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Trillian for Windows: Bugfixes! (5.1 Build 16)

A new build of Trillian for Windows is available today. We’ve been listening carefully to bug reports and feedback and have a handful of fixes ready! Check out the changelog to see the specific issues we’ve addressed in build 16. Enjoy the fixes!

83 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: Bugfixes! (5.1 Build 16)”
  1. Broken Says:


  2. Barry Demchak Says:

    Great … how can we find out what was fixed?

  3. Samer Says:

    your work is highly appreciated.. Please Please please allow us to restore closed conferences.. or give us the ability like “Recent” tab at Skype.. right now i can’t use Trillian because of it.

  4. Scream81 Says:

    Nice! @Barry: Click on Changelog in the Build description

  5. Fareed A. Hameed Says:

    I would like to state that the Auto-Hide feature does not work. Is this a bug or am i missing something.

  6. Anthony Says:

    Thank you so, so much for the new preview preference option. I feel like I can start recommending Trillian again!

  7. Roland Says:

    Jabber/XMPP reconnecting

  8. Klick Says:

    You have to click on changelog, then the change log opens.

  9. poorpaddy Says:

    Still no skype dial pad window for outgoing calls :(

  10. Barry Demchak Says:

    @Scream81 … thanks … ultra-tiny type is too small for easy use by over-40 year old eyes. I’ll bet the web page composer isn’t over 40.

  11. George Says:

    Google has added a feature to secure email access to it’s users by texting a code to your phone or emailing that code to an alternate email address in order to proceed with Google email verification? Now that this is in place, Google Talk (messenger) won’t work after I enter my password. Believe me that I’m entering the correct password and it won’t work. Any ideas around this? Anyone? help!

  12. scott Says:

    still no spell check. why?

  13. TheKong Says:

    Nice update.

    @Barry Glasses help, or change the browser settings so you can see. Site design doesn’t matter you have the tools already at your disposal. :)

  14. agrue Says:

    @Barry check out the firefox extension “nosquint”, it’s incredible for things like this

  15. Dustin Says:

    @Barry Try pressing Ctrl and the “+” symbol at the same time. That should enlarge everything on the page. Ctrl and “-” will do the opposite. Works on every site and browser pretty much.

  16. macavsk Says:

    it’s great to see bugs are being fixed, but it would be even better to have fixed some bugs reported 2 years ago…

  17. ajm Says:

    @George If you are talking about 2-step verification, Google will allow you to generate an application-specific password that you can enter into Trillian.

  18. ajm Says:

    @Fareed A. Hameed can you try dragging the contact list past the edge of the screen? dragging it to the edge (where it may click) is not enough; you need to bring it even further for auto-hide to engage.

  19. shaunj66 Says:

    Please add the playscript message style again… Why you got rid of it I don’t know

  20. Günter Says:

    Would be nice if we can get back FULL preview of emails, not just the first 2 or 3 lines.

  21. Scream81 Says:

    @shaunj66 you can find playscript and alot of other message styles here:

  22. Zanebishop Says:

    Is there any way we can have the skype messenger running without actually having skype running?

  23. Snowknight26 Says:

    Sending ‘/t test’ to someone (over AIM at least), followed by anything else crashes Trillian.

  24. Zero Xion Says:

    Sometimes, when changing window to single chat to multichat, tabs doesnt work ultil remove or detach new chat tab

  25. ben Says:

    When will you add Zune support for “set status to what I’m listening to”?

  26. Snowknight26 Says:

    …and by crashes I meant it did in build 15. Was that a debug switch or something?

  27. JOnny Says:

    Is msn over http:443 working ?? hope so :)

  28. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    After the update all my accounts are offline ???
    And when I try to reconnect they still are offline.
    Is there something that must be configured?

  29. Rydlak Xkchuay Says:

    I would like to state that the Auto-Hide feature does not work. but the best program of mesages of net

  30. throatickler Says:

    Why is it that when I hover over the system tray icon with my mouse I get a two inch square box with my account info flashing on and off? This has only occured since two updates ago.

