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Trillian 5.1: Now plugged into Skype!

Today we’re moving Trillian 5.1 for Windows out of the labs and into release status! Trillian 5.1 is the first version of Trillian to be officially “plugged into Skype” courtesy of the great new SkypeKit for Desktop. This means you can run Skype directly inside of Trillian without having to keep the original client running! Trillian 5.1 also features a modernized activity history viewer, the ability to send pictures on all services, and a bunch of other great features and important bugfixes.

We also have exciting news for those of you in the “buy it and own it” camp – by popular request, we’re launching a brand new way to get Trillian Pro: the lifetime license! For the very first time in our history we are offering a true lifetime license for Trillian, good for all future versions across all product lines. You’ll get all the latest and greatest features and never see any ads. We’re offering discounts to all past customers, including a special prorate for those of you who’ve already purchased a 5.0 subscription. Check out the details and pricing in the Trillian Store!

We hope you enjoy the new release. The final build number is, so beta testers may already be running the release build. A direct download link is here, and we’ll be offering 5.1 through auto-update over the coming days as well.

147 Responses to “Trillian 5.1: Now plugged into Skype!”
  1. bkanduchao Says:

    I think that’s the right direction

  2. Matti Says:

    The thought of not having to run Skype in the background literally gave me goose bumps! But I’m going to ask Santa for a Linux version as well. Is that being greedy?
    Love your stuff, keep up the good work!

  3. Vitaly Says:

    Thanks! Now we need update for the Mac version!

  4. Shahz Says:

    Whow, I just bought the full PRO and this was the only woe I had – skype had to run together. And now its not needed anymore! Walla!

  5. JC Says:

    Congrats on the new release! I think the native Skype support is going to be one of the big things to win newbies over. Thanks for all the hard work!

  6. xPass Says:

    Will we be able to join a group call?

  7. Jim Says:

    Still no phone support?

  8. John Says:


  9. Amar Kumar Says:

    Agree, Trillian-skype integration will be the best feature till now.

  10. Peter Says:

    wish for an ipad version…

  11. alex Says:

    How do I save Skype conferences to my contact list? I haven’t found this option.

  12. amckern Says:

    Been using the beta for a while – still having trouble keeping ICQ connections alive – i would have expected them to fix that before making me pay for another broken product.

  13. Nakeerlo Says:

    My friends recieve from me My message

  14. nxgen22 Says:

    Just bought the pro version, and it is the version I m looking for. Keep it up.

  15. Nakeerlo Says:

    HTML was removed…
    My friends recieve from me «HTML»My message«/HTML»

  16. hardik Says:

    thats really gr8 !! :D

  17. Tony Says:

    Does this mean we will finally get a trillian client for the iPad too, with all this extra funding?

  18. TF Says:

    Yeah, if it’s still missing group call, then it’s almost unusable….80% of my skype calls are group calls….

  19. Exotic Hadron Says:

    Native Skype protocol support if fantastic, but not working for me unfortunately. Numerous ‘Skype is disconnected’ messages and that’s it. Skypekit is allowed in the firewall. Pity! The feature looked very promising to me.
    My contacts are complaining that my client is sending HTML tags with each message I send from

  20. Geir-Tore Lindsve Says:

    Great news!

    Have you considered adding support for Campfire chat rooms into Trillian? That would be awesome…

  21. IsNoGud Says:

    Sadly the integrated Skype Plugin is only usable, if only one Skype Account is used.
    When i’m in work, i have my “official” account connected, but cannot connect my private one.
    So… thanks, but no thanks, back to older TrillVersion right now.

  22. AP Says:

    Wow, thats still fairly expensive for a lifetime license even if you’re an existing purchaser, I think I may have to look at other products as Trillian is just getting too expensive to own

  23. moel Says:


  24. KingHawk Says:

    I’ve made groupcalls in the beta so I guess it works in the final release too…

  25. Tweets Says:

    I’ve been a Trillian customer for nearly a decade! It’s fantastic to finally get a true lifetime license and not to have to pay each year. Thank you, Trillian!

  26. blue Says:

    no video chat on skype? whatever. is there a Changelog? Has the ICQ filetransfer bug been fixed?

