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Trillian for Windows: More Fixes! (5.3 Build 10)

More fixes in Build 10 going out today. Enjoy the build!

26 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: More Fixes! (5.3 Build 10)”
  1. Steven Goldfein Says:

    Sweet. Thanks!

  2. Josh Says:

    Thanks! The beta is great.

    It would be really nice to have the same notification settings for group chats that we have for individual chats.

  3. Albert Sims Says:

    Thanks for the IRC tab completion fix! :-)

  4. Jakub Says:

    Argghhh!!! Just installed the previous build. Anyway thanks for development and try to update version for Android too (skype integration will be fine).

  5. YangombiUmpakati Says:

    where is the changelog?

  6. DjDiabolik Says:

    HEY… There is some problems WITH my Windows Live Contacts!!

    From i can view and contact some member but some of this members not appears on Trillian………… because ?!!??!?!?

  7. seriosbrad Says:

    The Changelog is in the tiny text at the bottom of that message.

  8. Albin H Says:

    Whatever happened to the “More” menu that was in the windows before 5.3?

  9. Jeremy Says:

    Thx for this update but coulnd’t set in-game chat keyboard :(

  10. nazfalas Says:

    Great! But what about Trillian for Android?

  11. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the update. Keep them coming.

    Any idea why the ingame overlay appears to be working in Mass Effect but the set key does not work? I’ve tried changing it and using keys not bound in game.

  12. shady Says:

    Please revert back show of icons for all online services next to metacontact name in contact list. Now contact list show only one icon of top (first) online service in metacontact. (Same comment for previous build 9)

  13. Zytrel Says:

    I second that shady. Please revert to showing all online service icons for contacts, or at least give us an option.

  14. Andrew Says:

    Once again, please return service icons for contacts. Thanks!

  15. Andy Says:

    Just updated to the lasted 5.3.10 but unfortunatelly the second facebook account still wont Grant Permission, even I do it it keeps logged off.
    Trillian 5.3.10
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Please check this.

  16. coffee-turtle Says:

    Thanks guys! This fixed a crash issue I was having when I would exit Trillian.

  17. yvorl Says:

    Hi! Photoshop CS6 still crashes while in-game chat is on.
    Anyway, thx!

  18. Tiago Says:

    The windows live messenger accounts is not working, in the trillian appears connected but is not conected. This problem not is only in beta, in the current version this problem also occurs.

  19. bolera Says:

    Where are we supposed to file bugs or problems? I encountered the following problems so far:
    - I can’t find a way to switch the “bubble” text chat to a “normal” text chat
    - one cannot add Skype accounts that are authenticated via Microsoft account (e.g. use the same as the Messenger account)
    - the skypekit.exe seems to have bugs. I added Skype accoutns several ways and found that after adding Trillian would either hang or just not respond to all evnets (e.g. not display a menu when it should). Exiting Trillian shows that skypekit.exe is still running. Only after killing skypekit.exe and restarting Trillian it works fine again.
    Apart from this I find that it works really great, especially the Skype chat.
    Oh, one more thing. I’m getting frequent Trillian Astra disconnects since I installed Trillian 5.3 beta. I haven’t ever seen this with 4 or 5.2.

  20. bolera Says:

    Oh, one more. It seems that Google Talk doesn’t work. I tried it and a friend tried it. It says password is incorrect.

  21. bolera Says:

    And another problem: trying to use video call for Astra users shows a “codec not found” message. What codec?

  22. Vladimir Says:

    I use Trillian for almost 5 years and it is best IM so far (I used Digsby before). But i was shocked with 5.3 version because I cannot see my Facebook messages any more. Facebook is now in SOCIAL group and Facebook mail is removed from MAIL. Now it is shown just notifications, not the messages which is most important.

    I am switching to 5.2 version and hope this will be fixed in 5.3 final version.

    Kind regards from Belgrade.

  23. Nesnews Says:

    Update 10 still is crashing on a daily basis. I have MSN, AIM, Skype, Jabber.

  24. J Says:

    Please bring back the function that lets you click on embedded chat links (AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Skype, etc) on websites and then open a chat window to that person that you want to send a message to. Without that feature, you have to select the account you want to send a message from and then type in the person’s screen name.

    Also, I liked the old chat history better too.

  25. m4x Says:

    Everything seems to be working for me, i use MSN, Skype, GoogleTalk, Tweeter, Facebook and IRC.
    The only thing i seen happen that is not normal is when doing a Skype call, for example i answer the call, it takes like 20 seconds for it to actually answer, during that time it says “preparing the call” or something like that, and the computer seems to freeze a bit.

    Another thing, but this “problem” i’ve had for many versions now, even final versions not just beta, is that when i turn trillian on and/or off, all my icons on desktop, Start menu and taskbar refresh, which is kinda annoying.

  26. Nazri Says:


    Am I the only one who have trouble installing the latest version of Trillian on Win 8?
    Downloaded both 5.2 and 5.3 … even tried downloading a version from filehippo…
    all stuck after I chose install folder…

    Help please >.<