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Trillian for Windows: Fixes! (5.3 Build 8)

A batch of bugfixes is going out today for 5.3 beta users. Take a look at the changelog for details and enjoy the new build!

41 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: Fixes! (5.3 Build 8)”
  1. fresco Says:

    Seems to be a lot more stable than the last build – thanks :)

  2. waldo Says:

    Great job, guys! And this is why I looove this software!

  3. j7 Says:

    Nice. But on Windows 8 it doesn’t adopt the native theme. For some reason it looks like on Windows 7.

  4. AndrewB Says:

    Noticed some problems with the Mail section of the Contact list. The drop down on the Mail bar will only show one mail mailbox if you have more then one. Also the Facebook mail no longer shows up in that section.

  5. Hakan Says:

    I skipped build 7 and now with build 8 I noticed that joining some IRC channels is really slow. Before Trillan joined to 10 IRC channels in less than 10 seconds. Now it needs ~60 seconds and during this trillian.exe is causing 100% load on one cpu core. Could this be caused by too big log files? In \appdata\roaming\trillian my logs folder is 1,5GB of old IRC logs. ^^

  6. Mike Says:

    5.3 removed the ability to set sounds and flashing (and lots of other options) for chats on a per-chat basis. Any chance that can be added back in?

    Trillian in-game is still stripping colors from some FMVs. Weird, right?

  7. Hakan Says:

    Another possible cause for the slow IRC chatroom joining: I takes quite long on channels with lots of other people in them. In #ubuntu and #debian on freenode there are 1300-1700 users at the same time and maybe displaying the members list takes so much time. The responsible algorithm doesn’t seem to be in O(n) or even O(log n). ;-)

  8. cyruz Says:

    Oh wow… I’m digging this. The colored texts for the standard skin’s various color themes need some work though.

  9. TheKong Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I have desperately been waiting for this release, the last beta ( was the most unstable version of trillian I have ever used. Crashing at least once every 3 hours.

    Many crashes were fixed, hopefully no more crashing will take place.

    I love the improvements to the ingame overlay, and will be testing it out shortly.

  10. majod Says:

    Download link shows for build 8, is that correct?

  11. TheKong Says:

    Just crashed again. :(

  12. Søren Kirkegård Says:

    Thank you for implementing XMPP/Jabber escape characters correctly! (

    I added the bug to your beta about it two weeks ago, so I’m impressed that you actually managed to do it that quickly! Trillian is the best! :)

  13. Celtis Says:

    Well… I can’t see anymore my GTalk contacts, am I alone with this bug ? Back to Trillian 5.2.x ;-)

  14. Bugs Says:

    TheKong: last beta ( never crashed for me nor new version. I am using Trillian all day (ICQ, Skype, Facebook, MSN, GTalk, Astra).

  15. Zerosan Says:

    The first thing this release did for me was crash after installation,
    now it seems to run fine, but there is one thing that really bugs me,
    it’s your new subtle color based approach to the current status symbols.

    I’m slightly color blind and it makes it hard for me to make out what status the contacts currently have,
    there is almost no difference between extended away and online to me!
    Could you invest a few minutes in research about color blindness and how to make your color scheme more color blind friendly?

    Actual symbols and not just round orbs of almost the same color were perfect for that.

    Don’t make the mistake of getting rid of every last bit of color and symbols that stand out too much,
    you need to use those colors and those symbols to make it easy for us to quickly and effortlessly make out
    the structure of your product, and what is important and what is not.

    Sure a graphic can look nice when it all follows the exact same color with just shades of it being used,
    but it rarely ends in that graphic being really usable, right now your application is mostly losing character to me.

  16. Celtis Says:

    Well… I can’t see anymore my GTalk contacts, am I alone with this bug ? Back to Trillian 5.2.x ;-)

  17. smw Says:

    @TheKong: Are you still experiencing frequent crashes with Build 8?

