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Trillian News: Minor updates and a status report.

A small update to Trillian for Windows (5.1 Build 19) is going out today, the main purpose of which is to prepare for upcoming Trillian server upgrades. As such, there is no public-facing changelog. The new servers will help us launch some new features later this year which we’ll be detailing as soon as we can! As things have been quiet around the blog lately, we also wanted to take a moment and give everyone a brief update on what we’ve been working on in 2012 so far:

  • Trillian for Windows. Version 5.2 is feature complete and undergoing internal beta testing. We hope to have a beta ready in the coming weeks for everyone to test!
  • Trillian for Mac. Version 1.3 is currently in Apple’s review queue and contains more bugfixes and a few minor features. Right now it’s looking like we may synchronize the Mac group chat build with a corresponding update on the Windows side, but we’ll see how the timing plays out on that one.
  • Trillian for iPhone. A large update is coming this year with a refreshed user interface and some other cool features, some of which rely on the server upgrades we mentioned above. Want a sneak peek and like testing beta builds? Get in touch!
  • Trillian for Android. Also working on a UI refresh and a few new features this year.
  • Trillian for BlackBerry. We are continuing to support the existing codebase with bugfixes as necessary. We’ll see what BlackBerry 10 brings!
  • Trillian for Web. Early research has begun on a version of this that doesn’t rely on Flash! So far it’s looking lightning fast and we think it will be a great base for the future.

We have a few other surprises in store this year as well and we can’t wait to share them with everyone. Thanks for your support!

177 Responses to “Trillian News: Minor updates and a status report.”
  1. tridentcore Says:

    Go for it teams… Trillian is rocks..!! 5 years using it without any doubt… Can’t wait for the updates…

  2. randommatter Says:

    looking forward to the updates of ios and mac , i am willing to help with (beta) testing

  3. viceview51 Says:

    This is the type of updates and status reports we were talking about. Keep up the work and keep them coming. Looking forward to see the new features you have in store for us. :)

  4. Kristof Says:

    Really looking forward to the new Version. Currently I’m using trillian on Android and iOS devices, as well as on a Mac. I’m loving to start a chat one one device and continue it on another.

    Would love to participate in beta test for the new trillian iOS version.

  5. nestar Says:

    what about trillian for linux?

  6. DiscoMcDisco Says:

    Sign me up for beta iPhone. Happy to help.

  7. Ian Says:

    Any hints as to the new features we’ll be seeing in 5.2?

  8. AxlCox Says:

    Sigh….still no group IM for MSN? Please add!

  9. akrus Says:

    +1 for Linux & Windows Phone versions :)

  10. Tridus Says:

    Hope the surprise is an iPad version!

  11. 512kbyte Says:

    yeah ! Trillian for Linux would be awesome! Waiting for it for a long time and dont want to miss it on my linux machines =/

  12. Martin Says:

    Oh this sounds great! I’d really like to step into that iPhone beta group. Wouldn’t be new to me as I’m already testing several iOS and OS X softwares. I would tell more about that. But better via mail.


  13. AJ Says:

    All about some iPhone beta testing. I love the Trillian client for iPhone and can’t wait for it to be better.

  14. Malagriptacopterosis Says:

    When will be a Trillian for Symbian Belle?

  15. Phokal Says:

    I would be available for iPhone 4s and/or iPad3 testing. Name/Email is the same as my trillian account (lifetime sub).

  16. Jake Bathman Says:

    Another here for iOS beta testing. I’d love to help make it perfect with the team!

  17. eoraptor Says:

    Now this is the kind of update I like… Stuff like trillian for ios doesn’t affect me, but trill for windows and droid definitely does, so it’s nice to see it rolled up.

  18. animexx Says:

    Trillian for Windows Phone, I hope… You’re late.

  19. animeboy Says:

    Maybe Bookmarking Conference rooms (XMPP) with this new group chat thing???

  20. Kennon Says:

    Excited that you have a new iOS build coming. I’d love to help out with the beta testing. Let me know.

  21. andrewwp Says:

    +1 for Windows Phone

  22. Photovirus Says:

    I would like to be a beta-tester of an iPhone app.

