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Trillian for Windows: Bugfixes! (5.1 Build 13)

Another minor batch of bugfixes is being released in build 13. This build should behave better with iTunes 10.5 – thanks to everyone who reported this bug. Enjoy the build!

UPDATE: We’ve released build 14 with a bugfix for Cyrillic history searching.

UPDATE: Another build, 15, to fix this morning’s AIM/IMAP crash.

54 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: Bugfixes! (5.1 Build 13)”
  1. Scream81 Says:

    out of nowhere again, thanks alot!

  2. Pedro Says:

    i’am having troubles connect to msn messenger, using the a proxy. other im’s do work, but i really like trillian…

  3. Kyle Says:

    How about some updates to the Mac or iPhone version? Or have you guys just given up on those?

  4. Luke Says:

    ICQ dont work

  5. Matt Says:

    Mac Mac Mac. Actually the mac version is quite stable, but we are missing a lot of features. I have to have skype open as well as trillian. UGH!

  6. MagicMiguel Says:

    Mac version just updated on September 30, so they’ve hardly forgotten about it:

  7. mohammed ismail Says:

    can you support arabic pls

  8. Ilya Says:

    Same as Luke- all ICQ accounts are down starting this week (“The ICQ password you entered is incorrect. Please try again.”)… Same issue in this new version.

  9. Rebecca Ripple Says:

    Thanks! I appreciate the prompt update to fix the connection to iTunes’ latest version.

  10. Demon D Says:

    My only question at the moment, is why doesn’t Trillian work well with the mobile clients, i.e. It logs off the PC set, when I log onto the mobile set. I would like to seemlessly have both open, and when I log on the mobile set, have my status known as mobile, then when logging into the PC set have status change to my PC status, but not log off all clients in mobile (because its annoying to have to relog them every time I change stations, which I do numerous times a day). This may only be an issue in the Android client, which is the mobile client I use.

  11. Semedar Says:

    I can haz PTT (Push-To-Talk) on Skype and Audio/Video chat? :)

  12. student Says:

    Great, works perfectly here :)

  13. Adam Bess Says:

    I tried posting bugs on bugzilla, but there’s just such a huge mass of bug reports, I don’t think anyone will get around to mine =( Is there somewhere else to post them?

  14. Dave H. Says:

    Eagerly awaiting a Windows Phone 7 client!

  15. Kasamax Says:


    keep up the good work

  16. Pitta Says:

    Dave H. Says:
    OCTOBER 26TH, 2011 AT 1:05 PM
    Eagerly awaiting a Windows Phone 7 client!


  17. raep Says:

    nobody uses wp7
    nobody likes wp7
    i hope there will never be a wp7 version

    just update the ios, android and mac releases more often

    oh and no one needs wp7

  18. Domino Says:

    My ICQ isn’t working either. I can’t log in at or reset my password … Trillian says my password is incorrect.

    What’s going on here?

  19. Adam Bess Says:

    Noticed that if you send a message to someone, close the chat window, reopen the chat window, send a message, close the chat window, and do this over and over, a lot of the messages are not saved in the history…

    Even when someone replies, sometimes the initial message isn’t saved… Kinda irritating… =(

  20. Alex Says:

    it’s seem that the file transfer doesn’t work well. I often see the transfer window be hung without any action neither sending or receiving.

  21. Mayo Says:

    Yes, I also wait for the WP7 client desperately

  22. Zeus Says:

    Just updated to 5.1 version and icq will not connect.

  23. Larry B Says:

    I sure wish the support group for Trillian could take over support for Microsoft. At least something would be consistent and stable. Excellent job as always!

  24. Khile Says:

    Now if I coudl just find the link to download this thing…..!?!?!? or the link in Trillian to check for updates…

  25. Zulithe Says:


  26. KookyGuy Says:

    Thanks for the update. ICQ is connecting fine for me.

  27. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    What happends when you run Skype together with Trillian now that Trillian has build-in Skype voice-support?
    I need video so I must run Skype anyway. But now it seems like there is no communication between Skype and Trillian.
    Can I disable the Trillian build-in Skype stuff and use it as before, or is that possibility gone.
    I’m thinking about removing Skype account from Trillian and just use Skype separate.
    Either we must have the old type Skype support or there must be Skype-video inside Trillian.

  28. Adam Bess Says:

    Just turn off “skype” in Trillian options>Plugins…

  29. Shane Says:

    My facebook chat is really buggy with the latest version. 90+% of incoming messages aren’t making it to trillian – and I find out about them only once visiting the facebook page. All my messages make it to their recipients, but the online status of the person is not working properly as well ( if I’m on the facebook page it will show a friend log in, and 5+ minutes goes by before trillian agrees).

