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Trillian 2.0 for iOS: Now with iPad support!

We are pleased to introduce Trillian 2.0 for iOS, the first release of Trillian as a universal app that works on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad!

Trillian 2.0 features a beautiful new interface designed exclusively for your iPad. Because Trillian’s primary element is a collection of small chat bubbles, simply “making things bigger” felt awkward to us; worse, large windows with small text snippets sometimes required a slight turn of the head while reading. Our solution keeps chat windows sanely sized and uses the rest of the screen for tabs, swiping, and in-app notifications!

Across the iPhone and iPad, Trillian’s new launchpad UI lets you keep up with the people most important to you at a single glance. Paired with optional address book integration, Trillian can now automatically import names and photos to really make your launchpad shine. In addition, your standard contact list is still available, searchable, groupable, and sortable according to your personal preferences – we’ve even added a few new settings!

Improved Security.
Although we’ve always transmitted passwords using TLS, Trillian 2.0 now uses TLS everywhere, meaning all of your chats are now encrypted over the wire and better protected from third-party eavesdropping. Privacy and security are very important to us and we’ll continue our efforts at keeping private conversations private.

Polished and shined.
Trillian 2.0 is the fastest version of Trillian yet, with additional speedups and optimizations across the board. Almost every screen of Trillian has been improved, from minor graphic updates to ensuring orientation changes are as smooth as silk. Chat windows now support in-window notifications to let you easily read messages from more than one person at a time. A mobile indicator – for those of you that use the Trillian chat network – helps your friends quickly know when you’re away from your desk. Lastly, a whole batch of new emoticons make their proud debut in this release!

Next steps.
We’ll be bringing all of this thinking to Trillian for Android in the next major release, so stay tuned if you’re an Android geek. In the meantime we’ll be listening carefully to user feedback and making improvements. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy Trillian 2.0 for iOS!

110 Responses to “Trillian 2.0 for iOS: Now with iPad support!”
  1. Mak Says:

    Cool stuff. Keep going

  2. Esteves Says:

    Finally. Congratulations…

  3. Tridus Says:

    :D Yay!

    Looks like I need to go buy a paid version now.

  4. marcosesperon Says:

    ¡YEAH! Congratulations… I needed it :D

  5. DiscoMcDisco Says:

    This might take a little getting used to, but I really like the big step forwards and the responsiveness is brilliant!

    Thanks folks, It’s a much much fuller experience.

  6. Pechente Says:

    Wow, finally! Although from the first test, the everyday functionality seems pretty limited to me compared to prior versions.

  7. Richard Says:

    I can’t login after updating. Reset my password. Still can’t login. I’m recommend waiting.

  8. JoeS Says:

    Initially I selected only one context to be pinned (yes?), but now I see no way to add more people to that list. Am I overlooking a menu somewhere? Also: a ‘tutorial’ or ‘what’s new’ upon first run would have been nice.

  9. Neil Says:

    Is there a single quick button to get a list of your online contacts? Surely you don’t have to go one by one and add them to the front page?

  10. JoeS Says:

    I must be dense. In Settings > Invite Friends I got a popup asking ‘look for friends by contact info?’ or something like that. I selected ‘more info’ to see if any contact info would be stored online as a result of this. Trillian claims that’s not the case (great, let’s hope it’s true), so I closed the popup ready to try this. Except I’m not able to make that popup appear? How do I manually start a ‘find friends’ session?

  11. Nick Says:

    I love the thinking of the new interface. I do wish that there were a way to see my contacts in a list as well though.

    I’d probably still use the new format far more, but sometimes it’s just easier to look for someone in the groupings that I had set up.

  12. Digital Ruse Says:

    I think my one little nitpick would be an option (in the settings) that selecting the word bubble icon just give me my contact list instead of an SMS like interface for starting a chat.

  13. melange Says:

    I like most of the new features (especially better address book integration) and new UI but I really miss message sent/received sounds.
    New launchpad view is not practical for everyone (being limited to 6 contacts on iphone), I would like to see option to set classic contact list as default instead of launchpad.
    Thank you

  14. smw Says:

    @JoeS: Long pressing tiles on the launchpad will expose a quick favorite option, and you can also favorite people within individual contact settings. An option to re-start the wizard is a good idea, and we’ll consider adding it in the next revision.