  27. shiki Says:

    First, I thought I have to pay again as a 5.x customer. :D
    Thanks for the update, Trillian is awesome!

  28. Patrick W. Says:

    I like the lifetime offer, but I’ll wait for now. As a regular customer, I bought the 5.x license already and until the lifetime license does not give me something, I don’t already own, I’ll wait. I just hope that this offer will stay available in the future.

  29. Steve Drury Says:

    The Idea of a Life time Offer is good for me as I am Disabled and use my computer all the time to talk to friends and Family Trillion is a life saver for me and helps in more ways then one can say I am on a Limited Buget so a one off payment stops the worry for me of will I have money to renew Thanks to the makers of this GREAT Program

  30. TF Says:

    to KingHawk: How?, cause i’m not alone who was not able to do it in the time of build9/10…

  31. Rol Says:

    LOL classic. Cerulean Studios, should really have the disclaimer up front instead of the fine print that no one reads. It goes like this. “The lifetime license for Trillian REALLY isn’t that. It’s for the life time of release 5.x or whenever we decide to change the rules” For example: I recall people buying Trillian in the distant past, that back then had free upgrades forever. Then a few years later the “rules changed” and that forever became for the life of release 3 or 4 I don’t recall the full details etc. So please Cerulean be more accurate with YOUR ‘forever’. Forever with Skype until something new comes along? A lot of people have learnt by being burnt, that your forever isn’t FOREVER! Cerulean studios shouldn’t be conveniently neglecting to state what their forever is!

  32. Jencen Says:

    I remember back to trillian 2 when you bought a pro version it was supposedly a lifetime thing. Worked on everything up to 4.
    Great work on the skype integration though. now maybe a Symbian version? Pretty please? :)

  33. Mike Says:

    Will the option for more than 1 Skype account logged in, be available at some point?

  34. dokbua Says:

    Yay FTW. Finally rid of clunky Skype. Now for the same integration in the Android client :)

  35. Flo Says:

    Looks like those of us who bought the 5.x license before the subscription model was introduced are only being offered a minor discount on the new license, but no immediate benefit because our license already covers all 5.x releases. Why do I feel like I’m supposed to pay double yet again? I paid extra for the iOS version, too.

  36. leo Says:


  37. Flemming Jacobsen Says:

    1: Will this lifetime license cover Android as well?

    2: When will skype support be build into the Android version

  38. rahlquist Says:

    $48 for lifetime? Geeez thanks but that seems a bit harsh.

  39. amr421 Says:

    What about video support for Skype? When will this be added?

  40. Robert Yparraguirre Says:


  41. Nick Says:

    Rol & Jensen …

    Guys, what you are posting is not true. Please do not spread falsehoods and lies.

    Before it was always that when you bought a version you had THAT version for life. This is the first time the existence of Trillian that a true lifetime license has existed that works for future versions. It is a great new step forward and lots of people wanted it. Please do not crap on it.

  42. Nito Says:

    We need a Linux version, please :)

  43. TBOne Says:

    Now if we could just run more than one skype account at a time like all the others are able to do this would be fine.

  44. Gerardo Says:

    hope for an iPhone version. I already use Windows desktop and for me are great news!!.. REALLY COOL!!

  45. Amiral Benson Says:

    What happened to the Black skin that Cerulean told us about one year ago ?
    I’m still waiting !!

  46. misterducky Says:

    It’d be nice if it supported multiple skype accounts.

  47. GS Says:

    Great functionality and much needed. thank you guys!

  48. nerdshowandtell Says:

    Seriously – get rid of the optional toolbar crap and video downloader spam / junk from the installer..

  49. Audiofeeline Says:

    That sound great !

  50. Svoop Says:

    Very cool! Please implement it for Mac – and please integrate IRC support for Mac as well – and I’ll get a lifetime license right away.

  51. Greg Says:

    Why does the installer have such bloat-ware? WinZip? really? And a Trillian Toolbar, oh yay /sarcasm.

  52. DG Says:

    You guys are killing me… literally killing me.

    I bought the original lifetime offer years ago. I bought the upgrades. I even more recently bought 5, which you then decided to give away without offering me any bonus for having paid for it. Now… you’re asking me to pay $48 for ANOTHER lifetime purchase?

