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Trillian 1.6 for iPhone: Now free of charge.

We’re pleased to announce that Trillian for iPhone is our second mobile application to go free, so head on over to the App Store on your favorite iOS device to get your copy! We’ve fixed a handful of bugs in this build, added a basic chat history viewer, and made major improvements to our networking engine. You should notice fewer disconnects and should be able to interface with existing chat windows more easily even when you’ve lost your network connection.

If you’ve already purchased Trillian for iPhone in the past, your account has been automatically upgraded to ad-free status. You purchased an ad-free client with free upgrades and you will continue to receive an ad-free client with free upgrades. As an additional perk, your ad-free status will go with you across all mobile platforms, so if you switch to an Android or BlackBerry one day your original iPhone purchase will be honored as if you bought Trillian there as well! Of course, if you’re a Trillian Pro customer you can also take advantage of an ad-free experience everywhere, with the additional perk of cloud history. If you notice any bugs here please send us an email and we’ll investigate right away.

We’re already hard at work on an amazing new version of Trillian for iPhone, featuring many popular feature requests and some awesome new UI enhancements. Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting Trillian!

64 Responses to “Trillian 1.6 for iPhone: Now free of charge.”
  1. gorgos Says:

    Chat history viewer isn’t working for me. Not showing any history. I’ma Trillian Pro customer, so I should have my history in the cloud. Is the history viewer on iPhone only for local history?

  2. Morenicano Says:

    ….and the complaints begin in 3… 2… 1…

  3. smw Says:

    @Morenicano: :)

  4. Chas3R Says:

    Thank you for this… I truly wasn’t interested in paying $5 for the iPhone app having already plunked down on the desktop app. Well played guys/gals, well played.

  5. Dennis Says:

    What about the Android version???? -.-
    Always for IOS and never Android Systems but why ?–> Android gets or even is much bigger then Apple!!!

  6. Morenicano Says:

    @smw LOL! You know it’s gonna happen. :P

    I am a proud user of the Android version but believe it or not I’ve been stalking your blog and Twitter account waiting for this announcement becuase I’m telling all my iPhone friends about this cause I think it’s such an awesome product and once I show them what it can do I’m sure some of them would consider upgrading to Pro after they’ve tried it. :)

  7. smw Says:

    @Morenicano Continue to appreciate all of your support and will keep working hard to improve Trillian!

  8. eamodio Says:

    Great news! Any plans for an iPad version? Please? ;)

  9. Andre Says:

    Please fix the corporate proxy issue. I’m not able to log in when connected to corporate wifi even with proxy server enabled.

  10. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Great Job Team!

    Telling everyone I know who thought $5 was too much, that it is now free, and to check it out :) The limited history viewer is a /very/ welcome addition, much appreciated :)

  11. Fizzlefist Says:

    @Dennis: dude, the android version went free last month…

    Keep it up guys. Any word on an iPad version?

  12. StickyFinga Says:

    Are you drunk man? Freaking kidding us? You already forgot what happened last month? It’s not even been a month. Wake up dude!

  13. BG Says:

    I bought the iPhone app and I am a pro user of the desktop app…do I not get grandfathered in on the iPhone app pro features?

  14. Nach Android: Trillian für iOS auch kostenlos Says:

    [...] iOS-Version von Trillian für iPhone & iPad kostenlos auf den Markt zu rocken. Find ich gut! Alles Weitere im Trillian-Blog. Und ja – gibt natürlich Alternativen wie & [...]

  15. Morenicano Says:

    @Dennis – You must’ve posted to the wrong blog cause Android went free AND got all the newer features (chat history, etc) before anybody else!

    @BG – If I’m not mistaken, the policy is the same across the board as far as licensing is concerned which was explained in this announcement (

  16. Kent Brockman Says:

    Awl man… I paid for the iPhone version a while back. I just bought the Desktop version a week ago! I’m feeling disgruntled. ><

  17. Knapp Says:

    Thanks guys, I love having trillian on my iphone 4. have it too on my lappy.

  18. Yakov S. Says:

    Er, where is the iPad version? I really love Trillian (I have it on all supported platforms except Blackberry! Paid for all except Mac and think that you deserved the money) but using the iPhone version on an iPad is pain. Dear devs, please tell me how soon the iPad (beta?) version will be ready.

