

    Is it possible to pre-purchase several years in advance?

  21. lordfiSh Says:

    Android App ist not free (yet?)

  22. FifthDream Says:

    Is this why i sgined in to Trillian today to see my theme disabled and that i have a “free” version for Trillian 4, even though i paid for Trillian Pro? Really not pleased about that.

  23. Anthony C Says:

    I’ve been a trillian pro user for a very long time now (5+ years) – and I can’t say that I’m onboard with this. Paying $12 a year just to not have ads isn’t a good way to treat a customer. Besides, after all this time, there still isn’t a linux/ubuntu version. I’m tired of re-buying software that is busy adding features I don’t need/want (facepalm, twitter, etc) I won’t be renewing after this current year is up – I’ll simply move to pidgin.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    [...] [...]

  25. Chris Glass Says:

    Yeah, add me in with the other concerned Pro members. I paid for each version for features. Now I have to pay annually to make the interface cleaner?

  26. lptport1 Says:

    I’m with FifthDream. There’s no reason 4 should shift to “free” mode. I first noticed it when autohide was off, and my activity history unavailable.

    I’ve never been about subscription services before. I’m not sure I’d like to start on this note, either.

  27. Flo Says:

    If you’re going to turn Trillian into a subscription service, the annual fee should cover all versions of the software. I’ve been a Trillian user since well before the first commercial release. I paid, among other things, for Windows v5 during beta and I also paid for the iOS version, but I’m definitely not going to keep this up if I’m going to have to pay for two separate subscriptions to keep both Windows and iOS at Pro level.

  28. Tony Says:

    Switching up the pricing scheme on us… time to find a new IM client I guess.

  29. Alex Wise Says:

    What Anthony said.

  30. MagicMike Says:

    I’ve always been a big supporter of Trillian and if they feel this move is the best for them, I’ll support it. It will definitely be popular with school age kids and people who don’t generally buy software. I, however, feel that Trillian 5 Pro users who purchased before this announcement under the assumption that they will have Pro for the lifetime of version 5 should still have that option. After all, that is the license that we agreed upon when purchasing.

  31. Andrew Says:

    WTF? I bought a pro account when I upgraded to Trillian 4, and I was led to believe it would last forever for any version 4.x. I may still decide it’s worth paying for the new subscription model to move up to 5, but that is NOT COOL to stop honoring the purchases of Trillian Pro 4. How’d you feel if your car’s manufacturer came to your house and smashed your headlights the day they announce a new car subscription service?

  32. Darius Says:

    Thanks a lot for this great update !

  33. Bradley Says:

    XMPP chat rooms are still duplicating history messages, a lack of xmpp bookmarks, can’t open 1-1 chats via room roster in a MUC. The android client completely lacks XMPP MUCs… I’ve been waiting years for some decent xmpp support, and now I see you have spent all this time designing an advertising engine instead of working on missing features. .so far I’m not a very happy customer.

  34. wEbAddEr Says:

    i was a pro 3 & 4 user, but sorry paying yearly i won’t do it, i’m already looking for another client.

  35. Cong Says:

    Definitely NOT pleased about this. You just shafted all your current pro customers unless we’re grandfathered into a “lifetime” account. I didn’t pay for a subscription based model, I paid under the assumption that I’d get all of Version 5 for free until the next major release with no ads or anything.

  36. Tony Says:

    What?????? I have the same feeling – paid for Trilian 5 because it offered a ‘lifetime license’ ( so guys – I supported you directly ) and yet now I find that you have changed the license so that my promised ‘lifetime’ is now only one year……

    This is not cool and in my opinion you will lose support from the very base that you want, the alpha and beta testers, because you have pulled a ‘bait and switch’ on them.

    This is indicative of other companies who’s reputation takes a significant hit because of a decision that should have had more thought put to it.

    If this situation becomes the way of the future then you can be assured that I will no longer recommend Trillian to my clients as a purchase ( and there are many that have – see you would lose revenue from both the direct sales and from advertisements because I wont recommend Trillian even as a test ) nor will I pay for a license in the future when I can get the essentially the same thing for free and simply ignore the advertisements.


  37. Brian Says:

    I’m a current Trillian Pro user and I’m a bit disappointed to find out that its moving to a subscription based model. I paid expecting to get Pro for all 5.x releases.

    On the page where I view my active licenses, it doesn’t mention anything about when it expires.

    So are current Pro customers switched over to a subscription system and if so, would it be one year from when we purchased Pro or one year from today? Cause we paid the original price of 25 dollars rather than 12.

    Hoping to receive some responses. Thanks and keep up the great work with Trillian.

  38. Zytrel Says:

    Kthxbye. I’ve been a long time pro user and heavy Trillian endorser.
    I have paid for a life long v5 license back then – if this it not what I’m getting, it’s a contract violation. Period. Simple as that.

    In combination with the ultra slow development progress, I think this will be the final drop for me to switch to something else.

  39. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Congrats to the Team! I can finally tell cheap people they too can have the continuous client :) Get em hooked on that, and they wont want to go back :D . Hopefully Tablet specific apps for Android and iPad are on the way. And hopefully MUC will be available for Mac in their next updates

  40. shisha blog Says:


    is there a windows mobile client comming up? would love it on my htc touch pro 2, then i really got it anywhere. Computer got trillian 5 pro, netbook trillian 5 and laptop too ;) Trillian rocks, keep going guys!

  41. Gary Smit Says:

    TO TECH,

    I really love your product it works wonderful thank you so very much please keep up the great work.
    Now I 2 questions, to see if your programmers can fix.
    1. The program does not dial Windows dialup I am using Windows XP.
    2. For some strange reason this has happened twice once in your 4.2 and again in your beta 5 – I created messages 7 sub folders in a folder titled TRUCKING
    and your program wiped them all out gone I could not find the folder or the 7 sub folder I created or the messages in them, everything just disappear gone.

    Well I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, if if can be fixed I would be very greatful.

    Thank you for your time,


  42. Daniel Says:

    I still can’t see Trillian on Android Market (we don’t have paid apps support in our country). Will it be added soon? I am a Pro supporter.

  43. Magni Says:

    Greatly disappointed with this new Ad solution. That is the very thing that made me despise MSN Messenger. When you chat it is because you need fast contact with your friends. And if I see even one Ad I’m done with Trillian forever. I have a zero tolerance policy in that area. Having a bad enough time getting SPAM mail, facebook spam and commercials on TV (even on those expensively paid channels). Without having to worry about my IM client firing a spamming broadside in my back.

    I have a a Pro account for since Trillian 3.1. And I have been using it since 3.0 so more then 6 years. And now I have to find my self a new client. 12$ a year is not expensive. For the first year that is. But the second payment makes it so expensive for an IM client.

    Yet I do not know when my willy old Pro account will expire. But when it does, I’m done with Trillian.

    Many thanks for the good time Trillian. Sorry to see you sold out as you became to big for your own shoes.

  44. Greg Says:

    Epic fail. :/
    Time to move elsewhere. I liked having to ability to own what I paid for.

  45. gorgos Says:

    But people who bought Trillian 5 license earlier dont have to pay for subscriptions right?

  46. Tony Says:

    Further, I just checked my original invoice and it says;

    ‘To activate the premium features within Trillian Pro, simply restart your software and make sure you’re signing in with the same Astra Username that you purchased with.’

    … but it doesn’t say anything about ‘this license that you have just paid money for is in fact a subscription and will expire in 12 months’

    So realistically I don’t see that the decision to change my license to a subscription is appropriate or fair – we all bought something and now we are being told that we bought something else that we knew nothing about….

    I will contact Trillian directly I think ( as should everyone else ) to complain about this situation because I feel that this change to a subscription model is not valid.


  47. Loren Says:

    I hope that “grandfathered in as a Trillian 5 customer” means grandfathered in for the life of the Trillian 5 product, since that would be what I paid money for when I bought Trillian Pro. I am okay with paying again with each version number, not so much paying for a yearly subscription.

  48. hahnarama Says:

    I’ve been a Pro user for years, and IMO this new model SUCKS! If people want hte Pro features then they should PAY for a Pro license. Now you’re giving it away for free and punishing your Pro user base.

    Does this mean the iPhone App that I also paid for is now free too?

    Not cool guys.

  49. ajm Says:

    @Anthony No, you’re grandfathered in and won’t see advertisements

  50. ajm Says:

    @Junkdewd Nope, you won’t – if you’ve already purchased Trillian 5 you won’t have to pay a yearly fee.

  51. Tommy Says:

    Thanks for the bait and switch, jerks.

  52. Ian Says:

    To everyone complaining that Trillian isn’t available for free in the market yet, please read the actual article.

    “The free versions of our mobile products are not live yet but we are working on finishing them up right now.”

  53. David Says:

    I feel the same way as everyone above.
    I have paid for every major version of trillians release since 2.0, and now they are pulling this commercial crap. WTF.

    I thought ceruleanstudios was the very last good companies I could trust. If this is the way its going to be I’ll be calling my credit card processor and asking for a chargeback shortly.

  54. ajm Says:

    @Richard You’ve already bought, so you shouldn’t have to pay again. If you’ve purchased Trillian 4.x with a Trillian 5 Pre-Order then your purchase isn’t going to expire; You’ll get Trillian 5 ad-free and with cloud history.

  55. neolith Says:

    Hmmm… that’s a bummer. I liked the payment model of Trillian 4 way better – paying for not seeing ads is something that doesn’t get my support. :( I’ll keep using v4 or maybe switch to Pidgin.

  56. AnonGuy Says:

    Glad I didn’t buy the desktop version. I brought the Mobile version but I don’t remember ever getting an update. They haven’t addressed any of the issues with it nor have they fixed the overall user experience (getting spamming in chat windows with so and so log on/off/etc. that take up screens-worth of space, the crappy chat bubbles, the app randomly exiting when being run in the background, etc.).

    Whatever. Lol. This is why the major players need to refine their mobile IM clients. So we don’t have to depend on stuff like this to communicate…

  57. smw Says:

    @DivinoAG: You will be able to use the products you paid for – Trillian 5 and Android – without advertisements and with the premium features forever. The subscription stuff does not apply to previous customers as our way of thanking them and and honoring the original purchase.

  58. smw Says:

    @FifthDream: This was a temporary bug and should be fixed. All Trillian 4 customers should continue to receive Pro features per their original license.

  59. ajm Says:

    @Greg You do own what you paid for — if you got Trillian 5 pre-release it is not going to expire. You’ll get Pro including the cloud history and an ad-free experience.

  60. smw Says:

    @Anthony C: Sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the new model. If you’ve already purchased Trillian 5 you can continue to use the Pro features without paying an additional fee.

  61. smw Says:

    @Chris Glass: If you’ve already paid for Trillian 5 you can continue to use it without paying yearly.

  62. smw Says:

    @lptport1: This was a temporary glitch with our servers and should be fixed.

  63. Dravekx Says:

    Yeah. I do hope Cerulean is very careful. When I (among others) purchased my pro version (for the second time), I thought the deal was a “lifetime of upgrades and service”. ( need to review) If the service purchase agreement turns into subscription, I’m betting that could cause some problems, despite the “VERY MUCH deserved” and epic work of Kevin and crew.

  64. smw Says:

    @Flo: The fee is for all versions of Trillian, you won’t need to pay multiple times for multiple ‘versions’ of Pro.

  65. smw Says:

    @MagicMike: That’s exactly correct. We will continue to honor the purchase agreement we made with customers who bought prior to this announcement.

  66. smw Says:

    @Andrew: We are definitely still honoring all old purchases. There was a temporary glitch on our servers that may have reverted you to Trillian Basic and should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  67. smw Says:

    @Bradley: Have you filed a bug for the MUC duplication issue? We will take a look.

  68. smw Says:

    @Cong: We’re not taking anything away from paying customers – you will continue to get all the Pro features you paid for in Trillian 5, without needing to pay additional fees.

  69. MedvedevUnited Says:

    My congratulations to development team! Thank you for your great job.

  70. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Ok guys (Users Complaining about the new model)… Time to sit down and talk. You want the chat program to be free, yet you dont want to see ads… How does a company support that business model? If you point to AOL/MSN they have IM as a division of the company, whose costs can be absorbed by the Ad revenue they make else-where. To the pro-users complaining about $12 a year… I look at it this way, I use Trillian alot durring my day, I want to support them so they can continue operating and makein a great product. And now you are utilizing CS resources to store your chats if you are a Pro User. Hopefully there will be a few more perks that the backend can do to add more value. I do not agree with paying to remove ads, while popular all of a sudden, it seems creepy to me. Kind of like Ransom-ware. But I dont mind too much, when it is a product I use regularly, and see a lot of value in for myself.

    Continuous client for me has been killer, and is worth the $12 a year in ‘support’, even though it is a free feature. I want to support Trillian to be able to come up with even cooler ideas, and designs. (Though still waiting for Multi-User Chat for iOS/Mac… but thats where my $12 is going, to support the group to get these out)

  71. smw Says:

    @Tony: As a Trillian 5 customer you can continue to use what you’ve paid for – we are not pulling the rug out from beneath any of our existing customers and appreciate your support. You will not need to pay for Pro features within Trillian 5 again.

  72. smw Says:

    @Zytrel: We are honoring the existing Trillian 5 customer licenses and you won’t need to pay again. You can continue to use Trillian 5 without additional payments.

  73. Andrew Says:

    Ah, my Trillain 4 Pro is working again. Sorry for the annoyed comment earlier. I’ll give the new version a look tonight and think about subscribing.

  74. smw Says:

    To sum up some of the concerns we’ve seen in the blog:

    If you paid for Trillian 5, you can continue to use it forever. You won’t see ads and you will be able to utilize activity history. We will continue to honor all old licenses and are greatly appreciative of everyone’s support! We had a few glitches on the server-side during launch day that may have downgraded a few accounts temporarily but these glitches should now be resolved. Please send us an email if you’re still having trouble with this issue in particular and we’ll check it out right away.

    The grandfathered folks are actually getting an ad-free experience on Windows, Mac, and our mobile clients, which we think is a great deal and our way of thanking those of you that have always supported us!

  75. Absnerdity Says:

    I’ve been using Trillian since version… what was it now… like 0.74. I’ve been a supporter for quite some time and I am a Pro-User, including Windows, Mac and iPhone versions.
    I am incredibly disappointed with this new model.
    Subscription or Ads?
    So if I don’t use anything that the subscription is supposed to cover (what DOES it actually constitute? Cross-platform? Off-site history? No thanks) I have to look at ads instead?
    Cerulean, I’m sad to say it, and I love your product, but I can no longer support you.
    I shall not be upgrading to Trillian 5, and I will begin moving over to another software while weaning myself off of Trillian 4.

    Good luck with your business.

  76. Loren Says:

    Thank you, developers, for the quick responses! I’m happy to hear you’re honoring the original terms of our licenses. This makes me feel a lot better about continuing to support Trillian and recommend it to friends.

  77. JSK Says:

    What this means is, Trillian 6 beta is incoming before the year ends so they can get people off their Pro license and on to the yearly subscription service. :)

    How about you guys finish the damn Dark theme promised for the desktop client…

  78. Steve Says:

    How about iPad app?

  79. Phokal Says:

    So, like most, I’m a bit confused. It “appears” that I purchased Trillian Pro 5 and I’ll be grandfathered in for the remainder of Trillian 5. Is that accurate? Or will my Pro status expire at some point?

    Is there anyway to check the current expiration date on the website? Or even to verify which version I have? I’m *pretty* sure I bought 5 for beta access, but it was about a year ago so I don’t really remember. It is currently just listed as “Pro”.

  80. Originalme8 Says:

    First I want to say that I am a huge fan of Trillian I have purchased Pro 5 for myself and some close friends. I have used it since early 2.x days, and I have to say this sucks. I do not like software as a service, especially in the consumer world. It does not make sense at all. Relying on ads is a last resort for most software companies, are you guys hurting that bad? If you have moved to this model I don’t expect Trillian or Cerulean Studios to be around for much longer. This move makes no sense to me and I can see you losing money/loyal customers in the long run. I will hold onto my 5 Pro, but the minute I see ad’s I am out. Hope you guys really thought this through, Trillian is my favorite chat program. It’s elegant and quite unique, but I cannot use something that has ads in it and refuse to pay more yearly/monthly fees.

