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Trillian for Windows: Now plugged into Skype! (5.1 Build 7)

Today we’re happy to announce a new beta version of Trillian for Windows! Our Skype™ plugin has received a great upgrade by way of the new “SkypeKit” SDK, which means you no longer have to run Skype and Trillian at the same time! You can chat, send files, and even make Skype calls directly within Trillian. In addition, we’ve polished up the chat history design, exposed the ability to send images on all chat services, upgraded our AIM and ICQ engines, added user streams and other new features to our Twitter engine, and fixed a handful of other minor bugs. The beta is available for immediate download – we hope you enjoy it!


  • Native Skype integration.
  • A refreshed chat history design.
  • The ability to send images on all chat services.
  • AIM and ICQ plugin updates.
  • Twitter user streams and other misc new features.
  • A host of other minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • Coming soon: Native Skype integration for the Mac!

Download the beta here!

99 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: Now plugged into Skype! (5.1 Build 7)”
  1. ThePro Says:

    Gonna test it, nice release!

  2. kitezer Says:

    woot! I am SO happy and excited thank you CS for this amazing program :D

  3. Bradley Says:

    Soo… Still no XMPP bookmarks? Or a fix for duplicate chat history lines in XMPP MUCs?

  4. Chris Kirby Says:

    awesome update! I’ve been waiting for Skype to release an sdk for many years now, so i’m really glad you guys embraced it! Is video support in the pipeline as well? I’ve been doing a lot of video and group video calls more frequently, so if you do add that i’ll finally be Skype client free. Love that your doing mac support too, since i do use both clients on a regular basis.

  5. Paula Says:

    wow! this is definitely a very happy upgrade!
    can’t wait for the two new features for OSX

  6. Raf Says:

    Avira warns of TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen trojan in skypekit.exe

  7. Ian Says:

    YES PLEASE. Skype is the biggest news; I was always disappointed that I had to run Skype concurrently when CS had had all the other services licked *ages* ago. I still remember the old AOL update wars. This is fantastic.

    I’d like to request that be added to the list of URLs from which images are automatically populated. It’s pretty popular, particularly with reddit users.

  8. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Awesome news regarding Skype! I will need to put this on my Home sys as I’m a Mac user when mobile :P

  9. Toff Says:

    Wow, those are some long-awaited additions, getting it immediately! Hope these are not all the surprises you have in store for 5.1? ^__~
    Thank you for your hard work, guys, as always!

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  11. Mike Says:

    What does this mean for pro 5.0 users?

  12. Megamichl Says:

    Thanks for Skype Integration. But it does not work. Trillian only says “xxxxx is a not valid skype username”. But its valid… :-(

  13. Jana Says:

    nice job! :) thanks a lot. the new history looks pretty good. and the native skype integration… minor glitches, still some features missing, but i like that! :)

  14. Megamichl Says:

    @all: How did you manage to work with the new skype plugin? For me it does not work.

  15. Matt Says:

    Wrong password 10x

    Reset password

    Skype disconnects over and over skypekit error code “19″

    skypekit.exe has stopped working after 10 minutes

  16. Kevin Hammett Says:

    Does not work, will not login.

    password and username is correct.

  17. James Says:

    Seems great, but keeps disconnecting with Skype saying the password is invalid, even though I’ve retyped it a few times and made sure it’s correct

  18. James Says:

    Seems great, but keeps disconnecting with Skype saying the password is invalid, even though I’ve retyped it a few times and made sure it’s correct

  19. David Says:

    Very nice! I’m looking forward to checking out the new Skype integration.

  20. Steve Says:

    your name validation is broken. it won’t let me add my skype name. Might I suggest you add -’s to the name validation since its legal now in skype?

  21. smw Says:

    If you’ve been previously using our Skype plugin in 5.0, you will see a bad password error and need to fix it to continue. This should be a one-time issue, barring any new bugs that crop up.

    @Steve, will take a look for the next build, thanks for the heads up.

  22. David Says:

    Trillian is crashing when I try to make test calls at work. We’ll see what happens at home.

  23. fresco Says:

    Native Skype support – YEAH! Exactly what I hoped for :) Thanks, I’m going to try that as soon as I can!

