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Trillian for Windows: Group chat improvements, in-game chat! (5.3 Build 7)

Lots of great new improvements coming your way in the new Trillian 5.3 for Windows beta now released to testers!

Group chat improvements.
Save chats to your contact list, automatically join selected chats, stay in chat rooms even when closing the window, edit topics directly from the chat window, and much more!

Trillian group chats.
In addition to beefing up group chats across the board, we’re also unveiling Trillian group chats in 5.3! Right now you’ll need to be on the beta to take advantage of group chats but we’ll be rolling support out for other devices soon. Trillian group chats are a great way to keep a team connected – they’re persistent and cloud-history backed, ensuring you can catch up on conversation that happened while you weren’t around.

In-game chat.
Just in time for Mists of Pandaria, the new in-game plugin exposes an overlay that works inside of full screen games to keep you connected while you play! In-game chat supports tabbed chatting, alerts, and a cool “unread badge” that sticks around even when the overlay isn’t visible so you always know how many unread messages await you. To try it out, simply load a full screen game while the plugin is running and wait for the welcome alert.

SSL improvements.
5.3 vastly improves the way Trillian handles SSL certificate validation. The list of root certificate authorities that Trillian trusts is now bundled in a user-configurable text file, and when talking to servers with self-signed or otherwise invalid certificates Trillian will now let you know so that you can decide how to proceed. We also upgraded the version of OpenSSL our clients and servers use, exposing support for ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 and forward secrecy when available.

The small stuff.
Lots of minor visual cleanups went into 5.3 as well, including some new status icons to make it more obvious who is online and who is away. Both message windows and the contact list have received some shiny new visual upgrades and general cleanups, our Skype integration should now work correctly on Windows 8, and Trillian users can now be invited to Google Talk chat rooms. We also spent some time improving the IRC engine in minor ways for 5.3.

This is a great new beta and we hope you enjoy all the enhancements. We’ll be hard at work listening to feedback and fixing bugs in the coming weeks – thanks for supporting Trillian!

69 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: Group chat improvements, in-game chat! (5.3 Build 7)”
  1. Ceralor Says:


  2. Ceralor Says:

    Better comment: Really happy to hear about the in-game chat for Windows games! I’ve been trying without success for years with various things, including mods for Miranda IM, that never quite worked right. I’m eager to try this out now!

  3. smw Says:

    @Ceralor: Haha, let us know how it goes. Am expecting some compatibility issues with certain games so we’ll be watching for bug reports!

  4. abix Says:

    Best feature set ever. fuck yeah!

  5. William Callanan Says:

    Any chance we can change the buttons to activate the overlay? Seeing as the steam overlay also uses shit+tab

  6. xxxbence Says:

    IRC bug report: the nick name autocomplete with “TAB” doesnt work if the user is OP (name starts with @)

  7. Ariel Says:

    skypekit still cashes when I switch accounts, before add new stuff, could you fix the existings bug…

  8. Jan DB Says:

    Great new features ! Tx a lot.
    One extra feature I would love to see: a backup / restore functionality. So a backup button to backup my data + configuration and a restore button that can be used in a fresh installation to restore data and configuration. Is this doable ?

  9. Kane Says:

    It’s a wonderful feature, but it’s the same hotkey for the Steam overlay ! :)

  10. FS Says:

    Appreciate the update. However, is there any way to revert the status icons? I use List View, Tiny Size for the contact list, and now I have this big green dot that basically covers the entire user icon. The yellow dot I don’t mind so much, since we always had the window shade for Away, but I’d really rather see people’s real contact picture.

    I’m using the Trillian Cobalt 5 skin, fwiw.

  11. Julius Says:

    do you changed the identity-online status icons or is this a bug?
    in 5.2 they were blue for ‘online’ and red for ‘away’.
    and now it’s vice versa for me…. very irritating

    I also think the new status icons don’t fit in the relative minimalistic Trillian-Theme. You should at least give an opt-out preference for this for colorblind people ;-)

  12. Ben K Says:

    Thanks for the update! I don’t like this change to the online indicators (I use Tiny view, if that makes a difference)–being able to see at a glance what services someone is using is often how I tell if they are available (e.g., facebook or gchat or both). Can there be an option to use the old status indicators? Or better yet, use the old indicators and put the little circle icon as an overlay on the avatar–it’s smaller than the existing overlays, and easier to understand.

