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Trillian for Android: Bugfixes! (1.1 Build 240)

A handful of bugs have been fixed in the latest Android release. We’re also beginning to integrate with the Android Intent system as of this build, with much more to come in the future. As with the Mac update, this version also supports the latest and greatest Facebook authentication stuff. Have a great weekend!

8 Responses to “Trillian for Android: Bugfixes! (1.1 Build 240)”
  1. Scream81 Says:

    Thanks guys!

  2. Matt Says:

    Can you guys add a one press message copy for Android? Long press, copy message. I don’t understand why I have to enter/exit a selection mode when 90% of the time I want to copy the whole message. Or better yet, let me forward messages!

  3. James Says:

    Hooray! Will the update push out to the Amazon Appstore version soon? My facebook is broken :(

  4. Obliterator Says:

    No fix for lack of c2dm notifications on gingerbread yet? :(

  5. wasthewas Says:

    I’m really happy with this app but it consumes alot of memory (sometimes it reaches 80 Mb). I have to shut it down to free momory. any body having the same problem?

  6. wasthewas Says:

    the app uses alot of memory (sometimes 80Mb). any body having the same problem?

  7. Paparazzo Says:

    Could you enhance the send editbox in order to expand when you enter long replies. The single-lined editbox now used to enter an IM is often too small and doesn’t expand itself for longer messages.

  8. Ramasubbu Says:

    When I can expect an app for my windows phone ? I’m waiting for it.:)