    You’re making it harder and harder for me to support you, guys, and I hate that, because I’ve always been such a fan.

  53. Spencer Thayer Says:

    When y’all get Google Voice integration for both txt messages and the calling ability available in GMail Trillian will be the central location for all communications. I already own v5 and I have been using Trillian since v1so I will certainly get a lifetime license but not until I hear word of a v6 release. : )


  54. Nick Says:

    @DG … there was no original lifetime offer. That is absolutely not true. This gets brought up all the time in the forums and there is NO truth to it. If you would stop and think about what you actually paid for you would realize you paid for a license that was the life of a major version. They have NEVER sold a license that covered future major versions before this.

  55. MagicMiguel Says:

    Lifetime Pro purchased! Supporting the development of great software!

  56. Nevermind Says:

    It says ‘Check out the details and pricing in the Trillian Store!’. I want to research the details. Unfortunately, clicking the Trillian Store link takes you to a page where the only options are to start making a purchase or click Cancel. Oh wait, there is no cancel button. Hmmm. In that case, nevermind.

  57. Luke Says:

    I haven’t even owned Trillian for a year, and the lifetime “discount” is only $12? $48 bucks would have been a bit high for new users alone.

  58. KingHawk Says:

    First I open one contact, then invite others and press call and you’ll have a group call.

  59. Trueflight Says:

    While having skype integrated may be a good thing, the res of Trillian 5.1 is terrible. I couldn’t stand the new user interface. managed to deal with it for about an hor to try it out before going back to the old version. The older version is about 1/3 the file size as well. I think I will stick with ruinning Trillian 4.x at least for now and just run skype along with it as I have been.

  60. Ali Says:

    I don’t understand how this whole Skype thing works. I downloaded the newest client, don’t see anything about Skype on it anywhere?

  61. Edward Jones Says:

    This will be so useful. :D
    Also, Linux support would be brilliant. Just an idea. :P

  62. John Says:

    Definitely need a Linux version.

  63. Domenic Denicola Says:

    I’ve been a Trillian user since the 2.0 days, and a purchaser since I got my first job 8 years ago and stopped pirating. Now, as back then, the decision is simple: very few pieces of software have been as useful and helpful in my life as Trillian. I am happy to shell out any amount of money to compensate you guys for your hard work and dedication. $48? No problem at all.

  64. Paula Says:

    $40 is fairly expensive for lifetime, but it’ll be something I grab once the other platforms have been brought up to this.
    it’s been a long time since 5.1 was previewed, and there’s still no Mac support for this :[

  65. Leo K. Says:

    A Teamspeak3 native Plugin would also be very cool

  66. DG Says:

    @Nick – I stand corrected. I’ve paid quite a bit of money for Trillian over the years and you’re right, it was for major version support. In that thread, I already bought 5… So… I guess purchasing 5 Pro wasn’t buying a major version but just a minor version? I love Trillian and have for a long time, but there’s simply too many free options and I feel as if they are cannibalizing their client base to release a new “minor” version. I may still pay for it, but if I do it will be begrudgingly, and that’s not what you want in a customer.

  67. Thommy Says:

    I would be happy to buy a lifetime account, but without a useful Linux Version that is impossible.

  68. Chris Says:

    I hope you give us a Steam integration next :)

  69. Jim Boyer Says:

    I am all over the lifetime option but I want office communicator support.

  70. Graham Says:

    Purchased. Please don’t bring out Trillian Mega Pro or go bust! Looking forward to Skype integration.

  71. stipps Says:

    In 5.1 there is no possibility to call a contact thats embedded in a meta contact, even if the user is online on Skype.

  72. Toff Says:

    Congrats with the release, guys. And lifetime license is a great option. Sadly I need money for more important things nowadays, but I’ll keep this option in mind. :)

  73. dEEkAy Says:

    If you guys throw out a Mac Version of the plugged-in-skype im willing to buy a subscription =)

  74. Remy Monsen Says:

    Thanks for the lifetime option. $48 is an extremely low price for a lifetime license for such a great program. Not sure if I wish to move from 4.x (for which I already have a licence) to 5.x yet, but even if I don’t, you still deserve the money, and now I can upgrade seamlessly if I wish.

