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Trillian for Windows: New beta! (5.2 Build 8)

Lots of great stuff in the new Trillian 5.2, now available for public beta testing! As with our Mac version, we’re making an effort this year to keep our releases slightly smaller in scope so that we can get them to you on a more regular basis. Our goals for the Windows product this year are to keep updates flowing smoothly, to tackle a large batch of group chat enhancements and feature requests, and to release a few other surprises we’ve been working on lately. So what’s new in 5.2?

  • Native spellcheck integration. Our message windows and social windows will now make sure you’re not making any mistakes when you type! Auto-correct optional.
  • Better Windows 7 support. Seen above, we now have the ability to split tabbed chats into their individual windows in the taskbar and have also added some great new jumplist features. Of course, these all work on the new Windows 8 too!
  • Twitter upgrades. Although we’ve always supported both native retweets and the older-style retweets, the option was buried in a preference. We’ve taken the time to tidy things up a bit and now expose both methods directly in the right click menu! You can also now follow conversations right inside of Trillian among other improvements.

As always, we’ve also taken the opportunity to fix a giant chunk of bugs in this release, bringing improved performance and stability to the product. We hope you enjoy the new beta! Download here.

30 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: New beta! (5.2 Build 8)”
  1. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    I was expecting a 5.2 beta release, just not this soon. I am looking forward to trying it.
    Thanks C.S.

  2. Allan Says:

    Well, finally it’s released.
    glad to hear that Trillian still got their style.
    Good improvements.
    I hope Trillian can support URL shortening for twitter in next build, so we can tweet more than 140 characters.
    Oh yeah, it would be nice if we can upload images to Facebook and Twitter through Trillian.

  3. MagicMike Says:

    Looking good — thanks for the beta! Testing now!

  4. kitezer Says:

    Awesome but I was hoping for more features considering how long this took to be released.

  5. rj10328 Says:

    Thanks CS
    I’ve been waiting for spell check and the twitter update is nice, but this might be a bug but I’m not sure; when pinning Direct Messages to contact list it doesn’t unpin unlike all other pin-able materials that can unpin instantly when unchecked, and this is only resolved when reconnected.

  6. echoDreamz Says:

    Upgraded from 5.0.19 to 5.2 and now Facebook constantly disconnects and reconnects. Highly annoying!

  7. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Just wanted to mention that the taskbar preview is pixelated and ugly. Please atleast fix the pixel issue.

  8. NoName Says:

    Spellcheck is not really working

  9. Ben K Says:

    This is awesome! For the taskbar preview, what about moving the service label to the left side, so you can show the full square icon, and then have the name as an overlay on the icon?

    Still no option in preferences for “never create tabbed windows”, though. :-(

  10. DxGamer Says:

    Would it be possible to have an option to show tabbed windows in a single preview ? At the moment I have several IRC-Channels grouped in one windows and each channel is shown seperatetly in explorer preview, this consumes a lot of space

  11. Loren Says:

    Will there be an option to put the tabbed chats back into a single window in the taskbar? Or is there one already and I just can’t find it? Having to click twice to get my chat window open is really bugging me.

  12. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for beta release, I look forward to testing. Wasn’t expecting it for another month.

    @Ben K, select “do not automatically create tabbed windows” in preferences and you shouldn’t have to deal with them.

  13. mgm1001001 Says:

    Taskbar preview used to show a minimized version of the chat windows when hovered (Windows Vista). Now it just shows a small, centered icon. Anyone see a setting to change back to the 5.1 behavior? Otherwise, looks great!

  14. Przemek Says:

    Thank you for the Polish translation! :-)

    Is it possible to utilize Skype Out somehow?

  15. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    DLing now, will see how this goes…

  16. Pete Says:

    Looks ok so far except for some problems with Google Talk: (1) after typing a chat msg and hitting enter, the message often stays in the typing window, so it either looks like i didn’t hit enter (but i did), or if i don’t look up, i start typing more characters on the same message; and (2) after a few minutes of G-Talk chats (with another Skype chat open) Trillian crashes.

    More info to come…

  17. Chris Says:

    I like the improvements which have been introduced, but I was hoping there would be some improvements for Facebook integration. Something along the lines of Facebook Messenger where all messages sent to your inbox appear in a conversation, for example, rather than limiting it to messages sent by contacts who are marked as “online to chat.”

  18. Kai Says:

    Spell checking for German does not work, for special german letters like ä,ü,ö or ß

  19. fkrone Says:

    I’m a little bit disappointed. I expected video calls via skypekit as it now has the possibility for that. Hope this will be added soon.
    I have to admit that the improved Win 7 support is really nice as I missed that feature.

  20. Matej Chalupka Says:

    Spell check is not working.

  21. Toff Says:

    New beta looks nice so far. :) Love the new taskbar previews. Spellcheck is a long awaited function as well. Thank you!
    Now to squash them buggers.

  22. Ripei Says:

    Thanks guys,
    To be honest I am also a little bit disappointed because I still can’t use Trillian 5.2 or 5.1 because the skypekit integration is that bad.
    In particular I am talking about the ability to use video-chat or to make group-calls. Also I can’t add new people toskype or call an ordinary number.

  23. Mcjano Says:

    Weel, maybe you could reduce the size of the name or blue background in the taskbar preview contact image, cos is to big and i just can see the half of the picture. Maybe you could add too some facebook features like appear offline for some people, or group by lists (as lists on facebook). Twitter is great, but when, but the conversations doesnt keep.

    Thanks for doing a great job and i hope your work have a great reward.

    PDTA: trillian is the most easiest and beautifull Multiprotocol i’ve ever used, ( and it goes more than 5 years and counting)

  24. Rob Says:

    When will Skype support Video Calls? Skypekit allready supports it…

  25. Rob Says:

    Wow! I’ve just tried the new beta, and I must say that the Twitter plugin is just… AWESOME… I would say that Twitter plugin is definitely finished. It’s working very smoothly and has all functions a good Twitter would expect. Really nice and smooth! Thanks Cerulean Studios for this Awesome program.. be sure that I will buy the non advertised version soon to support the team. Thanks!

  26. Nero Says:

    Spellcheck is most certainly not working.

  27. Rail Says:

    Is it possible to add an option to disable the new split feature for chat-tabs in windows 7?
    I dont want to click twice to get my last chatwindow back :>
    (beta build: click on taskbar icon, choose the right window – previous build: just click the taskbar icon)

  28. DeeJayOlee Says:

    Skype integration don’t work very well. Trillian crashed today three times!

  29. Holger Says:

    I don’t use twitter, but am glad that those who do now are better served. The window thumbnails are awkward and pixellated, and auto-correct might be nice on a phone. I thought there was more to come, but its nice to know that you keep working on the software and are once again adding features.

  30. FreedomDwarf Says:

    Glad to hear there are going to be more regular updates in the future.
    Shame there is nothing in these fixes for me – would like to see the original A/V on Yahoo and MSN/WLM fixed rather other fixes for social stuff that I don’t use.