  30. Shane Says:

    I should clarify I’m using the XMPP plugin….should I be using the other one listed in trillian?

  31. Aj Says:

    Works fine for me on : ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, FB, Gchat/XMPP.

  32. Darkdragon Says:

    Please fix the e-mail bug, My AOL e-mail is not coming in Real time, when i send myself a mail or someone sends something to me. (i already put it in Bugzilla, it was working, but this latest builds seems like it’s not working at all, and i have check my spam to make sure, but it goes right to new mail, so it should pop up when it does. Please fix it , thank you.

  33. Liquid Says:

    Is there any chance we can get now playing compatibility with Foobar2000?

  34. industrial.electricians Says:

    thank you very much

  35. Luke Says:

    ICQ Account not working

  36. Darkdragon Says:

    Thanks for the next build, but please look in this ===> (i can’t update without this being fixed)

  37. viceview51 Says:

    *@Liquid:* There’s a way to have foobar2000 compatibility by using the Winamp API emulator (

  38. iTunes10.5.0.142 Says:

    Love that my current song status works again!

  39. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the quick fixes.

  40. industrial.electricians Says:

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  41. JC Says:

    You guys are fast and furious with the updates! Thanks a lot! I’m now on Trillian for PC and Android – what a breeze!

  42. Semedar Says:

    I just updated to build 15 and it took me to build 13 change log. =\

  43. Darkdragon Says:

    no fix still for the e-mail , please look into that soon, sorry if i go on with this, but i can’t see the e-mails in real time, etc in the latest builds , unless there is something i’m not seeing.

  44. LXXIII Says:

    not even going to try to allow chat windows to be hidden I see…

  45. MagicMike Says:

    Was the “AIM crash” actually a bug or is AOL blocking third party chat clients again?

  46. Jim Courtney Says:

    Re Skype:

    I have had no problem running the Skype client and Trillian (with Skype account activated). For chat and voice calling Trillain reflects Skype activity. As Skype only released the video API’s last week, one would hope we would see video support for Trillian in a future release.

    Also if you make a Skype voice call from Trilian and the other party answers on Trillian you will not see anything in the Skype client whereas Skype chat messages do show up in both. For chat Skype treats Trillian as simply another “device” such as iPhone, Mac, etc. A message in one is mirrored on any device where a Skype client is open on the same Skype account.

    One issue with build 15: it is not bringing up my Facebook news feed (such as happens when I log into Facebook on Skype for Windows/Mac).

  47. Rick Says:

    Odd, but Skype seems to think that Trillian 5.1 released a few days ago:

  48. Taron Says:

    Still having issues with FB chat. Users still show as logging on and off when they are still logged into chat. I am also seeing messages not getting to the Facebook client. Please fix! I love the client otherwise!

  49. ((( KaaMoS ))) Says:

    I’m having problems with Facebook Chat.
    · At Facebook Website, my friends are Online, but they aren’t in Trillian’s Contact List.
    · Friends connected by Phone/Mobile also appear in Facebook Website, but they arent’s shown in Trillian’s Contact List.
    · I can’t add a Facebook Friend from Trillian (there isn’t any Facebook network to use). I remember I could to this with MirandaIM.
    · Facebook advanced options can’t be saved in Trillian.

    I’m using this 5.1 Build.

  50. Ed Says:

    Great update guys.
    Just want to add my vote for:
    - Native skype protocol thing that doesn’t need Skype to be running is awesome, but SkypeOut and webcam support is essential for me.
    - WP7 client would be awesome.
    <3 Trillian! :D

  51. Steven Goldfein Says:

    Wow, do you people actually read your comments before you post them? This really is not the passive aggressive whining and moaning about desired features or other versions of the clients. Nor is it the spot for bug reports or complaining that your bug hasn’t been fixed yet. I long for the days when the net was only accessible via a unix command line. :P

  52. Mat Says:

    Trillian keeps crashing every 2nd call, same for my friend
    can you finally please fix it : / Your app is great and i love it but its very annoying to
    start it again and again it happend on XP and Win 7 thanks

  53. giga68 Says:

    I didn t find trillian for Simbian OS for my Nokia E72.
    Is there any version available for it?

  54. Mika Says:

    Skype plugin doesn’t work on WinXP 32 bit. I get a “skypekit.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close” error message very time I try to login to the Skype account.