  19. Dan B Says:

    As always another great update. I can only imagine what new UI and features you are dreaming up. :)

  20. Deborah Says:

    Are there any plans for Trillian for regular cell phone users? I am on a regular cell phone and would love to be able to text my friend on my cell using Trillian. Right now I’m just sending him email using my cell and it’s a hassle. Want to be able to have it like Yahoo Messenger where, you’re texting real time whether you’re on the cell OR Trillian on the computer. Is that possible?

  21. Graham Beale Says:

    Unbelievable! I bought it yesterday! :(

  22. kwyjibo Says:

    I bought Desktop and iPhone versions and I regret neither.

  23. ajm Says:

    @Yakov: Not at the moment, sorry.

    @Dan B: thanks!

    @Deborah: what kind of phone do you have? unfortunately a lot of feature-phones aren’t easy to program for.

    @Graham Beale: then you have it ad-free for life for only $5, something no longer available! (the free version has ads)

  24. koltrof Says:

    ja 1,6 zimlich verstee gar nichts was ist ich habe für Trillian für mein iPhone shon bezalt und benutze ist alesso ok
    und was ist mit dem neue ??
    kling bisien beschiesen, bedeutet das jet jeden bekomt frei ??? dan warum habe ich bezalt
    pro oder nicht pro interesiert bestiemt niemand gibs not miranda, ich benuze schon 10 jahre Trillian und ist supper und neue funkcion wo geld kostet interesiert mich garnichs
    haupsache alte mühglichskeite bleib, wen nicht dan smeise diese program weg !”

  25. jazde86 Says:

    @koltrof: Die Übersetzung dieses Blogeintrages in Deutsch findest Du ab sofort hier:

  26. Morenicano Says:

    If I could make one request though… Everyone please support/vote for my feature request for group chat (Bugzilla Bug 13076). I would really love to have this feature on my Android (and the other platforms/OS) becuase im tired of these othere apps being installed amd yheir only purpose is group chat but i have to give out my cell phone number.

  27. TheBigCEO Says:

    1) What about people (like me and my team) that purchased it already? Do we get this credited back towards something else?
    2) When is there an iPad version coming out? The distortion of the app on the iPad made me just download and since that works ok I am also looking at Digsby and Meebo.
    3) Why did my paid version of desktop Trillian suddenly turn into an ad-ridden application? I am forced to replace it soon.

    Trillian used to be great…until it divided into several products that dont seem to relate to each other.

  28. Tony Says:

    Yeah, I raised an eyebrow when I first read this headline because I paid for it. But I’m happy to have an ad-free version. And you know what I love Trillian, it’s great value for money on the desktop and I was happy to get the mobile version and support development.

    Come on, it was a few quid. “TheBigCEO” asking if he’ll get credit back. Don’t be so petty. If you’re such a Big CEO I’m sure you have better uses for your time.

  29. ajm Says:

    1) You can continue to use it, ad-free with no expiration. The free version has ads, and we no longer offer the $5 ad-free version.
    3) When did this happen? If you were running a Trillian Pro 4.x, no ads have been added. If you paid for Trillian 5 pre-release, you shouldn’t be seeing ads. More detail in our May 9th blog post:

    @Tony: Thanks for the support!

  30. WindtalkerCS Says:

    Do we get a changelog on this one?

  31. Wes M. Says:

    Trillian is a wonderful app for the PC, and now for the iPhone. I’ve just tossed Meebo off my phone — there’s no comparison: Trillian is far more polished, and way more reliable. I’ve been using Trillian for 10 years and have always told people that it’s the IM app to rule them all.

    Trillian rocks!

  32. Jennifer Says:

    I need a iPad version. Please!

  33. Chad Says:

    What about iPad? Guess I’ll keep using IM+ Pro.

  34. murpium Says:

    I purchased the iPhone app back a few months back for $5 expecting it to be as good as the Blackberry version that I purchased or the desktop version that I purchased. I’ve been sorely disappointed by the iPhone back. Always crashing, always disconnecting, always making me press a green button to reconnect instead of just flipping DOING IT. Cerulean seems to have a lot to learn about iPhone programming…

    It really isn’t even worth it for free, especially with iOS5 coming out with built in messaging.

  35. Some Random Guy Says:

    Please guys , please.. why is there not a client for WebOS, I have a Plam pre and will be saving for a HP touch pad a Trillian app for WebOS will be killer.