  15. smw Says:

    @Neil: Settings -> Manage Contacts to bring up the contact list, or the plus button within the “New Chat” interface. Once you favorite the people you talk to daily you shouldn’t need to do this anymore, but we’re also considering a toggle for how the new chat button works and/or a dedicated contacts button, as this may work best for certain usage types.

  16. smw Says:

    @melange: 6 is just the suggested setting, but you can add as many favorites and open chats are you like. Thanks for the feedback!

  17. Brian M Says:

    Only problem I have is that it does not alert you of new messages in the currently open chat. Used to be able to have Trillian always alert but option is no longer present. That’s all for now. Otherwise, it runs great, even on iOS 6b4.

  18. smw Says:

    @Brian: Do you mean sounds playing when Trillian is in focus and inside a message window? Curious, why do you care? Is the phone on your desk or something like that?

  19. Peter Says:

    Nice! I Would like to hide my Phone Adressbook in the contacts, is there a Way?

  20. smw Says:

    @Peter: No, but it’s been suggested and I think we’ll add a preference for this.

  21. Pewter Says:

    I….really prefer having a list of online contacts underneathe my ‘favs’ dashboard. I talk to a lot of people and I’d like to see more of who is online at a glance without adding extra presses. 6 contacts doesn’t use any of my screen, hardly, it looks very odd.

  22. smw Says:

    @Pewter: Thanks for the feedback. Approximately how many contacts do you talk to on a daily basis? More than 9-12?

  23. Giolon Says:

    Thank you guys for the iPad support. I only wish you would have communicated your plans and/or progress on it better.

    One issue I have with Trillian on iOS (it occurred in the prior versions, but seems to be exacerbated in this one) is that there is pretty much no way to tell what Screen Name you’re sending a message from. If I have two screen names on the same service, and they both have the person “James” on their contact lists, the two entries are basically indistinguishable from each other if you’re logged in to both. It’s further complicated when those contacts are MetaContacts and they get lumped into the MetaContacts group. I’d really like to see some way to tell which screen name you’re sending a message from.

  24. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Wow! Looks like an amazing change in design. Can’t wait to see it on my Galaxy Note :P

    Good work, and keep it up CS Team!!!

  25. Neil Says:


    A quick view of ALL online contacts would be very useful. This is how I would normally use trillian and other Im clients. I would prefer to see who is online and then decide to start a convo with a particular person based on who is online rather than the other way around like it is now.

    I don’t want my phone contacts to appear in the contacts list

    Also, could ALL preferences sync to other devices. Eg iPhone iPad. Would be awesome this.

  26. Alexander White Says:

    Great to finally see the iPad version released, have been waiting for a while for it, great work CS team, seems to be working well.

    One query, have added my number to my account but I don’t seem to be getting the confirmation text even though the number is correct, are you aware of any issues? I’m in the UK btw

  27. XAVIER Says:

    Is there a way to re-install the previous version without iTunes?
    This new version keeps crashing on me.

  28. Crobderg Says:

    Not too happy off the bat. Really don’t like the 6 names thing since i talk to way more folks than 6 in a day and i like to be able to either or scroll through for them. the skype for ipad solution is good but would be great with a search field. try putting all the group headers (groups, service icons, alphabet) in as icons that can be selected and drilled into. This would be impressive and useful in my book.

  29. Pedro Says:

    First of all, congratulations guys, the level of polish in the app is amazing and the sync between Mac x iPhone is flawless once again!
    The amount of care and effort you put into this release really shows!

    Only a few minutes in tho, I have my first impressions:

    . I’m terribly missing the swipe between open chats on the iPhone (is this an optional setting?). It’s there on the iPad and works like a charm!

    . I kinda miss the ordinary contacts list, as a some others suggested above. Maybe it could be squeezed in?

    All in all, a very refreshing approach! Glad to be a pro user :)

  30. Forge Says:

    Wow. Holy crap. So you guys make no comment for THREE WHOLE YEARS while I run my iPad and wish for a proper client, and nothing. I go out and buy a Nexus 7 and you release Trillian for iPad. Good timing.

  31. Daniel Says:

    We can’t have our old contacts list view except by going to options? Ugh.

  32. smw Says:

    @Daniel: Press the blue plus button in the new chat screen to pull them up. We will probably offer a way to start with contacts visible in the new chat screen in the next point release.