  75. Tristan Young Says:

    Trillian Astra’s Skype support will be useful once we can place video calls. I haven’t checked to see if videocall is supported yet, but as of the early betas, it wasn’t supported.

    Can I please have the old Trillian->Skype plugin back, so I can still initiate a Skype video call using Trillian?

  76. Matthew Says:

    Nice release, Cerulean. Slick and efficient.

    Do be honest with the upgrade model, though. I’ve tried buying Trillian Pro twice. Both times, core functionality (eg. webcams, video over MSN/WLM) was listed as a “pro” feature, but was missing from the x.0 pro release. Then there was a promise to make it work in the x.1 release. Then the x.2. But bought-and-paid-for features still didn’t work. Then out comes an x+1 “major” version, still missing the functionality the marketing team said the previous version had, and the barely-a-year-old Pro licence won’t work on it.

    I’ll be happy to buy another Pro licence, just as soon as there’s substantial evidence to indicate that long-promised Pro functionality is actually present and usable.

  77. Dan Hughes Says:

    Huzzah for needing skype open anyway to use video!

  78. Ralph Says:

    Facebook chat doesn’t work correctly…When somebody sends me a message.The chat disconnects.

  79. thechexican Says:

    Native Skype integration? ME GUSTA!!!!

  80. Rol Says:

    @Nic. don’t be a twat. I am stating that their fine print needs to be more upfront. I am not the only one that believes the licensing model is constantly changing. it is up to Cerulean to ensure the message is cleared up isnt it? For people that paid for 5 clarify for them EXACTLY what it means (not u nic, but Cerulean). The Skype integration should be free for them correct? So the Skype announcement really became a confusing one (deliberately no doubt) a sell message to ensure people handed over $ without understanding the need to do do or otherwise .

  81. blue Says:

    damn this new youtube lookup is fucking annoying. why do you always add forced features without toggle option? it was the same with the new “better” history function a few years ago. yeah most of the users like it. but for my use i just hate it. i alway have to klick on the history an then manually open the text based log. why do you you allways think you know best, what the user needs? the user may not use the software as you think and in another way of use it may be better you use the old text based log or have a blank chat window without youtube pictures. only the user knows what he needs, so let im decide ffs!

  82. XAVIER Says:

    As a supporter of trillian for over 10 years now. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!
    I’ll be purchasing the lifetime license before weeks end. And I want to thank the developers and everyone involved for their consideration, patience and vision !


  83. Valentim Says:

    That’s AWESOME! And what about Trillian for ANDROID? When will have this amazing feature? I’m using IMO because of this!

  84. lptport1 Says:

    Thank you! When I read about the license for more than one year, I felt elation that I did not expect to feel.

  85. wildbillcat Says:

    Will there ever be a windows phone 7 edition?

  86. Ottid888 Says:

    Uh oh…… another license to buy for an already pimped up product…… that’s 3 licenses already down the drain…. 2.x, 4.x, 5.0…. now x(

  87. Sandra Says:

    Still, with v5x jabber/XMPP for livejournal does not connect. It works with v4x, and with the Android version. Why isn’t it still not working with Livejournal via Jabber/XMPP with version 5. I have looked through the forums, and this issue is something that is still persisting yet not being resolved.

  88. Sandra Says:

    here’s the error in the status window:
    *** Creating connection “******”.
    *** Connection to JABBER has failed: system errorcode “10060″.
    *** You have been disconnected.
    *** Attempting to reconnect in 27 seconds…
    *** Reconnecting to Jabber as “******”.
    *** Connection to JABBER has failed: system errorcode “10060″

    I’ve been a supporter of Trillian for 10 years, and pretty much know the ins and outs of how to trouble shoot and set it up. But this has me stymied.

  89. Hotel Esperanto Croatia Says:

    Why does Trillian still sucks on Twitter? No support for native Retweets (more than 140 chars), URLs are cutted, so say dont work, and other things. :(

  90. Wim Haanstra Says:

    After purchasing Trillian 5 Pro in the Beta period, we as Trillian supporters can now start to pay again, for a lifetime version? I am done paying and then seeing stuff change again. I purchased every Trillian till now. Now we get 12 dollar discount on what? Still using the same v5 of Trillian which I paid for anyways?

