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Trillian for Windows (5.3 Build 12)

More fixes in Build 12 going out today. We’ve brought back an explicit option to show service icons by popular request, fixed an issue with certain XMPP servers, and tidied up a few other things. Enjoy the build!

84 Responses to “Trillian for Windows (5.3 Build 12)”
  1. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to testing. :)

  2. Michael Says:


    I have been using the beta and having a lot of problems with Google Chat group messaging. Especially, it crashes Trillian out pretty often. I love love love the new Trillian and the new beta 5.3, just hoping you guys can figure out how to not have it crash :)


  3. tgw Says:

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY THX for bringing back service icons! :-)

  4. Mint Condish Says:

    I still cannot connect to Skype – will this issue be solved soon? Many thanks in advance!

  5. Michael Says:

    Thank you so much for service icons!!!

  6. TommiT Says:

    @MintCondish: Skype works for me. Perhaps you should go to Preferences -> Plugins and check Skype

  7. David Says:


    I reported a non-Google XMPP issue with multi-user chats where it was crashing. The fix for that may be what is listed here and it might help GChat as well. I’d try again and see.

  8. Angelia Says:

    I miss the buzzer

  9. jokohoko Says:

    Yes thanks for the service icons, it was missed for a long time. Happy again now

  10. Mint Condish Says:

    @TommiT: The Skype plugin is activated and the Skype account is correctly entered (just in case, I entered it all again after upgrading), but I keep getting the following message: “The Skype password you entered is incorrect. Please try again.”


  11. rachel Says:

    I can’t connect to Skype, now that we’re using the version 6… and the plugin in Trillian is 5.3

  12. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the service icons, but how i can hide color circles? :)

  13. jazde86 Says:

    Try our DTT pack and install our Windows (DTT) Skin to get the Buzz button back in your chat windows, near the Emoticons and Image buttons.

  14. Ahmad Pakhri Yahya Says:

    When is google+ is going to be supported?

  15. Tomtreas Says:

    OK I must have missed something. Where’d the beta go? I can’t seem to find it to download it anywhere.

  16. Tomtreas Says:

    Aww geesh. Finally found it in the post for build 8.

  17. Travis H Says:


  18. Adam Says:

    Thank you so much for the service icons – Really makes such a huge difference – Great that you listen to peoples requests – Great service :-)

  19. deshke Says:

    Hey, any plans to add Skype within trillion on android ? And/or a proper tablet app ?

    BTW. No jabber crashes :)

  20. freibooter Says:

    Is there any chance that 5.3 may get a more native title bar on Windows 8? The current Aero style looks really buggy and out of place on Windows 8.

  21. smalls102k7 Says:

    Any chance the next one can have a fix for the people that get the frozen login screen for Facebook?

  22. shady Says:

    Thank you so much for revert back service icons!

  23. george894 Says:

    Que bueno, hacia falta tener caritas nuevas, gracias. Muy bueno..!!

  24. Verus Votum Says:

    Thank you!

    Two wishes:
    A new Update for Mac would be very nice.
    And editing of old messages.

  25. Divinebird Says:

    Just realized I could comment here. I would still REALLY love a group option for Skype. I’m in an ongoing group chat but I can’t see the group unless someone else posts while I’m online. I know other people have been asking for this. On Skype, I can name the group and ‘add to contacts’ but it doesn’t show up in my skype contacts on Trillian. PLEASE add this function?? I adore Trilly and this would make it PERFECT.

  26. joshua Says:

    How many times are you going to remove the icons for the chat networks and put them back after a revolt.. i count at least 4 times in the 9 years………..

  27. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    I still wonder why the status icons have unlogical colors.

    Green = Online OK
    Orange = Away (not logical, should be red)
    Red = Idly (not logical, should be orange)

    Stranger thing is that for you own status it is right (red = way, orange = idle).
    It’s just in the contact list red and orange are switched :-/

  28. Somerandomname Says:

    Skype still not working for those who migrated from MSN Messenger.

  29. Blake Niemyjski Says:

    The download page still serves up

  30. Mint Condish Says:

    @Somerandomname: Exactly my problem.

  31. Greg Ramsaran Says:

    Can you PLEASE remove the Trillian Bar and WinZip crapware from the installer? I mean really? I have a Pro account and yet still this is part of the installer. I love Trillian but this is getting to be annoying especially since there are components available in competitive products that aren’t in Trillian yet you manage to “bundle” a toolbar and WinZip.

