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Trillian 5.3 for Windows, Trillian for Business!

A couple of cool announcements today. To start with, we’re taking Trillian 5.3 for Windows out of beta and making it available to everyone. We’re also announcing a special business version of Trillian that tackles most of the commonly-requested, business-oriented features that customers have been requesting over the years. Take a look at what’s new!

Group chat improvements.
Save chats to your contact list, automatically join selected chats, stay in chat rooms even when closing the window, edit topics directly from the chat window, and much more!

Trillian group chats.
In addition to beefing up group chats across the board, we’re also unveiling Trillian group chats in 5.3! Right now you’ll need to be on the Windows client to take advantage of group chats but we’ll be rolling support out for other devices soon. Trillian group chats are a great way to keep a team connected – they’re persistent and cloud-history backed, ensuring you can catch up on conversation that happened while you weren’t around.

In-game chat.
Our new in-game plugin exposes an overlay that works inside of full screen games to keep you chatting while you play! In-game chat supports tabbed chatting, alerts, and a cool “unread badge” that sticks around even when the overlay isn’t visible so you always know how many unread messages await you. You can enable the plugin in your “Chat Windows” preferences.

Trillian for Business.
Claim your domain with Trillian for Business! Small teams looking for an easy way to communicate without managing internal IM servers and larger teams looking to control client deployment and policies can both benefit from Trillian for Business. Learn more on our FAQ page.

SSL improvements.
5.3 vastly improves the way Trillian handles SSL certificate validation. The list of root certificate authorities that Trillian trusts is now bundled in a user-configurable text file, and when talking to servers with self-signed or otherwise invalid certificates Trillian will now let you know so that you can decide how to proceed.

The small stuff.
Lots of minor visual cleanups went into 5.3 as well, including some new status icons to make it more obvious who is online and who is away. Both message windows and the contact list have received some shiny new visual upgrades and general cleanups, our Skype integration should now work correctly on Windows 8, and Trillian users can now be invited to Google Talk chat rooms. We also spent some time improving the IRC engine in minor ways for 5.3. Check out the full changelog here, and thanks for supporting Trillian!

107 Responses to “Trillian 5.3 for Windows, Trillian for Business!”
  1. Terepin Says:

    Great! Now, time to introduce Windows 8 skin in 5.4.

  2. Sara Says:

    What’s the ETA on a new release for Mac?

  3. Nith Says:

    I’m not sure what to make of the in game chat (it gets confused with my windowed full screen sometimes but that’s entirely my weird computer I’m sure.), but using Trillian on my phone and computer has been amazing. I can start a conversation with someone while on break at work and then pick it up right where we left it when I go home. If only my group chats would transfer to my phone also, you guys would be perfect. Thank you for still working to make this an amazing chat program after all these years.

  4. smw Says:

    @Sara: 1.6 is in beta right now – – and we are finishing up a 2.0 beta concurrently, with group chat support. Any particular feature/fix you’re waiting on?

  5. smw Says:

    @Nith: Thanks for the kind words. If you can reproduce any particular game chat bugs, let us know the game and we can certainly investigate it.

  6. Nico Says:

    There are some improvements with the group chat, but the facebook group chat is still not working. Sometimes this can be annoying, because often I’m not visiting the facebook website. Then a friend needs to send me a message, that a group chat is going on. Will this be fixed?

  7. smw Says:

    @Nico: Facebook hasn’t exposed group chats to third-party developers yet. If and when they do, we will add support for them inside of Trillian.

  8. klockk Says:

    Hmm… Any luck gettign Trillian to work with Microsoft Lync server yet?
    I sure could use that….

  9. Paul Says:

    CTRL + T is the default for Nvidia 3D Vision toggle. Might not be the best default for in-game trillian.

  10. Nico Says:

    @smw: Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the answer.

  11. Robert Says:

    Where is the link to download 5.3 from this page? Am I missing it?