    -Good Luck to You

  81. smw Says:

    @Originalme8: Sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the new model. We are continuing to research new ways to expand the business and still reward our paying customers, and a simple ad-driven service – with Pro – made the most sense. As a past paying customer you won’t have to look at ads and we hope you’ll continue to use Trillian. You can always drop me an IM with your specific concerns. :)

  82. baddaybeav Says:

    WHat if I have both the paid 5.x, and the paid mobile?

    What happens to me as a paid mobile customer?
    You will continue to receive free software updates and will not see any advertisements, but synchronized chat history will only be available if you upgrade your account to Pro status. Thanks for your support!

    Do I have to upgrade to get the history sync on my mobile too even though I’ve got both?

  83. gorgos Says:

    Thanks for the replies and good luck with the new ad model.
    - Happy customer

  84. smw Says:

    @baddaybeav: No, you do not. History sync will work across all other devices.

  85. Ryan Says:

    Just curious what happens in my situation – I don’t have Pro for Windows but I do own the paid Android version. What does that mean for me exactly?

  86. smw Says:

    @Ryan: It means you’ll never see ads on mobile editions of Trillian as a past purchaser, but you’ll still need to upgrade to Trillian Pro if you want to go ad-free on the desktop side and/or take advantage of cloud history.

  87. muhgo Says:

    I pretty much know what your plan for us “grandfathered” (!?) customers will be:
    In half a year we will see Trillian 6 beta. Shortly after that that release there will be no support for 4.x and 5.x so you can charge your shitty subscription for seeing no ads and storing chat history online.
    You know what? The day this happens I will simply store my chat history on my Dropbox. Removing ads with a little additional program shouldn’t be an issue either.

    Cerulean, I am pretty pissed. You won’t have my support in the future.

  88. smw Says:

    @muhgo: Those are most certainly not our plans, and we’ll be happy to prove it to you when the time comes. We’ve always treated customers with respect and will continue to do so moving forward, including honoring our word when it comes to old licenses and existing customers.

  89. Zytrel Says:

    Thanks for the clarification smw. My apologies for the rant then. Either I’m just a bit too tired and totally misread the original blog or you updated it meanwhile to make it a little more clear. :)
    I still dislike the idea of the subscription model for future versions though.

  90. @semiautomatico Says:

    trillian 5 is not working with skype 5.3… what happen?

  91. Dr_Deathscythe Says:

    Trillian Rocks, Great work pals

  92. Ploerp Says:

    A yearly subscription fee. I guess this means goodbye then.

    Any alternatives out there?

  93. dcl Says:

    I greatly appreciate the honouring of Pro-beta licences. Thank you Cerulean Studios!
    I have often wondered how CS hoped to survive on a one-time purchase business model.
    A subscription based model makes more sense, as a number of the features in Trillian are dependent on CS server resources. Further, as LastPass put it – a subscription based payment system is also in the interests of the customer – the nature of the income stream keeps the company accountable, and provides incentive to continue development.
    In my opinion, you have made the correct decision. It is in the interests of both CS and all customers – Free/Pro/Grandfathered – that Trillian is a sustainable product; to ensure its continued development and success for many years to come!

    - Another happy customer

  94. Ryan Says:

    Ok thanks smw! I’ll be grabbing the Windows Pro in a sec here I think…

  95. smw Says:

    @dcl: Thanks for the kind words. We plan to stick around and continue to build great software and are happy to accountable to our customers. :)

  96. hahnarama Says:

    @Ploerp I respect Trillian enough not to name the composition on their own blog. just Google chat aggregator and you should some good alternatives.

  97. Terepin Says:

    I didn’t see so many whining kids at on place in my whole life. Incredible.

    But I am seeing many stupidly blind people all the time, but I’m disappointed seeing them here.

  98. Anthony Says:

    Thank you for clearing this up smw. I think this should be a bit more clear in the blog post, though.

    As a previous customer, I’m satisfied that I don’t have to worry about advertising. I should say, though, that if this is how future major releases are handled, I’m going to have to look elsewhere. I really enjoy Trillian, but I don’t think it’s worth paying yearly to avoid advertisements.

  99. Tommy Says:

    Learn to read guy’s
    What happens to me as a paid Trillian 5 customer? You’ve been automatically grandfathered into the new Trillian Pro. You shouldn’t see any advertisements (ever!) and chat history storage should be unlocked in preferences (for as long as you use Trillian 5). Thanks for your support!

    You shouldn’t see any advertisements (ever!)


  100. Santa Claus Says:

    Tbh everyone that has paid for a subscription so far has missed a minor point me thinks regarding the lifecycle of version 5. All they have to do is up the version number to 6 and your all screwed. I think they have been very honest in a way by allowing ‘granddad’ rights. It proves that the company does acknowledge the previous ‘payers’. Just my opnion and ymmv

  101. Steven Says:

    I bought Pro two days ago, so this announcement doesn’t impress me… :(

  102. Justin Says:


  103. Steven Says:

    Actually scrap my last comment, re-reading above seems to say that any existing Pro customers will never see any ads as long as they continue to use Trillian 5. Of course this won’t help much if Trillian 6 rolls out in a few months…

  104. Bish Says:

    wow not happy about that at all

    thats nearly a deal breaker….

  105. Daniel Says:

    This is very disappointing. I am a long-time paying member and now I find the Trillian iPhone app is $5 and I no longer am grandfathered into Trillian 5. This was PROMISED to Trillian 4 buyers who purchased within 1 month of Trillian 5.

    This was in policy statements and e-mail communications between myself and Cerulean Studios to establish that I would have the full Trillian 5 license. With these changes, I’m no longer a paying customer unless I revert to Trillian 4.

    Did I mention it’s still $5 for the Trillian iPhone app? You guys really piss me the hell off.

  106. Santa Claus Says:

    trillion tends to support legacy versions until the api’s that are availble to them change from what I have seen. ie if it isnt broke they dont mess with it. But seeing how the market is moving so fast on mobiles and tablets, I doubt it will be long before the legacy support disappears due to constraints from the people that give them the access.

  107. FacchiniBR Says:

    Paid or not, I will continue my support. As an earlier Trillian 5 paid user, I think 12 bucks are nothing for the product quality. Thanks!

  108. Popo Says:

    make it avaiable pay via paypal :D

  109. Thorsten Says:

    It’s amazing to see such a bunch of whiners gathered together in one place. Purchasing a Trillian 5.x Pro licenses was what? $25? something like that? That makes a $12/year subscription the equivalent of slightly more than 2 years of use compared to the previous purchase price. Anyone really thinks we would be stuck at 5.x for 2 years? So assuming you aren’t willing to get stuck in the past and were going to keep upgrading your Pro license as new versions come out, you’ll actually be saving money on this subscription deal.

  110. Roy Says:

    Relaaaax, people. They can’t legally renege on a license like that. A lot of people seem to be misunderstanding and getting upset over nothing. They are being pretty explicit that if you paid for a version, you are grandfathered and will never have to pay for that version again. You’re set.

    Paid Pro users shouldn’t ever notice ANY difference unless you upgrade to a newer version than your current license, at which point you’ll have to start payin’ the $12/year. So, license stipulation sounds just like it was before, except they are simply switching to an annual fee system for new Pro subscribers and giving cheap free users like me Pro features while generating a bit of revenue with “beautiful” and “organic” ads (lol). I do think they should still have the option of purchasing a permanent license for a version for the sake of simplicity. Some of us hate being billed monthly :)

    P.S. I <3 Cordonata Black!

  111. Angelmonkeysmom Says:

    I agree with MagicMike. Why when we agree’d to a life time membership, would you basically tell us “just kidding”, it’s really going to be an annual membership. That is NOT good business and unfair to those who were originally making you money. How do you expect to keep paying customers that way???

  112. kwk Says:

    @Daniel: We are working hard to release the free iPhone version, it is just not yet on the store. If you bought Trillian 5, you will still receive that. Please contact tech support so we can investigate this further as I do not want you not getting what you were promised.

  113. kwk Says:

    @Popo It should be available via PayPal currently. We also accept most major credit cards and checks.

  114. kwk Says:

    @Angelmonkeysmom If you previously bought 5.x, you are not going to be switched to an annual membership. Everything should be just the same as it was earlier for you.

  115. Rob Frazee Says:

    Why is it that when I try to download on my BB it wants me to pay 4.99

  116. sevenalive Says:

    Are you kidding me, 5 still has bugs, especially with dual monitor setups. It crashes randomly while just idle. I filed the bugs and provided all information I can. So one day you got an idea to make it have ads because Pro wasn’t selling enough, I get that. I also understand I am grandfathered in. I’m pissed about you releasing the first update in 2 months and there is only 10 bugs fixed + new ads!. You didn’t even fix the crashing on Windows 7 x64. I knew this was going to happen as soon as you switched to opencandy.

    If you want customers money, release updates faster and fix bugs quicker. Over 3 months I been dealing with the random crashing. I formatted my computer a few times and even crashes on my laptop with win7 x64.

  117. Raq Says:

    Not happy about the ads…may as well use the ‘full featured’ clients from Microsoft, Yahoo etc… The reason most people use this software is because it doesn’t have advertisements everywhere…if that goes away, there’s no reason to continue using this. I’ve been tempted to go to the paid pro version, but if its going to be yearly…sorry, won’t do it.
    Please re-think this one a little.

  118. Greg Says:

    Not happy – was waiting for 5 to leave beta before upgrading – now I’m stuck with a crappy monthly payment model. Sorry Trillian – one customer down… I’d be happy to stay if there is say a $20 option to not have to deal with a subscription – chances are it’d mean I’d end up paying the same amount even… Not worth stuffing around with a subscription model for a product when there are other options around that are free and/or easier to manage.

  119. Sam Says:

    Still can’t hide chat windows in Windows 7 Pro x64 Aero

  120. darren Says:

    ya know, it took me years to finally man up and buy trillian, mainly because 3 was terrible and 4 was no upgrade path. but eventually, 5 beta won me over. i bragged to my friends, i bought the mobile version, i bought several gifts and gladly handed them out. if i see one ad, you will never hear from me again.

    i don’t blame you for the ad model, but NOTHING should change for paid users, for LIFE, which is pretty much the deal i signed up for.

    nice work otherwise, i will install 5 final later tonight.

  121. STiger Says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s fucked up. I didn’t pay for a Pro account to only have to pay again in another year. Unless you guys add in Astra service conference chatting, integrated Skype and some other features, I can’t see myself subscribing to a program service.

    Then again, I might change my mind once I use the mobile version.

  122. Hinano Says:

    I’m with others. I think if you purchased 5 prior to this announcement, you should get 5 for the life of the license. Consider it a parting gift (as the old model goes away) to those who have financially supported Trillian this whole time. All the new folks can have this new model and the on the next version, the rest of us will join. I’m one of those that have paid for every version including mobile because we loved the product and wanted to supported you guys. It feels a little like being left out in the rain while you entertain your new friends (customers).

  123. y0himba Says:

    Greg: did you even read the blog post? Seriously? $12 a year is too steep for you? Maybe you should shut off your Internet, save your money since you are so strapped, and sell your computers for extra cash. You sir, are a loser. Please, feel free to enjoy some of those ‘free’ options you spoke of. Wow.

    I think no matter how sweet the deal, anonymous punks and whiners will still abound, just to troll and complain. Pathetic.

    “We’re setting the price at $12 per year, or basically a dollar per month”. Thank you guys! However, I will still pay my $25 a year, it is more than worth it.

  124. smw Says:

    @darren, @STiger, @Hinano: Purchasers of Trillian 5 will continue to be able to use the product without paying additional fees. We are honoring all old licenses.

  125. James Richards Says:

    I for one recall reading somewhere, think it was on this site and/or sent via email to myself that anyone who purchased a license for Trillian 4 in a certain time-frame would also have a license (free for lifetime) for Trillian 5.

    Now the full release of Trillian 5 is finally out, of which i updated to as well. I now discover that the licenses are on a yearly “subscription” base of $12 (around £6 for us UK users). I have read through the entire blog (and comments, reading peoples gripes and concerns over this) and i am happy that all existing licenses of Trillian 5 are honoured and won’t ever need to be renewed yearly. Not that yearly license isn’t an issue anymore, but i guess this is a way to produce better versions of Trillian for everyone to use and be happy with.

    Thanks again for the hard work, and thanks again for honouring my Trillian 5x license for its lifetime.

  126. ajm Says:

    @Greg that’s one problem that the subscription model solves; we /want/ our users to get the latest versions. We also want to be able to sell Pro across platforms without charging for each as a separate product. The old model would make that confusing.

    I know there are free alternatives — in fact Trillian is free and has been for over 10 years. We hope you’ll stick around and continue to support our product if you find it worthwhile.

  127. Hinano Says:

    okay, sifted through a few more posts (quite a few this time. lol) to see that smw has addressed the issue with v.5 license holders. thanks guys, glad to hold onto the license for this last fling. I’m hoping the ads model will bring in more users for you. Still love the products, love how you guys are making efforts to innovate. I’m a proud promoter of you guys,.

    ps. would love to see richer themes return, I miss them. deeper (but unique) social media integration would be nice. I can *almost* use the desktop client exclusively for all my social media. How nice to add that to managing all my chat.

    thanks again

  128. ajm Says:

    @Raq what do you suggest?

  129. Jonathan Says:

    Amazing! Thanks for hard work!. I started to use Trillian a few months ago and I can say that I started to love it! =)

  130. darren Says:

    @smw that’s totally fine, but i bought a lot of trillian 5 builds, for myself, friends, and family, including the mobile version. as long as those licenses are grandfather’d in… FINE! i will shut up and be happy. as long as you honor your paying customers (prior to this announcement) i have no gripe at all. NONE. and yes, i fully read the blog post… but if i wake up one day and start seeing ads or ribs to buy the pro subscription, forget it. i’ve bought others, just in case.

    personal note: a major announcement like this should have been done 6+ months ago to give users that were on the fence an honest chance to jump in before they were forced on to a subscription plan.

  131. Nikk Says:

    Subscription? LOL. Yeah- No. You guys used to be awesome. What the hell happened.

  132. darren Says:

    s/a lot of/some

  133. ajm Says:

    @Nikk it was a subscription model ($25) for Trillian Pro 1, 2 and 3.

  134. Bud Says:

    Nice! Love Trillian!
    PS: My Foursquare friends photos are not loading…

  135. darren Says:

    i don’t think anyone but cerullean studios saw this one coming. it has me a little miffed. i would have told everyone i knew to buy in asap to avoid the recurring subscription fees. anyone else? revenue seems to win the day. as much as i understand that, this is a little troublesome. great product, no doubt, but that’s missing the point.

  136. Alex Says:

    So I read all the posts.. first of all: most of you guys are idiots and apparently unable to read. Please try to use your eyes and your brain before posting.
    Second of all: Is the ad-engine actually what you guys spent the money of the people who purchased Pro before on?
    I also don’t feel its very fair towards pro users to release all the pro features for free and just add ads. I kinda feel you tricked me into buying it for features and now everyone gets those features for free… somewhat like if I bought a car and a few weeks later the manufacturer would start giving out the same car, just with an ad-decal for free…

  137. rob Says:

    FFS, please add proper MUC support for the android client.

  138. PsychoHazard Says:

    @ajm I don’t know about Raq, but I think having some sort of “lifetime Pro” membership available might be a good idea. Personally, I’ve already got the 5 Pro membership grandfathered in, but it would be nice to have the option when 6 rolls around to be able to just pay once and not have to worry about it until the next major version.

  139. FifthDream Says:

    @smw Thank you for the info. I restarted Trillian and everything is as it should be, and i’m happy again. ;)

  140. Alex Says:

    Additionally I am quite unhappy that I paid for the Android version and the desktop version and now will have no advantage compared to people who just bought the desktop version…

  141. Jaimie Says:

    ok so looks like im not the only one…but i find it strange that trillian is available for Android mobile…..but not for linux pc users……why?……..linux is becoming very popular….i use ubuntu and im in love with it…i would never ever touch another microsoft product again but unfortunately lots of programs are made for windows and macs leaving the rest of us out of the loop…..i would love to have trillian…

  142. darren Says:

    @alex same here. and i wish i had the option to buy more, but there’s no incentive to now.

  143. ajm Says:

    @alex @darren nothing is being taken from you; you’ll have full access to that software, ad-free and with cloud history/sync.