  31. linh Says:

    i have fail : crash. Can u help me T.T

  32. linh Says:

    fail in crash for facebook :D

  33. Walter Stovall Says:

    Change log you say – where might that be?

  34. Iceburg Says:

    Secure ICQ gone?

  35. Sandra Says:

    Scott, my enduring thanks for fixing the XMPP/Livejournal issue. Was glad to be the ‘tester’ for each tweak until the right one was found. :)

  36. Sherry Says:

    Hopefully this new fix will now allow me to accept people to my contact list….I am or was only able to add people….yes, i even checked my settings and it still made no difference.

  37. Malagriptacopterosis Says:

    I need the hability to copy email address or ID from a contact, there are noy easy way to do that

  38. Ashok Purohit Says:

    now my trillian works good after u have fixed

  39. Ryan11433 Says:

    where is the change log at?

  40. Honey.Antz Says:

    on windows vista, the preview when hovering over the taskbar icon blinks on and off when the taskbar is set to auto-hide. this does not happen when it is set to not auto-hide but I very much prefer auto-hiding my taskbar.

  41. Anton Says:

    Any plans on adding skype video support to trillian? I still see no menu option to make a video-call.

  42. MIke Says:

    Great, thanks guys :)

  43. Tom B Says:

    Thanks for oscar online time !

  44. shamaskey Says:

    I really like the update.its simple, easy and specifically suit its features. well done

  45. Sumukha Kashyap Says:

    When is Google+ coming to Trillian ???? :(

  46. olamide Says:

    Hello how can someone send a web cam if you re chatting with someone and if that feature is not there i wish trillian can fix that

  47. Nightnews Says:

    I gotta say the pre fix build is really unstable and stops responding a lot, wasting a lot of my time, as it slows my pc – i hope this is what you fixed!

  48. Aixa Says:

    Thank you for bringing back online time in tooltips, I missed this a lot! I also appreciate that I can hide the youtube previews in message. Excelent work!

  49. Bob Says:

    The copying from previous messages still is clunky

  50. Simon Says:

    Seems that sending an url to somebody over icq has some problems. My configuration was newest trillian on icq to an buddy with the current miranda on icq. :-(

  51. Nick Says:

    No info whether the SecureIM option is back in this build, so I suppose it is not back? I’ve to decline the update then. Bad idea to remove that option, seriously. It was one of the reasons I once bought Trillian. Still disappointed.

  52. videosean Says:

    13448 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Preferences] Option to disable youtube/web previews

  53. Dave Says:

    Hi Scott, where exactly did you fix skype mass messaging? When I mass message my contacts, the moment I press enter, the chat window dissappears. So the problem seems to persist…

  54. Matthias Says:

    Whats about the google Hangout? The chat is working but when will we be able to use the videochat too?

  55. Robson Says:

    Is there a way to “participate in a conference call” command like in skype ? Also, would be nice to have “group contact” saved in trillian like “group contact” in skype

  56. Alper Says:

    Have a big problem about file transfer from msn to trillian

  57. Toff Says:

    That’s quite a lot of fixes, I expected something minor. Thanks, guys, great job! :)

  58. Rees Says:

    Oh – not so good: Crashes on start-up after asking permission to connect to Facebook. :(

  59. Steve Says:

    Could you add a little Mac version status update as well?

  60. Paul Says:

    Why can’t I copy messages from the conversation window?

  61. Tarulia Says:

    @Barry Demchak just click on the Changelog Link…

  62. Rob Says:

    Mhh, instead of repairing any, it actually caused ICQ HTML issues, damn…

  63. coffee-turtle Says:

    %name% and %medium% variables not working properly with Skype contacts.
    Thanks always.

  64. Tom_49 Says:

    What do I need to do to have my e-mail contacts again listed under contacts as they used to be. I have uninstalled and reinstalled as was one suggestion but I still do not have a visual contact list.

