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Trillian for Mac: Fixes and updates! (1.3 Build 37)

A new Mac build is going out today with more fixes and a few new features. This build took a little longer in the review queue than usual and we apologize for the delay. We probably have one more minor Mac build in us before the group chat stuff is ready, but we’ll keep everyone updated if the schedule changes. Everything is looking great so far, and we hope you enjoy the new build!

11 Responses to “Trillian for Mac: Fixes and updates! (1.3 Build 37)”
  1. Bernardo Farah Says:

    Really looking forward to Skype support! A lot!

  2. Steve Says:

    How about iPad build?????????

  3. Svoop Says:

    No Skype support yet. No IRC support yet. The promises have been out for a very long time now, so eventhough there’s some development, the current momentum won’t make this a useful client before 2020. Very sad!

  4. Trillian for Mac 1.3 build 37 | Tech-nieuws Says:

    [...] Bart van Klaveren, vrijdag 25 mei 2012 10:17Bron: Cerulean Studios, submitter: mrtnptrs, views: [...]

  5. Rage Says:

    No Skype = still no meaning in Mac version :( The great advantage of Trillian for Windows is to combine MSN/ICQ contacts with Skype in just one application which NOBODY at the market has implemented yet. Fixing minor bugs is nice, but its not the thing people are waiting for, to be honest.

  6. DJ Says:

    I think you guys are doing an excellent job. And i can’t tell you how much i appreciate the “current momentum”. I would rather have a client that is coded to perfection and is cautious than one that is painful to use.

    Trillian is the best app i own and i’ve never been prouder to own such a invaluable chat client! Thank you all for your incredible hard work over the years and i hope for many more builds to come!

  7. macav Says:

    I would like to see skype support too, and i miss feature to choose custom emoticons, but i think it’s quite USEFUL client :)

  8. Guenter Says:

    hmmm dont know why it is not possible to do the integration for Skype….windows is no problem to support, just on the mac I´m pissed with my pro account…a pitty

  9. Bradley Says:

    I like it. I started using it today and love it. It works great. I was hoping for skype, and the App Store says it has skype, but for a free app i’m not going to complain if that one detail doesn’t work. It’s worth the 45 seconds to download and honestly I’d have probably been willing to pay a dollar or two for it, probably not more than that because I could always run multiple applications, but a dollar or two I would have paid.

  10. Thom Says:

    What happened to PowerPC support? It was in the last version and worked fine! :(

  11. Larry Says:

    I agree, Skype support is sorely needed and required. Please implement in next version and soon! Windows has it and it works well, now it’s time for the Mac to get a little TLC.