  144. A. Nymous Says:

    Lets get this all into one post:

    • Pro users that were Pro before this step, can and will be Pro until the next majorversion (6.0) will be released. If they upgrade to 6.0 – the new system will get started.
    • Pro users that were Pro before this step, can store the history online until the next majorversion (6.0) will be released. If they upgrade to 6.0 – the new system will get started.
    • New Pro users have to pay the license every 12 months (every year) for 12$ – regardless if after one year no new version is out or not. Otherwise they can’t store their history online and they will see ads.

    Personal opinion: I always was happy with Cerulean. But paying only for storing my history online and doing conversations without ads? Hello pidgin and miranda. Sorry my friends – there is no real reason anymore to stay with Trillian Pro. It was indeed a nice time – i’m pro since v2.0 was released. But now, i’ll have to say goodbye and best wishes for the future. You know – we’ll always meet twice each time ;) .

    For all that are looking for an alternative client (playe Cerulean – be fair and let the reading people decide):

  145. darren Says:

    @ajm and that’s perfectly fine, as i already mentioned. but i wish i had more time to tell everyone i knew that time was closing in. now there is no option for them other than a subscription. please don’t misread what i’m saying: i appreciate trillian and i’ve been and on and off user for years (mostly off during “4″). 5 beta was a huge wake up call… it really hit the mark. i just wish my friends had a buy-in option for pro instead of subscription based. there should have been a 3-6 month time period for this model change imo.

  146. darren Says:

    (incidentally, i personally feel that trillian is the best multi-im out there, for what it’s worth)

  147. Apollyon7 Says:

    Well, I’m contacting the BBB to inform them of your careless changes to your payment model. This is absurd and I’ll receive a refund for every dollar that I’ve ever given to Cerulean.

  148. Mike Says:

    Wow, does anyone read anymore? If you previously purchased the Pro license for Trillian 5 you are grandfathered in to the ad free version of version 5 forever (ie the whole ever! comment in the FAQ above). Those with Trillian 4 pro who never upgraded to 5, yeah you get a little screwed if you want to upgrade now, but that’s the chance you take in waiting. Either way it doesn’t stop or version 4 from working. Cry less please.

    As for the trillian team, I am glad to see the license go across all platforms. Any word on if you will be customizing a honeycomb app for android?

  149. darren Says:

    double the charge, a one time fee. what did i pay? $15 per license? i would pay twice as much for all upgrades for life, as long as there aren’t subscriptions. offer the same to new users for 6 months from today: $30 for life. if i go to 6 and there’s a new model, i’m out. sorry, but i agree with others. i’ve already paid for backup plans and will use them if needed. i just hate the idea of not recommending trillian to anyone because it really is among the best of them. sign of the times i suppose. would anyone else be opposed to $30 for a “full” pro version?

  150. darren Says:

    @mike i think everyone is reading, this was just very abrupt.

  151. Alex Says:

    thats not the point. i for example bought the pro version for basically EVERY feature except cloudstorage because i really don’t like you guys having all my convos.
    had i known that you planned on making all the features free i might not even have bought pro in the first place because really… no ads and cloudstorage are not an incentive to buy pro… more features ARE

  152. derSpinner Says:

    Хм. Молоды, что ищите новые пути монетизации. Успехов!

  153. darren Says:

    @mike i appreciate the fact that people that paid up are grandfather’d in for a full version upgrade. that’s still not the best model imo. if i had known this 6 months ago i would have just stuck with my beejive purchase and not paid for trillian. $15 for a year? maybe a year and a half? then what? more fees? i would have never paid to go “pro”. pro for one year! nope.

    @alex exactly.

  154. A. Nymous Says:

    @Alex: Signed. We are scammed. We bought for features, that will now be available for everyone? Ok, 15$ are not that much. But 15$ are 15$. And when v6.0 comes – we have to stick with the new license-model. The previous model was better – much better. 15$ for nice and good features, that free users never got (until now).

  155. Says:

    @kwk you said “If you previously bought 5.x, you are not going to be switched to an annual membership”
    What is the cutoff date for that? I bought mine May 7th.

  156. Jimmy Says:

    I dont must have all pro features. But ads? Ads is way to hell. Seriously considering change :( And it was so nice program since now :(

  157. Seven Says:

    I guess I share the same sentiment with most of the people here. Though I appreciate getting grandfather’d, It still wasn’t the way to go. You should have at least emailed those who bought pro and asked if they wanted a refund because you are going to change the subscription/pro/paid model.

  158. COOTMASTER Says:

    great pro stuff now FREE
    im not paying 12.00/mo
    and sync PRO only?
    plus i loose my widgets from 4
    im using 4 pro and dont wish loose stuff
    if sync pro only forget it
    im sticking w 4x pro

  159. create Says:

    Is this based on a license key, or my Astra login? If it is based on my Astra login, I am definitely in for $12 a year, if it is a license key it won’t work for my needs.

  160. articuno1_au Says:

    The issue a lot of people are missing, and something the original post COMPLETELY FAILED to address is this:

    If a user has bought the desktop version of 5, they get it ad-free. What about the users that bought the mobile versions AND the desktop versions.. They coughed up $5+ dollars for no benefit what-so-ever.

    Furthermore, the product was sold as having the benefits of multi-client chat, themes etc etc. This is the basis that the users bought it on. These users are now being told what they bought is being given out free to everyone, but they can have online chat storage to make up for it.

    That’s not fair by any measure of the word. It’s wrong, it’s deceitful and they will lose a lot of customers for it.

    I’m mainly annoyed that users weren’t warned to allow them to buy the previous license to allow grand fathering of their accounts. Long time Trillian users should (they don’t have the right) have been offered this chance as a thanks from CS for the support.

    I don’t think CS have fully considered the effect this is going to have on their community. I for one won’t be paying $12 a month for the removal of ads. I was only using Trillian because WLM had slowed down on me. I won’t pay extra for these features.

    Also: When do you plan to add full support for the WLM standard? No voice and video chat is amateur league.

  161. JSK Says:

    Considering the development cycle of the desktop app even the $12 a year isn’t a bad deal folks. Consider this, minus the 5 year gap between Trillian 3 & 4 generally there is a new client release every year, year and a half tops. And they usually cost what, $15-25 for the pro version over the years? And the $12 a year gets you ALL mobile and ALL desktop clients in their Pro form? I’m as big of a hater of subscription models as anyone but this isn’t that bad of a deal as long as they keep a steady dev cycle on all the clients and don’t start slacking off like 2004-2009.

  162. AndrewNeo Says:

    If I opt to use the cloud sync, how is my data being protected?

  163. Blizz Says:

    As a paying customer for years (and I mean the windows, android AND the iPod version!) I feel like I just got punched in the stomach really hard.

  164. adam Says:

    Why don’t kill 2 birds, have a “paid/full for version” and a sub version, the sub is 12 a year, the paid/full version is $25. the paid/full is for the life of a full version number i.e. 5.x
    This way people can pick, and if a new full version is coming out once every 2 years Cerulean breaks even :)
    The free version can have the ads still :)

  165. John B. Says:

    Oh good, existing 5 Pro customers are grandfathered in.
    Meaning Trillian 6 will be announced next month.

    Annoying after recommending Trillian to friends, buying the Android app and two 5 Pro accounts.
    Really need to offer a flat-fee option on future upgrades. I hate rentware to the point of switching away, as soon as development moves on to the next major.

  166. puco Says:

    Amazing, just purchased Pro to support you. Now I’m just waiting for iPad version. And a mobile version that supports Skype.

  167. Raghu GS Says:

    Hello CS
    I am very very happy on this move.
    Actually i can’t believe this move.
    One of your distant competitor digsby had been aquired.
    You now virtually has no big competitors,
    In spite of this, you have taken very user friendly move.
    I am not a Pro customer as of now, still i can’t find the ads :)
    The chat history component rocks.
    You are giving totally awesome app for free,
    I am ecstatic,

  168. Raghu GS Says:

    Forgot to say.
    I wish you all the very best.
    Hope this new model fetches you more paid customers

  169. Trillian 5: Desktop- und Mobilversion jetzt gratis! | Says:

    [...] Informationen für bisher zahlende Kunden gibt es im Trillian Blog.  Artikel Weiterempfehlen  Mindgears abonnieren RSS-Feed [...]

  170. Balu B Raj Says:

    Yes this is what we were waiting for , thank you Trillian!!!!!!!!

  171. Steve D Says:

    I have many licenses for my contract workers. As others I am not happy about the change to subscription base. I often have licenses which are not being used. In this new model, I would have to pay $12 a year for something that might not get used.
    I will wait and see what Your “for profit” company will do with the comments and suggestions from your customer base.

    Oh and for those who want to take advantage of the FREE ad version they are coming up with, there are many ad removal programs which will turn your FREE none pro into a PRO version by removing the ad. You might have a little blank spot where ads were displayed but that is a small detail.

  172. Kyhwana Says:

    Hmm, it’s not free like it says on this website, on Android?

  173. hatters Says:

    Subscription? nah, time to find me another client thanks.

  174. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the update. I was upset at first, mostly since I despise advertisements (I use adblocks on my desktop, android phone, etc). I was also upset because like lots of people, I think subscriptions suck. No one likes committing to a subscription. But I’m being grandfathered in, so no biggie. Once you think about it, $12 a year isn’t bad. Usually pro users pay something like $25, maybe $15 for a sale. But CS has been picking up the pace and releasing big updates faster, so I guess it may end up cheaper in the long run for me.

    ONE QUESTION THOUGH: since I paid $5 for the android client, will that be ad-free forever, or just as long as my Trillian 5.0 client is pro? Thanks.

    Also, do you have any screenshots of what these ads look like? I won’t be able to see them because I’m pro.

  175. Peter Says:

    *I found the answer to my android question. Still hoping for screenshots though.

  176. Falcor Says:

    Wow. I understand the paid subscription service. Ultimately, your user base will wind up paying less than on the previous model. Of course, this is ONLY the case if you release a major version within 2 years of the previous. That is pretty cool and I applaud your efforts.

    So, why is this STILL an epic fail? Trade ads for……history in the CLOUD?!?! Uhh….o…k… What the hell happened to innovation? Someone help me out here: I’ve been using Trillian so long, all of my version numbers have blended together, but I remember PAYING simply for things like themeing, being to sign in to more than one of each account type, using add-ins, etc. Now you say that all of that will be free, but users will have to look at ads. If you pay the $12, you don’t have to look at ads and you will give them the CLOUD?! Give me a break! Is that the best you could come up with? I have 6 servers strewn across the US – I can do that too, you know! Wouldn’t take much thought at all…

    Here and now your reputation suffers because of what all you COULD have done and what you CHOSE to do… Quite pathetic, CS. The last payment you received from me for version 5 (over a year ago) was just that…the last payment. Prove yourselves innovators yet again and I may reconsider. Continue to value yourselves higher than the users you cater to and this will spell your doom.

  177. Nextra Says:

    Great stuff right there. I’ve been Pro since the start of 5 so I’m glad you got us early adopters covered with unlimited pro (as I understand it).

    All that is missing now is a Linux client :D

  178. Pontus Berg Says:

    What about paying Trillian 4 and Trillian Mobile? Isn’t that a bigger contribution than a single trillian 5?

  179. BigKush Says:

    Another lost customer for obvious reasons. See ya!

  180. FreedomDwarf Says:

    Like many others I feel I have been side-swiped! I love Trillian to bits and have been Pro since 2x but hate the idea that to stop adverts and have the use of cloud-something that I don’t support or use. I know CS have to bring in revenue for development but I think the old model was far superior IMHO. Have a ‘free’ version by all means that has a lot of features that stop after 1 month (tease them first) and have adverts. But to have that free version with everything that Pro has and just pay to stop the adverts?? That’s just plain dumb. Paying customers can go for the free version and install one of the many free ad-blockers and achive the same results. I know that $12 isn’t much but it’s the pricnpal of the ad model that is upsetting the majority of paying supporters. Go back to to the old-style model – let the free version have very limited features AND adverts and let the Pro supporters get everything for major release level product lifetime support as they always have done in the past. Lets face it, when the likes of Windoze Live and Y! (FREE apps) update their interface Trillian will have to update their end to make it work…. and so requires some major re-writing in places and probably need a new release of Trillian. For those that don’t appreciate the sort of work that goes into keeping an app like Trillian up-to-date it can be murder and expensive on resources. As programmer I can appreciate everything that goes into making Trillian as good as it is today. But as a subscription thing just to keep out the ads??? Not for me I’m afraid! As a grandfathered Pro user I am glad they have honoured the original agreement but I don’t think CS had much choice as the legal implications would have been far-reaching and very costly in class-action lawsuits all over the world. As for those Linux/Ubuntu users complaining, your OS may be ‘popular’ (and I use the term very loosely) but it’s barely a drop compared to Widoze and Mac – you can’t blame CS for not supporting an OS that has less than 10% share of the marketplace; that would be comercial suicide! I also see that many of the newer users of Trillian 4/5 complain about glitches in new features but like a few have mentioned in this blog there are some very old bugs that have still not been fixed since TP3.1!! Personally, this is where I would like to see some of our money spent, not on frivolous features that I just don’t use. Trillian has been great and I have pushed many people to use it over the years – but I will no longer do that or support it myself when TP5 becomes unusable…. it’s just not worth it. I only use Trillian on a Windoze desktop and absolutely nowhere else. I don’t have the myriad of mobile/tablet/BB devices so for me I’d be better off using a free ad-blocker and using the free Trillian.

  181. Abraham Says:

    I think it’s a good news overall. I have a paid account of Trillian 5 and nothing will change for me. But I have friends who live in country where money can be very tight and it will be nice for them to get almost all the same features I have for free. Recently, a program for which I had paid a lifetime license (including update) changed its policy and this really made me angry (wasn’t cheap to start with). But with Trillian you paid for the lifetime of a major version, and that’s what we will get. After that, when version 6 is out it’s our call to choose to upgrade or not…

  182. Manu Says:

    Well, I am not happy about the new subscription model too, but for me Trillian is the best IM Client, so I go to support them (which I did with paying for Trillian 4 & 5 Pro).

    But on the other hand, $12 per year aren’t much (hello smokers, you pay more for smoking shit :) ), so it’s ok :)

  183. Toff Says:

    It was great that you, guys, got rid of the old subscription model with v.4, and it’s really disappointing to see you’re bringing it back with v.5. Facebook, Google, Skype store chat history online for free nowadays, and Skype even performs cloud history sync, so $12/year for this feature in Trillian is a bit expensive, especially since not everybody even like this feature, and as for ads – very few people will pay that much for not seeing them.
    I’m with darren for a lifetime subscription (per version). I say make it $25 for new users and $15 upgrade price for existing lifetime-Pro subscribers. Basically as it was before. This will also make it fair for new customers who are currently not very happy that they’ve been patiently waiting for a release and now have to pay a yearly fee because of that while they could’ve just bought it during beta and get a lifetime subscription. In order to avoid confusion in version numbers across different platforms you might want to unite all the latest Trillian versions into one big ‘Trillian 5 Family’ of products or something of sorts. Keep releasing new major versions with exciting new features regularly and people will keep paying you regularly by buying those new versions. That’s the best way to do it, I believe. Sure that requires you to keep making new versions instead of just keep getting money from the old ones, but people will stop using old versions when they become outdated anyway and switch to newer (possibly even free) alternatives with more features. And if you really want to keep a yearly subscription, I think $5/year is the max that you can charge and not piss too many people off, because what’s offered for $12/year right now isn’t really worth it.
    I still think going back to a subscription was a bad idea in general. Your current model will make you lose lots of Pro customers, and as you can see it’s already started.

    Congrats on the release, though I think you should’ve waited for one more build before making it final.

  184. Rhuto Says:

    Hummmm…it seems most who cry out don’t read but just assume……we have all got the services we have paid for…now and in the future.

    If we on the other hand want to upgrade our product…then the new way to do it comes into play….

    I just copy and paste for pro 5…but it is equal for the rest of you too…inside the major version you have paid for!
    What happens to me as a paid Trillian 5 customer? You’ve been automatically grandfathered into the new Trillian Pro. You shouldn’t see any advertisements (ever!) and chat history storage should be unlocked in preferences (for as long as you use Trillian 5). Thanks for your support!

  185. YangombiUmpakati Says:

    hey folks. thanks for the clarification, I’m really happy, that my trillian 5 pro will last forever. I’m not sure if I’d be willing to pay 12 more dollars next year after I paid 15 recently for pro version and 20 for trillian 4 pro 1,5 years ago.