  32. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    Still wonder why the status icon colors still are switched for the contact list ?????
    I your own status plane green = online, yellow = idle, red = away
    But in the contact list yellow and red are switched and it’s not very logical.
    In contact list green = online, red = idle, yellow = away ?????

  33. TheBigVB Says:

    Is anyone else having an issue where the response is appearing before the question? This seems to only be happening on Skype IM’s.

  34. Jim Says:

    Just updated this morning, i’m connected to Gmail fine but my contact list won’t show up. Will probably roll back to previous version.

  35. Dizzle Says:

    Thanks for your diligence and commitment.
    I’ve been instant messaging since ’95 and using Trillian since ’00.
    This is the finest messenger I’ve ever used.

  36. Dak Says:

    This new build fixed my problem, of certain chat logs not being shown, as well.

  37. david fields Says:

    I sometimes have a big problem staying connected to facebook chat. Sometimes it’s fine, some days it’s a pain in the butt.

  38. iliya Says:

    Trillian for Windows (5.3 Build 12) error 20 -” POP3 SSL V2″

  39. Sgluber Says:

    AMAZING Trillian, as usual!

    Keep up the great job, guys! :-)

  40. Filipe Says:

    Nice update, thanks :)

    Minor problem: at the main window over the icons where our services’ status are shown, there are no color except the black, lool… Example: Facebook – Online (black); MSN – Away (Black); Gtalk – Offline (Black)…

  41. Filipe Says:

    Ok, it has to be with the Black Theme…. Any other Theme shows the different status by using different colours ;) Keep an eye on it, please!! Thanks in advance :)

  42. Toast Says:

    Any way to disable the “Online” green dots? If you hide offline contacts it’s redundant and distracting. I’m fine with yellow and red dots showing still though.

  43. smw Says:

    @Toast: Can consider a preference, what view are you using size-wise?

  44. susanai Says:

    Thankyou loads Trillian. Trillian is the best there is. Love Trillian millions.

  45. Manthas Says:

    You claim to have “improved group chat” features; does this mean you have added some? In the current Trillian client, there is absolutely no way of starting a group chat through any supported service. What “improvements” did you make?

  46. Titus Asbury Says:

    Be glad when you get Video like Skype so I can get rid of Skype.

  47. Foxxe Says:

    I think the issue with skype is that MOST people use it for VOICE on the internet, not JUST another sms system.

  48. mightyzepp Says:

    @Mint Condish and those having Skype problems…check the previous blog. It’s not Trillian.

  49. Phil Says:

    Here are my findings on not being able to log into Skype from Trillian:

    There are two authentication methods now available in Skype. One for Skype IDs and one for former Messenger accounts. There is no facility within the current SkypeKit that allows for the second login method to be used and thus trillian is not able to log into the former Messenger accounts that were converted to brand new shiny skype accounts.

    When one wants to be able to continue using Trillian to log into skype then one must FIRST create a brand new shiny skype account (or already have one available for this purpose) and then merge the messenger account into that new skype account.

    In the case that ones messenger account has already been converted to a shiny new skype account, there is no way that I have found yet, to convert the account to a proper skype account. With enough noise on the issue, MS may prioritize merging the two authentication methods into one that works for everyone.

  50. Oh noes Says:

    There were service icons for me before the update! :O
    the only thing that changed are those orange/green balls that show the status..
    they dont fit into the rest of the white/orange/blue design..

  51. AnnyOnOMus Says:

    What a great product. Can’t believe there are folks asking for even more….or can I? It would be nice to have a more comprehensive email experience…one application does it all

  52. Ty Says:

    Thank you sooooo much for fixing the Skype plugin. It was killing me having multiple messenger clients running.

  53. Gary Says:

    After upgrading to the latest version the POP3 email for Cox is no longer working. The same pop address and information works fine from my iPhone and was working until I updated. Please fix the issue with POP3 mail accounts not working using SSL with port 995. Thanks

  54. j Says:

    What happened to the option to appear online to individual users? Now when you are logged in as invisible and you right click privacy option on person, all you get is a “Block” option… What happened to the “Appear online” to that individual option? That’s pretty important when you want to limit who can chat with you at the same time.
    Please restore that function. Thank you.

  55. j Says:

    Where can I download the previous version? I’m missing a very Important functionality and I need to get that back right away.

  56. Marian Says:

    Thank you! Great work!

  57. Jeronimo Says:

    aun no tienen multiple skype :/

  58. hellenalberts Says:

    I just love it! At times mine would crush especially since i use it for skype and gtalk chat the sametime.

