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Trillian 1.1 for Android: Now free of charge.

We’re pleased to announce that Trillian for Android is our first mobile application to go free, so head on over to the Android Market on your phone to get your copy! We’ve fixed a handful of bugs in this build, added a basic chat history viewer, and made major improvements to our networking engine. You should notice fewer disconnects and should be able to interface with existing chat windows more easily even when you’ve lost your network connection.

If you’ve already purchased Trillian for Android in the past, your account has been automatically upgraded to ad-free status. You purchased an ad-free client with free upgrades and you will continue to receive an ad-free client with free upgrades. As an additional perk, your ad-free status will go with you across all mobile platforms, so if you switch to an iPhone or BlackBerry one day your original Android purchase will be honored as if you bought Trillian there as well! Of course, if you’re a Trillian Pro customer you can also take advantage of an ad-free experience everywhere, with the additional perk of cloud history. If you notice any bugs here please send us an email and we’ll investigate right away.

We’re already hard at work on an amazing new version of Trillian for Android, featuring many popular feature requests and some awesome new UI enhancements. Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting Trillian!

92 Responses to “Trillian 1.1 for Android: Now free of charge.”
  1. bangbang023 Says:

    Thank you for taking care of those of us who paid for the app. Very nice to see.

  2. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Congrats! Wish I could see the history viewer :) Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cookin!

  3. Aaron Says:

    I just tried to grab it from the market – got a “package file was not signed correctly” error

  4. klorydryk Says:

    Hey guys ! Think to those who paid for this application. I feel a little aggrieved …

  5. Erik Says:

    I can’t complain, being a Pro desktop user :)

    However market is weirding out on me, not finding Trillian in searches or letting me install through the web interface. Maybe because I had an old beta installed or something.

    Since it’s free now anyway, would you mind posting the APK here?

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    [...] geht den straighten Weg weiter und hat eben die kostenlose, aber werbefinanzierte Version des Messengers Trillian im Android Market [...]

  7. Erik Says:

    Scratch that, my filters setting in market were acting up.

    Thanks for the new build!

  8. Bob Says:

    We’ve got a couple Android tablets that are not approved by Google, so they don’t have Android Market access. Do you have a place to get the application file (.apk) from at your web site? Or, is there any chance of getting you to add it to the Amazon appstore (which DOES work on all Android devices)?

  9. StickyFinga Says:

    Really, really awesome. Great work! First time I experienced the ‘continuous chat’ system, you guys rock.

  10. Patrick W. Says:

    I love you guys! Thanks to this, I finally can use an updated Trillian for Android. I was still running the alpha, as I am not able to purchase in the Android Market. With this update it is now resolved! Great!

  11. mio Says:


    great news. this is a very nice present to all fellow Trillian users. but what about the people who paid already for the app?
    this is a little unfair!


  12. alawatsakima Says:

    :/ What if we have both Trillian for Android and Trillian for iPhone already? I’m really playing devils advocate here, as I am a long standing supporter of Trillian, and plan to continue fiscally supporting CS. Still, I imagine I’m not the only one who paid for both and is only reaping half the rewards ;)

  13. smw Says:

    @alawatsakima: T-shirt? :)

  14. alawatsakima Says:

    Yay! I would SO take a T-Shirt! It might even tide me over till a real Linux build came out ;)

  15. sorcerer Says:

    Finally, it’s available in Romania too. Now the Pro license really pays off :)

  16. Chris Cremie Says:

    Are you kidding? I just bought it yesterday?

  17. zorak950 Says:

    I paid for the iOS and Android versions, too. Where’s MY T-shirt? >.>

  18. Nick Says:

    yay, T-shirts!!

  19. SeanProper Says:

    T-Shirt design: “Hipster Kitty paid for Trillian BEFORE it was free.”

  20. MagicMike Says:

    I’ve paid for Trillian 3-5 for Windows, the Android, iOS and Blackberry versions! Can I get an autograph or something? ;)

  21. Andre Rocha Says:

    Hey, there`s also a bug: the chat window doesn`t show the messages “user signed in” ou “user signed off” anymore.

    This feature was the reason that I bought Trillian for Android. Please, bring it back! Or send me a link so I can download the previous version.


  22. smw Says:

    @Chris Cremie: Happy to provide a refund, contact us via e-mail and we’ll take care of it.

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    [...] und kos­ten­pflich­ti­gen Pro-Versionen ohne Wer­bung. Die­ses Modell hat man nun auch für die Android-App [...]

  24. zorak950 Says:

    In all seriousness, though, yes, a small minority of users probably lost out on value with the change in pricing structure, and whether or not CS /should/ have made the switch is a matter one may choose to debate, though ultimately it is their product of course and they can use whatever pricing they want. Let’s not forget, though, that they’ve made a very sincere and largely effective effort to honor their commitments to existing Pro users.