  186. dr_welt Says:

    I think *free* is not really free here. I read about adverts and “subscriptions”. This makes me sad. I’ve been Trillian fan from day one. I have Trillian for ios and Trillian 5. Now I should pay for a subscription? To keep the history sync feature? I think this will be a big failure. If I hear the word *free*…. Sorry guys. This is a bad trend. Subscription is not the answer.


  187. paul johnston Says:

    If I have understood correctly I can continue to pay $12 a year for Trillian Pro for ever. For those who cant/wont pay there is a free version with adverts. This seems a good deal, for those who are complaining just see how much you spend on your cell/mobile phone to put it into context. I do understand the point from some posters that the free version had limited features and adverts and the pro version had everything but these guys just like most of us are in business to make a profit. If they dont Trillan dies so I am up for the profit and new innovation

  188. Shaun Says:

    Well being a paid 5 pro user, hacked off to see its now free especially when the so called stuff I should get unlocked (online logging) isnt in my preferences. SO basicazlly I just threw away money for a desktop and a mobile version and got nothing back

    Great trillian thats how to wow your customers… IM+ it is for me

  189. Weily Says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on the release!

  190. Palmr Says:

    While I feel a little like I got scammed as I only recently bought an upgrade for pro 5.x from 4.x pro, I still remember why I went pro in the first place. The pro features don’t really affect me much, I just liked supporting Trillian and felt it was a good thing to do :)

    So even if free customers get half the stuff I paid for now, hopefully this change financing works out so Trillian can keep on being awesome :)

  191. Satras Pro since years Says:

    Well, firtst i thought yay.. now i feel sad !

    Trillian was great for years because of no ads and all of this. Now I can see Trillian 6 will be released “soon” and everyone has to pay Monthly for that app. Something i will not do ! Seems to be my last version I use then. How sad ! Trillian was a nice app as you had to do a one time payment… paying monthly suxx and this isn’t something I wil support ! What other app would you pay monthly for ? I mean c’omon .. would you pay for you funky iPhone apps monthly ?

    Sad Sad

  192. Lashay Says:

    Pay to get extra and get rid of adverts, makes sense to a customer
    Pay just to get rid of adverts and get nothing extra (at least nothing you want), makes not sense (unless you make the ad’s so intrusive that no one want to use your product anyway)

    Got feeling you have done this to work around the subscription model/plan complications you would have faced for your mobile applications but honestly don’t see it working in the long run

    Oh and btw, don’t know about other people, but the storing chat history in the cloud is a feature I don’t want, so can honestly say, if I had not already paid for a pro licence I would not be paying for Trillian under this new subscription model and think many people out there would feel the same. Think someone needs to give this whole plan a rethink as I would say it’s going to cost you in the long run

  193. Chris Says:

    “When can I see a debian build?”

    I second that. Trillian for Linux! :D

    I’ve been paying for Pro membership since 3.0 days. Want the Linux sexiness.

  194. Rick Says:

    Wonder what the original post looked like that all these ragers are QQ’n their eyes out over nothing

    Good move Trillian and thank you

  195. Yo'Sarin Says:

    “Triallin”? Come on. ;) Trillian was better. ;)

  196. Hyperfludd Says:

    I’m a little confused, sorry if this is a question already answered…

    But I already payed for Trillian Pro once before, last year in April. Does that mean I’m forced to pay again for no ads? That would be a real bummer if it’s true…

  197. ichier Says:

    Uhm, well.
    Although i’ll be grandfathered, this annual get-rid-of-ads-fee kinda pisses me off:
    I’m using trillian for decades and there’s simply no other usable (and clear) interface. (although the default v4 skin was crap!..) On Ubuntu messaging is just a pain in the ass. I was waiting for Trillian to be available on linux, since the new engine was built with v4, a Mac client came out. But what? Now it’s 5 and there comes: Ads. WTF?!
    Ads is really not what Trillian is good for! This is not what people spend money for. I didnt paid for a ads-engine! I paid for a good interface! For innovation. For Multiprotocols. And there is still a lot of stuff to do. /** Offtopic to Tech: Skype e.g. asks me a question about silent mode, everytime trillian starts it, and i can’t get rid of it. Or the Containerhack: Nothing beats tabbed containers. I need space, so everything is hidden. I use an old hack, for doubleclicking the trillian tray to open and close my messages-container “Zaphod” while singleclick opens the main trillian. But this doesnt work fluently, not every new messagewindow goes into Zaphod, and i can’t help with it. Stuff linke that – plus: those things worked in the past… End Offtopic **/
    Also there will be a v6 once upon a time and a reason to use it. But as far as there is that anual-ad-crap, i’m afraid, i’ll stick to my grannied v5.

    Look, I was spreading trillian eversince, cause it makes a lot of things easier. All of my friends were happy with it! Because of the unbeaten usability. But now, i can’t suggest it to anyone anymore. We are allergic against Ads! Also, i fear, a lot of people will start bitchin at me (or ask if there might be a virus).

    But i’ve got an IDEA:

    I understand, that storing the history in the cloud is some different cost than coding a piece of program one time. And i see this is a real usefull thing to have.
    - i dont want to store that stuff in the cloud. I’m waiting for that feature to work with webdav/ftp or so on an own server. (If you did that step, trillian would instantly be an option for buisinesses! (therefore one could think of many more features…)) You know, I live in germany, here the privacy of data is a very big concern! We’re paranoid about that – and this is a good thing!
    - why dont sell trillian pro as you did before, providing some bonus features – and have the cloud a separated anual fee? this would be – by far – the best solution. a fair thing that everybody could agree with. I’d pay for a ad-free-version once and be happy with it. You Programmed it once, i payed it once. Deal. And if i want you to constantly store my data in the cloud i’m ok with paying for that on a regular base. Instead of Grannie/Pro/Free you’d have Cloud/Pro/Free. Not more complexicity, but more acceptance. Think about it! (But: this way i still couldn’t suggest trillian to friends – since most rather use a lot crappy single chat proggies, or miranda or pidgin, than see or pay against ads. oh, and btw: some switched to trillian just because icq introduced ads in their client!… you should think about that, too!)

  198. lukaas Says:

    Really glad to hear you’re making your products “free” across all platforms!

  199. atlana Says:

    for all those that are complaining, give it up. 12 USD isnt that much, especially IN A EFFING YEAR!! It was bound to happen that Cerulan Studios is going this way with the “full/pro freebie” – there is a CRAPLOAD lot of free messengers out there, especially in the mobile space. Palringo and eBuddy, just to name a couple. some of them do more than others in features. Cerulan Stiduo’s is just adopting to the market. The “desktop space” is practically dead, Mobile is the future – look at what Motorola Atrix smartphone is capable of – you plug it into a TV/Monitor with HDMI and it turns into a Ubuntu-based desktop PC! Nvidia is producing already QUAD-CORE CPUs/SOCs for smartphones for winter 2012 release which is faster than an Intel duo-core 7500! By 2014 NVIDIA has the KA-EL SOC ready that’s about 30x faster than your average Intel duo-core 7500! Desktop/Laptop computing is going to be extinct for the average user within the next 5 years, your smartphone will do it all then, car-navigation, home-computing, office-computing, console grade of gaming and more, and all that in a thin 4-inch sized slab of high-tech plastic. Mark my words.

  200. Mike Says:

    I’m surprised at the fact that people can’t read. For those of you that have already purchased a Trillian 5 Pro license, you are grandfathered in and will NOT need to pay a yearly subscription for as long as you use Trillian 5.

    What happens to me as a paid Trillian 5 customer? You’ve been automatically grandfathered into the new Trillian Pro. You shouldn’t see any advertisements (ever!) and chat history storage should be unlocked in preferences (for as long as you use Trillian 5). Thanks for your support!

  201. crabman Says:


  202. rahlquist Says:

    @mike what people like myself are concerned with is we paid for a product and suddenly the word expires is showing up. I paid for software not a carton of eggs.

    I understands as a developer myself all Cerulean has to do is increment the version # and charge for an update, break features whatever if they want to charge for a new version. And lets face it they talk the talk but a lot of the time they ignore what the community asks for. I am not alone in having requested certain features considered basic in other clients for 6+ years and they dont respond or if they do its “maybe in 4.0″ well here’s 5 and now I have to worry about at some point being on a license that expires?

    Something stinks.

  203. John Says:

    Yep. Another paying customer voicing his concern.
    This’ll be the death of Trillian.

    And to the people who point out that you won’t see any ads in 5 for as long as you use it.
    You DO know what’ll happen, right? Right?
    In 6 months time they announce Trillian 6 with “more features!” and then the announcements will come that “some” features will be dropped from 5 because of “incompatibilities”. And in a year 4+5 will be dropped from support “thank you for your support!”.
    It’s happened to almost all paid ->> adbased software in history.
    I bet Cerullian is desperate for cash flow and think that adbaser revenue with projected monthy incomes will save them.
    It won’t.

  204. jessenic Says:

    Ubuntu/Linux version would be awesome! I use linux every day and I have windows only in virtualbox. And I love Trillian! But, no linux client. I also have a Windows Phone 7 device that doesn’t have trillian either. Windows phone developer tools with socket support and multitasking are coming this month so you should really check them out. Cerulean, If you release Trillian on WP7 before first nokia WP7 devices arrive, you will be very popular.

  205. Douglas Says:

    Pay for Trillian Desktop, OK.
    Pay for Trillian Android? Not OK.

  206. Hyperfludd Says:


    Oh no, I’ve read. The problem is that I have no idea which license I actually own in the moment, and as far as I know, there is no way to check. I don’t know if I have been grandfathered or not. (The version I updated to says “FREE”, which worries me.)

  207. Shawn Says:

    Does the free Trillian Pro with the Netflix trial cover Trillian 5 if I obtained it before release, or is that only for 4?

  208. Aloof Says:

    Trillian has just lost in the competition with other mobile solutions like WhatsApp. Ads? Really? This is what you come up with? Not having ads or being punished by them was the only great thing about Trillian since a long time, since almost everybody bumped up the features. Most of us even paid for it (iPhone, Android), even though the feature set of your mobile versions is mediocre at best. Companies must be dumb to hope for generating revenue out of this. I will sceptically observe but you lost my sympathy. Paying 10 bucks is not a problem, for what however?

  209. Diego Candido Says:

    I detect a flaw in the list of twitter, to see the post he does not reset the list is a delay of shipments. To solve are coming in and out again. I hope this bug is fixed soon.

  210. Icekiller Says:

    People are weird if you look at the update cycle .. a 25usd license is only valid for 4.x or 5.x or whatever version you have… so if they release a new version once a year.. you’ll have to buy a new license every year.

    Now you have a subscription of 1usd a month.. through i would also recommend a “Adfree” version for a one time fee per branch (5.x) don’t really care for online storage of logs (actually against it)

  211. Andr0med5 Says:

    Seriously guys, why? Ads are one of the worst things in the internet. They consume bandwidth, screen estate and even ‘though you promise they will not be disturbing, they definitely will, because they’re always IN THE WAY! They’re ads, there’s no way around it. I hate to be overcareful where I can click in a program with ads because one second of carelessness can mean I’m getting bombed with pop-ups, browser windows or whatever else. It’s even worse on mobile devices as the screen is too small even without ads and even the newest touchscreens just aren’t as accurate as a mouse. Imagine the amount of chat history you could transfer instead of one ad. Or the cool features you could program while not having to maintain your ad integration. I kept telling friends about the great freeware Trillian (so they could buy Pro when they got to like it), but because I now have to call it adware I’m definitely not wasting any second for this …

    And then the subscription model. Call me old school, but if I pay for software, I want to own it. Even more if pay for only one (cool!) feature and ad removal. I want to use it forever as long as I don’t need any new / more features. I have enough to worry about even without checking my subscription on every bit of software I use. I gladly pay $25 for Trillian v5 and when v6 comes out, I can check for myself whether I need the new features or I just stay with v5. With your upgrade price of $10 you could do so annually and I wouldn’t complain. Why do you take that little bit of freedom away from me?

    A lot of people here is talking about the costs of running your history servers. Alright, give your users the opportunity to up- and download logs from all clients to their private webspace and you’ll have no running costs for these servers at all. And if somebody doesn’t have a webspace, he could rent your space, e.g. for $12 / y :)

    Well, these are just my thoughts. I’m staying with v4 and already looking for log converters to other IM clients. This is a sad day for me as Trillian has been my favorite IM client for years. I’ll be checking this blog from time to time and hope you change your mind. Think about “ichier”‘s post. it sounds to me like the perfect way out. Greetings from Germany …

  212. Zurial Says:

    Yea this new way of providing trillian is just annoying , I was fine with free version and capped in features but now its just annoying with all the ads and I might consider going over to pidgin.

  213. Brent Says:

    Advertisements? I don’t think so. Once my license results in an advertisement-laden interface, I will cease using Trillian and will either find a different IM client or I’ll just use the individual providers’ IM clients. I’ve been paying for your software to support you for many years. This money-grab is not something that I will support going forward. I will no longer recommend this client to anyone and will, instead, advise friends and family to use other products.

    Shame on you Trillian developers. I am thoroughly disgusted with this choice that you’ve made. Truly pathetic.

  214. dissapointed Says:

    was a trilly long time user .. and then i bought trilly 4 pro just to support programers…
    i dont wanna pay for subscription couse its realy stupid… lets make a windows subscribtion office subscription etc..
    so i have 2 options
    1) stay with trilly 4 or
    2) use trilly 5 free…(with add blocker)))

    thinks i am stupid that i bought trilly 4 couse no real upgrade to trilly 5 allowed=((
    ye ye just waste of money……

  215. Coyttl Says:

    Well, my $.02.. I paid for 3.xx, been using Trillian for long before that, too. When 4.0 came out, I never purchased pro. All the ‘Pro’ features was stuff I didn’t need. (Themes? Who cares. I send an IM message, and close the window. I couldn’t care less what the window looked like. And I sure as hell don’t want me conversations stored on anyone ELSE’S computers. Not that I’m doing anything illegal – at the least I don’t want words scanned and cold in aggregate to ad vendors.)

    I HAD jumped to Pidgin at the beginning of this year, but switched back to the free Trillian, because of Pidgin’s limitations. Now, I guess I’m on a quest for another. I’m not angry or peeved, this is just how things have progressed, and Trillian dosen’t fill my needs anymore. (Tweet? What’s that? And I don’t need these tweet things to appear in my contact list,) The next ‘great chat aggregator’ that’s free now will soon become popular much like Trillian here, and will follow the same path. And so on.

    Cerulean – I hope this works out for you. And I hope people that continue to use Trillian find it meets their needs. :)

  216. DJApoc Says:

    I have to agree with some of the other comments here… I’ve always used Trillian as long as I can remember. I stuck with free versions until 4 was released, and I thought it was so good, I had to have pro. One of the things that lured me in was the promise of a free upgrade to the next major version. I paid full price $25 for it, and a week later it went on sale to $10. I figured, no big deal, at least I get the next version free. Is that being pulled out from under me now? If so, shame on you, I won’t be buying again. Broken promises don’t make repeat customers. I can use a lot of other multi-protocol clients for free and NOT deal with ads. I guess it’s back to Pidgin for me…

  217. Matthew Says:

    I think many of the people commenting here have a fundamental reading disability. So many people complaining about stuff for no reason.

    1) if you are already a paying PRO member, then you have been grandfathered in so that you will NEVER have to pay the yearly fee. This is part of their give to you for supporting them for so long.

    2) Existing paid for Trillian 4 instances will continue to work WITHOUT ADS. Why are people complaining about this?

    3) CS will make more in ad-revenue from the potential millions of users using their free app on top of the users continueing to pay for PRO status than they would with the thousands of users paying for pro on the old model. It’s simple business.

    All in all, if you’re a PRO subscriber prior to this new model, nothing is changing for you. Stop whining.

  218. KING of THE BONGO Says:


    i dont like the chat synchornization on v 5 and I dont like it at all, but I like the v 4.2, its great, will it be functioning or u will stop it ina few months or so??? I dont want to upgrade to v5, can i still fully exist with 4.2??? thanx for your answer , you are great!!!