  36. ajm Says:

    @murpium this is a new release. a lot of that has changed.

  37. Hammerfest Says:

    Honestly I was waiting for v5 to become stable enough (release) to purchase (even at $30 full price), now I see that the spamvertisement model is in place and yearly… im going back to pidgin…

    Many will say I shoudla bought when it was $15 and v5 was in beta, that is PARTIALLY true, HOWEVER I had so many issues with v4, and v5 was buggy as all hell for me, I wasn’t going to buy something that wasn’t ready…

    Shame on you Trillian, delaying the v5 release not due to bugs or features but SPAM-VER-TISE-MENT… thats just all fucked off… (and the spam that occurs DURING an IM conversation is the most annoying I have EVER encountered, little pop-up’s same as IM notices, fine sure why not, in IM client main window, sure, MSN/YIM/AIM did it, but IN actual CHAT conversations…. fuck off ya?

  38. MURSALEN Says:


  39. Morenicano Says:

    DAMN you guys are needy! Why is it that EVERY time they bring out a new version or support a new OS people have to say “Why isn’t it on _____?” YOU try to learn and develop for this many different OS’s and then make them all work and talk to each other. Next you’re gonna want it on your Nook and then on your digital picture frame… On top of that, I really can’t believe so many people are so cheap that they’re complaining about spending $5 on an app that does so much and will do so much more in the future (or as long as they can survive off your $5 that you actually are asking to have refunded). I can see if we were talking about a $400 program that suddenly became free but your lunch costs more than this app!

    Even if you purchased the Pro version and multiple versions of the mobile client, think about it as your contribution to the success of a small company that is at least trying to do as much as they can to make a communication tool as universal as possible not to mention they communicate changes, updates, etc and give the opportunity for the public to give feedback and try to answer as many concerns as possible. I think they are doing a wonderful job with everything they’re doing and hope to see what updates they ALREADY have in store.

    I realize I’m ranting right now but my major point is let’s please all try to support this wonderful group of people that put in so much hard work and don’t ask for much to allow them to continue to exist and expand.

    Thank you Cerulean Studios for everything you’ve done so far and I look forward to future updates!

  40. Fabien Barel Says:

    I want this promotion for blackberry please!!!

  41. Mel Says:

    As always, great info. One thing I’ve always appreciated about Trillian is that releases don’t seem rushed out the door. Anytime I’ve had a problem, it seems the solution was already in the works, if it wasn’t solved – which is why I’ve been happy to pay for the pro versions! Keep it up!

  42. Mike Says:

    Are you going to provide a refund to those of us who paid? Not fair we faithfully paid and now everyone gets it for free.

  43. Eric Bartlett Says:

    What if I paid for the Pro desktop and the APP? do I get some sort of refund?

  44. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    @Mike, @ Eric,

    The Product you paid for is different than the Product that is now Free.

    -The Free Product available now, has Ads in it.
    -The Product you paid for Does Not. Hence, you will never have Ads. EVER :)

    If you really need that $5 back, I suppose you could contatc Cerulean Studios. But if you think about it, you got a Great Deal! (After 6 Months of the normal Ad Free Subscription, you will have saved $1)

  45. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    @Mike, @ Eric,

    The Product you paid for is different than the Product that is now Free.

    -The Free Product available now, has Ads in it.
    -The Product you paid for Does Not. Hence, you will never have Ads. EVER :)

    If you really need that $5 back, I suppose you could contatc Cerulean Studios. But if you think about it, you got a Great Deal! (After 6 Months of the normal Ad Free Subscription, you will have saved $1)

  46. Dominick Says:

    The regular program includes Skype, how come the app doesn’t… I missing something?

  47. Thuggish Nuggets Says:

    Seriously? First they force ads on me and interrupt my work, then they move to a subscription only model and remove the ability to buy the pro version and then after I have ALREADY PURCHASED THIS APP they decide to make it free. I would really appreciate it if you would stop screwing over your paid customers.

    Yeah.. I really think I’m finished with Cerulean Studios come fall when all of the 200 million iOS devices have a free built-in messaging center with chat syncing between all clients for.. get this.. FREE. Best part? I won’t be swindled out of my money or shown ads. EVER. Bad business practices are bad.

    One positive thing to say, at least the ads are much more subdued now.. It’s too bad though that these guys can’t seem to figure out that my account has already purchased the iPhone version of their product (and logged in with it) so they could stop sending me ads for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry versions of trillian.