  13. DeltaZERO Says:

    @smw wow, super impressed with the in-game overlay, especially being able to send screenies through it. Now if you could implement steam chat, as raptr has done, I’d be able to ditch steam overlay completely haha. keep up the good work

  14. stranded Says:

    Please add an option to rebind the key for overlay, it’s a default key for Steam overlay (which can be changed however).

  15. David Says:

    Wow! I’m digging the enhancements!!! Even the cosmetic stuff you’ve done to the contact list is nice (Metacontacts showing the service icon that chats will default to, etc). Thank you, Cerulean Studios!

  16. Ian Says:

    I’d recommend that “Trillian Group Chat” be renamed “Astra Group Chat” or something just to clarify that it uses the Astra chat medium rather than Trillian-the-program. My first reaction was “but Trillian already supports group chats…”

    I also like the new contact list status indicators which turn into the active chat medium when hovered over, but optimally I’d love it if it would, as in 5.2, display all the active medium icons rather than just the top one.

    Lots of great features! Good work, CS team!

  17. Nick Says:

    Wow, very nice feature list. Looks like your working on the stuff people have asked for year after year!

  18. AniFran Says:

    Same here freaking sweet for the in-game chat overlay. Sounds like its just like steam does…. this will be great, need to see how this will work on multi mon system lol

  19. DiamondNRG Says:

    Ouch… kinda buggy… 3 crashes so far… and it puts notification text for sign on and sign off in the message window you have in focus regardless of who the notification is for :-/ lol

  20. Denis Says:

    Yes, but where are the text formatting controls? Accessing them via context menu only is not ergonomic.

  21. Scream81 Says:

    @FS: The Cobalt 5 skin is NOT updated to 5.3., so not compatible with any new feature there is.

  22. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to testing and playing with new features.

  23. Tristan Says:

    Still no Skype video chat? Hugely disappointed.

  24. Loren Says:

    I love that there’s in-game chat now, but why did you guys have to go and mess with the message windows? I used that toolbar you got rid of all the time. I *never* use emoticons so it’s kind of annoying that it’s one of only two easy-to-access buttons left in the window is for emoticons. Also I can already forsee myself accidentally turning one-on-one IMs into group chats constantly; is there really a need for an “Add People” button? I’m excited for Astra group chats but that’s not the place I’d ever be looking for it.

  25. FabianN Says:

    In-game chat overlay is great, except that it uses the same keys as steam and that is causing lots of issues. Let me edit the key used for the overlay!

  26. Klaus Thomsen Says:

    Will the ingame overlay support IRC as well in future? ^^

  27. Toff Says:

    Thank you very much for all those improvements and new features! Happy to test the new version and catch those pesky bugs. :)

  28. CuteIndianGuy Says:

    @Scream81: Will the version(5.3) and your new Cordonata skin (I think..based upon what you have mentioned that it’s for 5.2) be compatible?
    Also are there some MySpace IM issues/bugs? It doesn’t seem to get connected. Earlier it used to stay connected. Only when I simultaneously log in to MySpace website – then the Trillian MySpace IM stays connected online!

  29. CuteIndianGuy Says:

    @Scream81 Also, will the native icons work with your new Cordonarta skin and the new Trillian 5.3 Beta? Please let know whether they will work or not..or I won’t update. Thanks :-)

  30. Westbound Says:

    Thanks for the update, but I want to say that there is so big tabulation after the names of groups in the contact list. Also, it’d be great if you add the support of social network called Vkontakte (or vk) ( – it is Russian Facebook. :)

  31. Las novedades que traerá Trillian 5.3 messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] el Martes, 16 de octubre del 2012 por ChrisLas novedades que traerá Trillian 5.3Cerulean Studios ha anunciado el lanzamiento a besta-testers de Trillian 5.3, una nueva versión del popular cliente de [...]

  32. Scream81 Says:

    @ CuteIndianGuy: Hi, The Cordonata skin will get updaated to the new 5.3 beta, but it will last some times. There are some skin changes that need to find a way into Cordonata. The Iconpacks have slightly changed too. But try the update with the default skin, its worth it …

  33. Terepin Says:

    Something is seriously wrong. When Trillian is running, practically everything crashes: MPC HC, Steam, installers, you name it.

  34. LonDat Says:

    Something wrong with win8 and outlook 2013 when trillian running…outlook freezing :(

  35. Jirka83 Says:

    “including some new status icons to make it more obvious who is online and who is away”

    If that means Message window, then isnt small stuff!! Finally!! Thats miss me a LOT. I looking forward to final version, cant wait.