  219. Nicole Says:

    I just tried to download the new version on my BlackBerry – the link took me to AppWorld and wants me to pay $4.99
    Why announce something when you can’t fully commit?
    I even cleared my cache in App World thinking it was showing old information.
    C’mon get it together. After being a Beta tester then seeing that I could no longer update without paying then seeing that I wouldn’t have to pay yet it still wants to charge me :(

  220. Brent Says:

    Ok – I have to admit a huge “my mistake” here and point out that I missed this critical item in the above announcement:
    “How will the new Trillian Pro service work? Pro service can be purchased yearly. We’re setting the price at $12 per year, or basically a dollar per month. As long as your account is a valid Pro account, you won’t see advertising on any platform and can store your chats online. However, if you’ve already purchased Trillian 5, you’ve been grandfathered into Pro! See the question below for the details.”

    I somehow skimmed right over that and officially retract my previous statement with a HUGE apology to the Trillian team for my knee-jerk reaction.

  221. Mike Says:

    @Hyperfludd If you had already purchased a version 5 license, then you are grandfathered in. They were selling version 5 licenses during the BETA process. You can sign into your account on the trillian web site and see if your active licenses. On the main trillian page go to the bottom, under Help click Account, then click on licensing.

  222. Mike Says:

    @Hyperfludd you may have a version 4 license, with would not be valid for version 5.

  223. JasonInVegas Says:

    Since Cerulean isn’t responding to these blog comments, why not close this conversation so we don’t have to read any more rants or complaints or applause for your decision.

    It’s yours to make, to blog about about, and to hold us users to….Handcuffed as we are, there’s no reason to make us listen to other users’ droning.

    Please close this conversation.

  224. Ticara Says:

    At first, I didn’t really mind this. But the fact that I paid for Trillian for Android when it was first released and now I don’t even get the feature that I wanted the most unless I pay again? That’s very very shady and I’m disappointed in this company.

  225. Mike Says:

    I really don’t understand the people who are complaining. $1/month is nothing especially considering in the past model you’d need to purchases a new pro-license for a new version anyway. Most people spend far more than $1/month on unnecessary items. Not to mention completely disregarding that most of the pro features are now free. I’d say that’s a fair compromise for having to deal with some ads in a FREE version of software. As someone mentioned earlier, Trillian is just adopting to the current trend.

    This thread really is a good reflection on our society today of a bunch of whining babies who just like to complain.

    To the Trillian team, thank you for the best IM/Social Network tool on the market, and I will continue to support you.

  226. Warren Says:

    Those of you asking for a Linux build – I run Trillian 5 in WINE almost perfectly (though it crashes on some pref screens – but can modify the XML easily enough).

    But yes, I would very much like to see an actual Linux build some day.

  227. Jeff Says:

    I know it’ll mean another designer iteration, but I’d love to see Trillian for the iPad.

  228. malifiss Says:

    It amazes me how people with such poor reading comprehension are complaining about a text-based client.

  229. Shaun Says:

    Please please clarify the situation clearer for those previous paid and for heavens sake at least say in the sentence existing Pro v5 customers will NEVER have to pay for the yearly to prevent confusion.
    “So I bought Trillian v5 will I ever have to buy this subscription:”
    “No you get a perpetual license for all the subscription features”

  230. wr@ithsl@yer Says:

    Interesting change. $1/mo ($12/year) doesn’t seem bad to pay to remove advertisements from an otherwise awesome program.

  231. horst Says:

    trillian still crashes after changing facebok password. still cant use trillian.

  232. VE6AY Says:

    Okay, honestly. You people need to grow up and quit complaining, then READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE POSTING A NEW ONE. I have seen the same comment roughly 30-50 times in this mess, and another comment repeated probably another 40-60 times.

    They said they are still working to get the Mobile apps set up. From the article above:
    “The free versions of our mobile products are not live yet but we are working on finishing them up right now. We’ve put a brief Q&A together below with additional details – happy chatting, and thanks for using Trillian!”
    So you see, they are trying to make it work, but it isn’t there yet. Give it a little bit – maybe a day or three – for the systems to work and update themselves, and you’ll be golden.

    They are working on stuff, and have lives. You have to remember that this is a fairly small team of developers that do this, and they DO have stuff to do aside from monitor the threads 24/7, such as sleep, eat, shower, spend time with their significant others, _WORK ON TRILLIAN_. Would make sense, wouldn’t it ? Which was your question again ? The one that’s been answered fifty times ?

    If you bought Pro during the Beta of Trillian 5 (so, before yesterday), you WILL NOT, EVER, see an ad in the Trillian 5 interface.

    Come on, people. Twelve dollars a year is nothing. And with the strength of the US dollar as it is, people like me in Canada are paying about 11.50-11.75 a year. That’s a dollar a month, not even. Think about it. Take your XL Timmy’s Triple-Triple, drop it down to a Regular size for a couple days (or a Large for a few more days), and you have your subscription fee. Or, if you’re a smoker, drop down to a less-premium brand for one pack. (I know, sacrilege to talk to Smokers about changing their habits, but still, it’ll cover you for two or three months if you do it right).
    But seriously, are you THAT scrapped for cash ? I drop so much money in my gas tanks that I don’t rightly care for one more dollar – that’s about 0.82 L (at the current price where I live). NOT THAT BIG OF A DIFFERENCE.

    I have been Pro since Astra Beta, and a user since 0.62. This, while it seems mean, was meant to appease all of you people who b****ed, whined, moaned and complained that “We paid for Pro on the Desktop, now we gotta pay for the Android / iOS / BB version too ??”

    Grow up, people.

  233. Korp Says:

    To sum up the complaints:
    1) I bought something and received value from it, but now other people are getting similar value for free. I want my money back.

    Too bad, that’s the way the world works. Do you demand your money back if you go to see a movie in the theater, then it comes out on DVD, then it’s on HBO, then it’s on TV?

    2) I skipped the entire explanation above and I’m mad that even though I paid for this or that, they’re being loaded up with ads.

    Go back and read the explanation.

    3) I can’t do math, and I somehow think paying $12/year for pro access across ALL the desktop and ALL the mobile clients is a bad deal, compared to $25 for a desktop version and $5 for a mobile version.

    Go back and do math.

  234. smw Says:

    @JasonInVegas: We’ve responded many times here and are continuing to read every comment. To re-iterate for the new folks:

    1) We are honoring all old licenses.

    2) If you’ve already paid for Trillian 5 you’ll continue to be able to use it ad-free and without any features removed.

    We’re excited about the future of Trillian and will continue to listen to everyone here to ensure we’re offering great and reasonably-priced software. We think an occasional small payment to remove ads and unlock service-based features is a great way to drive revenue without destroying the core value of the software for the folks who are unable or unwilling to pay!

  235. Mike Says:

    @VE6AY – THANK YOU! Well said!

  236. Pete Says:

    Was happy with the ‘crippled’ version of 5, didn’t really need the ‘pro’ features. I’ve got a whole bunch of ad domains blocked at my router so no ads yet, if that feature is even active yet. But alas, as soon as I see an ad, I’m off.

  237. AWal Says:

    A lot of butthurt in here.

    So, if I’m reading this correctly, I’m grandfathered in free until version six even though I purchased a reduced-price license (the aniversary special, with trillian five upgrade option)…And I now have the option to use that account for ad-free usage on the available mobile platforms (iOS / Droid)…I can dig it.

    Honestly, I just wish trillian would get on Linux platforms so I can stop using empathy there and Windows Phone so that I have a better option (although the latter iirc is still a lack of sockets).

  238. TauSigma Says:

    Good software is worth a buck a month.

  239. diego Says:

    Android still not free when can we expect that?

  240. Sandy Says:

    As a business student, one thing has been drilled in repeatedly in every course I’ve taken.

    Do not punish your customers. Ever. Customers should always look forward to a transaction with you as a positive, not resentfully approach transactions to avoid a negative.

    There is plenty of success to be found in the ad-supported model in some areas, but I already get spammed enough by bots as it is, I don’t want “official” spam as well. And before anyone mentions the options to only receive messages from contacts, these spambots now attempt to add you to their contacts before spamming you.

    Forcing a subscription, even a cheap one, to earn a reprieve from having ads forcibly intrude on your private conversations is punishing you. You’re no longer paying for additional benefits and features, you’re merely paying to avoid punishment.

    I don’t do business with such companies. Pidgin doesn’t insert spam in my IM windows.

  241. Avto Says:


  242. Larry Says:

    Any chance upgrading to 5.0 is going to fix skyp integration? it instead of the constant silent mode warnings and skype not actually being silent?

  243. Dan Says:

    So how many people here bitching about ads use webmail?
    Those are private conversations too… and omg it’s an ad.

    People have 4 options.
    1. Get over it.
    2. Adblock
    3. Pay
    4. Go complain somewhere else.

    These guys put there heart into it. And personally, as someone who’s living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford a 25 dollar license (x2, one for my wife), I appreciate being able to support them while still have a completely free Trillian Pro.

  244. Nick Says:

    Larry, that is a Skype bug, not a Trillian bug. Skype changed it on purpose to force you to click it every time (even though they left the checkbox because they are stupid) … they want you using their software, not a 3rd party program.

  245. JP Says:

    Hey Trillian, I don’t really like this move but am appreciative that I am at least grandfathered in. The one major gripe I have is with the iOS app. Having payed for something that I think should have been free to begin with since they are no customizations no nothing, essentially the same thing as every free iOS chat client…but now that it is going to be free i feel you should credit people $5 since the once who paid are now going to be subject to ads…a $5 iTunes Gift Card will do.

  246. Rahul Says:


    Trillian Pro customer here – thanks for the lifetime pro account! :) Much appreciated.

    On another note, any hopes ever of getting a trillian version for Symbian^3. I love my N8, would love to see trillian on there as well.

  247. FledermausNet » Trillian – Multimessaging überall (Englisch). Says:

    [...] Hier gehts zur offiziellen Homepage: Link zum Blog für die Veröffentlichung der Version 5: Trillian 5: Chat everyywhere. For free. [...]

  248. Says:

    If the ads for the free version will be like the Wikipedia link blurbs, I guess that would be cool. But the subscription to make Pro Trillian not-that-much better than free Trillian is very disappointing. I’m sure there are other ways to successfully monetize Trillian, like paid plugins/add-ons (discounted for Pro users). Free users should be limited in some areas of Trillian. Pro Trillian definitely shouldn’t have the Promote Trillian button as a main button. Maybe the free version of Trillian should take note of QQ, which would be a great addition to the supported IM networks.

  249. alawatsakima Says:

    Wow, I was surprised by all the Linux supporters in this post! I have been posting requesting this for literally years, and outside of myself or maybe 1 or 2 others, there was never much outcry. It is fantastic to know that there are more of us out there!

    I understand that it runs in WINE, but it doesn’t integrate the same as a native client would. I understand that I can run a virtual machine (I DO, using QEMU and KVM), but it’s a real system drain when all I want is a decent IM client. I won’t use Pidgin, because I’m tired of recreating my profile every time I reformat my harddrive. I prefer Kopete over pidgin, but it’s not the same beast and I don’t want to run both. Really, I just want Trillian on linux, and I will then go home happy.

    As for the $12 a year for cloud services? I think it’s fair. Do I care about ads? Not so much… As long as they are no more intrusive than they were in the past… I hardly even noticed them. I support CS in every way; As I have stated many times, I have bought Pro for every version since 3.0… 3.1, 4.0, iPhone, Android, I don’t even use them all (I haven’t had an iPhone in years, and I hardly ever IM on my android phone), but I paid, because I support the cause. Thank you for everything you do… Now give me a product that I can actually use! After all, Octopus runs on linux, so how hard would a port really be?

  250. Gareth Says:

    I’ve had something really weird happen since this upgrade….

    I upgraded to Pro last night (in the UK, so before this announcement) and was charged $15. According to this blog post I should be ‘grandfathered’ to a lifetime Pro 5 subscription.

    However my account (and Trillian itself) is saying that my subscription runs out in 29 days.

    Hoping support can fix this for me as otherwise I feel a bit ripped off paying $15 for a licence and then only getting a month out of it, when people paying $12 would be getting a full year….

  251. MarkusFox Says:

    What about this.. I am a Trillian 4.x (Astra) user with a Pro license.. I joined the 5.0 beta early on.. What does this mean for me? Will I be seeing irritating advertisements if I download this new update?

  252. ZZCOOL Says:


    i payed for this and i expect it to be a one time payment and not a subscription payment if that is the case then i want a refund

  253. Trillian 5 Brings Cross-Platform Chat Log For Free To All Devices | Lifehacker Australia Says:

    [...] Trillian 5: Chat everywhere. For free. [Cerulean Studios' Blog] Tagged:chatimmobile appstrillianwebapps [...]

  254. Dave Says:

    I’m happy to hear this, hopefully this can bring you guys a little more income to keep you going.

    I do have a question though, any idea when the “hide window” button will be fixed in 5? Currently Windows 7 x64 with the option to show the hide window button turned on and aero turned on, the button does not show up. It’s been a bug reported multiple times on the forums I believe. The IRC windows take up a lot of room on the Trillian thumbnail even when they’re grouped by server. Being able to either hide some of them or drop them into a category on the buddy list window would be really helpful.

    Thanks for the hard work fellas.

  255. Conflipper Says:

    So after I pay $5 for the iOS application, so I can use the client and everything.

    I pay $25 for the Pro feature on the Trillian 5.

    I am being told that I only get pro features on the Desktop. And nothing for the iOS will be synced? How does that seem right. Joe Bob from down the street, can go buy it today, and get a better deal then me. How does this work out?

  256. coffee-turtle Says:

    SWEET! Awesome work over the years, CS! Keep it Strong!

    Now that things are solidified. Can we get our Widgets back, please? I miss my weather dude and his changes of clothes with the temperature! Please?

  257. armith Says:

    After digesting all this news, the change to subscription based licensing I wish would have been a little more public and not just a “Suprise Trillian 5 is here and oh yeah we changed up the license!” I understand the why and how. And as a long standing paying customer I will appreciate this new model but with certain expectations.

    1. My hopes are that a new era of skinning and plugins will take off for the Windows client.. I’m assuming Free version will allow for skinning and plugins. Just with ads now.. I’m compelled to contribute to a new generation of plugins if I know that these addons will reach a broader userbase.
    2. There will be a consistant lifecycle process.. If people are paying annual fees, waiting 2+ years for the next release (3.x to 4) simply won’t fly. I’m confident that won’t be a problem as CS has done a great job with a regular update/hotfix schedule for 4.x and the 5 pre-releases.
    3.This new money stream becomes an incentive to get Trillian across as many platforms as possible.. No more heated debates as to whether a X platform is getting a version.. If it’s a platform being used by any signicant amount of world populus, there is resources now to push R&D.. If 100 million people still used a Commodore 64, then that’s the potential for 100 million people paying $12/yr and more market exposure CS. More realistically, I don’t see any reason WinPhone 7, Linux, iPad to NOT be on the dev cycle in the company 12-18 months.

    CS, you all have done a great job and have really taken online communication to the next level.. I think some of the complaining will stop once this model take effect and we all start really seeing Trillian evolve.

    PS.. Where’s the dark themes that were promised :)

  258. Shawn Says:

    I just upgraded to v5 and paid for the new subscription model. I’ve restarted it 5 times and am trying to “patiently” wait for the pro features to be enabled, but frankly I can’t tell if it’s enabled or not. Going to Help, About shows it is the “free” version, with a link to “upgrade to pro”. I’m not seeing ads – but they might be blocked by OpenDNS anyway. What do I need to do?

  259. psavas Says:

    @smw and the rest of the Cerullean crew:

    Folks, I’ve been a Trillian user for well over a decade. I started with the free version of the client, way back then, and began paying for the “Pro” versions when you started that model. I haven’t even tried version 5.x because it was a “beta,” and I didn’t want to deal with buggy software the way I did when I used the 4.0 beta and submitted bugs that seemingly never got fixed (multiple copies of the same contact on the contact list which STILL persists to this day in 4.0 Pro).
    For me, this is not about the money as $12/year is not really all that much to shell out; it is, rather, a matter of PRINCIPLE, and apparently a very calculated one at that. Allow me to explain what I mean:

    1. As a Pro user, there should be enough respect for me as a customer, to give me a heads-up on the subscription model, and have an opportunity to get the new version of the client prior to its official release. That was not done. Neither by having a pop-up notification in Pro 4.0 (which the client used to do, when minor updates were made), or via email (and you have my email address, which has not changed for years). I suspect many other Pro users can say they were not given an upgrade notification either.