  23. Chris Says:

    Plz add Steam chat support on Trillian

  24. JT Says:

    Please Please room support for jabber on Mac =)

  25. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Ahhhhhh, yes. I like the status report. I think people will appreciate this info.
    Thank you C.S.

  26. David Says:

    This is very exciting news! Good luck with the new features, guys!

  27. Juank Says:

    We really need a version of Trillian for Linux!! :D

  28. SusanBlueSky Says:

    Happy to do beta testing for iPhone. Love Trillian.

  29. Sam Macleod Says:

    trrillian has been great for me being fixed income i glad be able use it wish way i save my skype group calls recall them tho.

  30. bernard Says:

    I’m hoping one of those surprises is Trillian for Windows Phone. Everybody and their sister has a multi-platform IM app on Windows Phone and Trillian is the glaring exception.

  31. Spencer Dixon Says:

    +1 for WP7 and I hope you are working on a metro Win8 version as well!

  32. baldur Says:

    also vote for a linux version – would be really great!

  33. Jon Says:

    I would love to help with beta testing for the iphone app!

  34. r5m Says:

    plz skype support for android trilly)) realy need it

  35. Matt Says:

    What in the world, since I updated about 30 minutes ago, Trillian has broken for me. I can’t open a new IM window , my icon keeps reverting back when I change it. When I exit, it does nothing.. so now I have to go into processes and kill it. I’m not the only one, a buddy of mine is having this same problem as well. Are there any known issues at all or anyone else having problems?

  36. Burak Arslan Says:

    multiple skype connection should be supported

  37. Mike Says:

    Looking good. I’d like to help with beta testing.

  38. EJ Says:

    I’m down for beta testing the iPhone app.

  39. Pax Says:

    I’m game for testing iPhone beta!

    What about iPad version?

  40. Mephiston Says:

    Any news on improved support for ipad?

  41. Jgke Says:

    I’m up for beta testing Android/Windows *cough*/linux*cough* clients.

  42. Nysha Says:

    Any work on power efficiency for the mobile versions? I’ve finally been cajoled into trying out trillian on Android due to the unreliability of other clients I’ve tried; trillian is stable, has a nice UI, and seems to be reliable so far, but the battery drain is so bad that I may yet switch back to something less reliable but which doesn’t cut my phone’s battery life by two thirds.

  43. Ray Says:

    When do we get a Trillian for Windows Phone?…

  44. Richard Says:

    I’d love to help. I’m assuming you’re not wanting us to post here with that though. How do you want to be contacted?

  45. Rowan Says:

    Windows phone would be a really cool addition.
    I mean, trillian has the potential to look simpler and more elegant than any IM out for WP7 right now.

  46. itylernallen Says:

    Looking forward to the Trillian 5.2 build, I am sure more amazing things are on the way. Can not wait. :)

  47. Pamela Myers Says:

    I am hoping for Internet voice to voice chat like Google Talk has I hate Google Talk, but Yahoo messenger is worse with all its ads and messy interlace and irritating toolbar and other annoying things. I have had Trillion since 2004 and only switched to Google Talk because of the Talk capability. I would gladly pay a yearly fee for a Trillion version that had Google Talk features! My cousin is in England and we spend hours together on Google Talk working on our Ancestry site together, chatting away. I am hoping beyond hope that you will have a vice chat soon free or paid :)

  48. Sopalajo de Arrierez Says:

    +1 for Linux version.
    +1 for Windows Phone (v6.5) .ersion too

  49. Emanuele Says:

    Trillian for Linux? Damn, how much I’d like to see it :)

  50. Steve Says:

    Sign me up for iPhone Beta

  51. jazzi_g4rl Says:

    i would love to see the beta versions

  52. SerDIDG Says:

    Bad update ever. Trillian Astra protocol disconnected and trillian falls into an infinite freeze. Trillian for Windows 7 x64.

  53. Walt Says:

    +1 Windows Phone 7

  54. Ricardo Says:

    Hey! And for iPad? When it comes for iPad? Once tryed Trillian iPhone version on my iPad and … moved for “”. It’s a shame, because I like a lot the Trillian for Windows.