    The app is nice, very nice even, but this isn’t the way you handle your paying customers.

  91. Bubba Says:

    Still sending message. Friend have qip, don’t know if trillian sending html tags to another clients.

  92. Bubba Says:

    in previous post had to be <html> message </html>

  93. Llega Trillian 5.1 final con soporte para Skype messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] Trillian 5.1 final con soporte para SkypeTras permanecer en estado beta unos cuantos meses, ya ha sido lanzada la versión final de Trillian 5.1 para Windows. Esta nueva actualización, de la que ya hemos [...]

  94. Michael Knight Says:

    So what your saying, for those of us who have purchased Trillian again in the last 12 months, have to pay again? (for which Ive paid twice) I’m quite sure that the Pro users were told last time that we shouldn’t need to purchase another license. If I have to buy it again, I think I’ll start using an alternative.

  95. angelnonis Says:

    +1 for Linux
    +1 for Windows Phone
    Skype is not working for me. It fails at login procedure

  96. MickeyMouseSoft Says:

    Thank you for getting people used to our licensing model.
    Getting customers to pay yet again for features already promised and paid for previously has always been our aim and you guys at Cerulean have managed it!

    Customers who bought 5 pro now buy again for 5.1 and the damned fools – sorry customers even bought lifetime licences…well lifetime of 5.,1 till 5.2

    I understand 5.2 will be out next month ready for 2012 so roll on more lifetime purchase revenue.

  97. stranded Says:

    Pretty please, introduce Gadu-Gadu network support, it’s all there in any other opensource communicator.

  98. darkjeremiad Says:

    Trillian is my IM Client of choice, and I have a feeling it is about to become my VOIP Client of choice. I have donated/purchased/subscribed to the Pro versions of Trillian going back to the first opportunity to contribute that I can recall. The Lifetime subscription is a fantastic offering! The only suggestions I have for the wonderful people who bring this client to us are these. Please bring the Mac Client closer into parity with the features of the windows client even lacking many of the things which make Trillian great it is one of the most feature rich multi-im clients out for OS X. And please make the iOS Client able to take advantage of the screen real estate of the iPad, it has been to long a missing link.

  99. Mar Says:

    about time.. when you updated trillian for mac too?

  100. Hobson Says:

    Can we PLEASE get an official statement from Cerulean Studios, there really seems to be alot of questions and concerns about this lifetime license and we could really use CS giving us official information or an FAQ about it.

  101. viceview51 Says:

    Every time I read these comment threads, I loose faith in the so called Trillian users. I guess most of you don’t know how to read Cerulean Studios blog posts.

    Already paying customers (not the subscription customers) don’t need to buy the Lifetime License in order to have Trillian 5.1 and the next releases of Trillian 5, your license covers all versions of 5. But when it comes to the next major versions (i.e. Trillian 6) you’ll need to upgrade your license to the subscription $12 per year model.

    The subscription users need to keep paying $12 per year in order to keep having access to the cloud storage and a no ads experience with any version of Trillian (5, 6, 7) on any platform.

    The Lifetime License is a one-time fee, you pay almost 5 years upfront and you get to own any version of Trillian released now or in the future and with access to cloud storage and all the perks that come with a Pro license. It doesn’t matter if you pay now while having already bought a Pro 5 license or having a Subscription model the fee is still the same (the difference being your current license entitles you to a discount).

  102. Rose Says:

    I am thinking this is a good thing. Not sure about Skype but I like using it. It has been helpful for me to keep in touch with my Sister who lives in Mexico now.

  103. NonaSuomi Says:

    So when do we get VOIP and video support for Gmail/Google Talk/GVoice? Those things have been integrated in the Gmail interface for the past year or so as I recall, and they’ve really polished it up as of late, yet Trillian offers no support for any of it. Also the apparent lack of Skype video support and the hassle people have to go through with conference calling makes me think I’ll still hold off on buying anything just yet. Iron out those kinks and then, yeah, you can have my 60 bucks. Until then I’ll keep using the better alternatives that exist for these protocols, and my money stays comfortably in my own wallet.