  24. Kevin Says:

    How long until Skype support is available for Mac? Hopefully soon…

  25. TheKong Says:

    Looks great. Can’t way to play with it.

  26. smw Says:

    @David: What skin are you using at work?

  27. Duke Igthorn Says:

    Although it won’t let me add my Skype with an error that I use a username that is impossible… which it isn’t. XD
    Please help …. ^^

  28. xgathos Says:

    crashes, right after login :-( cannot use at all…

  29. smw Says:

    @Duke: Does your username contain the ‘-’ character? This is a known issue if so and we’ll fix it next build.

  30. Nick Says:

    I think it is important to mention, that the “need to fix” Scott is referring to with the bad password means you need to delete the account and readd it with the correct password… putting just the password itself in did not fix it.

  31. jadarite Says:

    Ok, and how do you make phone calls? That’s like 90 percent of what makes Skype what it is. If we could only microphone chat we could have used WLM or Yahoo. Keep up the work, but realize this “breakthrough” doesn’t amount to much until we can call people’s phones. We still need the Skype program.

  32. smw Says:

    @jadarite: The first pass of our integration is for Skype to Skype calling only. As the SkypeKit matures, we’ll be adding as much functionality as we can directly to Trillian, including more integration with Skype paid features. We know alot of folks were already using our older Skype plugin and this version will hopefully improve their day-to-day experiences by leaps and bounds in the meantime.

  33. Shelby Says:

    I am also getting the crash right after start. :-(

  34. Duke Igthorn Says:

    @smw Indeed it does have a dash ( – ) in it. Well then at least I know why it’s happening XD
    No worries, I can wait till you hurl out the next build… unless that is next year :P
    Thanks for the heads up :3

  35. JaRa Says:

    For all whom get disconnected from skype with error 7, make sure your skype application is not running.

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  38. fresco Says:

    I also had problems logging into Skype with the new plugin (I’ve used the old plugin before). So I deleted my Skype connection and created a new one. It worked for me :)

  39. Megamichl Says:

    I also have a “-” in my Skypename and it also doesnt work. So please fix it! :-)

  40. Geoff K Says:

    Just installed the beta, every time i go to launch, Trillian bombs out “Trillian has stopped working”

    Event log as below

    Faulting application name: trillian.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e5bad2e
    Faulting module name: MSVCR90.dll, version: 9.0.30729.6161, time stamp: 0x4dace5b9
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x0003afac
    Faulting process id: 0x13fc
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cc668eb374e1b7
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trillian\trillian.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.6161_none_50934f2ebcb7eb57\MSVCR90.dll
    Report Id: f7bd52f6-d281-11e0-96dd-005056c00008

  41. Terepin Says:

    Will Trillian for Android receive same treatment?

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  43. James Says:

    Finally got it working, but no friends are showing up as online (even the Test Call). Plus now that I see it doesn’t allow video calls, I’ll keep the Skype part signed off and use the normal Skype program.

  44. Jeff Says:

    Great! That’s what I have been waiting for!

  45. MIke Says:

    ICQ plugin causes crash…

  46. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Still no option to disable facebook chat if the facebook plugin is enabled ?

  47. John Head Says:

    since I installed this, Trillian loads and then crashes. Every single time. Plus, I am seeing weird black orders around everything and all the graphics are funky. I would link to screenshots, but trillian crashes before I can even take one.

  48. michabbb Says:

    hi, win7 64 –> trillian crashes everytime a skype call is made.. incoming or outgoing, doesn´t matter ;-((((

  49. gesellix Says:

    As already mentioned in Avira warns me about a Trojan “TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen” in SkyeKit.exe

  50. Chris Says:

    First, thanks for your hard work in making Trillian one of the best programs out there today; it’s greatly appreciated! :D With this latest beta, I seem to be having trouble actually connecting to skype through Trillian. I’m sure the username and password are correct, and I even changed the password to see if that would someone fix the problem, but I just get continuously disconnected and reconnected. I didn’t receive any error message or anything, I just get infinite disconnects.