  33. ses95608 Says:

    I absolutely love Trillian. Would love to have it on my iPad. Will upgrade to Trillian Pro and hope I can get it on my iPad.

  34. stranded Says:

    It’s always GOOD to see support for new platforms, however please release new betas for Windows more often. And for Android too! :)

  35. Pedro Says:

    @smw any comment on the swipe between chats on the iPhone? thx

  36. Jon Says:

    ok installed this but cannot login, im fine logging in with updated app in iphone but not ipad
    ive removed and readded app and i did change my password before i installed
    any ideas?

    i used the old iphone app on the ipad without problem

    just put the old app back on from itunes and logging in ok on ipad

  37. smw Says:

    @Pedro: Have a few ideas on how we can do this, will investigate. :)

  38. Mark Says:

    Where is the option to have multiple trillian accounts at? Seems be missing.

  39. Pedro Says:

    @smw awesome! :)

  40. driazen Says:

    Is there a way to hide the phone/iPad contacts from the contacts list? I have way too many phone contacts for them to be in this list and why would I want phone people in my IM list? 90% of them don’t have an IM client??

  41. David R Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! I’ve really been wanting a native app for the tablet so I am always accessible by a click–wait a sec–now I can’t hide anywhere! Oh well, at least it’ll be convenient when they do hunt me down!

    Thank you!

  42. Pitta Says:

    FINALLY – Just in time for me to get a Windows 8 tablet! :-p

    Where’s the Windows Phone love?

  43. Pitta Says:

    Didn’t think an iPad version could be worse than the phone… Why can’t I see the lit of online contacts at all times again?

  44. mystrdat Says:

    Is TLS encrypted messaging a standard in the regular Win Trillian client?

  45. Senaxx Says:

    As a trillian pro user I can really appreciate the work you have done on trillian 2.0 for mobile.

    But as things change people like or dislike them. For me I’m not to happy about the new launch pad. For me to continue using trillian on mobile I want:

    - option to switch between launch pad and normal contact list. I just want my normal list view back. I don’t want no pictures or fancy stuff. List with online contacts is enough.
    - hide phonebook contacts.

    Other than that, it’s fine :)



  46. Senaxx Says:

    Don’t know if comments are removed or deleted but i’m missing my comment?

    Great work on this release, and i’m glad the program got updated. For me to continue trillian on mobile i’d like to have my normal contact list back. Not the flashy launch pad. and neither after 1 handling. Just make the launch pad optional. Let the users choose, when you start up trillian what do you want too see? Launchpad or just your contact list. This way trillian for mobile ain’t comfortable anymore to use.

  47. Charles Says:

    Do you plan on integrating IRC to Trillian mobile?

  48. Tom Says:

    Very nice update in a lot of ways. But yeah, as others have said, needs easier contact list access. Or at the very least, more than 6 favourites. I use trillian with a small team of ten or so and to know whether all of those people are on or offline is quite useful.

    Also: is there a plan to show the chat history in the iOS client? That’s one of the best features of trillian pro and it’s kind of annoying not to have access to it when mobile.

  49. XAVIER Says:

    Grab 1.6 here

    You will need either iTunes or iFilePremium+Installous to install.

  50. XAVIER Says:

    Also just wanted to make a few closing comments today.
    First this version isn’t at all “dumbed down” as people might think. The original contact layout is still available to the user.
    While i agree that this should be a optional first view I love the concept of how the developers are taking the application.

    I do see two large issues.
    One big one is that meta contacts and some groups have partially become out of order or improperly re-imported/re-digested from older contact list backups.
    I’d love the ability to move around contacts manually so i could fix this myself for this mobile operating system version. Even it where just inside of a desktop interface for the time being.
    The second issue is sporadic crashing. I don’t think that this new wonderful re-iteration got enough testing and perhaps the developers should pull it for the time being until they can fix some of the (probably minor tweakable) issues with crashing and other initially reported bugs.

    Again. Love where they are taking the turkey but it needed more seasoning before it hit the table.

  51. Randy Says:

    Hate hate HATE the new interface. I want my contact list back, I want to see who’s online on the first screen, and I do not want to see every single phone number in my phone on the list.

  52. Luciano Says:

    Uruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Show de bola.

  53. Bud Says:

    I’m proud to be a Trillian Pro user! :)

  54. ottid888 Says:

    wowowow!!! Can’t wait to try it out!!! thanks guys!!