  104. Hobson Says:

    We (At least I) understand what the blog post is saying, however I think people are concerned about back before commercialization of trillian many users were already promised free updates for life by donating to Trillian and people are also worried about the constant restructuring of the of the Trillian business model. Many of us (Including myself) want to make sure that by purchasing this trillian lifetime license I never have to pay another dime to trillian as long as I live without some change in their business model coming in introducing some loophole and be like well now pay for this feature, etc.

  105. spoco2 Says:

    The integrated Skype is simply awesome… thanks guys! :D

  106. Pluto Says:

    Skype inside of Trillian sounds awesome!! Only thing is I’m pretty sure I can’t edit or remove messages from chats, and admin commands for group conversations don’t work. And Trillian automatically changes your Skype profile picture, probably something that can’t be worked around. For now I’ll be using real Skype, but this issssss really exciting :D

  107. Sandra Says:

    I do like Trillian 5x, but one thing I miss is the ability to apply skin changes skins without having to restart. Some of the current 3rd party skins don’t work with all the new features, even though they claim to. ie Twitter feed doesn’t open up to see current friends tweets with certain skins. The annoyance of that might end up keeping me using v4.

  108. Myka Says:

    Here’s what you need now.
    Custom emotes.

  109. 2barquack Says:

    Super Dope, add it to the list!

  110. Sovereign Says:

    Bought the lifetime–I was probably one of the agitators for it so I’ll put my money where my mouth is. It won’t “save” me money for a couple of releases (assuming upgrades = $15) but I figure now I can truly “forget about it.”

  111. Alex Says:

    I have downgraded to There is a huge disappointment about 5.1 because of HTML tags it sends in every message. And developers are not likely to fix that.

  112. daniel Says:

    Thanks for the update!
    BUT still no Chinese characters support in nicknames and status. FAIL!

  113. Raimu Says:

    I sure hope this lifetime offer isn’t a desperate cash grab to save a sinking company by getting several years’ worth of annual subscription payments up front. Well, I’ll take the offer and see how it goes.

  114. bl00per Says:

    To all the people wanting a linux version – yes, there should be one. However, Trillian does work well through wine, with the exception of skype (skypekit sometimes crashes on launch). I have ubuntu on an ancient laptop and had trillian running withing a couple minutes of downloading, installation time included.

  115. Zofteis Says:

    I bought the liftime. I was a normal Pro User before and received a mail saying “Here is your account information for activating Trillian Pro and signing in to
    our support page:” I guess that i don´t need them because i can loggin with my normal User Name and everything is fine?

  116. aldantefax Says:

    I’m surprised that the discount you get is only 12 bucks considering I paid 15 for the original license back before the subscription model came into play…

  117. Samantha Says:

    simply calling skypekit – m allows for multiple sessions, so as far as i can tell that’s all that would be needed to allow you to run multiple accounts / instances of the plugin.

  118. Day Says:

    3 days left and no auto-update?

  119. Henry Says:

    The Skype addition is great…. but I was hoping to connect to multiple Skype accounts! I have a personal and a work one. Is this a bug or a limitation?

  120. Bryan Says:

    Still no video support!! What a disappointment. Why pay for a service/app when you still need to rely on other apps for video conferencing. Once Google/Yahoo/Skype video support is added, you will have my money but until then …. I’ll stick with the free version.

  121. Eric Says:

    I don’t mind the adverts in the chat (much better than constant banner ads), but why am I getting a pop-up window all the time asking me to go pro? Annoying.

  122. SartriX Says:

    Wow, that’s about time really… I had already given up hope and was looking forward to integration of a more modern service like WhatsApp. Perhaps in 3 years! =D

  123. Miro Says:

    No way paying for this bug full program!

  124. bastl Says:

    Linux Version would be great (I would buy pro version instantly)

  125. Matt Andreko Says:

    I hate that in a product I’m paying for, I get asked to install “Robot Rebate” and the toolbar, rebranded as the Trillian Toolbar. That’d be great if this were freeware, but so not cool on the pro version.