  55. TF Says:

    :( (( Skype is not working….

  56. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    -Group chat on Mac is badly needed IMO…
    -Non-flash Web App = AWESOME!

    Cant wait to see the line-up guys, great work!

  57. Holger Says:

    Nice to know you’re not dead! You could ping your faithful community more often this way…

    However, I won’t install any updates that do not specify what they do. Neither would you! Trillian runs fine as it is, thanks.

  58. Xenik Says:

    Wonderful work with trillian. Hope for a Windows Phone version (at least with Apollo:-) )

  59. Joe Says:

    ZOMG!1! Can’t wait for the new HTML version and the mobile refreshes. This is really exciting news. Keep up the amazing work.

  60. Chripher Says:

    So what is the Major News in 5.2?

    Christopher B
    Beta Tester since 0.75

  61. Cuky Says:

    What about iPad wersion? It looks that you ignore voice of your customers. Lots of them is writing to your forum and want just normal porting. But you ignore them and event dont get official mesage.

  62. David B Says:

    + 1 for iPhone

  63. coffee-turtle Says:

    Trillian for BlackBerry. We are continuing to support the existing codebase with bugfixes as necessary. We’ll see what BlackBerry 10 brings!

    It’s been awhile, true, but it works great! I never have any issues with it. I wouldn’t mind more emoticons. Thank you for the updates and looking forward to all the neat surprises coming out!

  64. Sebastian Says:

    please contact me for ios beta testing! I use it all the day and would really appreciate it!

  65. Goldenm Says:

    Windows Phone version would be great!

  66. Sharona Says:

    I’d love to beta test the new iPhone client! I’ve done a couple of beta tests before. It’s very satisfying to help out. But I’m not sure where I’m supposed to get in touch.

  67. Scott P Says:

    Would be happy to help out beta test any iOS releases in the works!

  68. Dae Says:

    This is very exciting! I use Trillian for Windows and iPhone (heavily) and will be very interested in beta testing for both platforms. Are we to expect a iPad app sometime in the near future?

  69. KodeK Says:

    I would love to be part of the iOS beta test. What would I have to do to join? :)

  70. Farhad Says:

    I know there was no beta test for Android announced…. but you should… and please feel free to include me. :-) If it’s worth anything I’m a pretty hard core Trillian user. I have the Windows, Mac, and Android versions… and I literally use all three each day. Very often switching between all three while I chat. The whole continuous client thing Trillian implements makes the experience pretty seamless. So I’m an invested user who would love to help improve the product! :-)

  71. Denis Z. Says:

    +1 vote for group chats in MSN and Skype! Need to see existing groups in contact list and see/initiate conversations from Trillian. History support would be perfect!

  72. mason Says:

    just wanted to say its exciting to hear there are some exciting additions coming along.. been with trillian for a number of years now!

    htc evo 4g and galaxy tab 10.1

  73. Brent Says:

    Great to hear you guys are still moving forward on this potentially great product.Any time frame on when skype will change to include better working with groups and offline history? Still having to open Skype separately (pain)

  74. Alex Says:

    Excellent. I look forward to the Android overhaul, especially if that means it looks like ICS. I’ve had to drop Trillian because of UI issues, but I hope the changes work well with Android 4. <3

  75. Zak C. Says:

    I would gladly be willing to help test a new iOS application for trillian. (Also willing to help test a Windows Phone application as well… :) )

  76. MalikTous Says:

    I’ve been using Trillian ever since I started using IM. The Yahoo and MSNM native clients were crash happy on a machine I had nearly a decade ago (P3-800 Intel) while Trillian ran smoothly. I enjoy being able to do nearly all my IM on one client (exception is I like doing IRC on the Opera browser native extension). PS: I’ve prohibitted everything to do with AOL except Winamp from my machines, AIM stinks no matter what client it runs in. I hope, when I resume playing with Linux on my machines, that a Trillian version will be available as I appreciate the cross platform abilities of Opera and Firefox browsers.

  77. micha Says:

    windows phone, HAHAHAHA… you guys are so funny… windows phone is dead… ;)

  78. John Barone Says:

    +1 on a Windows Phone version. Now that would be a GREAT surprise.