  51. Erik Says:

    Please support dot and hyphen (“.” and “-”) as valid characters for the Skype username in the next build…

  52. Chris Says:

    Nevermind the technical difficulties I mentioned in my previous message…a simple system restart fixed it and I was able to get skype connected through Trillian without any trouble. My observations so far are limited, but I know that the IM works, however I’m noticing that the “send” button is just a white box when sending messages (this isn’t just special to the skype interface…I seem to have this problem for any IM I send on any messenger).

  53. Jacob Says:

    Well I was able to login to Skype with no issues and it shows my Skype Contact list perfectly but as soon as I try to call anyone it crashes Trillian out.

  54. Nick Says:

    Chris … are you using a skin other than the default? It sounds like they changed some stuff with how .png files work and it could have affected the skin you are using…

  55. TheKong Says:

    With luck one of the next builds will allow skypekit.exe to be shut down when you disconnect from Skype. If I want to make a call to a mobile or landline at this time I need to use Skype, and it does not want to connect when skypekit.exe is running in the background.

  56. dcl Says:

    Native integration is promising so far.

    After deleting existing account, Skype login is successful.

    Skype IM messaging works.
    Skype to Skype calling crashes Trillian.
    Skype video calling unavailable.

  57. Eivind Says:

    AVG free antivirus also warns of TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen trojan in skypekit.exe

  58. dcl Says:

    Got Skype to Skype calling to work.

    Changed “Video & Voice” settings from “Primary Sound Capture Driver” and “Primary Sound Driver” to alternative input/outputs (Realtek Drivers)

  59. TrojanCentaur Says:

    Oh thank you thank you THANK YOU!

    Goodbye Skype client, you bloated nightmare of a software package.

  60. David Says:

    @smw: I’m using the default skin at work and at home…setups are almost identical except at work I connect to fewer networks. Interestingly, it worked at home. I’m on Windows 7 in both places, though home is 64-bit and work is 32-bit. I’m thinking it has to do with either the work Windows Firewall blocking some Skype connections (which I can’t modify) or something in the audio settings like dcl mentioned. Work computer is a Thinkpad T500, fyi. I’ll look into it more tomorrow.

  61. Mark El-Wakil Says:

    @smh: Looks like when I try calling someone on here, it crashes for me as well.
    I’m using no skin at the moment..

  62. JC Says:

    Now you’re talking! An awesome upgrade indeed! Thank you for all the hard work guys!

  63. Shao-sss Says:

    Check skype authorization. Shao-sss is not working. Are you recognize “-” as unsupported character?!!! x_X

  64. Jana from AVG Says:

    Eivind – regarding AVG, what version (program and virus database) are you using? I’ve just tested that with the latest and no detection was triggered.
    If you update your virus base and the detection still persists, please post here the details, and it will be fixed ASAP. Thanks!

  65. Day Says:

    finally skype support without skype, very nice :) after bringing it to the final please make connection to steam friends network

    notice for people complaining about avira etc: send the exe to avira for updating theyre signatures

  66. St. Smurfy Says:

    With the new Skype plugin I can’t connect to Skype. It always says the entered password is wrong. But not! I tried to remove the old account from the accout list and add again without any reasonable success. Then I tried my other skype account, but the name validator is wrong and it says it’s not valid. Of course it corresponds to Skype…

  67. Irontiger Says:

    Trillian is crashing for me after start up, like for other users. Sad :(
    But you did a good job ;) Hoping for a fast fix ;)

  68. Kan Says:

    Works well enough for me. Trillian crashes a lot of the time after hanging up a call that I’ve made but not after ending a received call oddly. The only feature missing I’m bothered by is conference calling but I’m sure it will arrive.

  69. loeachim Says: : same here… :-(

  70. Martin Says:

    ICQ plugin causes crash…

    For me too… Win 7, 64bit

  71. Jim Says:

    Since I use Skype mainly for calls to telephones this feature is not really of much use to me.
    When will the phone feature be supported?

  72. mp Says:

    Using Trillian with Linux (Ubuntu 11.04) for quite a while now emulated via WINE. Seems like the Skype connector doesn’t play ball yet :( shows me online for about 3 secs and then disconnects.
    I know Trillian does not officially support Linux, but reporting doesn’t harm as I’m a paid customer ;)

  73. JC Says:

    BUG: When I go to >> Preferences >> Status >> Edit status messages Trillian closes with an error in MSVCR90.dll, Exeption code c0000417

  74. Rocker93 Says:

    I don’t think there’s a point to send images over Astra protocol by hyperlink, it needs much more time to deliver and it isn’t compatible with older Trillian clients and mobile clients, too. Any chance it will change in proper release?

