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Trillian for Windows: More Fixes! (5.3 Build 11)

More fixes in Build 11 going out today. We also issued a minor update to Trillian for Android which enables SSL for all outgoing traffic. Enjoy the build!

29 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: More Fixes! (5.3 Build 11)”
  1. Matthew Gladman Says:

    Will SSL have adverse battery impact for Android?

  2. coffee-turtle Says:

    Got both updates running! Thank you!!!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Regrettably, but the author has not heard many requests to bring back service icons, going back to version 5.2

  4. stranded Says:

    Service icons are still there, what is your problem again?

    Android version needs ICS guidelines badly (

  5. Urmel Says:

    Install completed without any error message – although previous version was up and running – and resulted in an assumed proper update – but checking build number showed that the previous build was still installed. :-( .
    After close of Trillioan and executing the update binary again, the new build was installed …..

  6. Ricardo Says:

    The cpu problem on Android seems fixed.

    Now we only need skype support ;)

  7. Ed Says:

    Thanks guys, but after introducing the fantastic name colours for IRC in the previous build, they have now disappeared….. please please bring them back!!

  8. jokohoko Says:

    The service icons means that now you see a red of green bullet on the right of each name. But to see what service (facebook, skype,…) they are using u need to open there list (kliking on there picture) where in older versions you got to see al of them directly of when you moved over them you saw al the active services.
    Now i often have to open multiple contacts since i would like to skype them, but have to check if they are on skype or facebook.
    its a metacontact problem by the way, if they’ve got only one account its not a problem

  9. Andrew Says:

    Please compare –!1490&authkey=!AL2S01JxABaNFEA

  10. tgw Says:

    Its very confusing for me not to see the messenger services on the first sight. It’s rather inconvenient with mousover. And in chatwindow-tabs I have no chance to recognize the messenger. Its very important for me to know, in which messenger I am chatting, because of encryption. Some of my chatpartners have several messengers and often use the wrong one to open a chat with me.
    What’s wrong with using colored Messengerlogos?

  11. shady Says:

    Please revert back show of icons for all online services next to metacontact name in contact list. Now contact list show only one icon of top (first) online service in metacontact. (Same comment for previous builds 9 and 10)

  12. Travis H Says:

    Still no service icons or an explanation as to why they were removed!

  13. Spencer Says:

    +1 for color coded dots for the service icons

  14. James Says:

    i see service icons..

  15. James Says: service icons definitely there

  16. James Says:

    Id like to see them fix the current song feature though

  17. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the updates.

    Not sure why my comments aren’t showing up, trying for a third time.

  18. Ricardo Says:

    I have to see that the cpu problem on Android apears after some hours (around 12 to 20 something % continuous)
    Also seems to leak some mem, have seen 35MB usage.

    After signing off it seems to be gone if we check the memory used of application, but it is still runin in background using the same cpu and mem.
    It should finish the app as weel!

  19. Mike Says:

    Yeah.. IRC totally disappeared from Game Chat with this build.. :(

  20. David Says:

    All group chats are not showing up in the game chat (now), IRC or not.

  21. poisonborz Says:

    +1 for options to always show services for contacts. I don’t know why it seemed to be a good idea to introduce such an ui change without having an option to switch back.

  22. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    Why is there only one icon for service on a combined contact even if online on more that one service?
    In the 5.2 version a combinded contact showed icons for all online services.
    Also in 5.2 the service icons where blue when online. Now they are always greyed ont on the contacts (only blue on your own status panel).
    BTW: I use the “Simple” view.

  23. Brad Says:

    Curious but where can I find these updates? or is this a beta thing? Only asking cus I have 5.2 build 13 installed and my trillian has not gone off to tell me there’s an update.

  24. Christopher York Says:

    Still have days where Facebook disconnects and reconnects endlessly. The-most-annoying-issue-ever.

  25. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    What’s with the status indicator colors in the 5.3 beta?
    - Green = Online is OK
    - Blue = Mobile also OK
    - Red = Idle ????
    - Orange = Away ????
    What’s the logic with those?
    I think it would be more logic with “Orange” for “Idle and “Red” for “Away.
    Away is more “gone” than Idle….
    Like : Online -> (time passes) -> Idle -> (time passes) -> Away
    And then: Green -> (time passes) -> Orange -> (time passes) -> Away

  26. Viper Says:

    How about fixing the AIM connection which pops up and down like a pogo stick. All of my mobile contacts have Question marks instead of Icons.

  27. Seth Jones Says:

    I love Trillian, but Skype now has built in IM protocol support for messenger, so the only thing I use Trillian for now is Facebook and Google Talk. I would use Skype’s built-in Facebook to send texts, but it charges you for that. I just hope you guys catch up to Skype in terms of functionality, it is looking very dark for Trillian in the future to come.

  28. Oral-B Says:

    Same problem I’ve been having with all 5.3 builds: I can’t connect to Jabber. Trillian keeps timeouting with errorcode “0″ in the status window, whatever that means. This is with the exact same settings I’ve been using in 5.2. I tried changing the connection port to 5223 and checking “Use legacy SSL”, or any combination of those, to no avail.

    Anyone having the same issue?

  29. Godfather Says:

    Same problem again: Skype Groupchats keep disappearing from Contact list