  79. Mark Says:

    It would be nice if you fixed the daily gtalk crashes associated with multiple accounts connected.

  80. Scott Says:

    I use the Trillian iOS app on my iPhone 4 a lot. Would love to test a beta build!

  81. Viktor Says:

    I am very looking forward to the iOS and Mac updates.
    You are awesome!

    And because I am some kind of “power” user I’d like to apply as a beta tester. :)

  82. FarkBloatware Says:

    “that doesn’t rely on Flash!” = WIN.
    Adobe = nasty bloatware.
    Trillian = something towards the opposite if we’re lucky.
    As a general rule, core functionality running efficiently without bloat is more important than the latest feature of any given IM network, IMO. For example: being able to make/receive phone calls is more important than email in a mobile phone, to simplify the comparison somewhat.

  83. barbos Says:

    I’d be willing to help test the iPhone (or iPad) client.

  84. KjShoot2iLL Says:

    still waiting for…
    linux! linux! linux!

  85. ThatOneDude Says:

    I’d love to help with the iPhone beta

  86. Gnimsh Says:

    I started Trillian around a month ago and i am utterly amazed! Keep up the good work! Windows beta testing! :) I’m up for it.

  87. Bill Gates Says:

    What about Windows phone…

  88. Andy Anonymous Says:

    I’d certainly be up for beta testing any iOS versions you may beta test.

  89. bhanu Says:

    +1 for symbian belle i miss trillan on on my n8

  90. Federico Brigante Says:

    Any iOS beta slots available? I’m a iPhone+Mac user mainly on Jabber (Gtalk+Facebook) networks.

  91. Dan Says:

    Just letting you know that I’d love to test the beta of the next Trillian for iPhone, and help make it better.

  92. Federico Brigante Says:

    I just remembered… I actually built an HTML interface just for kicks in 2009 for a popular web instant messenger. No images were used for the interface so it’s fully resolution independent. Take a look at it here and get in touch with me if it tickles your fancy.

  93. Rezwan Says:

    In one word… This is the best all in one messenger of all.

  94. Paul Says:

    Nice update notice….I am among the people feeling “left behind” by the lack of any progress on a Linux version….do you have any idea how many Linux users there are? C’mon, let’s get the Linux version into play!

  95. Figeluren Says:

    Whens the winphone app due?

  96. Trae Says:

    If part of the mobile platform updates include native Skype integration then I’ll be a very happy man.

  97. Gennath Says:

    Lol, no good deed goes unpunished. You dare be nice enough and tell people what’s up, and all you get is a bunch of nagging ninnies. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the big reveal on what you have planned!

  98. Sébastien Says:

    Awesome guys, I hope that the surprises will have a version for WP7 too.

  99. Bert Drenth Says:

    Symbian Belle please

  100. Two Worlds Says:

    Thanks for the update. Any chance to see Trillian for iPad ?

  101. BouncinDave Says:

    Awesome news!

    I’m up for some iPhone beta testing if you need me :)

  102. sharon Says:

    dude this is the best till now trillion rox i love it

  103. Mighty Gadget Says:

    Moved over from Digsby a few months ago after constantly having problems with Facebook, and now wished I had moved over years ago. Works flawlessly

  104. wardprod Says:

    I still can’t see half of my msn contacts avatars. Is this ever going to be fixed?

  105. Marcus Says:

    Any news on the iPad version?

  106. Michal Chudý Says:

    Rocks! But I have one small question, but I now it coud be a very difficulty. Can you please repair the fix with Skype on Windows 8 (I now, not so many people have it like the main systém like I have, but hey it is just Windows 7 with new futures and Metro.. completely free and legal). Maybe Microsoft repair the SkypeKit on RC (Hope that they now about that bug) Write now I have run Trillian and Skype seperatly, Now i dont have all my contacts in one please…

    And If I write to you.. Coud I ask on other thinks.. like the e-mail checker.. why i coudnt set on my Hotmail account to open the Outlook and must be transfered to web services.. let me choose please its just about picking custom exe from computer!! Also the e-mail chceck is very.. how it sais random.. other POP3 checker works fine.. load from time to time but display the write information.. Trillian is checking unpredictiably and do not tell me about the new mail if i dont open the Windows of trillian…

