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Trillian for Mac: New chat window tabs, history searching, fixes! (1.2 Build 1)

Trillian 1.2 for Mac is now available! We’ve updated the chat windows to feature a more Mac-like vertical tab experience and tidied up some of the chat window visuals. Chat history gains the important search ability, and we’ve also fixed a handful of bugs specific to Lion. The issue that was preventing Google Talk from connecting has since been patched on the server side by Google, but our fixes for MSN offline messaging and certain AIM disconnections also make their way into 1.2. For those of you not using the App Store build, a direct download link is here. We hope you enjoy the new build!

22 Responses to “Trillian for Mac: New chat window tabs, history searching, fixes! (1.2 Build 1)”
  1. Holger Says:

    A picture would be nice, even for non-mac users :-)

  2. Benjamin Says:

    Hmm, new chat windows is very ugly. Can you style it like reeder or sparrow?

  3. haichuan Says:

    I can’t find the chat history viewer! where is it?

  4. Brian Says:

    I’m still getting “Connection failed” at the first sign in screen with this version.

  5. Rishi Says:

    Very glad this was finally released! Hope the next version will allow us to create a Facebook account with chat disabled, so it’s still possible to view one’s newsfeed and comment on posts.

  6. Grawl Says:


  7. David Says:

    Hm… maybe I’m not seeing it, but I can’t find an option to revert the tabs to their original style, at the top of the window. I do not like them being in a sidebar at all. I’m all for new features, but not at the expense of choice.

    Thanks for the update, but please don’t *over*-simplify things, just because this is the OS X version. Choice is always a good thing.

  8. Chris Says:

    Love it! New Chat window is more useful :)

  9. Esbjörn Says:

    I like the new chatwindow, but the close-buttons on conversations are very easy to press by mistake when trying to switch to another conversation. They should always be visible or put them somewere that people don’t press so often :)

  10. REQUiRED Says:

    Yeah, i like this! Very nice, it gets even better … But still things to do .. :)

  11. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Finally!!! A search for my history! :D Thanks CS, you rock. I also like the new ‘conformed’ tabs, it feels cleaner now. Still needs group chat tho :/

  12. yrrnn Says:

    I’ve gotta say I really dislike the new tabs for the chat window, they take away so much space from the chat area itself, and yet each tab only has a very small clickable area. Why can’t you just use normal tabs like in Safari for example, or, you know, Trillian on Windows…is a little consistency too much to ask for?

  13. honus Says:

    Not sure what is more Mac like about the vertical tabs. Don’t like them. Everything else is great though!

  14. Pkoke Says:

    Will there be a full Windows Version for Mac in the near future?

  15. Scott Says:

    I keep accidentally closing chat sessions when trying to switch users. How can I get the top tabs back?

  16. Romain Says:

    Hum …. i hate new chat window …

  17. Age Says:

    I also don’t understand what is Mac-like about the new chat tabs, other than they more clearly show where you’re chatting. They take up an extraordinary amount of screen real-estate, especially if you only have two or three people per tabbed window to speak to. Please give us a proper mac tabbed window to go with this vertifcal layout and the option to switch between the various looks. Thank you.

  18. Brian Says:

    I just realized there’s very poor support for emoticons. Is there plans to expand so that it at least matches the ones available for the pc?

  19. Richard Says:

    Those commenting that they don’t “get” the reason for the new tabs clearly have not a clue.

    The new tabs design affords the user a greater ability to see all the tabs (since typically your chat window sized to be a lot taller than it is wider) while consuming a minimal amount of additional horizontal space. The old tab design (although an option to switch it back for those luddites out there would still be a good idea) affords you very little visibility unless you size the chat window SIGNIFICANTLY larger than you have to now.

    A good example is that at a typical chat window size for me I could only see 5, maybe 6 tabs. At the same chat windows size I can see closer to 15 tabs.

    Additionally, at the same window height I can see a bit more of my past conversation since it’s no longer consumed by a fat tab bar and since these days a large percentage of people are using wide screen monitors, horizontal real-estate is far greater than vertical, therefore adding a few more pixels horizontally is not as significant as vertically.

  20. REQUiRED Says:

    I also like the “capture”-thing which I diddnt see before (right-click the text-input-field) and the support for different font-styles (bold, italic ect.). Unfortunately there are no hotkeys for these things, you always have to right-click to get bolded text within your messages .. just add cmd + b for bold, would be great.

    p.s. better emoticons support +1

  21. David Says:


    Your points are valid, but only if you’re the type of person who routinely speaks to more than 5-6 people simultaneously. For them, vertical tabs may be great. For people like me, though, who use IM to stay in touch with real-life friends, and rarely speak to more than 3-4 people simultaneously, vertical tabs actually waste a lot more space than horizontal tabs. I’ve actually been a strong proponent for condensed horizontal tabs for a while (like we have in the Windows version) so that they don’t unnecessarily waste so much vertical space.

    Now, I’m not quite sure how desiring a choice in the matter so that I can have the best solution for myself makes me a Luddite and/or clueless, but to each his own. In the future, though, I recommend making cooler comments so that you don’t come off as being so belligerent. Also, your opinions will be given far more credence.

  22. jabber Says:

    PLEAZE… WHY don’t U mention, for WHICH MAC OS X is that version? Is it compatible to older Mac OSs ? Like Panther for example (Power PC). I’m missing well information on all Trillian Sites i peeped in, no one can tell simply if there is a older version of Trillian for Mac OS 10.3.9.

    Do U have an helpful answer? Thanks in advance,