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Have a spooky Trilloween!


The ultimate holiday for Cerulean Studios – Trilloween – is here! While you are busy decorating your house for the season, don’t forget the essential decorations for your computer desktop!  Here are a few tips for you to have a festive and scary week with Trillian…


Trillian Cordonata Halloween theme

This year, the Halloween theme has been upgraded with a spookier dark scheme! With the powerful color theme system of Trillian Astra, you can now switch the colors to match your taste while staying comfortable within the same interface. To switch to this year’s Halloween theme, use the View button and go to the Theme submenu.

Note: you may have trouble reading chat conversations using this darker theme. To avoid the problem, go to Trillian Preferences -> Text Conversations. Pick a light color using the “Choose Text Color…” button, and then check the option “Override styling received from my contacts with this font”.

Ghost! Widget

Trillian Social Widgets can be very dynamic and powerful, but can also be simple and effective, like our Ghost widget.  Scare your friends by showing off your profile with this spooky widget! Look for the little ghost in the Widget Gallery. You can also add the little ghost to your Contact List or Desktop. To do so, go to the View menu and choose “Add Widget…”.

Temptation of Saint Anthony Halloween skin for Trillian Astra

Temptation of Saint Anthony Custom Window

This scary contact list design is powered by the new “Custom Window” feature in Trillian Astra. It allows skinners to quickly create one window without spawning off to a full skin. This skin also showcases the new alpha transparency ability and other skin layering features. You can download the skin here.

Now, go grab the Trillian sword and slay the demon! One Messenger to Rule Them All!


Trilloween Avatars

We made them a couple years ago, and they are still good as new. Available in high quality PNG and 96×96 size, you can disguise yourself in 12 different Halloween creatures! Get them all here.

Halloween-themed Emoticons

Last of all, nothing completes a great Halloween without a spooky conversation. Here is a list of Halloween-related emoticons you can use with your Trillian friends.  Remember, scare your friends with the evil (devil) Emoti-laughter!


Happy Halloween!

12 Responses to “Have a spooky Trilloween!”
  1. DiamondNRG Says:

    Ha, nice writeup. I forgot all about the sword skin.

  2. DiamondNRG Says:

    Bug :( … My mouse cursor does not correctly lineup over the contact I am trying to hover over … and is there a hidden minimize list button? like one of his horns or something?

  3. agraham208 Says:


  4. steve Says:

    cool skin.

  5. steve Says:

    i’ll try it later

  6. WoppyWush Says:

    great job!

  7. phoniclynx Says:

    You forgot the purple dude… aka (evilchild) as an emoticon.

  8. RSA Says:

    Yeah; I’m also having the issue where your mouse isn’t lining up with the contact list. When I mouse over the list the highlighting is on the contact below my mouse….yet the pop-over window is for the person I’m hovering over. And if I double click a contact I get the one that is below (that is getting highlighted)

  9. DimazzzZ Says:

    wow. cool ^_^ good job

  10. rickatnight11 Says:

    Same problem with the mouse cursor lineup. The highlighted contact is about 2-3 contacts down from the mouse cursor.

  11. pizzacow2000 Says:

    absolutly terific, except whenever i try to use the ghost widget, trillian locks up and my computer shuts it down

  12. HEather Says:

    Can anyone tell me how you guys got this theme. I go on mine and I can’t pick any theme on my trillian?