  55. bacon Says:

    really love that you guys are continuing support with iOS. it’s one of the reasons i’ve bought a pro account because i love the desktop and mobile functionality. a lot of changes have been made that take away two of my favorite things from the previous version, switching quickly between conversations by swipes and the contact list being buried in the settings menu. otherwise it seems like a good version, but those are two main functions that are either missing or hard to get to.

  56. Joe Says:

    I’m not sure if this was just my phone, but I noticed that my battery drained much faster today after installing the new Trillian. The drain slowed down back to normal after quitting Trillian (by double tapping on the home button and touching the red bar next to the app).

  57. SAR Says:

    @smw: I also have the same suggestion as Pewter. I normally talk with around 3-4, but sometimes I need to find a specific contact to talk to, and having easier access to the contact list would be a plus.

    Tho I might need to play more with the favorites screen.

  58. Jirka83 Says:

    Shows Chat history? Because web client nor Android client not.

  59. Jason Says:

    If it means that you’re one step closer to improving the Android version and/or creating a Linux client then I approve.

  60. Marcel Says:

    In the future is Skype support possible on iOS?

  61. Marcus Says:

    Awesome! :)

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  63. Nmo Says:

    Looks nice, congratulations. However, each time you launch a new version is also a disappointment for me. I believe the lack of Skype support on IOS is a serious breach in your interoperability and universality target. The result is that a lot of people have to cope with 2 IM clients, which is not Trillian’s spirit. Can we expect a move in this direction someday?

  64. Trillian para iOS añade mejoras y soporte para iPad messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] funciones de manera rápida como la lista de contactos y nuestros chats recientes. De igual forma, Cerulean Studios asegura que con esta nueva versión se han hecho importantes mejoras de seguridad y se han pulido [...]

  65. Johnathan Williamson Says:

    Amazing. Waited so long for this.

  66. Kai Says:

    Cannot connect to Yahoo! Messenger.

  67. Bibz Says:

    It still doesnt have Conference thats what it lacks

  68. Marius Says:

    Yes, that’s awesome – much better than the workaround Trillian for iPhone + Fullforce ;)

  69. REQUiRED Says:

    I love this update.
    - Why is the launchpad limited to 6 contacts?
    - iPad-UI is awesome, still some smileys are missing.
    - Finally TLS encrypted messaging, :-*!
    - The status of contacts on the launchpad might be too small?!
    - Sometimes trillian does not play the sound for new / sent messages. Reactivating the option does not help (iphone + ipad).
    - My pro membership which was promoted as to be unlimited (bought in 2009) now seems to be canceled suddenly .. -.^

    Thank you for this great upgrade. Now go on and improve the Mac OS version! :)

  70. Bogdan Says:

    Thank God! I’ve been stuck with imo on both iPad and iPhone, because I hated the fragmentation (had to use Trillian + imo combo). All is normal on Earth again.

  71. Troy Helms Says:

    I’m not sure there is a nice way to put it, but I’m regretting upgrading and wish I could go back to the old interface. The amount of wasted space on the iPad is very frustrating. Please let me change back somehow. :(

  72. Perilous Says:

    Thank you for the iPad update! It can still use some work, but so far, so good. Cheers!

  73. ZoeLeah Says:

    The best news this Year. Great Stuff

  74. Holger Says:

    Looks AWESOME! Finally I’ll use Trillian on the phone again.

    Two issues I’m having:
    1. The SMS for confirming my cell phone number does never arrive. I live in Brazil and we recently had our cell (and only cell) numbers pre-pended with a 9, so +55 (11) 8123-4567 became +55 (11) 98123-4567. Just thinking…
    2. The interface crashes on me. I’ve called Trillian via multitasking after not using it for quite some time, and it closed with a black screen. Re-Opened it, the same. I left it supposedly closed, but then somebody messaged me, I received a pop-up, pressed “launch” and it went back to work…

    If you need any help, logfiles etc. I’d be glad. Please fix this fast so the complainers don’t drain your appstore rating!

  75. Dave Says:

    But, does it work natively with Jabber where you can actually join “conversations” and actually see who is typing what ? Old version did not show who was the one commenting/chatting so you saw the text, but no idea who typed it.