  36. Zytrel Says:

    Some nice additions, but one thing that really annoys me, is the change how service icons are being displayed.
    Previously up to three icons were shown, so one could see at one glance which media a contact was online with.
    Now the icons only display on hover over the contact and only show one icon, regardless how many media the contact is online with.
    That’s a step back UI wise in my opinion.

  37. Hoang Pham Says:

    I can’t find buzz Buttton :(

  38. CuteIndianGuy Says:

    @Scream81: Hi and thanks for your kind reply :-) Actually, I like the 5.2 and your Cordonata skin compatibility. The new default skin that you are suggesting, to me, is not comfortable. Plus, what I am reading – the feedback, I am quite hesitant to update. The icons are big factors and I think they need to be re-thought about. I love Triallian for it’s ease (in everything – technical and non-technical)..I think that’s missing in the new version. Please make it’s lucid and please don’t change the icons – and I will update then. Thanks. :-)
    Also, there are definitely some MySpace India IM issues..don’t know if it’s globally.
    Also, may I request to please include a rediffmail (bol) messenger and IndiaTimes messenger – they are pretty popular in the second largest populated country and one of the fastest growing internet users in the the world!
    :-) Regards..

  39. Animeboy Says:

    Yay! I’ve only worked with it for like 5 minutes now, but the Group Chats saved to Contacts list is going to be SUCH A HUGE help to me at the office, and might get a lot of people who used to use Trillian back too! This has been my #1 feature request for YEARS and I’m so happy to see it!

    I’ll definitely make some bug posts if I find some in the next hours/days/weeks…

    Thanks Team Trillian.

  40. fresco Says:

    Thanks for the beta, although I really miss “Skype video chat” within the the changelog. I’m not a huge fan of the new status icons. In fact I think they don’t fit to the style of the application. Please make them optional!

    Had some crashes so far, but couldn’t trace it down.

  41. Scream81 Says:

    @fresco, status icons ARE optional. you can change the ocpnspack to one of these:
    I’m sure the ones from 5.2 will be available there, too.

  42. Mark Says:

    SSL broken in IRC? Cannot connect to linknet.

  43. Thebigllyodtree Says:

    I’m loving the in game chat (especially convenient when I can ask strategy advice in starcraft 2, or simply stop and respond in warcraft) but can we go back to a more vivid display? The paler colours are actually kind of a downer. Really, it’s the only downside to this build for me though.

    Loving the new layout, the new features. It’s just that the colours look dull for me :(

  44. Alan Says:

    OK, you can delete my questions, all but one, I found how to turn on sort by group and how to auto-join, Thank You very much! Now, I just need to figure out how to use the automation to notify me when my department chat window gets a new message, I saved the conference and added auto-join. I do NOT want to be notified when the other chat windows I have open get a message, JUST my department group. I am sure there are group notifications and I will find them as I did all my other questions, feel free to moderate out my previous questions as I was able to answer most of them and Thank You So mUch!

  45. Demitri Says:

    I don’t think the game overlay is usable yet… Awesome idea but just about everything i’ve tried with it doesn’t work and ruins other programs. Here’s a quick list of apps that have crashed/won’t launch so far:

    Starcraft 2 Launcher

    I managed to get into a game of League of Legends but couldn’t get the overlay to appear.

    I’ll keep playing around with it because i really want this to work but just thought you guys should know.

  46. Benjihad Says:

    Ditto on this ^^^

    SSL seems to be broken for IRC with the new build.

  47. Nate Says:

    how to add yahoo chat room as contacts

  48. Mark Says:

    Add Photoshop CS6 to the broken list… crashes when ingame chat is enabled in Trillian, fine when disabled.

  49. kecinzer Says:

    Sweet Home 3D also crashes with ingame chat. And now I can’t sing in into Google Talk.

  50. Scharesoft Says:

    How can I save my group chats in the contact list? There is no option for my skype and irc group chat.

  51. Spyros G. Says:

    J.River Media Center v17 and v18 also crashes with the full screen plugin. The player isn’t even in full screen to begin with. it only affects playback with madVR renderer.

  52. Ryn Says:

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood also becomes slow and freezes randomly when trying to alt+tab out of it when I’m running the in-game plugin (it’s fine when the in-game plugin is disabled), not to mention I don’t actually see a welcome alert when in-game, nor does shift+tab actually do anything.

  53. Kurisu Says:

    I’ve tried a few games to test the ingame chat overlay, so far all of them work except one, TF2. The overlay never seems to open like it does with other valve games.