    Coud you please add the Spell check Future.. I Find the add-in write by you Cerulean, but it is just for English and the dictionary was in the weird format that i cant replace it or even normály edit the words in it, since it was the HEX. I am from the Czech Republic, and there exist a lot of free dictionary (check the OpenOffice, Mozzila, Google or PSPad resources.. also I find the list of completely OpenSource and Free dictionaries for all countries.. but lost the adress) or just add the future to import the files from those aplication (.dic, .adm files and more..) not the unnown format you choose in that add-in.. thanks a lot..

    Please add other social servicies like the Google+ (Have chat, but not the social tweet or status.. it is that the write word..), Orkut, So.CL, Netlog.. andthe ability to write status on all of these sites at onec in one field.. even if there is Twitter word restriction which facebook doesnt.. or maybe make 2 field one for all sites without restriction and second for all with it (since the number of allowed words is very similar or even same in all of these sites..)

    I love the Trillian.. Rocks!


  107. Luca Says:

    I’m happy we’re getting updates, but I would pay for premium if I could get a linux version…

  108. Darren Blackley Says:

    Trillian for iPhone. A large update is coming this year with a refreshed user interface and some other cool features, some of which rely on the server upgrades we mentioned above. Want a sneak peek and like testing beta builds? Get in touch! – I would be very happy to beta test any of your products as i have all platforms that Trillian run’s on and am a pro user :D

  109. Darren Benjamin Says:

    I too would be interested in helping testing the new iOS client

  110. Marc Says:

    Would really love to a functioning group message feature for MSN…thanks

  111. Linus Says:

    A Linux version would be awesome :-) To be honest, Trillian is the main reason for me using Windows… :P

  112. TJ Tindal Says:

    Know what I’d absolutely love? Steam chat for Trillian. I know it’s possible, is doing it!

  113. markymapoe Says:

    I’ve been using Trillian at work for 2 years now, and I love it! Our department is spread over several buildings and Trillian allows us to communicate in real time without picking up the phone or emailing. Also have Trillian for iPhone and it allows me to keep in touch while on the road or at home.

    Great product and looking forward to the upgrade!

  114. Max Says:

    Please update Trillian for Android with a taste of ICS! Also the ability to hide the notification icon!

  115. Niels Says:

    Internal Beta testing? that’s called Alpha testing ;-) Beta is external by definition.

  116. ME Says:

    Trillian for Windows Phone, please!

  117. Luis A. Says:

    Your technical support group is a joke. I used to love this product, until I had an issue that would delete all my accounts and chat history. I had to wait 4 days for someone to reply with to my email, and ultimately stopped responding.

    What happened to you trillian?? You were doing so good…

  118. Fredrick Says:

    +1 for Windows Phone
    +1 for iPad
    Talented beta tester and Available as well…

  119. Fredrick Says:

    Oh forgot to mention, love the product.
    Use iPhone, Android and windows versions. Waiting for Windows Phone and iPad versions!!!!

  120. BeBoo Says:

    Looking forward to the updates! I will gladly beta test Mac, Windows and iOS (I have an iPhone and iPad) versions for you. Definitely hoping to see an iPad version.

  121. kenflott Says:

    trillian for Windows Mango please! My Lumia 900 is begging for it!

  122. canadian1der Says:

    I’d love to beta test iOS versions. I use trillian on all of my computers and my phone for work, etc.

  123. Samuel Burns Says:

    I’m more than willing to assist with iOS beta testing. It’s my primary platform for using the Trillian client, so I’d love any chance to help improve it.

  124. Robyn Says:

    Still not connecting to Facebook chat or LinkedIn. Group chat DOES work through Windows Live Messenger. Not working for LiveJournal chat through Jabber.
    Win7 64x machine.

  125. david becerra Says:

    Excellent product thanks

  126. Louis Says:

    Trillian still remains the best IM manager around. But a vote for adding WhatsApp to the services. More and more are using WhatsApp – especially South American and European contacts. Here’s hoping the adding WhatsApp soonest!!!!!!