  48. The Termite Says:

    NO- you’re not getting any money back, stop complaining.
    Your “donation” was because you were an early adopter, get over it.
    Can I get money back because At&T now has iphones for $50 when I paid $200 for mine?
    Stop your bitching.

  49. Erik Says:

    @Dominick – if you notice, the desktop app also requires Skype to be loaded, active, and have proxies configured, and just acts as an interface for the chat. That does not happen on the iPhone version.
    I was very excited to hear that Trillian was going free and I am a grandfathered Pro user, since I was not happy paying for the mobile client, and could not wait to load it and get rid of Skype off my iPhone, figuring that Trillian had worked some magic, and they have not… Now, I will ask the same question…

    What is up with having all of my chat clients united except Skype, Cerulean? This is a mobile extension of my desktop app, which has Skype, and for this to be useful at all, it needs to have ALL of my chat clients, since my clients use Skype and my colleagues use Yahoo!. If I need to have two clients running, then I will just have Skype and Yahoo! and not waste time translating Yahoo to Trillian, and Skype as stand alone. Please consider stopping wasting my time, and include Skype, via whatever hocus-pocus is required. and give me the product you offered — All Clients in One Tool

  50. Zell Says:

    iPad version please!

  51. WindtalkerCS Says:

    @Erik – You are complaining to the wrong people, Skype are the ones that won’t release an API to use the network, not CS.

  52. Brian Says:

    Pro user, waited for app to go free before downloading. This is good enough to make me abandon my trusty BeejiveIM for, but so far push notifications are spotty at best. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there were some severe scaling issues with the notification servers after the product turned free and the sudden increase in users, but for this to truly be a solid player in the mobile IM market nowadays, rock-solid push notifications are a must. Hope to see that sorted out soon.

    Also was hoping for the ability to log off a desktop client from mobile, like you can do in reverse, but maybe that’s still in development.

  53. Michel Says:

    push notifications stopped working for me right after i grabbed 1.6

    no more pop-ups, alerts, number pucks on the icon… nothing, feck all

    that on top of the fact i paid for the app… i feel well and properly boned.

    where’s the lube?

  54. Trisha Says:

    When will you have an app for Palm, specifically the Pixi?

  55. Shane Says:

    I bought it and I don’t mind. It’s a really good app and I have been a Trillian supporter for 12 years. Now I can get my friends to download it.

  56. Jon Says:

    So do I get my $4.99 back? Why are others getting this for free now that it’s halfway decent when I had to shell out $$$ when it was still in development??

  57. Mike Says:

    @Jon If you really want your 4.99 I hope you don’t mind the ads. You have an ad-free version for LIFE with that 4.99, the only other way to get ad-free is to get the $12/year trillian subscription. Stop complaining.

  58. RSHAH Says:

    Gr8 to have this app on my Iphone , but I am not able to connect to Yahoo Messenger !!!!! Well gtalk works well though !!!

  59. Dilirius Cortez Says:

    Great Update! Bought Trillian on my PC when Version 5 was released and the iPhone Version on day one. One Idea to add maybe on the iPhone Client. iPod Support! Apps can already get the current track etc. So changing the status to the song which is playing when the App opens shouldn’t be a prob, right? :)

    Anyway. The Mac Client is great. But I would like to see more customization option. Automatic following of my account picture would be a good start :)

  60. Esteves Says:

    I have the same problem of @Michel after the update to the 1.6, triilian stoped the notifications. i have a paid application too.

  61. Dennis V Says:

    How does one access the activity history? I thought it’d be more appropriate here but if it belongs in the forums, I apologize in advance!

  62. SpamLover Says:

    Trillian… nice product.

    First – ads suck.
    Second – you want me to download the “free” iPhone app, so you can then attempt to extort “ad-free” money from me at a later date? Yeah, right. Like I really want to volunteer for that! You have shown your willingness to treat your users like ATMs… why should you look back now?
    Third – No, I don’t feel entitled to use every software package for free. But those that are distributed as free should remain free – it is not fair to “force” an upgrade which then pushes ads on unsuspecting users. And an annual license at that?

  63. Mike Says:

    What about Windows Phone 7? I have Trillian on my desktop and want it on my phone too. Are you working on a WP7 version too?

  64. Jani Says: