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Trillian for Mac: Fixes and updates! (1.2 Build 40)

Today we’re releasing a new version of Trillian for Mac that boasts a large amount of optimizations and bugfixes. In addition to the fixes, the Twitter engine in Trillian for Mac has been upgraded to support native RTs by default, userstream, and a bunch of other cool enhancements. We are now continuing to finish up group chat integration – once it’s finished, we’ll be tackling Skype shortly after! We are still very much committed to our Mac version and plan on releasing updates more quickly this year to keep development flowing smoothly. Enjoy the new build and stay tuned for more new features coming soon!

12 Responses to “Trillian for Mac: Fixes and updates! (1.2 Build 40)”
  1. viceview51 Says:

    Long time coming… :D

    Hopefully it will lay to rest MacOS users concerns on development.

  2. Hunter Says:

    Can you please make the history viewer show all past conversations in a dated list like the Windows version? And can you somehow make metacontacts show all of their subcontacts history, even when the subcontacts existed before the metacontact? The update is much appreciated, thanks!

  3. daf Says:

    I’d prefer more focus on fixing group conversation, msn specifically which doesn’t work at all making keep adium just for when i need to join one.

    Still updates are always good and thanks for supplying the ziped release for those of us who have trouble using the mac app store.

  4. Scream81 Says:

    Congrats to a new mac version!

  5. Svoop Says:

    Nice, but please don’t forget about IRC!

  6. Sam Says:

    YES! Very much looking forward to skype.

  7. REQUiRED Says:

    This news is awesome! I recently thought about switching over to Adium while trillion looked almost dead. This life sign makes me really happy! I’m looking forward to further releases, go ahead guys! :) thanks a lot! (think of better smiley support!)

  8. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Thanks!!! Very much looking forward to group chat :)

  9. Says:

    not enough to make me happy again…

  10. Rishi Says:

    Fantastic!! Long time Trillian user – so glad there’s still development on the OSX front. :-)

  11. Mark Carver Says:

    I’m not saying that I’m not pleased with this new release, I am :) But everyone needs to stay on top CS, they have a history of not releasing until enough people complain constantly. Look at postings, their dates and release dates (sorry CS, just the truth). I am but one squeaky wheel on the Mac wagon. I love Trillian and I love CS. You guys really are awesome and put out a great product. You just need to let your loyal sheep know you still love ‘em from time to time is all.

  12. Swp Says:

    Will there be an iPad version soon?