  76. Brad Says:

    Under settings, it says “Away on close”. If I flip that to off, it flips back to “on” automatically. Does this setting prevent it from working in the background?

  77. August Says:

    This would have been much better a few years ago when I actually had an iPad. Congratulations on.. eventually realizing that you should port to this, I guess?

  78. August Says:

    Launchpad shouldn’t be anything more than a tile view with no limit on number of tiles. Not all of us let our contact lists swell to 300+ people so some of us would like to be able to see our 20 or so total contacts up front. At the very least, it should be an option.

  79. Eric Prieto Says:

    No Skype support :( The UI is really great, but I won’t use two apps for IM, I think I’ll hang on to for now

  80. Idkanymore Says:

    smw Says:
    AUGUST 28TH, 2012 AT 1:04 PM
    @Brian: Do you mean sounds playing when Trillian is in focus and inside a message window? Curious, why do you care? Is the phone on your desk or something like that?

    Yes, I really want this back. I don’t usually stare at my phone after I send a message and instead wait for a message sound. Now if I receive a message, I won’t know and my phone will eventually just go to sleep. This is really important for me. It’s very annoying to lock my phone everytime I send a message just to hear a sound when I get a message

  81. Alex Says:

    Guys, I appreciate the effort, but I like to start conversations based on who is online, not based on who my favorite person is (could be offline and simply taking up room on the tile screen). I know the list is a few clicks away, but having to click that every few minutes to see if anyone new I want to chat with is online is a major drag. I’m open to the new tile interface, but could you make it dynamic so that it shows online contacts, not favorite contacts? Maybe even do a combination view where favorites are always pinned to the top but all other tiles are dynamic based on being currently online? Alternatively I was just fine with the old list – it would be nice to have the option to make that the start screen. The new interface is discouraging from expanding your chat circle beyond the people you chat with daily.

  82. Darrell Says:

    Worst update EVER. All of you who kiss the trillan programmer’s behinds on this site should be ashamed. The previous version was perfect. List my contacts, don’t limit me to 6 and have large boxes. Why on earth does everyone want to follow the stupid Metro way of doing things? Microsoft made a mistake, and you are too.

    And yes, if you don’t change it, I will be leaving this product behind. Pigdin does just the same stuff and they don’t muck around with stupid interface changes.

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  84. Aohk Says:

    Please update retina icon for “The New iPad”, there’s definitely a mistake.

  85. Pete Says:

    It really needs a list of online contacts. The only list available is the ENTIRE contact list which isn’t practical. Please bring back the list of online contacts!

  86. Jim Beam Says:

    Tired of the fucking iPad pop-up. Can I just use Trillian without these notifications? I don’t own a fucking iPad.

  87. David Says:

    Ok cool, though I’d really love to see some development for good operating systems, such as android :P

  88. Jeff Says:

    Phone contacts should default to off, and turning it off should remove them from the contact list. This feels like a violation of trust and it makes me wary of using your service.

  89. maxmeytard Says:

    I proud of you!
    Keep going!
    From Russia with love!

  90. Norman P Says:

    First, I did not read all the comments. I am new to the iPhone but have been using Trillian for many years. I don’t think this newest change. I liked being able to see the contact list of my online friends. I don’t always talk to the same 6 people. it is a nice feature, but I miss the contact list. Otherwise, looks good and I like it.
    Nice job!

  91. Obry Says:

    That looks decent. Hopefully after Android we’ll finally see this come to Windows Phone (maybe WP8/Windows 8) soon?

  92. pioneru Says:

    any plans port trillian to windows phone ?

  93. hcd Says:

    I’m sorry to say it, but as a 10yr (or more) customer of trillian, with lifetime account, I really don’t like the new iphone look. Please make an option “keep old interface”, I liked it a lot more.

  94. Grant Says:

    Any chance we can see support for a mobile indicator for Gtalk? It’s used in the official Talk client on Android, as well as displayed in the Gtalk web widget in Gmail.

  95. Toff Says:

    Congrats on another milestone, guys! Glad to see new releases. Will definitely install this version once I get myself an iOS device. Hope you have something in store for Windows 8 too. ;)

  96. Johan Says:

    Where is my contact list? Is this supposed to be an “upgrade”? Gaah!