    @Mike: Hold shift before right clicking a chat window to expose a bunch of advanced options, we moved a few things into the advanced portion in 5.3 to tidy up.

  18. David Says:

    Now the only thing that needs to be fixed that has been bugging me is the over-indentation of the contact list in Simple view. Keep up the good work :)

  19. Mike Says:

    @SMW: Well look at that! Now that I know where the options are… :D It definitely is cleaner. Thanks!

  20. Darth Daron Says:

    The in-game plugin doesn’t work in World of Tanks. :(

  21. Andrew Says:

    Please return back services icons!

  22. smw Says:

    @Darth: Thanks, will fix.

  23. sokko Says:

    build8 is crashing like hell. mostly when i open my contact list / main trillian window..

  24. Scream81 Says:

    @Andrew: Just use the Trillian 5.2 Icon Set here:

  25. Nueva beta de Trillian 5.3 cargada de correcciones messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] si algunas de estas nuevas opciones también se lanzarán en la versión para Mac OS X.(vía: Cerulean Studios’ Blog)Más sobre Messenger:Skype para iPhone se actualizaNueva versión de Twitter para iOS y [...]

  26. Anonymouse Says:

    Links doesn’t work in social windows.

  27. kecinzer Says:

    Celtis: Mee too. I expirienced this bug on build 7. Download still way to build 7, I can’t tell what about build 8.

  28. Terepin Says:

    I don’t have game plugin at all.

  29. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    I am still receiving an InGame error message when i open pluins in the preferences. It seems to only happen 1 time and that is always after a restart of trillian. The error message appears and after i close it, the preferences window opens like normal.
    This is what the error msg says:
    C:\Program Files\Trillian5\plugins\ingame.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

  30. Darkdragon Says:

    My Contacrt list will crash if i expand it on my AIM/AOL.

  31. Andrew Says:

    @Scream81: I mean the icons on the right of the user name that the new version replaced the colored circles and the status returned when hovering over them with the mouse

  32. Oral-B Says:

    Nick auto-completion (with the TAB key) doesn’t work anymore on IRC.

  33. Oral-B Says:

    Jabber/XMPP is not working anymore. Anyone having the same problem?

  34. David Says:

    the link goes to beta latest one is though. link:

  35. Michael Says:

    I’m sure you already know this from other people’s comments, but is extremely unstable in Windows 8. I actually installed it in an attempt to get Skype working, which is very important to my communications. But I’ve found the program either crashes the second it is started, or crashes within a few minutes after starting. On some attempts it has stayed on for a few minutes, but always crashes sooner or later. This release is unusable for me, unfortunately, and I am now forced to go back to 5.2 which didn’t work for Skype. I hope you can resolve these issues soon for us Windows 8 users…

  36. Imurai Says:

    I cannot see the ingame plugin in the settings window. Several reinstalls, profile flushes, everything. When i could install and launch build 7 i saw it, but when upgraded to b8, it wasnt there anymore.

  37. Phong Says:

    I downloaded the correct build from and it still crashes on both my home and work computers. My home computer crashed over night (an improvement), but the work laptop (with integrated graphics) crashes every few seconds still.

  38. Anonymouse Says:

    @Michael: Set compatibility for SkypeKit.exe. It will fix your problem with 5.2.

  39. David Says:

    Build 7 crashed for me about twice a day; build 8 crashes about once a day. Moving in the right direction. I’m looking forward to an even stabler build 9. :) I would go back to 5.2, but the new auto-join and contact list features for group chats are invaluable to me — it’s worth the occasional crash to have those.

    I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the services I use are Yahoo! and my company’s private Jabber server, if that helps narrow down what might be causing the instability.

  40. Thommy Says:

    I didn’t used this in older Versions, but in this one Trillian forgets my Skype Multi-User-Chat Favorties after a while and i have to add them again.

  41. Dan Pupek Says:

    Doesn’t keep Skype groups in my contact list between sessions