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Trillian for Android: Bugfixes! (1.1 Build 215)

Another quick update today, this time to Trillian for Android. A few bugs with the recently unveiled in-app purchasing routines have been fixed, the notification icons were updated to look a bit nicer, and we’ve added a feature to start Trillian when your device boots up. On the server side, a small bug preventing certain Jabber accounts from connecting has been resolved, and you should now be able to sign into your Android tablets and Android phones simultaneously. Enjoy the new build!

18 Responses to “Trillian for Android: Bugfixes! (1.1 Build 215)”
  1. Brandon Enriquez Says:

    When do you guys think you will be pushing these updates to people who purchased on the Amazon Appstore? So far this is the second update that hasn’t shown up on there. Definitely love your guys’ product as I use it on PC and Android. Keep up the good work.

  2. jazde86 Says:

    Wuhuuu! The German localization is wonderful, great! *hüpf*

    Trillian für Android <3

  3. smw Says:

    @Brandon: We are working on it now, sorry for the delay!

  4. Jay Says:

    Yea, I am waiting for the Amazon App store update as well. Using Trill version currently

  5. jazde86 Says:

    Why not switching to the Google Android Market – now as Trillian is free?

  6. MagicMike Says:

    I’m guessing because they downloaded the Pro version from Amazon when it was the app of the day and they are afraid that if they download it from the Android Market, they’ll see ads.

  7. jaleo Says:

    Hello, why trillian can not support my Defy (Motolora 525)?

  8. Darrian Says:

    I’m waiting for the Amazon update as well. WTF? And I actually paid $10 for it; $5 to Google and $5 to Amazon (And I’m already a Trillian Pro subscriber and have been for years, I was appalled that I had to pay $5 for the Android app when there has at least always been a free version for other OSes). I’m using it on my rooted Nook, and since they updated to Android 2.2 I’m reluctant to install any of the Google apps, including the market, because it breaks stuff. I guess if all it is is a bugfix it’s not terribly important, as the old version appears to be pretty much bug-free to me. If there’s this kind of delay if/when new features are added I might be quite a bit more anxious, however.

  9. terryhau Says:

    With regards to being signed on to Windows Live Messenger and Trillian for Android simultaneously. Can you add a features to suppress notifications on the phone while I’m chatting on the PC. I want to have Trillian always on (start on boot option is awesome), but it’s annoying when I’m chatting on the PC and the notifications on the phone continuously go off.

  10. Popo Says:

    “added a basic chat history viewer” <– where ????
    I can't find it on my android phone..

  11. ajm Says:

    @terryhau Trillian solves this problem with our continuous client functionality! Download Trillian for Windows or Trillian Mac, or sign on to Trillian for Web and you will no longer have to deal with that – when you’re on your desktop, Trillian will silent the phone notifications. Likewise, when you get up from your desktop your messages will automatically notify your phone. The best part is that your conversations are sync’d between all Trillian instances – even if you load it mid-way through a conversation it’ll pull it up! Continuous client functionality is free for all platforms.

  12. MagicMike Says:

    @Popo – Open a chat window with one of your contacts, then tap your device’s “menu” button and you’ll see a history option.

  13. MagicMike Says:

    The “Start on device boot” option is not working for me on the Nexus S (2.3.4). Anyone having any luck with it?

  14. Popo Says:

    @MagicMike is it only for pro user ?
    I thought the history saved to SDcard :(

  15. BAF Says:

    Any plans on making a tablet-optimized version? It runs fine on my Xoom, however, a more refined/optimized tablet UI (like the new gmail/calendar for Honeycomb) would be amazing.

  16. Dudu Maroja Says:

    will push ever work without the app running in background ( suspended ) not only in background?

    whoud be nice if the notification works like chome to phone works, nothing running. but the PUSH starts the app and make the magic happens!

  17. rob Says:


  18. WK Says:

    Agree on MUC!