    2. The biggest reason I started using Trillian in the first place was because all my IM accounts were aggregated into one client; therefore, fewer programs to run, fewer processes to tax the CPU, and less memory used. The second biggest reason I started using Trillian was to get away from AOL’s, MSN’s and Yahoo’s ads in their proprietary clients. I just don’t want to look at advertising when I’m using software — whether it’s intrusive or not. Say it with me in your best Mr. Garrison impersonation: “M’kay, ads are bad.”

    3. When I wanted to use the Windows client, I paid for it. When I wanted to use the iPhone client, I paid for it. When I wanted to use the Mac client, I was prepared to pay for it (once it came out of beta). In other words, I got to choose what I was paying for, and in return, I got a good feeling about supporting a bunch of rebels (remember the early client wars with AOL, when they would shut you out, and then you’d find a way around them, and then they’s shut you out again, and you’d find another way around ‘em, etc., until they finally gave in and stopped trying blocking the Trillian client from their servers?) who knew that information should be free, and the user should have the right of determining how they want that access?

    Well, guess what guys? You sold out. The subscription model is nothing more than a great big “f.y.” to all of us who’ve been supporting your efforts with our money for so long, and the way this change was both announced and sprung on your user-base was calculated and engineered specifically to screw as many of your existing customers as possible. It subscription model and the way you announced it als sends out the message that you’re more interested in your bottom line and making big bucks than you are in your user base — the people who GOT you this far — and it shows in the comments on this thread; I haven’t exactly done a count, but anecdotally as I read every comment, it seemed you were going to lose more customers than you will gain by making this move.

    Look, I understand development is expensive. I’ve been programming myself since 1991, and have lost more jobs to overseas outsourcing (because it’s “cheaper”) than I’d care to relate. But why implement a system that is going to alienate a majority of your core user base; the very people who’ve been supporting you and your efforts for over a decade? Is the money really that much more important that you’re willing to risk taking a chance on enough subscribers to cover the loss of customers?

    You say the $12/year for full access to the Pro features on every platform is a bargain. Well, maybe it is. Then again, given the historic development cycle between major releases, and the license costs of previous clients, you stand to make a helluva lot more money per user on $12/year when it takes five years to go from 4.x to 5.x, than a $25 or even $35 license on a major version. Add to it the fact now you’re even behaving like all the “big boys” (i.e. ‘do it our way, because we say so’). Where did the rebels go? Where did the choices go? You’ve left us all no choices at all except “pay us or see ads;” or “pay us, or use someone else’s product.”

    Now, like any good editorialist will do (and make no mistake, this is essentially an editorial), it’s time to proffer a solution that I think will be a win-win for CS and your user base. It’s a really simple one too: give us options, let each user decide what works best for them:

    1. Continue with the version-license scheme for those of us who prefer that method. And if a user chooses the version-license scheme, don’t include the cloud-based storage for them. (I for one, don’t want my chat logs on any computer other than my own; its a matter of privacy for me. After all, if Sony’s Playstation Network can get hacked to the extent they did, do you really think the cloud is a safe place?).

    2. Users who want cloud-based storage can be offered the subscription model (which has been mentioned as necessary to pay for the servers).

    3. If a version-license user really wants cloud-based storage, charge them a reduced annual fee (perhaps 50% of the subscription fee, or $6.00/year).

    4. If people really don’t want to pay the subscription, then let them used the client with all the ads you want to throw at them.

    I don’t mind paying for new X. versions of the client, even on a per-platform basis. I think there are many here who would agree with me, based on the comments I’ve read. But a “subscription” model is truly offensive.

    Now, I don’t expect anyone from CS to respond to this; that’s the way things are in business these days — companies never listen; they just go on their merry way doing what they think is right, and fleecing a vast majority of the public because true customer service is too expensive (both monetarily and in effort) to bother with it.

    But I will do what I always do when I find situations like this: vote with my wallet, and with my voice. I walked away from a 20+ year relationship with State Farm Insurance because they wouldn’t replace a part on my 6-week old car that would’ve cost them $150 more, so I certainly have no compunctions about finding a new chat aggregator.

    I will not pay for a “subscription model.” I will no longer recommend Trillian to friends and acquaintances as I have done for the last decade.

    Unless something changes, I will be going “offline” for the last time.

    The ball is in your court, now, as it has always been.


  260. Mark Says:

    The moment I see ads I am done with Trillian.

  261. VE6AY Says:

    @Shawn, @Gareth
    When I bought my PRO (many moons ago, mind you), it took me a day or two for the license to be recognized. Just have a little patience and you’ll be fine. If by the end of the weekend things aren’t progressing properly, give a shout to support in the forums, and it’ll get fixed.

    Have you tried the web interface on the phone ? I’m not sure how it’d work for you (since I believe it’s Flash based), but it might be something to try.

    The original post (OP) said they were still working on getting that working, but it might take a few days. I know, because a friend of mine really wants Trillian for her new Xperia Arc (after she saw mine, she was definitely wanting it, even ad supported).

    @Everyone else,
    Again, I said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is one of those things everyone’s been griping for since they released the multiple platforms. “If I buy Pro, why do I have to buy the app for (iOS / Android / BlackBerry / Mac) ?” They did it to appease you complainers, and now you’re still complaining ? Seriously, you all need to grow up. If you’re too cheap to pay a buck a month for something that you’ve BEEN WANTING FOR FOREVER, then it’s been nice knowing you, there’s the little X in the top right corner, don’t let the browser hit you on your way outta here. And don’t come back.

    Yeesh, people.

    12 bucks a year isn’t the end of the world. Seriously. Add it up – it’s two large Starbucks coffees a year you don’t get, because you’re supporting the best company in the IM industry. One pack of (fairly premium brand) smokes here in Canada, three in the USA. Could be a couple drinks at the bar one week (two in Calgary near where I am, a few more in other places of the world). Again, what’s the difference. You get Pro across EVERYTHING. EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Mac. Android. iOS. CrackBerry. Windows. EVERYWHERE. So why are you all complaining ? Hell, if I wasn’t already grandfathered, I’d be signing up right here and now, just to get my support showing for Cerulean Studios. They’re still better’n any other IM app out there, in my books.

  262. David Says:

    Ok, I think I understand that most people don’t like change.. we’ve had Trillian for years while our friends have been stuck with the likes of MSN and.. umm well, whatever else there was… i guess yahoo had a chat engine that wasn’t too bad, but no one covered all bases as well as Trillian has done (and they continue to improve on that).

    And I know t looks (to some) like we are getting screwed. First.. I don’t work for Cerulean, and I don’t know anyone that does, I don’t even post that often. But what i read is that if i already have a PRO 5 license (of course I do.. i never needed anyone to twist my arm to go PRO.. i’ve had it for years, not because there was any real incentive to, but because i wanted to support the company that developed such a great product.

    Now, listen for a minute those of you who are afraid you are losing anything. I still have a copy of 3.1 running on an old Windows 95 machine (yeah, i know.. stop snickering!) and it works great!

    So how long will I be using my Pro-f5 Trillian? Well, as long as this computer is alive and well at least.. and I take good care of my computers (i got my first one in 1976). I built a couple of my own computers (for clarification, when i say built, i don’t mean i ordered a case and a bunch of pc boards and plugged them in. I wired-wrapped discreet components together on a perf-board (yikes… i can’t believe we actually did that back then).

    Bottom line is Trillian already supports more ways to chat than i have time to chat! And i expect to get many years of good service from Pro 5. But then, I expected to get years of good service from 4.. i only upgraded to support the product and its developers, because THERE ISN’T ANOTHER PRODUCT THAT IS EVEN CLOSE! So I don’t know where any of you are going to go to replace Trillian.

    Some years from now when I wear out (probably before my computer does) I may have to upgrade to the subscription model for a version 6 or version 7.. but I doubt it I will need to do. If i do, it will only be because I want some new feature that i am willing to pay for or simply because i wish to continue to support the developers of the best IM product that ever was, is and shall ever be….

    Meanwhile.. please don’t worry… be happy and enjoy this wonderful world.

  263. David Says:

    Trillian devs, I hope you have heard everyone’s “real” complaint regarding storing chats in the cloud. Its all about SECURITY & PRIVACY. Take a look at how the Mozilla team handled Firefox Sync. They let you back up your passwords and bookmarks and they made it pretty darn secure. Lock up peoples equally valuable chats that way and the objections will die down. The way Mozilla did it, even they couldn’t hack into your shared space.

  264. justme Says:

    You gotta be kidding me! You are complaining about 5$??!?!? Get a friggen LIFE!

  265. Markus Says:

    I congratulate CS for the new release and for the new business / marketing solutions. For those of you complaining : for 1$/month you get all the Pro goodies that before you had to pay a 25$ fee plus new version release fee. And existing customers who already bought the full license will automatically be entitled to use the new trillian as pro users !

  266. Shawn Says:

    Thanks, @VE6AY. I’m trying to be patient. :)

    My issue with the new licensing isn’t a matter of the price. It’s not because it’s a new subscription model. Again. If you’ve been using Trillian for a while, you’ve been thru this now like 4 times over the years as we upgrade to each new major version. One version will be a subscription model, the next will be a major-version model, and then the next will be subscription again. Seriously guys, PICK ONE and stick with it!

  267. Paying Customer Says:

    Guess Version 6 will come out in the next couple of months then to kill off the version 5 payments we made in good faith and you are now changing the contract on…

  268. John McDonald Says:

    quick question: since i bought pro desktop and pro for my android phone, can i get a refund for android, or should i not worry about it?

    also, when will we see widgets return? how about a few of the bugs fixed (i can think of a couple dozen)?

  269. KING of THE BONGO Says:

    i see very much stupid people, they arent reading and asking the same stupid question again and again, this is mess, I think they are american, so dont wonder at it !!!!

    Please how is it with 4.2 version? will it still be functioning over time, or u plan to stop support it? i dont want v5, 4.2 is great !!!

  270. Mountaindew Says:

    Not free on android market.

  271. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    From the blog post: “…The free versions of our mobile products are not live yet but we are working on finishing them up right now. We’ve put a brief Q&A together below with additional details – happy chatting, and thanks for using Trillian!”

    From the blog post: “What happens to me as a paid mobile customer? You will continue to receive free software updates and will not see any advertisements, but synchronized chat history will only be available if you upgrade your account to Pro status. Thanks for your support!”
    This model means that the $5 you paid already is a lifetime license for ad free Mobile Client, instead of paying $12 a year for the ad free. If the $5 means that much to you I think you can contact CS support and see if it is possible to downgrade to the Ad supported version if that is what you want.

    Please read the whole blog before complaining…

  272. Eyvind Says:

    Will the Trillian 5 people who have paid for it get the same use in the mobile versions as they do in the PC version? (Ie. no ads and chat storage)

  273. Plaguefox Says:

    I’ve been a full Pro customer of Trillian since some early version 3, but I was waiting for 5.0 to be officially released before upgrading my Astra / 4.0 license.

    If I would have upgraded my license to 5.0 yesterday, I would have been grandfathered in and my 5.0 license would prevent me from seeing advertisements in 5.X software permanently.

    If I buy a 5.0 license today, it will remove advertisements from Trillian for only one year, after which ads will be forced back upon me and I will have to buy a 5.0 license again in order to remove them.

    I’m just trying to understand. Is that the situation I’m in now? I don’t care about cloud storage, but ads in a program that I’ve paid for (and supported throughout the years, but I realize that’s anecdotal) rubs me very, very much the wrong way.

    I am ready to purchase 5.0 now that it’s officially released but I absolutely will not if it will only block advertising for one year.

  274. Glenn Says:

    It is showing it costs 4.99 on the Android market. I don’t see a free version. Why make an announcement and not follow through for days? That’s just unprofessional.

  275. Ciricillo Says:

    Very Cool. Thanks!

  276. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    According to an above comment by a dev:
    “smw Says:
    MAY 9TH, 2011 AT 5:07 PM
    To sum up some of the concerns we’ve seen in the blog:
    If you paid for Trillian 5, you can continue to use it forever. You won’t see ads and you will be able to utilize activity history. We will continue to honor all old licenses and are greatly appreciative of everyone’s support! We had a few glitches on the server-side during launch day that may have downgraded a few accounts temporarily but these glitches should now be resolved. Please send us an email if you’re still having trouble with this issue in particular and we’ll check it out right away.
    The grandfathered folks are actually getting an ad-free experience on Windows, Mac, and our mobile clients, which we think is a great deal and our way of thanking those of you that have always supported us!”

    If you have not purchased a version for your mobile device, you may want to hold off on getting it until CS announces that the updated ‘Free’ version is available in your App store. When you download it, your ‘Grandfathered’ Astra account should tell it to keep the Ads away :)

  277. Thomas Says:

    As paying Pro customer since 3.x I must say that like others, I’m… confused.

    Like psavas, I never cared about the 5.x beta so far because, well, it was a beta, and today is the first time I heard about it being released. And now, as a year-long customer, I can’t even upgrade to a regular new license?

    Like others, I don’t like software subscriptions. I would rather pay 30-40$ for a lifetime license (if this lifetime is worth something of course), and I don’t understand why you do not offer this option. From a business perspective, I also can’t see why you wouldn’t… giving people the option to pay more money now instead of hoping that they might possibly do so in the future hardly seems like a disadvantage.

    So my plea is the following: Offer a lifetime license, even if it was quite pricey, at least as an upgrade for existing customers. If this kind of “thank you past customers” only applies to beta purchasers of 5.x, the statement seems rather shallow to me… maybe even a little slap in the face to people who liked to give you money for older versions.

    If you won’t do this, I don’t think I’m going to pay in the next future, your new strategy for customer loyalty just doesn’t seem to work with me.

  278. OhNo Says:

    Ok, looks like I am leaving Trillian when 4.x Pro support ends. Other fathers have beautifull daughters too.

  279. Trillianista Says:

    Grandfathered? I suddenly feel very old :(

    I think 1$ a month is affordable, and if there will be a Trillian 6 some time in the future I will happily subscribe. :)

  280. Shawn Says:

    Just a note on the v5 pro activation process. When they say “close trillian on your iphone” they don’t mean “close the app” or even “shut off the iphone” but “use the signout button in the trillian app” to make sure that it’s disconnected. This worked to activate my v5 Pro license (finally!).

    I, too, have been using Trillian for almost ten years now. The licensing issues have always pissed me off, but the bottom line has always been that it’s the best chat system out there. Period. I’m not happy about a subscription model – I’d be willing to pay $100 or more for a lifetime/unlimited “every version” pro license. I’ve personally paid for Trillian licenses for several of my staff, family members and friends (between 5 and 20 accounts per year since ’06) – in order to get them the best chat system out there. That’s easier when I can plan for the payments or do it as a major version license – but a subscription model just eliminated that. I don’t see how I can afford to renew every single license for every one of these family members & staff every year. $12/year for a single license is one thing, but I’m looking at probably around 60 licenses. $700/year for a chat program? Sorry, I don’t think so. I’ll still be licensing it for myself, my wife and son – but that’s where it ends. Sorry.

    One last rant. Your ads suck. You’re seriously promoting Trillian products across the board to my signed in account. Products that I already OWN and have already PAID for! For example, I already have Trillian for my iPhone (and my wifes iPhone and my son’s iPhone – it was the FIRST app I bought for my iPhone), but your ads are pushing me to buy it again? Dude. Seriously? Don’t you have some sort of sync system so you can avoid this kind of nonsense? For example, if I’m currently logged into a paid version of the Trillian for iPhone app – don’t try to get me to buy it. Just a thought.

  281. Shawn Says:

    @Bongo – your 4.x license will last forever. It won’t simply die at any given point, though at some point if the protocols change for certain connection types, those connections may no longer work (for example, if Yahoo decides to change authentication schemes again). To my knowledge CS hasn’t published a life cycle chart illustrating how long older versions will be supported, but it’s typically at least a year after the next major version. As one person in this thread said, he’s still successfully using 3.1 without issues.

    @smw – My Trillian 5 install is finally presenting itself as fully licensed…but I just got an ad pop up telling me to buy the full pro subscription. Not cool.