  54. Scream81 Says:

    @Scharesoft: Do you use the default no skin? Could be that other skins dont have that button in the chatwindow yet

  55. Scharesoft Says:

    I’m using the Trillian Cobalt 5 skin (, I think this hasn’t got the new button. Thank you, I found the button on the default skin.

  56. Ozye Says:

    I really enjoy the features in 5.3 beta . Will report more issues if I find more.

    In game chat : It works fine at the moment . I see a gradually higher usage in CPU/RAM ( I suppose to say it’s from Trilian )and it might effect some gameplay as well . Tab chats works fine but it has some delay while switching them.Typing is a problem for me . I can’t switch language by using the Grave-Accent button (~). it’s the default key for changing keyboards layouts ( Switch between Thai – English ) . If I want to change them , I would have to type something in the game’s chat windows and switch back to the overlay..

    Group Chats works fine. It finally can combine and save my Skype friends so it won’t mess up my History. But I sense something that might happen . Will confirm when some of my other contacts are online .

    Thank you for implementing the status icons inside the chat windows ! Great works and thumbs up to you guys . This is really a huge jump from 5.2 !

  57. lotusshadow Says:

    POP3, IMAP plug in can’t connect to mail server after install new version.

  58. Ben Says:

    “Trillian could not validate the SSL certification for ___ The certificate may be sel-fsigned or otherwise invalid. Use caution before proceeding.”

    Trillian does not give me any buttons to ‘proceed’ and immediately disconnects.

  59. Ben Says:

    Anyway, my question is, “The list of root certificate authorities that Trillian trusts is now bundled in a user-configurable text file”

    Where is this file?

  60. smw Says:

    @Ben: Might be that the skin you’re using isn’t exposing those buttons. Try switching to the default skin to see if it works then. The file is in the main Trillian installation directory, ca-bundle.crt

  61. Ullebe1 Says:

    Here are a couple of apps which doesn’t launch properly or freeze while the in-game plugin is runnning:
    Windows Performance Monitor
    Smart Notebook 11 (and the rest of the program suite)
    SRWare Iron

    Will report more once I enable the plugin again :)

  62. Andrew Says:

    Please back service icons!

  63. Albin H Says:

    It seems that with this new update you’re no longer able to access the “More” drop-down menu on contacts, which lets you set message styles and set a custom avatar for your contacts. As well, if I may make a suggestion…how about making it so that when you drag a group chat tab/window to your contact list, it adds the list as a contact? That would be great, as I’m using Scream88′s MSN View for the chat windows, and unless I go back to default, I won’t be able to save a contact to my list. This is a great update, but I’m just putting my two cents in. Thanks!

  64. Kitsune Says:

    how about alt+tild (~) key for the overlay, not many games use tilde unless it’s for console display and gamers don’t mind closing that

  65. Scream81 Says:

    @Andrew: you could use the Trillian 5.2 iconpack here:
    @Albin H: I will update the MSN custom window soon…


    This is my favourite feature so far. Really awesome! If possible, could you guys also implemt a ingame webbrowser like “”?
    Ingame overlay is working nice. and how about videochat?

  67. Troik Says:

    I love the idea of the ingame chat, but so far I have the same problems as others reported it here, a whole bunch of programs (esp. Steam) stop working properly when the feature is active. When I disable it they load fine, when they are already loaded and I activate the ingame chat again, these programs stop being responsive, I assume this is either linked to the way they interact with the Win7 Window Manager, or in case of Steam, because it has an overlay on it’s own. But since I’m not even launching a game, the overlay shouldn’t be active at that point, I’m leaning more to the dmw.exe (Desktop Window Manager)

  68. Tom Says:

    This version works great for me, but i go one thing that peeves me again and again. I am using two monitors. Trillian (for Windows Beta5.3 7) ist on the right side of the left monitor. On earlier version the emoticon button (the smiley) opend the litte windows with the emoticons over the message window when its not docked directly on the monitor border. With this Version the emoticon window pops up everytime on the right monitor when you klick on the new smiley in the inputfield! its really annoying… Best regards Tom

  69. Nath Says:

    Love the new look and so happy that Skype is working with Win 8… Now all we need to get is some TILES for Trillian in the MODERN (Metro) menu so we can replace the horrid and vague default windows one and not something like IM+ which doesn’t realize when you’ve responded to a message through FB or Trillian so it tells you you’ve still got messages pending when you don’t. IMHO Full integration with the windows messaging system would be awesome as in transfer the popups Trillian creates to the ones that happen in Win8 up the top right corner.