  59. kkverma Says:

    after the latest update I am not able to connect via jabber. my server and domain names are different and it is trying to connect to bot to actual server. I am in trouble, this is take all my interest away from trillian. anybody is there to help me??

  60. Gui Says:

    Hi, When will you propose a plugin for Oovoo?

  61. Marg Says:

    I’ve got “use service icons” unchecked in my preferences and they still show up. So all my contacts now have a giant coloured dot in the middle of their avatar no matter what I do. Also my greyscale skin is COMPLETELY GREYSCALE when all the other skins have different colours for online/invisible/disconnected etc..

  62. RogueDog Says:

    Ive tried all the multi messenger applications out there and for the desktop trillian takes the cake.

    Mobile versions are lacking so for now I use IM+ for mobile

  63. Marilyn Says:

    What I like about Trillian: With everyone choosing a different chat program it makes it easy to keep FAMILY and Friends all ONE chat because seems everyone thinks you should download what they have like … Duh! Thanks Trillian my boys from Ohio turned me on to this program :)

  64. CaioToOn! Says:

    We finally have good status indicators!

  65. JPT Says:

    I do not understand why in previous versions the right click menu “Clear” button was removed. A lot of people like to clear the chat window, without actually closing the window.

    I am aware that you can type “/clear” into the chat window, and it will clear it. But why remove that functionality, it honestly can’t be difficult to add it back.

    I was finally hoping this version would have it back, but no…

  66. Marilyn Says:

    Google Chrome scares me….. IT’s TOO SMART :o My trillian never crashed on me / never caused me any problems. But it sure solved that huge problem of everyone expecting me to download the chat program they were using.

  67. Brad Says:

    Try using your MSN credentials on skype. MSN chat is going away and it has moved to skype.

  68. Jaybony Says:

    My problem: when I open a chat window with someone, not the name but e.g. the icq number appears in the chat. When I wrote with someone via Facebook, it is the facebook number and so on. How can I change this? It is annoying writing with numbers.

  69. Vic Says:

    Hi!! i love Trillian!! only one thing, the facebook chat work excelent only the group chat don’t works. but for the rest. no have any issue.

  70. E. T. Says:

    After the update, Skype in Trillian disconnect and re-connect itself from time to time, what’s wrong? Before the update, it won’t happen.
    What I like about Trillian are, all-in-one messenger, just one log-in, all are connect; and the checking e-mail system, fast and simple.
    If the Android version of Trillian support Skype too, it will be great.
    Keep up the good work. Thank You ^_^

  71. Snoop Says:

    After upgrading Trillian to the latest version ( 5.3 Build 12 Free) I have a Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk connection problem. Can you give me explanation about possible reasons for this problem and how to solve it?

    Thank you

  72. Ryan Says:

    Slapping service icons over buddy icons is a very ugly and cheap way to provide service indicators. Why not simply outline each buddy icon with a thin line of the necessary colors? (red, orange, green) This way it doesn’t obstruct the icons and would look much more sleek and sexy. Make it happen!

  73. MrCisco Says:

    Excelente, como siempre…..
    En español?

  74. Marcus Says:

    Adding chat groups to the contact list is awesome! :D

  75. soulja Says:

    When i will see missed calls in skype. Thats the only reason i cant use trillian.

  76. Agus Says:

    Mejorar los emoticons seria genial!!

  77. SSyar Says:

    Very nice update with status icon thumbsup; waiting for Yahoo! SMS support to mobile numbers

  78. cathiep Says:

    I like the color icons, but why 2 colors for away I have a yellowishorange and blue?

  79. Marc Says:

    So, there is no more “SEND” button? It shows up when selecting an emoticon, but not when I type messages… really miss it. Besides that, this new version is fine, thanks! :)

  80. sanjay Says:

    Looking forwaard for more updates… always loving trillian

  81. Qamar Saqib Says:

    Hi Team,
    I have a problem i forget my password please solve my issue…. i would very thankfull to you…

  82. logaen Says:

    We really need a MAC version with Skype support!

  83. Mimi Says:

    I love everything except the change that made the ‘trillian’ icon in the task bar change to layered windows for each chat. You have to scroll over and then select a current chat. As I usually run more than one conversation at a time, one of my favorite parts about Trillian was that you could just click on the icon and pull up your tabbed window without any of the in between you would find on MSN or Skype. And, to my great dismay, there’s no option to change it back. I may very well go out of my way to downgrade, because this is very inconvenient for me.

  84. Marez Says:

    thank you so much. I just opened my Trillian in the office and update it. :)