  282. Luke F Says:

    After paying for multiple versions, harkening back to v1.3, I am very saddened to see the subscription model change, and the pro features I paid for now being given for free to new users. In all the changes you described, you mentioned Pro users will be grandfathered in… but that doesn’t explicitly say how LONG that grandfathered subscription will last. In the past 1.5 years I’ve given CS over $90 USD, so how long will mine last?
    Have you considered using micropayments instead of subscriptions to activate a given feature? I don’t use ANY of the pro features, but I bought the software anyway because I felt (at the time) that it was well deserved. Now my generosity has come back to kick me in the butt, and I really don’t like that.

    You may want to address your current customers via email, directly, and post haste. The only reason I even knew it had changed was the 5.0.32 update changelog link sent me here. I can’t imagine what your support line queue is sitting at right now.

  283. RobertP Says:

    I’ll have to see how the whole “Ad” gets implemented, but I’m a v5 Pro user so I’ll worry about it in v6. I’m so happy that I don’t have to pay for a version on my BB; that anoyed me more then ‘ads’ ever could.

  284. Tsukiyomaru0 Says:

    I’m very unpleased! Advertisement everywhere?! FFS, keep it as a BANNER in the Contact List and as a button in the tools in the chat window, but STOP FORCING onto us, damnit!

  285. kruelaid Says:

    New Release. Awesome! Still no news on QQ though…?

  286. Kanzar Says:

    I will admit I was a little disappointed that you were changing to a subscription model. I suspect that I will no longer be able to convince anyone to purchase Pro.

    However, that the free version will be exactly like the Pro version – just with ads – is a reasonable compromise. Will it always be like that, or will you be planning on slowly locking down the free version? I hope you never do, because if that happens, I don’t think I will continue using your service.

    Additionally, I hear the ads appear as in line messages in chat – is this correct? If this is true, then again… I will not be able to convince anyone to use Trillian. Invasive advertising only makes people despise the source. :(

  287. Shawn Says:

    The ads appear within the chat window right where the conversation is happening as well as within the notification list.

  288. Trillian 5 final y totalmente gratis messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] permanecer en estado beta por unos meses, Cerulean Studio ha anunciado el lanzamiento final Trillian 5 para Windows, una nueva versión con múltiples mejoras como una interfaz renovada, [...]

  289. Miro Says:

    I do not like to see any ads and do not like to pay subscriptions! Looking to crack this model, maybe de-compile trillian or block the ads feed host – hehe you deserve it.

  290. Former customer Says:

    I think I’m out.

  291. Brad Says:

    Hiding a chat window with the aero glass theme in Windows 7 STILL does not work. I reported this on this bugtracker and forum months ago (as have others). It’s functional on the main chat contacts list, but not individual windows. Kind of makes the program unusable when you connect to 15-20 IRC channels across multiple networks due to the taskbar screen estate lost.

  292. Ryan Says:

    This new ad system is garbage, and the time-limited Pro subscriptions are even worse. Being ad-free and low on system resources was what made Trillian great. Now it has annoying ads in the window, and notifications that act as ads. Really? Come on now. All you had to do was put ads in the basic version and keep pro a one-time payment. Then maybe I’d buy it. But sorry, I’m not paying to have ads removed every year. That’s stupid.

    It’s looking like its pidgin/digsby time again.

  293. Jeff Says:

    I have to say, going to a subscription model sucks for the Pro users. If you want to support the free version with ads, that’s understandable. But I want to pay for ONE upgrade to no ads and be done with it. It’s not like $12/year is going to kill anybody, but I don’t need to keep paying for features I couldn’t care less about like Facebook, Twitter, and Cloud storage of history. When/If I need that, I’ll purchase a copy that does what I need. And it’s nice that you had to jump on the bandwagon and get the word “cloud” in your copy. Yay could. bullshit.

  294. Dom Says:

    Interesting reading so far… as a pro customer on v4 i have been told that i have to pay again in some new model that I am not really comfortable with. I am not objecting to the amount, but being forced to do so. I would have expected a notification before downloading and installing the new client that it was going to be different… maybe they should have made an ad!

    Anyways, I now have version 5 and find a really annoying new feature. In a chat window, I cannot see if my contact is away or not. I have to go to the contact list. Before there was a small indicator stating this – have they really taken this away?

    I feel a little foolish for wanting the latest and greatest – i was suckered into the upgrade now i am going to have to uninstall/reinstall… Come back v4 we love you!

  295. bemymonkey Says:

    “What happens to me as a paid mobile customer? You will continue to receive free software updates and will not see any advertisements, but synchronized chat history will only be available if you upgrade your account to Pro status. Thanks for your support!”

    Unacceptable – Android users paid for a full feature set, for life. I will be adding a 1* review on the Android Market and uninstalling the software immediately, as well as never buying a Cerulean Studios product again.

    IMO.IM works better anyway… less buggy Android app.

  296. Blarion Says:

    Bummer, I was litterally just about to buy a pro account, now I’m gonna have to shell out $12 dollars a year for subscription-based service. Laaaame. :C

  297. Zytrel Says:

    Dear CS, just consider this: The ONLY incentive to use Trillian on desktop systems over some other client is the live sync/cloud feature. For anything else, there’s plenty of adfree alternatives out there.
    Those who want the sync are willing to pay for it, those who don’t will get annoyed with the ads and leave.
    Almost everyone I converted to Trillian, who isn’t using the sync feature, is going back to miranda, pidgin, etc. right now.

  298. Jeff T Says:

    Looks like I lucked out getting a 5 pro licenses during the beta. My question is where are the skins that supposedly come with 5 pro? If you click on Trillian Cobalt or Cordonata you get a warning message that the skin is outdated and may be missing features. So are there going to be some version 5 skins?

  299. Robert Says:

    As a very long time user of Trillian (years, has it been that long?) and as someone who has purchased a pro license each time one has become available, I admittedly do have some concerns here that I would like to have addressed by anyone who can provide a reliable answer:

    1. Is the cloud storage be option optin/optout? Some people, including myself, are uncomfortable having personal conversations, especially business specific ones, archived on a third party cloud service without specific guarantees to high level encryption, and otherwise prying eyes. While I cannot foresee any such guarantees provided in writing, I would assume no such guarantee would be provided. Thus, the inability to opt-out of cloud services will unfortunately be a deal breaker for me. please advise if this is an optional service of the Pro Subscription Model.

    (I do understand that a central host would be needed for those interested in ability to sync multiple devices, thus the reason for cloud hosting. As such, I also realize that opting out of cloud would effectively opt me out of this additional feature. I am fine with that.)

    2. I am a busy person and do not spend my time reading development forums or blogs, etc at Cerulean Studios. Considering the length of time myself, and other PRO users, have spent with the Trillian Product, I am rather disappointed to learn that the Pro license upgrade path is only being extended to those who have bought in during the Beta Phase. More especially, that long time holders of Pro licenses have received no communication to this effect. Many of us do not want Beta class software and I would have hoped that CS would extend the courtesy to long time users an option to either move to the subscription based model or to use the extended Pro license afforded those who purchased during the Beta Period.

    3. I realize I can continue using 4.x Pro indefinitely, which is likely my best option at this time (at least until the above two points are addressed). My concern, however, is end-of-life product support. It is unreasonable to expect any company to continue supporting an older product endlessly. Thus, it would certainly be in everyone’s best interest to remain current, but I simply cannot make the jump to 5 unless the above have qualified answers. Obviously point #1 carries the greatest concern for me. Failing that, can someone in a position of knowledge give a definitive answer as to 4.x end-of-like support cycle.


  300. Annoyed! Says:

    Yearly subscription? No more one-time purchase for a Pro license? You’ve just lost another user.

  301. Rich Says:

    I paid for v3. I paid for v4. I was planning to pay again for v5. If it remains a subscription service I WILL NOT be paying again. I believe it’s time to move on.

  302. Karen Says:

    Still shows $4.99 on the iPhone app store……

  303. Somtam Says:

    by far the most annoying (and intrusive!) ads i have seen :(


  304. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    To your first point: Cloud Storage of history is an /OPT-IN/ option, therefore disabled by default :)

  305. viceview51 Says:

    People you should learn to READ!!! YES, READ!!! Because from what I’ve read there’s no downside to the subscription model, since Cerulean Studios are killing several birds with just one stone.

    Bird 1) People have been complaining since Trillian Astra that they couldn’t change themes or skins since it was a Pro feature and they could get this for free somewhere else. Now you’ll be able to have most of the Pro features, including customization, without paying a dime and guess what that includes access to the upcoming versions of Trillian (6, 7, 8…). Sorted!!!

    Bird 2) Pro customers where complaining about having to pay extra for each mobile version that they wanted to own, indeed making them pay for the same software on each platform. With the current model you can have all sorts of the latest and newest mobile versions with ads or no ads (subscription) of Trillian without having to pay an extra dime. Sorted!!!

    Bird 3) Trillian life cycles are approx. 2 years for each version (since Trillian Astra), a license used to cost $25, now you’re paying for no ads, server storage and a continuous license that lets you keep using all the latest versions of the software, that means Trillian 6, 7, 8… at no extra cost. Sorted!!!

    In short, this is what you get:

    - Ads
    + All of the previously existing Pro features (Activity History, Chat Synchronisation, Skinning, Themes, etc…).
    - No server side storage and synchronisation of your activity history.
    + Access to all the latest and new versions of Trillian

    + No ads
    + All of the previously existing Pro features (Activity History, Chat Synchronisation, Skinning, Themes, etc…).
    + Server side storage and synchronisation of your activity history.
    + Access to all the latest and new versions of Trillian

  306. sag_ich_nicht Says:

    As a Trillian 4 Pro customer and Trillian 4 alpha tester, I have to say I am most disappointed. I intended to buy a License for Trillian 5 Pro the moment it came out, however, with this new subscription based model I will not do so, and instead try to find a replacement for Trillian. I can understand why you are doing this CS, but this is not something I can afford, and the free option is not something for me. I switched to Trillian in the first place (long ago, in the age of 0.74) to get rid of the ads and the constant crashing of ICQ. Now I’d have to deal with ads again, no thanks.

  307. Animeboy Says:

    Sigh. I’m still waiting on the ‘promised’ in version 4.2 XMPP features like Chat room book marks.

    Scott, you’ve let me down. And it’s not like I’m the only one that’s requested this.

  308. Dustin G Says:

    How about a WP7 application for us guys without the smarts to buy an iPhone… *sigh*

  309. zorak950 Says:

    I understand those who liked the old model, and I understand those who like the new one. To be completely realistic, though, this sort of setup (ad-supported for free, ad-free for a price) is becoming increasingly prevalent. And $1 a month is… well… a fantastic price. That’s LITERALLY pennies a day (less than four cents). How much do you spend on food in a day? On gas? On rent/mortgage/property tax? I get that some people don’t like subscription services purely on principle, and I respect that, but honestly, CS isn’t screwing anyone here (well, maybe they’re screwing people who purchased the mobile apps a little, but still). They’ve done a very good job for the most part of taking care of those who paid up under the old license model, and ad revenue will provide them a source of income they never got from free users under their old business model.

    I will grant one point; if CS falls behind in releasing new major versions again, it could drive the overall cost for Pro users up, and that disconnect could potentially cause them not to prioritize major development since they’ll get paid whether a new version comes out or not. However, as many here have already pointed out, there are other programs out there, and if CS doesn’t keep up, people will leave whether Trillian is free or not. As for those (and I know it’s a minority) who have been using the free version all along; frankly, I think it’s a bit shameful for you to be indignant that you might have to suffer through ads if you want to contribute nothing to support the work of those who create a program you choose to use.

    In summation, paid or free user, you are perfectly within your rights to leave Trillian behind. Vote with your feet, as it were. There’s nothing wrong with Cerulean Studios’ decision to change their business model any more than there’s anything wrong with you choosing to use a different program. It’s their work, and they have the right to price it however they want. You then have the right to decide if you do or don’t want to use the product as it is offered. If making angry internet posts makes you feel better, go for it, but don’t think it makes you look righteous. It just makes you look whiny.

  310. Mike Says:

    @viceview51 you make way too much sense, especially with what you labeled as bird 3. I’m afraid your well thought out and rational views will fall on a lot of deaf ears here. :)

  311. Toff Says:

    The way it’s explained by viceview51 is probably how Cerulean Studios looked at it. But here’s how it works in reality.

    Previous model:
    A new user gets a free version. No ads and all. He plays with that version and thinks it’s a good proggie, but he’d love to get those neat extra features, such as activity history viewer, themes and all that. He decides to support the devs of the app and pay for it as a sign of appreciation for making his life easier, and also because he’ll be able to own it and use it forever.
    Result: The user is happy with all the extra features he got by going Pro and loves the program. He then buys licenses to his friends and family as gifts.

    Current model:
    A new user gets a free version. It has cool activity history viewer, themes and all that. But once he begins using it he sees annoying ads and starts hating this program already for distracting him from the core function he wanted to use it for – chatting. He reluctantly thinks about paying for Pro in order to get rid of those ads but wonders what else he gets for his money, and it appears all he gets is a cloud history storage, the feature he’s too paranoid to use in the first place. Also subscription doesn’t give him the feeling of ownership, it feels simply like renting an ad-free version of the same software he’s currently using. So he decides it’s not worth it and searches for alternatives.
    Result: the user hates the program because of the ads and believes Pro is too expensive. Also now that Pro is a subscription, giving Trillian Pro as gifts no longer works as before.

    So despite the fact that in both cases that user would get pretty much the same thing for almost the same amount of money, the way that user feels about it is strikingly different.

    I’ve personally been grandfathered, but my friend hasn’t been, and now he doesn’t even want the new Trillian Free with ads or Trillian Pro for 1 year as he already owns Trillian 4 Pro that works good for him and his license will never expire.

    So my opinion is, this new model, while being planned carefully financially, hasn’t been analyzed properly from a psychological perspective. It simultaneously introduced two things users hate – ads and subscriptions. And here’s the result.

  312. Kanzar Says:

    Shawn, if they seriously do appear inside the conversation window right in line with the conversation, AND as notifications… there is NO way I will be recommending Trillian to anyone.
    Even if they’re loaded and $12/yr is nothing.
    That kind of invasive behaviour is insulting and bordering on maliciousness.

  313. Arche Says:

    And I was just getting ready to buy a 5 license. :\

  314. AzN1337c0d3r Says:

    How do we check if we are on a Trillian 4 or Trillian 5 Paid Account?

  315. Adam Says:

    I have loved Trillian since the version 2. I have wanted to buy it since I was in high school, and waited and waited for Astra to be release. In love with the theme. Then the sudden switch to the more subtle theme surprised, but in the end I liked. Its faster, and easier to use for the most part. And now I finally have the ability to buy trillian, something I was soon going to do.. Now however I find it’s add supported. Which I don’t mind too much if they are un-intrusive.. I got my first add, for trillian, today and I have to say, it makes me feel sick. Im angry at you. You have ruined my conversations with friends, injecting adds while Im trying to have a conversation is just plain RUDE!!. Now I disdain at the idea of buying, you have made your app LESS usefull solely to make people buy.. and I hate it. You lost some of my respect today. And if these adds persist, I will find myself for the first time in over 10 years, using a different chat program.

    Im so sorry this day may soon come, the day when using trillian becomes a bane, and not a saviour.. Sorry Trillian for what these people have done to you. I hope you change your minds.

    A Loyal User in morning.

  316. Dan Says:

    I’m a Trillan 4 pro customer. I did not realize that I have to shell out more money every year – is there a way to go back (downgrade) to Trillan 4 Pro? I don’t wish to support the Trillian 5 effort since it seems to be focused on $$ more than customers. Thanks.

  317. John-Arne Says:

    I don’t mind the change of business model, but I do mind how it was introduced. I thought the “new version of trillian available” was a bug fix or update for the product I already have purchased. Until I suddenly start seeing ads. This is really a bad way to introduce a new product, and shows lack of respect for your customers! I would like to make the choice by having presented the facts more clearly. I felt tricked into upgrading! What if I did not think the new v5 has enough improvements for justifying paying for? So far I don’t see any justification for a new version with such a price increase! Sorry, but I’ll try to see if I can revert back to the old version or stop using Trillian. To bad; it is a good product, you just messed up by how you treat your customers!