  127. Jen Says:

    Please, please, please bring back the function for windows where if you click on a pop up tweet window, it will simply open a new or attach itself to a currently open IM convo window. I like to keep the interesting stuff there until I have time to read what interest me……used to be able to do it in Trillian 4……….

  128. elbimster Says:

    Keep up the work! +1 for WinPhone version and iPad version!

  129. david becerra Says:


  130. Matti Says:

    Linux please!

  131. Sherry Walker Says:

    I have been using Trillian for many years now. I loved it so much that i actually purchased it a few years ago. I am still a big fan, and I tell everyone I know about this awesome program. I would not want to use anything else! Thank you Trillian for making my communication to those I love and care about even in Washington State. Do you have a program for the UK? I have tried to send this to my daughter but for some reason, she tells me it does not work correctly.

    A happy customer and still going!

  132. Jeremy Morrill Says:

    want a sneak peek and like testing beta builds? Get in touch! – TOUCH!!!

  133. Jason Says:

    Send me more info about the iPhone/iOS beta. I’d love to help test.

  134. Alexis Miller Says:

    I love trillian and have been telling all my friends about it. I use trillian for iphone also and would love to beta test if you need help.

  135. chris4prez Says:

    I am very interested in testing your iphone versions of Trillian, I have beta tested your products for years and love to help you squash any bugs and make it ready for the big time!

  136. Seth Jones Says:

    Thanks for the progress updates. :)

  137. Alan Bunting Says:

    I’ve been using the iOS and Windows clients for a while now; I’d love to try the new iOS client and hunt for issues, as I have a few problems with its current state. Particularly if it has AIM group chats!

  138. Joshua Wiley Says:

    I would be interested in iPhone/Windows beta testing. I love the history feature of TrillianPro, a “live” version like someone else said so I can start a conversation in one place and continue on another would be nice. Also would love to see video support added for Skype (that is the only time I use anything other than Trillian).

  139. derSpinner Says:

    I want to test the new Trillian for the iPhone.

  140. iman sorkhian Says:

    hi.i have a suggestion or maybe it is a error in trillian.when you want to send a pm to all of your account,this is not possible.It just send pm to people who are online but i want send a pm to all my account (friend).
    with regard
    iman sorkhian

  141. dasbacon Says:

    would love to test the iOS beta

  142. sammy Says:

    Skype for Android would be amazing, hate using the skype app for chatting on phone.

  143. Dominik Oeh Says:

    Please sign me up for the iOS beta!

  144. Mr.win7 Says:

    nice !! ;D

  145. Trillian hints at PB app - BlackBerry Forums at Says:

    [...] now, but that's a step towards having a better app than IM+ for the PlayBook! Here's the link: Cerulean Studios' Blog __________________ If Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim on ground BB Storm2 9550 OS [...]

  146. Michael Goff Says:

    I have an iPhone 4s and iPad 2 that would both love to be used to test this new version, depending on which is needed. Both could actually be tested.

  147. Robert Says:

    Very excited for an updated iOS version! I’d love to help out with testing a new beta version.

  148. Sebastian M Says:

    Now I’m really excited :) please let me know if you need some beta tester for Android 4, iPad 3 and Windows 7 – including beta testing the whole product experience when moving from one device to another one. That’s where you’re the best at, in my opinion :)

  149. Takonator Says:

    I would love to see Trillian on my Windows Phone :> Please, please, please. I would also pai again ;)

  150. Mitalis Says:

    I would love to be able to test out Trillian on iOS or Android

  151. Tuklai Mone Says:

    Honestly…..great job…..keep it up…

  152. Gnuthad Says:

    Hopefully the Trillian Android client will be accessible to tablet owners instead of just Android phone owners due to the restrictions Google imposes on their marketplace. I have an Android tablet but, not being a phone, Google prevents me from accessing their marketplace – the ONLY place I can obtain the Android version of Trillian.

  153. Michael H Says:

    Let’s hope the latest iPhone version is a Universal app, and works at full screen on iPads. If it doesn’t, a lot of users will be very disappointed.

