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Trillian for Windows: More Fixes! (5.3 Build 9)

Build 9 fixes a crash bug relating to avatar changes and a few other things as well. Enjoy the build!

34 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: More Fixes! (5.3 Build 9)”
  1. Imurai Says:

    I still cant see the ingame plugin in the settings.

  2. Ian Says:

    It’s been moved out of Plugins. It can now be found under Preferences > Chat Activities > Chat Windows > In-Game Chat.

    It has a “Set…” button to change the default trigger button combo, but it doesn’t appear to do anything yet.

  3. João Says:

    Why isn’t the Mac version getting much love lately?

  4. Chris Says:

    I read this version would support skype groups. not sure I’m seeing that….. Hopefully its here somewhere

  5. fresco Says:

    Thanks for the blacklist option. It would be even nicer if one could choose an executable through an open-file-dialog :)

  6. Eolirin Says:

    The Set… option most definitely does work; I’ve rebound mine to ctrl+` and it works fine.

  7. RobC Says:

    In build 9 as well as previous build if you have game chat enabled Photoshop cs6 crashes every time, disable the game chat and all is fine.

  8. Fyrus Says:

    In-game chat makes Minecraft crashes. Disabling it makes it load fine.

  9. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the new build. I look forward to testing, and hopefully no more crashing. :D

  10. nero Says:

    Crashing seems to have stopped.

    But in game chat won’t let me hit return and send messages, everything else looks good.

  11. peter Says:

    can you make trillian say what game you are playing? or steam plugin? PLEASE

  12. djoneab Says:

    still can’t receive file transfers!!!!

  13. Andrew Says:

    Please, take are possible to return the service icons in the contact list instead of colored status dots!

  14. Miki Says:

    BUG: In-Game Chat appears in the Adobe Photoshop CS6.

  15. Sandro Says:

    New build causes all sorts of instabilities for the rest of my system (Windows 8) , build 8 seemed better. Most notably: with the new build, photoshop crashes as soon as i do something in it, oncei close trillian, photoshop works just fine. quite annoying.

  16. Sandro Says:

    Actually i found out what the issue is, seems that the In-Game Chat causes Photoshop to crash. Since i don’t use it, i’ve disabled it and any instabilities i had, were gone.

  17. coffee-turtle Says:

    Thanks for the rapid development! It’s great seeing the new features and stability being worked on so quickly.

  18. Day Says:

    is this a beta snapshot oder final version? Trillian auto-update does nothing :?

  19. shady Says:

    Please revert back show of icons for all online services next to metacontact name in contact list. Now contact list show only one icon of top (first) online service in metacontact.

  20. Terepin Says:

    Mouse cursor tends to blink in the game in Alan Wake.

  21. Scott Says:

    This will not install for me. I double click the file and I get the User Account control – do you want to allow this program to make changes… I click yes then nothing happens. Any ideas? Using Windows 8.

  22. David Says:

    trillian overlay needs fullscreen detection. for example, it recognizes milkdrop (via foobar2000) and media player classic (both windowed!) and provides the overlay there.

    also, maybe provide a blacklist for certain common applications where users definitely wont use the overlay?

  23. Speedy Says:

    counter-strike 1.6 on windows xp crushing with ingame chat enabled

  24. Phong Says:

    This is the first 5.3 beta build that is stable for me. It hasn’t crashed at all yet.

  25. nero Says:

    Chat also showing up in full screen mode while watching video files in Daum Potplayer x64

  26. Mike Says:

    This is working pretty well for me, though I really only use IRC regularly. The blacklist option is full of WIN!

    Is there a reason why the game overlay won’t let me respond to open IRC chats, though?

  27. Dan B. Lee » Trillian fixes Windows 8 & Skype Bug Says:

    [...] The Beta I downloaded that worked [...]

  28. Ian Says:

    In-Game chat showed up for me while I was playing windowed Minesweeper.

  29. Alp Says:

    Bug: In-game chat shows up in Cinema 4D R12 and Media Player Clasic – Home Cinema.

  30. niceone Says:

    I like the new cleaner look. However the drawing mode is a bit hidden, isn’t it?

  31. Edward Says:

    I gotta agree with “shady” here. It’s weird to only see one icon for a metacontact, when they might be online on 4+ services. Can we get that restored in 5.3 build 10?
    Also, as for everyone having an issue with the “in-game chat” overlay appearing in non-game programs, a possible fix for the team to implement: Whitelist of programs that the user wants the overlay to load with. If it’s not on the whitelist, the overlay will not work. Sound good?

  32. jpg Says:

    Changing Key-Combo doesn’t work for me, but so far, no other problems

  33. Adam Says:

    Also agree with the comment above comment – Please revert back show of icons for all online services next to metacontact name in contact list. Now contact list show only one icon of top (first) online service in metacontact
    Also – Duplicate Skype contacts are appearing on my list – I frequently delete the duplicates, then they appear the next time I log in – Specific to one contact – and can show 20 instances of the same name?

  34. Mike Says:

    Any chance that in-game chat could detect IRC chats? Er… well it detects them and shows me the messages recieved, but I can’t respond to them because they are not showing up as chats in the in-game menu.