  97. Tom W Says:

    I’m with Brian M. here regarding sounds.
    When minimized (or even closed, running in the background), Trillian USED to run beautifully. sound, alerts, etc. Now, it seems that it is about a 50/50 chance
    Of course, this is expected, bugs in every major release like this, but the notification thing is definitely off.
    THANK YOU, btw for FINALLY getting an ipad version of this software. It is very much appreciated!

  98. HAMLED Says:

    Wow, now I can use the new Trillian on my iPad to chat with my customers on – there is a great way to get in contact with them.

  99. Steve Says:

    Can’t wait to see this ported over to Android. The Android client has sorely stagnated for a while, and definitely feels out of place on a tablet like the Nexus 7!

    I’m excited!

  100. kiltbear Says:

    What is this? A “Hail Cerulean Blog” No wonder the response here is so positive when it’s mostly negatice anywhere else, if all critical posts are delleted. way to go Cerulean! NOT!

  101. John Says:

    I loaded up Trillian for IPAD and almost immediately removed it. It needs a lot of work. I would like it to work similar how it works on my windows laptop. Disappointed.

  102. Brendon Says:

    I’m with @Kiltbear on this one. So many positive reviews? I call BS. While the effort to redesign the app for the iPad is commendable, the new UI/UX is at best a huge work in process, at worst its downright awful. I’m always one to support change, I never complain when Facebook updates, Foursquare, Google, etc…I take it with stride and usually adjust. However with 2.0, I’ve stopped using IM on the iPad, period. It’s useless to me now this app, that I did pay for twice, once as a Trillian Pro user and second, before it went free. Hopefully the iPhone app doesn’t change, I’ll be searching yet again for the almost perfect IM app…which Trillian was and now isn’t (on the iPad).

    For more honest reviews everyone, please head on over to the Apple App Store. I cannot imagine working at Trillian right now, from 4.5 stars in previous versions to under 2 with current 2.0 build. Ouch!

  103. Matt Says:

    Please don’t bring this thinking to Android. I like my contact list as my main hub for everything, not this new Launchpad thing. I don’t regularly talk to a limited amount of people, I talk to everyone on my contact list, otherwise, well, THEY WOULDN’T BE ON MY CONTACT LIST. XD

  104. Todd Says:

    There’s nothing more irritating than trying to have an IM conversation on a tablet or phone while trying to do something else. Why would you waste your resources producing such an unnecessary app while Trillian for PC still has many issues that we’ve been waiting years to be fixed?

    I’ve been waiting a LONG time for group messaging to work on MSN and at this point I now have an iPad app I’ll never use and a key feature still missing from the PC version that the OEM live messenger software has.

    Yeah…..thanks for that.

  105. kaydev Says:

    Well this app and its layout out is VERY POOR designed at best so far! The iPad has a very nice screen. This chat windows are too small with no control of font size. So everything is too damn small! No options to increase text size so we dont go blind.

    Also, the point which makes this app even worse is there is no nice clean buddy list which displays. It is lost inside the settings.

    Dont get me wrong I am a lover of Trillian on my desktop… however, for now until this app gets a serious redesign I will stick with IMO chat which is by far much better designed. Even it however has poor text font size control.

    Come on lets think of readability please when designing these apps!

    So for this app to be good at all we need a clean buddy list and text size control ASAP!

  106. Ray Bloomfield Says:

    Sweet, Now if we can just get a version for Windows Phone I’ll be all smiles…

  107. Alex Mad Says:

    Hello guys! Ver. 2.0 is awesome :) But! Can you add an option to stop working an app when it’s closed. When I close Trillian, i wanna “ofline” status. Thnx)

  108. solomon george Says:

    nice 1

  109. Jon P Says:

    I am surprised the comments here don’t match the iTunes app store. The new UI is a huge mistake. Just huge.

    Trillian was horrible for a long time. Digsby came along and just ate Trillian’s lunch. Cerulean paid attention and built an awesome client – surpassing the goodness of Digsby. And now – completely ruined. I’m really dissappointed. Please get rid of the whole launch pad / 6 person whateverness. It goes against the principles of every social network application developed and makes no sense.

    Back to IM+ Pro until you guys figure it out. Please don’t expect anymore money based on this version.

  110. Jon P Says:

    In addition – it takes more than 45 seconds to bring up the contacts list via manage contacts or by clicking the + icon on starting a new IM. 45 seconds to pick a contact. Really?