  75. Shao-sss Says:

    ICQ support only unicode cyrillic. Local tables looks like hieroglyphs.

  76. Sam Says:

    Super excited for the Skype integration on the Mac!

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  78. Kathrin Says:

    Antivir warning returns: TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen trojan in skypekit.exe
    And I cannot log in skype as my nickname contains a dot “.” – please fix this issue quickly :(

  79. Jacob Says:

    Thanks to Cerulean people for quick assistance, anyone crashing when attempting to make calls check your sound preferences and make sure to select specific devices and not use windows defaults. Exceptionally happy to not have to use Skype’s software anymore.

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  81. Jacob Says:

    Found a new nuance, once when searching contact list and then again when trying to move the contact list it maximized the contact list to full screen. Default skin used.

  82. iceman Says:

    I have a contact on Skype who has a hyphen (“-”) in his name and exactly this contact is displayed not to be associated with an account. The contact remains invisible on the contact list and can only be found via search. If I right click on the contact and choose add to “the respective skype account” the contact is not added.
    So the issue with the hyphens in names might go a little deeper than just signing-in issues.

  83. Rick Says:

    same, AVG warning of virus.

  84. Ozye Says:

    In Trillain 5.1 , in the main program window , chat windows . There are some pitch black areas in profile pictures , some of the cursors and some other places which it makes Trillian look a bit ugly . I tried change to another skin but it doesn’t help . Here is the picture of the problem . “”

    I’m now back using wait and will wait until it’s full released.

  85. Ricky Schleining Says:

    IM-ing works fine, but when I attempt to place a call or when someone attempts to call me, Trillian Crashes. I am using the default skin. The computer I am using does not have Skype installed to it. Win7 Pro 64-bit.

  86. Patrick W. Says:

    This is great, thank you for this update! I didn’t have the chance yet to test out Skype completely, because I simply don’t use Skype much (although this might change now), but the chat works fine so far ^^ Is there any way to transfer the (native) Skype history into Trillian? Now that I want to switch my Skype activity more or less completely to Trillian, I would like to have the history there too..

  87. An old faithful user Says:

    These are great news, Skype support and others! However what I’m really waiting for is support for MSN groups. I really want to get rid of that Windows Live Messenger which crashes every now and then, losing history and having other issues. Want to have my Trillian the only messenger both at work and at home.

  88. olegz Says:

    why we delete string that show how many time contact online ? bring it back into the next build :)

  89. Shrotty Says:

    Indeed, great deveopment – but I’ll have to stay with Adium for now until this beta goes Mac.

  90. WhitePaw Says:

    Strange: Trillian is set to check for beta updates itself but it didn’t update yet. I guess I will have to do it manually -.-

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  92. Yotsume Says:

    SKYPE NO RINGER SOUNDS??? I just upgraded to Trillian 5.1 Pro and I can’t believe there is no ringer sounds for Skype calls? This makes 5.1 useless for me! Did I miss a setting somewhere? I need a ringer sound when I place and receive calls especially ASAP!!!

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  94. animexx Says:


  95. Balansse Says:

    Is it possible to have more than one active Skype account? I did this with native app using /secondary parameter. Can you add this possibility to Trillian as well?

  96. Ben K Says:

    One problem: the title text for a window that is used when a new message is shown, if the message had (for example) a YouTube URL that was turned into an image, will not be displayed. So, for example, if the message consists solely of that url, the title text of the message will be “” (with the quotes). Those URLs should be left in their original form in the title text.

  97. SandraC Says:

    Jabber/XMPP still not connecting to livejournal server with v5x. Connects with v4x without a problem, as does Android version. Please, fix this.

  98. Alex Christensen Says:

    Hi Have a small problem the chat window resizes it self sometimes then i start to type. and it always goes all the way under the start menu.

  99. mio15 Says:

    Skype work´s fine so far. textchat and voicecall.
    but what about videochat (webcam) ? is this feature not included in this build?
    in a test call i could not see anything (both sides).

    but great work so far!