  154. Tyler Says:

    I use Trillian for iPhone daily… I rely heavily on the detection mechanism when switching between trillian for desktop -> iphone and back again. I’d love to help / see what you have in store.

  155. StOnYrIvErS Says:

    hello gouls and germs my name as you see it is StOnY rIvErS the artist musician computer unix/linux/windoze hack from way back in the day Timothy Bill and Heward
    and some others hung out haight ashbury reading Fritz the Cat and those Fabulous Funnry Freak Brothers and thinking about Lifelike androids walkin through the freedom
    park and today it hit me, I was promised a free lifetime Trillian Account for all my input back in the day this program was first though about through IRC and MIRC….
    and i was like “yea I’ll help and give some input as to what it should be like and do and operate for everyone, talk type video etc all in one across all domains and
    programs that are specifically pointed to public talk type video conversations. And here it is 2012 and after 40 crashes, 40 HD failures, # years Hospital stay and numerous
    marriages/girlfriends i just thought about that and thought i would write a little note to everyone..hello all and i hope your all enjoying trillian, its such a great way to cross
    platforms and chat programs and bring the world a little bit closer together. cant wait to see it incorporated into things like xbox live or PS2 etc….gaming is the future and
    chatting meeting people or even relationships based through gaming and sure hope all the chats follow that course and thank you for allowing me to partisipate back in
    the days when development and testing was givin to the public (namely me lol)

  156. Eccentrikit Says:

    I would love to be part of the iPhone beta!

  157. Jeff Says:

    Another vote for a Windows Phone version – there’s so much potential for a beautiful Metro Trillian client. Can’t wait to see it!

  158. Robin Monks Says:

    Lemme know if you need folks to test an iPad version of your iOS app!

  159. Patteey Says:

    I really like the idea of syncing the mac and windows version; hope this works out and become a go. I am looking forward to version 5.2.

  160. JOnas Says:

    I REALLY hope the new iOS version will be universal so we won’t have to use the iphone version on the iPad.

  161. REQUiRED Says:

    Sign me up for the beta, I use Trillian4iPhone every day and would really like to help identifying the bugs to get them fixed.

  162. Firehawke Says:

    I’m up for the iPhone beta, even if it’s a bit crashy. Contact me.

  163. DanCADMan Says:

    Very happy to see Trillian is still planning to support the BB platform! I’d love to have a native app for the Playbook. The Android version works on the Playbook, but I think a native Playbook version could be made really awesome!

  164. Tom Says:

    Hopefully Windows 7 (Mobile) will be supported sometime soon? Plox?

  165. Lynn Sturgis Says:

    I’d love to test the iPhone Beta :)

  166. Lucas Teles Says:

    still waiting trillian 4 linux…

  167. Tom Says:

    Sign me up for iPhone Beta!

  168. MattH Says:

    I’d like to test the iPhone beta. I have an iPhone 4S and iPad 3 to test it on. Who do we get in touch with for joining this?

  169. Jason Willadsen Says:

    I would love to see Trillian for Linux. I would also love to see Trillian for Windows Phone 7. Honestly… this is the app that’s prevented me from switching to either platform permanently. >_<

    I'm definitely up for beta testing ANYTHING, but mostly Android/Windows clients. However… if there was a Linux client.. I'd be installing a new OS on my machine yesterday.

  170. Filip Says:

    Sign me up for Windows Trillian Beta and Android Beta

  171. Jorge Garza Says:

    I have more than ten years that use a Trillian because I needed to use more de one email address at the same time, in that time just Trillian can make those. I like to use this tool in may chat aplication.

  172. Jorge Garza Says:

    I have more than ten years that use a Trillian because I needed to use more de one email address at the same time.

  173. bw_balazs Says:

    I’d like to test the iPhone beta. :)

  174. Dale Says:

    Sign me up for the iOS beta support and hopefully this will be a universal app for both the iphone and ipad :D

  175. Charles Says:

    How do we sign up for the Beta iPhone?

  176. Chavous Camp Says:

    I’m a PRO user who would love to beta test new ios versions – especially if the new version is an iPad version!

  177. Lukos Says:

    I second the hope for an iPad version! Willing to beta test for iOS and Mac! :3