    Everyone is still getting what they paid for, and while I can understand that some people who only care about features and don’t have a problem with ads might resent that they paid for them, it sounds to me like most of the complaints are coming from people who object to the ads; and anyone with a Pro license is taken care of on that front. The only ones who are (or at least should be) seeing ads now that didn’t before are those who had been using the free desktop client, and to be honest, I can’t muster much indignation on behalf of those who use the program without charge or obligation.

    Some people will object to the new model purely on principle, which is fine, and they’re free to move on to other pastures. You can’t please everyone, and any time you change something there will be those who object, but CS deserves credit for making the switch as painless as possible for their existing customers. Ultimately, if the subscription model means they’re able to increase revenue, it might even be a good thing for users. Perhaps they’ll be able to hire more developers and deliver more features faster.

    …Or maybe they’ll just use the money to buy nice cars.

  25. smw Says:

    @zorak950: Good summary – we’re definitely doing our best to honor our obligations to existing customers, and recognize that we can’t please everyone all of the time. That being said, we’re paying close attention to feedback and will continue to tweak things to keep as many folks happy as we can. And no, no nice cars. Nice new servers for the datacenter maybe. :)

  26. seb Says:

    suck to be a pro use who have paid!

  27. Phil Says:

    I get a “package file was not signed correctly” error. Droid 2, downloaded from Andriod Market place. On the Amazon store, the cost is still $4.99 US.

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  29. mody Says:

    do i get to save my conversations ??

  30. mody Says:

    and send files through the application ??

  31. KefkaticFanatic Says:

    I got it while it was still premium on the Amazon app store. As of now, the premium and outdated version is still there. Will it get updated, and will I get the ad-free version?

  32. y0himba Says:

    This is REALLY good news! I am upgrading to an Android phone in the next 2 weeks, so having my messenger of choice on the phone as well is incredible! Thanks again.

  33. y0himba Says:

    Pssst Scott: I’ll take a t-shirt! XXXL please and thank you!

  34. Soulwound Says:

    I’m also getting the “package not signed correctly” error when trying to install it on my phone from the Android Market. Samsung Galaxy S series.

  35. TheKong Says:

    Underwear for me. I want to keep what I love as close to my genitalia as possible.

    If that cant be done, then t-shirt if possible. :)

  36. Bob O`Bob Says:

    same error as Phil mentions above. retried now 5x, the latest by following the link directly from this web site. I have emailed you as well, please reply by email WHEN IT’S FIXED thanks

  37. mody Says:

    i can`t get to find it on the android market, are there is any other alternative way to download it .. apk file ?

  38. Andre Williams Says:

    How’s about a Barcode so we can just scan it and get the download that way?

  39. Hieu Says:


  40. Ryan Says:

    It’s not updated on Amazon yet :(

    I wish I had bought pro back when it was a one-time payment of $15. Is there anyway I could pay just once? I really don’t like subscriptions and I don’t mind paying more than the old price.

  41. SeanProper Says:

    @Phil: I had the same “package file was not signed correctly” error. If you already installed it from the Amazon store, you need to first uninstall it, then re-install it from the Android Market. At least, that’s what ended up working for my HTC Incredible.

    Thanks Cerulean Studios for a fantastic update! I love being able to view my chat history on my phone.

    Still won’t let me stay connected to ICQ or Yahoo on more than one device at a time. But that’s just a minor nuisance. And it helps that the sync feature still lets me see messages on both devices, even if only one is connected.

    Also, any chance in a future update you could switch “Sign off” with “Add contact” or some other less-frequently used menu button, rather than hiding it in the back with “More”? Or even fit “Sign off” and “Suspend” on the main Menu screen and do away with “More” altogether. As of now, I have to press four different things just to log out.

    Yes, I’m that lazy. But also just a minor nuisance. I LOVE this program!

  42. derSpinner Says:

    Hooray! Now we wait for iOS)

  43. Sandra Says:

    This is a bit annoying, seeing as I already bought it just a few weeks ago. ;-/

  44. Kret Says:

    I just bought it yesterday for my Android , do i will get my money back or discount for Trillian Pro 5 for Windows ?

  45. WK Says:

    i’ve been a trillian customer since 2001, with a long hiatus in between for gaim/pidgin. the multi-device syncing is what’s making me return. i paid for the android version last week, bad timing on my part but i hope the team continues putting effort into it despite it going for free. looking forward to honeycomb optimization – having an option to remove thr conversation bubbles and increase font size will be great.

  46. Zoe Says:

    I own Trillian Pro for Computer, Blackberry, iPhone, and two copies for Android…… Sheesh. Short end of stick.

  47. Nootilus Says:

    I agree with most peoples here. I bought the Android version from the Market a few weeks ago. I feel a bit cheated. Thus being a registered pro user, I was a bit puzzled to have to buy the Android version. Now it turns free. Do you plan to make a refund or an offer for those who “played the game”?