  65. Nitin Reddy Says:

    I’m really looking forward to using the newer version. Fewer crashes mean I get more IMs and calls from buddies :-) The previous version would occasionally crash though I do remember when I first started using Trillian (back when the domain name was, Trillian never crashed at all!

  66. casper92 Says:

    When you block a contact in Gmail Trillian, it is impossible to unlock without going directly through Google / Gmail. Other than that, it’s a great application, continue:)

  67. TypoDemon Says:

    “13472 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [XMPP] Possible compatibility fixes for LiveJournal”

    Scott Werndorfer, I could kiss you. Thank you so much for everyone who worked on this, you just made my millennium. So far it works PERFECTLY! Ahh! So excited! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

  68. Anton Says:

    Workaroud for QIP scenarios – really great!

  69. Stix Says:

    Nope. Still cannot connect to any of my instant messaging services via the client, only via the web.

  70. Charch Says:

    Google keeps telling me my password is incorrect (is not!). Also, spellchecker please!

  71. drish_pgh Says:

    i have download’d the new 5.1 build 16 w/ no issues … a past issue on the android side that i have not persued … download was fine – pulled my icon but NOT contacts …
    as i mentioned i have not persued … any help out there or just try the download again … ???

  72. drish_pgh Says:

    i will have 2 add the last 2 builds have elimated a lot of spammer, jammmers & just plain WANKER.mammers from the uk (& elsewhere) … if i didn’t give u accecptance when i was there (like i ever was) then, u need NOT ask …

  73. kekse Says:

    good job!

  74. josh Says:

    I have a weird bug to report. I am getting a black border with a empty white space with any emoticons that are used.

  75. Fareed A. Hameed Says:

    @AJM…. AWESOME… Woooooohoooooo.. Thanks Mayte

  76. Walker Says:

    Awesome…as usual.

  77. User Says:

    File transfers still not working over MSN. Sending pops up a dialog for sender but not recipient.. Otherwise nice software. Not even considering buying before basic stuff like this is fixed though.

  78. dev0017130 Says:

    I am not going to update as well because without SecureIM Trillian is no option for me anymore. I am deeply disappointed by old functionaly removed without any alternatives added.

  79. lvliss.soso Says:

    thats cooooooooooooooooooool! i have never seen this program before:D tnXXxxxx>>>>:D

  80. Earl Sharp, a.k.a. KingESS Says:

    Great work on the fixes, I didn’t get the exact count, but looked to be a long-listed changelog (bug fixes) and in only about 1 month’s time. Great work to all on the team!!! Keep up the efforts and know that your hard work is appreciated by us simpletons (endusers :)

  81. Peter Says:

    What is build 17? I don’t get it as an update but when you click the download button on the main page of trillian you’ll download buil 17 not 16.

  82. riccardo Says:

    Bug Report: Msn small file transfer work only on second try..if you’re lucky xD

  83. Sir Thommy Says:

    Hallo Liebes Trillian Team,
    ich bin von eurem Programm (Trillian Messenger) echt sehr begeistert.
    Doch es wäre schön wenn auch mal daran gedacht werden würde das Programm und den Support (Website) komplett in Deutsch zu machen.
    Da ich und viele meiner Bekannten nicht so gut in Englisch sind und alles verstehen. Wäre die Benutzung in Deutsch viel einfacher.
    Ausserdem habe ich das Problem das sich die Zugriffssteuerung bei Skype nicht einrichten lässt, es müsste doch möglich sein die Zugriffssteuerung mit einem Klick für Skype zu aktivieren so das Skype fragt soll die Zugriffssteuerung für Trillian aktiviert werden.
    Wenn sie sich darum mal kümmern würden es möglich zu machen wäre es sehr gut.
    Vielen Dank im Voraus und ein Schönes Weihnachtsfest und ein gutes neues Jahr.
    Wünscht Sir Thommy
    P.S. Antwort bitte in Deutsch.