  126. Harrihu Says:

    I love the idea of native skype integration however it needs video and group chat / call support before I’d be able to use it fully. Someone also suggested teamspeak 3 and I like that idea. What about ventrillo and mumble as well?

  127. Vin Says:

    Video support, Skypeout (calls) and voicemail redirection and then we’re talking.

  128. db Says:

    [ICQ] Can’t change login server and port in 5.1 build 15 pro.

  129. David Says:

    I love trillian!!

  130. Safar Says:

    Next update for iPad support ?

  131. David W Says:

    I supposedly already purchased a “lifetime license” years ago. They killed that license with Astra and now here they are offering it again. Buyer beware, they have cancelled their lifetime licenses before and might do it again. Boo @ Cerulean’s Studios.

  132. Michael Babao Says:

    This is nice upgrade. You’re including all available IMs and I like the native Skype Integration.

  133. stranded Says:

    Skype video support would be nice!

  134. Chaun Says:

    This would be great… if it worked. Trillian just stops when I try to link a skype account to it.

  135. lepanen Says:

    Great! Now just please make support for QQ, that is all I want :-) (And maybe that Windows Phone support, that could be nice too ;-)

  136. Andrew Says:

    Lil negativity here from someone who has paid for Trillian in the past and for some reason no longer has access to the pro edition.
    I support you but I am NOT going to kiss your ass. As a consumer of your product that I paid for, I expect to have a lifetime “membership to your product. Every iteration of it. Now having to buy the big boys copy again for full features? Come now… I went with you guys because you weren’t greedy. Now you do this?
    I want to know when you are going to take care of your past customers instead of offering me to buy it again.
    You are not an antivirus program. You are a chat program with Skype access now. That’s great. It really is. But I don’t feel that I should have to pay for it again. Just saying

    TL;DR Subscriptions are for porn sites and antivirus, NOT chat clients

  137. Andrew Says:

    After reading some of the comments I see I am not the only one that got boned here.

  138. Sahi Says:

    I’m sorry but I have heard that before about the “lifetime” plan. I have been using trillian for close to 10 years and have purchased the so called lifetime plans in the past only to get told, oh that was for the lifetime of that particular build so now you have to buy the lifetime of this build. I love trillian but I just don’t trust that you won’t turn around and find a way to say oh that $48 you spent was for…now you have to give us $$$ again.

  139. arkasha18 Says:

    ICQ not working, not change port 443 Connection refused

  140. Bryan Says:

    I purchased the “forever” Pro lisc back before trillian even HAD version numbers. Then suddenly that never happened so I purchased a Pro version again for 4 thinking it was almost 7 years since the last version number change, this one came almost immediately. What makes you think I would believe you would honor a forever lisc again now, when you ignored the old ones?

  141. Dave H. Says:

    Still waiting for a Windows Phone 7 version :)

  142. lotusshadow Says:

    ICQ won’t connect anymore after upgraded .11 to .15. Just saying “creating connection” but no result. And can’t change any login server for icq or port.

  143. Jazper Says:

    Sorry, I’ve already bought 2 licenses that had the implication (at least) of being forever licenses and I’m not buying a third. I’ll stay with my 5.x Pro until it stops working and be looking hard at competitors. You can say whatever you want about previous licenses, but customer expectation was that it was lifetime for both my 4 and 5 license. I sucked it up once and re-purchased for 5.0 but not again.

  144. Darkdragon Says:

    Staying, due to AOL e-mail not working with 5.1, please fix that and skype issues. Thank you.

  145. doniking Says:

    skype sucks, it crashes flash on my windows 7.
    my boss requires me to have skype so i installed Trillian.

  146. Devon Says:

    Sure I pay 40 or 50 dollars for a “lifetime” upgrade guarantee… especially if MSN file transfer is slow/broken since 5 or so years. Native video is not available. Thanks god there are free (ugly, but working) alternatives out there. I feel like an idiot when I think of Trillian. I paid for 4 Pro, I paid for 5 Pro, I paid for Android… now all is free. Trillian, FREE.. ok.. paid.. no way!

  147. kwtmy Says:

    free is good, specially fro those that financial is not good enough.