  48. ExilE Says:

    The BEST messenger for Android ever!!! Thank you :)

  49. snefro Says:

    Been waiting for this for a looooooooooooooooong time….. and its not compatible with my HTC Desire, or maybe not available in Egypt :(
    Oh well, I’m sure that will be worked on soon. Please don’t be late though, I can’t wait to get this running. I love trillian, I NEED trillian. I gotta have this on my phone, nothing else measures up!!!!

  50. Georges Says:

    I’m a man who prefer ……..

  51. Irontiger Says:

    Sounds great, thanks!
    History – finally :D

    Some new features coming up? Can’t wait for it ;)


  52. Xeomueller Says:

    Any roadmap for the free Trillion iOS update?

  53. WKleinschmit Says:

    @Patrick W.: +1
    Google Market really sucks, as they accept noting else but credit-cards.

    I always hoped for a solution for this problem from you. I didn’t expect it to be that drastic. Respect!

    Hey folks! There *are* people out there who do not own a Credit-Card and *still* are human beings.

  54. Taylor Says:

    Thanks for that! Any chance to have an iPad version coming?

  55. CoquiOX Says:

    Awesome… I literally bought the paid for version less then 20 hours ago…

  56. edmond Says:

    This is a big help to us, Thanks1

  57. Erich of W Says:

    I’ll take that shirt too. I paid for Trillian on the android as well…not too happy that its now free and I don’t own an iPhone or berry and I sure as hell never will so..unless this follows me to my PC’s…what’s the point?

  58. Eddy Says:

    Will there be an Linux/Ubuntu release in the near future? (btw. like the Android client and i want my chat to be synced from win7 to phones to linux)

  59. wolfkabal Says:

    I just purchased it last week too! Oh well, always been a Pro user and supporter. Still haven’t went pro with 5.x yet though.

  60. Andy Says:

    It would be really nice if cloud chat history was made “free for life” for those who purchased the Android app. I bought the app because I read an article about the cloud history, and thought “synchronize with Trillian for Mac, Windows, and Web” in the App description was what that meant. When I found out that wasn’t the case, I purchased Pro, and was amazed to see it was only for “a year”. All in all, that’s $17 on Trilllian software – and while I’m aware that storing chats and paying devs isn’t free, I’m disappointed in the value that that money is getting, especially considering that the cloud chat feature isn’t advertised as being Pro-only.

  61. ajm Says:

    @Erich of W: Your paid version won’t show the ads that are in the free version — forever. There is no obligation to upgrade to Pro. We appreciate your support!

  62. zorak950 Says:

    @Zoe You paid for the Android version twice? You’ve piqued my curiosity.

  63. Krimson Gray Says:

    I paid for the Pro version, and I paid for the IOS version and I have loved Trillian for a long time. So I am happy the Android version is now free!

  64. JonathanXS Says:

    Honestly, I paid for the app simply because the $5 was cheap (one of these days I’ll get Pro when I’m not paying for college :x ) and I wanted to support CS. Nice to know I’ve got something on the free users now though. :)

  65. JonathanXS Says:

    On a completely seperate note, why is “colon x” a mad emote on the comments here?

  66. Paul Says:

    Happy Trillian is free for all. Also happy to pay for no adds.

  67. RioT Says:

    I am happy to have paid. Keep up the great work and ill buy the next one too.

  68. Soulwound Says:

    Solved the package not signed correctly problem. Uninstall any previous copy of Trillian you have installed (I had one of the beta releases on mine), you might have to use the settings -> applications -> manage applications dialog from the main phone settings if you can’t uninstall it from market -> my apps
    Once it’s uninstalled, Trillian should install without a hitch!

  69. chris Says:

    can someone post the apk? It is still not accesible in Greece

  70. Trillian para Android también se actualiza y se vuelve gratis messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] gente de Cerulean Studios ha dicho que están trabajando en más funciones y mejoras de diseño, así que podemos esperar una nueva revisión [...]

  71. Ciprian Says:

    This is the day I’ve been waiting for. I’m upgrading to Trillian Pro!!!

  72. FlyinBotls Says:

    Awesome… I feel like I just got ripped off then. I paid the money for the app even though I already bought Trillian PRO for desktop…

  73. Graham Says:

    Well I use Trillian for Android (although not for anything else), it was recommended by a friend and it wasn’t too expensive so I decided to support the development. There are still lots of features I want to see implemented and I don’t mind having paid for it, however having “Upgrade to Pro” stuck in the menu whilst still not supporting XMPP group chats is making me feel like a second class user. I understand it’s a work in progress but it seems the cashiers are out in force before the application is even finished.

  74. TauSigma Says:

    I already paid for the android version and I paid for the Pro version on my desktop. There should have been a package for registered pro users.