  318. John-Arne Says:

    Another comment… Why is subscription a bad idea for most people? Sure it seems cheaper thant twice the amount of a purchase. But you expect something for the subscription, right? You expect that you will either get a good discount on a new version (6, 7, 8 etc) or that you will receive the upgrade for free because you are subscribing to a service rather than a product. You also expect any upgrade to give enough value back from what you are paying. 12 USD/year is not much, but with enough users and over time it because a substansial amount. I don’t mind CS making money; you should! You make a damn good product! However the new features does not justify the upgrade for me, and I feel getting less value for what I will pay for. For a subscription service to work you have to deliver, more than you’ve done with this version.

  319. Ed Says:

    I have no plans of “upgrading” to a subscription model application. Stick with major version lifetime model.

  320. Scott Says:

    Well, it still isn’t free for the Android! Market has it listed for $4.99….

  321. Mike Says:

    @Scott be patient, it will be.

  322. Joseph Says:

    I especially like how the ads in the corner of the screen will make Trillian history for me.
    Thanks for the great work in the past years, i always enjoyed your software.
    I’m off to another client.

  323. Stephen N. Says:

    I’m sorry, I’m trashing your service. Not enough actually helpful features coming out for the money I paid for this really pitiful but widely open IM service. No longer going to use Trillion, maybe in the future add a CTRL+V feature for pictures, like Windows Live Messenger. It’s too bad all the IM services are getting downgraded into social network trash and not an actual decent IM.

  324. F. McUrr Says:

    I don’t suppose it’s possible to purchase a one-time ad-free copy with the stipulation that there would be no remote logging (which I loathe the very idea of, I’m afraid) or other… well, honestly, I’m not sure what the subscription fee is for other than storing my conversations so that they’re available on other devices, which is a feature I very much do not want anyway.

    I think my question/suggestion kind of got lost there. Basically: I’d like to be able to make a one-time purchase to remove the ads, but I have no interest in the subscription features that become available, thus justifying the one-time fee over the subscription fee.

    Thanks for hopefully reading!

  325. iNfeRnO Says:

    I think this is great. Those that paid get everything they paid for, and as far as I can tell nothing is being taken away. They state in the description there that those who previously paid for version 5 won’t ever see ads and and will always have the cloud chat history function, so I think that means they have their lifetime license still, and yeah, maybe other people are now getting what you paid for for free. So? You haven’t been slighted or anything, and you weren’t paying just to be better than other people, were you? I assume you paid for the features. Which you still get. And so do lots of other people, which doesn’t change anything. It just makes it awesome.

    And proves how awesome Cerulean Studios is as well. Keep on rockin’ the digital social world, guys!

  326. COOTMASTER Says:

    i guess dan
    do you have the 4.0.25 installer

  327. Lomgren Says:

    If the ads were in their own ad bar, it would be a lot better, along with NOT showing up as notifications that refuse to go away until you click on them. Right now, with them being inserted directly into the conversations, this makes chatting very annoying, especially when you are looking at what your friend said and composing a reply, and then an ad inserts itself and you have to scroll up past it to see what your friend said. This current implementation of ads has much to be desired.

  328. Lomgren Says:

    (Of note, I do plan on supporting CS. I’m waiting for the updated android version first though, because cloud storage is important to me, and I just want to have the recurring fee for that)

  329. Bioran23 Says:

    Goodness gracious.

    So, basically, a summary of the main criticisms here is:

    1) Trillian has ads! I kept away from other clients because they have ads! – Yes, it has ads. Except it is also now FREE with a lot of functionality previously unavailable in the free version. Is that really such a huge issue? Also, unlike Microsoft/Google/AOL/etc. which has huge corporate backing, CS is tiny in comparison. Must they be treated as criminals when they try to find a different way to generate money, which in turns will be put back i to making future versions of the software, and keeping that free as well?

    2) I paid for pro! Now I feel cheated! – READ. If you paid for Trillian 5 Pro, you’ll be in Pro FOREVER. You won’t be asked to pay in twelve months. It will continue to be free.

    If CS does backtrack on their promises in a year’s time, then yes, it’s a valid reason to scream and holler. As it stands, there’s no need for such violent knee-jerk reactions just because the Pro version now costs $1/month.

  330. Ivan Says:

    Well, I paid for 4 Pro, 5 Pro and Android. For me as a so called “grandfathered” customer, the pros of your new subscription based model are not that clear as you tell. I am indeed a bit annoyed. If I had known that you are going to release all of the pro features to windows users as well as to all mobile users, I think I would have gone for the ad-financed model.
    I don’t really care for an ad-free version.

  331. Anna Says:

    Installed v5, payed for Pro, restarted Trillian – and I still see ads. “You have an active Trillian Pro membership. Thank you for your support!”

    Don’t care about the cloud services so I’ll go back to v4 again. Thanks.

  332. Anna Says:

    Ah, never mind. It seems I had a web session still active – even though I had closed all browsers – and this is why my upgrade didn’t “take”.

    I agree with John-Arne, though:

    “I thought the “new version of trillian available” was a bug fix or update for the product I already have purchased. Until I suddenly start seeing ads. This is really a bad way to introduce a new product, and shows lack of respect for your customers!”

  333. Roland Says:

    Couldn’t you give your customers a choice whether to use the subscription model or buy the whole thing? I have been using Trillian since version 3 (upgraded to 4 Pro) and, having missed the pre-ordering period for version 5, I feel uneasy about the subscription model.

    Besides: When you introduced Trillian 4, there were loads of information about what was new and different. Now, I don’t see anything like that. Neither a comprehensive list of features nor a list with changes from the last major release, just some buzzwords.

  334. COOTMASTER Says:

    i think the features are ALL of pro 4x UNLOCKED
    history sync

  335. TheWildManaic Says:

    An ETA on the mobile versions yet? (iOS in particular) Been checking like everyday for it to become free.

  336. macavsk Says:

    now that you have these licencing things sorted out, it’s time for you to start fixing the bugs and bringing new features to make trillian more awesome than it’s now :)

  337. Jessika-Katharina Says:

    This is a joke! Or not?
    I purchased the Pro version of Trillian since V3 as a program, not as a subscription. This is not fair I want my money back and I will then use a different program. Advertising makes the product definitely broken. I will not pay for something that must be financed in future whit advertising. Because when advertising is added, then the quality is probably not a good or there are money vultures in the game, who did not get enough.

    This is really very bad and I wish were never truly realized only “kidplay” added.
    Very sad …
    Advertising is bad, I didn’t buy any of the advertised item on advertising, but I research and buy where it is most favorable. Advertising is only tried and above all very annoying interference.

    As soon as the first ad appearing in my window, I’ll uninstall Trillian.

  338. Shem Says:

    A little narked I paid for Trillian 4/5 and Android before it went free, but the grand-fathering is nice, thanks.

    However – it seems the killer-feature (cloud-sync / continuous connection) is something I’m really dubious about enjoying until I can ensure all my synced chat is encrypted tighter than a ducks ass. Ideally, with a pass phrase set by me on all clients, one-time. So I know no matter what happens to your servers, my data is secure.

    Any word on that kinda thing? And thanks for the updates – been an interesting read.

  339. goslow2gofast Says:

    So, if I previously purchased Trillian Astra (Pro 4.x), will I have Pro for life, or no?

  340. ben Says:

    is there a ubuntu version in the pipeline? all major and platforms have been done, i suppose there is only one left… wink wink. cheers for all the hard work lads.

  341. John Says:

    Talk about feeling ripped off.

  342. COOTMASTER Says:

    yes 4x pro was LIFE meaning it was good from 4.0 to 4x…. 9999 ending at 5
    5 NOW is subscription EACH YEAR
    which only does 3 things
    1 cloud history sync unlock
    2 KILL ADS
    3 support for pro
    5 basically 4x pro w a TOTAL unlock

    there are no features listed
    because the features are 4x pro EVERYTHING FREE
    i tried 5 beta didnt care for it so technically i “used pro”

  343. COOTMASTER Says:

    yes GOS as long u payed for 4x pro its good for ALL VERSIONS of 4x

  344. Ankh Says:

    Is there a way to remove the ads without paying money? I mean like a hack. Don’t tell me about the licensing agreement I supposedly signed by clicking on a checkbox. I was lying when I clicked that.

  345. Ankh Says:

    Oh, I see they moderate these posts. Well, there’s no way they’re going to approve my question about a hack, so I’ll just say this to the mods. If I can’t find a hack, I’m not going to use your shitty software any more. Buncha greedy assholes, sticking ads in my face just to make a few more bucks.

  346. LoneCoder Says:

    I bought three licenses when 5.0 was on sale for $10, so yes, I’ll be paying a lot more at the current release rate.

    In the long run from me, you will get less money. I will simply not renew either my wifes or mom’s chats. I was willing to do a one time payment of $10 on them to help support Cerulean. I will not subscribe them. So instead of the $30 or more per release (yes I would purchase a 6.0 upgrade for them), you MAY get one subscription from me I am forced offed 5, If I had to make the decision now, it would be no.

  347. Doron Says:

    It installed the ASK toolbar despite me asking it not to!!!
    And furthermore it does not detect that I’m a PRO client already!!!

  348. Ryan Says:

    People aren’t going to pay for IM on their computers. I think you’re going to lose a lot of customers with these ads, and they will find it easier to go back to running individual chat clients. I really enjoyed trillian; this is unfortunate news. Best of luck to you, I hope you find your way.

  349. G-rig Says:

    I bought 4.2 Pro earlier this year and the Android version, can I upgrade to 5 Pro for free without ads or subscriptions?

    Initially I didn’t upgrade when prompted but when logging in now I get this.

    No upgrade available
    Thanks for purchasing Trillian 5 Pro during pre-release! No upgrade is available at this time.
    Your license is already up-to-date.

  350. Matikz Says:

    Ads are way too intrusive. Toast messages pop-up and stay up till I interact with them. It’s annoying that they’re so intrusive that they pop up over the games I’m playing. Been a good program till now. I’ll be finding a new IM suite as I’m not willing to pay for IM software.

  351. Zemo Says:

    Bad move guys…I, too, have been a long time trillian user and really hate paying for a subscription. I fear you’ll be losing a huge chunk of your pro user base. Like many have stated, we don’t mind (too much) paying for a new version/release, but already having paid for pro and now being forced to continue receiving pro benefits by purchasing a subscription is hitting the brick wall. I’d reconsider this move and keep your users happy. In the end it won’t matter how good the product is if no one buys it.

  352. Rob Says:

    There is a bug when chatting using Trillian on both ends using ICQ-protocol:

    What i type: :-*
    What i see: {kiss-smiley and sound}
    What my gf sees: *KISSING*

    Its the same way the other way round. Both using Trillian latest version.

  353. Dave Says:

    Best of luck with your new model.

  354. Aaron Says:

    I have to say I’m disappointed as well. I didn’t read all of the comments here but I will be the first to admit (well maybe not the first) that I do not pay for Trillian. I can’t afford it, frankly. I’m a recently graduated college student still looking for a job and my financial status has been the same for the past 5 years. I’m ok with not paying for Pro though. I enjoyed what features I had with Trillian. It was a basic, had all of my IM clients under one roof, and did what I needed it to do, with no hassles. I’ve used Trillian for years. It was difficult for me to make the change at first but I did it and was happy I did.

    Then I upgraded to version 5. You know, I don’t mind if you want to put an ad up in a corner somewhere. That I could understand and maybe tolerate. This, however, is blatant interruption, inconvenience and incredibly annoying. To have my conversations interrupted constantly with these ads smack dab in the convo window, and/or ads popping up in the bottom right corner of my screen…this is just ridiculous. You can apologize for me “not liking the product” all you want but spare me the nicety. I understand that a business needs to use ads to make revenues, but not the kind that slap you in the face when you go to use the product.

    If you want to give your Pro users some advantages for the contributions, I’d suggest you look into other options and quickly fix this. I may not pay for the full version but I sure as heck won’t pay for it now considering that this is how you treat anyone who won’t fork over money. Seems to me like those who are paying Pro are having their own problems anyway.

    I really didn’t want to have to find a new IM client but I’m afraid I must until this is fixed (if it ever is). I know you won’t miss my “business” but I guarantee even though I’m not a “business major” even I can tell you that ads aren’t enough to drive people to pay for a product when it means putting a gun to their head (which is what you’re doing with these ads) and forcing them to choose.

    Goodbye Trillian :-(

  355. Zanthia Says:

    I have but one question – what happened to the weather widget? Granted I am using the Trillian Cobalt skin as I don’t like the size of the notification window in the default skin, but it’s gone from the default as well.

  356. Donnerwurst Says:

    Trillian 5 sucks if you wanna have a FREE messenger, annoying ads and popups. Deinstalled. Bye.

  357. COOTMASTER Says:

    hi zan ALL widgets were REMOVED!
    isnt that lovely

    people said they are usless and not needed blaaa
    I immediately WENT BACK TO4X

  358. slycooper Says:

    I’m switching to Digsby. These ads are way too ‘in your face’.

  359. Rob Says:

    Google Talk Group Chat is still not working… very sad.

  360. Ungkool Says:

    I paid for trillian 3.X and 4.X. I don’t like upgrading to 5 anymore. it should be one-time payment. If I change to mobile, Mac and PC, I have to pay a lot… Why don’t you care about your existing customers who support you :(

  361. Mike Says:

    I have to add my opinion. I’ve been a long time Trillian user. I’m fine with ads to support a free product. But, in the middle of an IM conversation? Really? The goal should be to keep from pissing people off. Looks like it’s time to find an alternative. I will not have a conversation interrupted.

  362. Matt Says:

    Came to say this, I said it with my uninstall as well. Ads are fine in context of a program. If it is open (not just running), I can expect to see ads. However, if my connection changes, this program seizes the screen and goes from full screen to windowed mode, completely hosing whatever I was doing. It is adware and borderline malware in this state. It is also a ridiculous breach of trust in my opinion. Good luck folks, I’m uninstalled and out.

  363. SIGN Says:

    As a Trillian Astra Pro user, I have to thank you for letting my lesser friends into features I would otherwise be the only one to see. Switching the model was a great idea, in my opinion~

  364. Aloof Says:

    I really dont think that the discussion here is about the money, it is more of a psychological thing. Ads and subscriptions are the worst perceived models of the internet. Trillian was always the client that stayed clear of both these methods, thus making it different and somewhat more honest than the ad-infested official chat clients or other commercial alternatives. Now Trillian is just another utility that is punishing its users by crapping pointless ads in their conversations, which for my part never get clicked on. Apart from this cheap strategy of punishment, you refuse to provide any features whatsoever for a paying customer. Psychologically this makes me feel ripped off. I don’t mind supporting a honest company with a few bucks, however it is really hard having to pay for something that Trillian always stood for and recently gave away for a bad bargain – clean and non-intrusive experience. If I wanted to have themes, stupid animations or ads, I would be using the default clients

  365. Sovereign Says:

    Boo. I for one detest this change–I’m sorry to see Trillian jump on the ad-supported, Software-as-a-Service bandwagon. I personally converted ~5 friends to the Trillian software because it was ad-free and didn’t lack any features they wanted. Every single one of them is saying they’re annoyed by the ads and jumping ship to either regular clients (AIM, Skype, etc) or other free clients (e.g. Digsby).

    I paid for features because I wanted them. Now, it seems you only pay to remove annoyances.

    I know this will probably get lost in the sea of comments and CS doesn’t really care about five lost users (of a free product no less) but I wanted to make my displeasure known.

  366. kullgen Says:

    Its KILLING me. Its not like its an ad every now and then, its CONSTANT. It even pops up ads on your desktop when your not IMing.

    *WAY too disruptive to get an popup over my work.

    Trillian has turned in to malware. So sad. Just started using it and now I have to switch.

  367. Matronik Says:

    Used Trillian for 3 years now. Guess it’s time to go back to Gaim.
    Good bye Trillian!

  368. Cito Says:

    And this is why piracy flourishes, people are fed up with advertising in every facet of life, television is 20 minutes of programs for every 40 minutes of ads, now this, sorry trillian you have now been reduced to piracy fodder, I downloaded the pro version off piratebay it’s also on demonoid fully registered free and clear of ads. So go seek out torrents now. Trillian is no longer worth supporting. Any company that spams ads deserves to be pirated out of business.

    keep your nose up advertisers arses, we’ll just pirate the registered version free, I’m running ad free on a clean pirated copy. I suggest everyone do the same and stop paying any company that supports spam

  369. COOTMASTER Says:

    what do u mean on desktop

  370. COOTMASTER Says:

    if anyone looking for old versions : CONTACT US
    then select which you want download com removed it