  75. maher reda Says:


  76. Josely Says:

    Nice one…but can we video call using this? I’m still satisfied.

  77. LuciaZ Says:

    Trillian is awesome

  78. Morenicano Says:

    I’m SOOOO happy to see you guys move forward with development and am a proud supporter of your product since 2002. I’m happy to further support it and can’t wait to see this newer version you guys are already working on!!!! Any timeframe on when you expect to share it? Are you guys able to give teaser screenshots? BTW thank you for the free ad version because now I can get other family and friends to try it out first and see if they like it before paying for it. I’m even more grateful that my subscription I already paid keeps me ad free forever but I’ll still donate happily because this is a great product and I wish others would see that instead of complaining about the money they spent.

    I think it should be realized that Cerulean Studios has done A LOT to make sure this stuff works and not to mention they are making sure it’s working on multiple platforms and I think it’s only 5 of them or something like that. If the shoes were on the other foot would you want to pay for servers, electricity, labor to the other developers, etc. out of your own pocket with nothing in return? How fair is that? Think about if you went to work and your job decided they didn’t want to pay you for all the work you did or your entire shift… You wouldn’t think that is fair would you?

    Please everybody let’s not focus on the fact that you spent $5 on an app that’s now free but how about knowing that your $5 helped keep this company alive in this messed up economy where they could’ve called in quits years ago like many others did. Even the $15 per year charge is nothing compared to what it’s going to. If you took 5 quarters ($1.25) every month and put it in a safe for 12 months, right there you would have enough to keep this company afloat. That’s less than one 20 oz soda. I’m sure they appreciate everyone’s support so let’s all keep supporting them.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  79. jharper04 Says:

    I downloaded V5 last week and then decided to pay the $5 for the Android version. Which i bought the day before they changed policy. What did I get for my $5 less than 24 hours of use. No ads till they change their minds again. I don’t mind ads on Android apps but I didn’t get a choice. They never contacted those of us who bought on the 15th.

    I’ve been a long time support and paid for Pro versions to support them in the past not because of features. Nevermore. The confusion about the change from version license to annual subscription had slower my v5 payment so they only got me $5 instead of $17. I think handled right I would have gone the v5 Pro route.

  80. David Jonas Says:

    You know ultimately I must agree when it comes right down to it on the side of those who have supported ceruleanstudios up until now and have bought payed versions of the applications.

    For instance myself i have bought and paid for not only the pro versions from 2 – 5 and the iphone and android apps as well as checked out the blackberry app but bought and payed for multiple copies of each, (not only just for me and for my work PC but also for family and even a close friend).

    But that really isn’t what makes me irate here. The main issue i have with all of this is the fact that I have advertised Trillian since version 3 to all of my friends and family.
    And some of them to have also bought and paid for various versions since 3.0 and later.

    Thats what i have most of a gripe about, And while i do realize that we are not loosing much. I was under the assumption that CS would have at the very least asked the community what they thought of the idea and given us some heads up about this change.

    Not only do i have tremendous respect for the trillian developers, I actually have met one of them in person.
    Im really on the fence about this decision. And really wish that CS would have atleast hinted about this change in revenue model.

  81. Miro Says:

    Well every day new policy from Cerulean. Good that i used it on android from .apk and did not paid it.

  82. Elysian893 Says:

    So what did I pay for the Android app for? That really doesn’t make me happy. Can the money I spent on the Android app go towards being a Pro member? This is really retarded.

  83. Turkish Says:

    Thank you Trillian

  84. Pablo Says:

    I believe it’s high time for a Windows mobile version! Don’t let us out!

  85. Oliver Says:


    sofort als die Nachricht published wurde hab ich mir das App gezogen – sehr nice. I like!

  86. Stuart 42 Says:


    I previously purchased the iPhone version; if I install the android version will I get ads or not?


  87. JackDeth Says:

    I just went to the market but can’t find it anywhere.

  88. orlando Says:

    Hello from Brazil !!!!!! LOved that App ! Great !!!!! Amazing !!! Free!!!! thanks … I’m a desktop Trillian Fan , and now I can usa that in my Android !

  89. Supuhstar Says:

    I’m glad to see that my app has been kept the same after buying it. At least there’s that.

  90. ronaldenho Says:

    I love people

  91. Jean Carlos Says:


  92. Samone Says:

    I am so glad that you are able to offer this for Free for a limited time?? I had it way before it was ever on the market and love, love, LOVE, love this ALL-IN-1 over the rest of the other apps. I was just a little disappointed when it was finally offered thru Android Market, that it was going to cost me $4.99 (sorry, already had the free APK and just never updated). I’m just glad to see that you’re able to offer to the rest of the ANDROID users this awesome app and I’m able to get updates now :) hehehehehee!!! By far the best A-I-1 messaging app – go DL asap!!