  12. Gustavo Says:

    When we can check the Business version? Actually I use PRO version in my work :-)

  13. D Says:

    Still no Linux version though? Shameful

  14. Jeremy Says:

    @ Robert: Yes Robert, the link is provided within the first sentence of the first paragraph; the very first line of this page’s article. If you still can’t see it, here it is again:

  15. Alexander Says:

    I second the request for a Linux version.
    Also I would like to finally see the update for the android version, containing a tablet layout,
    if at all possible compliant with the holo layout guidelines.

  16. Cknight Says:

    I love the in game overlay. I personally think ctrl + tab would be a better overlay combo, ctrl T interferes with photoshop.

  17. TheKong Says:

    You used World of Warcraft for the in-game preview image? I thought you were wanting to make it look good. ;)

    Nice release, good to see it being updated. Looking forward to 5.4 beta now :)

  18. Shayne Says:

    I was hoping for a local server side install.

  19. JP Vanir Says:

    So do we need to update Trillian or when will these changes be available to use???

  20. BulmaRO Says:

    the ingame chat works with a lot of fullscreen apps, for example on XBMC ! :D no more going back to desktop for a quick reply :D

  21. Sev Says:

    Using Trillian ingame? How cool is that?

  22. Shawn Says:

    I like the in game chat, except that it doesn’t show me which service the person is in, when I looking at the list of people to start a chat with. I usually chat with certain people in certain clients and my history would be in that client. Unless I didn’t see where to enable that?

    I like the overlay, works well with in my test so far. Thanks for the update!!

  23. Diego Says:

    What about Skype in iPhone app?

  24. smw Says:

    @Cknight: You can change the hotkey to anything you like in Preferences -> Message Windows.

  25. prize Says:

    Lol someone at cerulean studios is a world of warcraft addict. Anyway, I love the update. Good work.

  26. Jacob Says:

    Would love to see support for Lync and a *nix build as well. That being said, kudos for the game overlay :D

  27. Ilsa Says:

    Is there a roadmap for getting feature parity between all the different platforms? It’s frustrating seeing the Windows version moving farther and farther ahead while everything else moves at a snails pace. If you can just get the same protocols ported over, such as skype and IRC, it would be greatly appreciated.

  28. Robert Wolfe Says:

    Is there going to be an update for the iPhone/iPad version as well?

  29. David Says:

    Just want to second Skype and IRC in the iPhone and Android versions.

  30. Alireza Says:

    While I try to download this new release, I see the installation file version is still which is the same I updated on Jan-15!! Am I getting something wrong?

  31. Tau Says:

    Any chance you will be releasing QQ chat on Trillian?

  32. ZeDestructor Says:

    Any updates on the redesigned Android version? I recall you mentioning that it was being completely rebuilt for ICS/JB in a previous blog…

  33. Tiana Says:

    Normal chats function with the in-game overlay, group chats (at least AIM-based) are not. I am attempting to do this while playing WoW, and while the regular one-on-one chats are shown, it is as if the AIM group chat doesn’t exist to the overlay. I have to alt-tab out of game to participate.

  34. Mr. Mount Says:

    Sadly, I see yet another release from the Trillian team missing resolution to any of the critical issues that have afflicted it for years. Where is the OTR support that has been promised for years? How about the fix to IRC for the disconnect/spam flooding on reconnect so you can never reconnect? I’ve been a paying PRO customer since Trillian was in its infancy. It is frustrating to see eye candy added to release after release while serious bugs remain ignored endlessly.

  35. Kevin Says:

    Now integrate Raptr.

  36. Anton Says:

    Any progress on enabling Skype video support in Trillian? Video is actually the only reason I have to keep original Skype client installed, and I really hate it.

  37. Gautam Says:

    Dear All,

    I use the chat history as a regular feature of trillian. I wanted to know that if we update trillian version do we stand the chance of loosing the previous chat history session & for how long do the chat history sessions get stored


  38. Mr. S Says:

    A windows phone client is the only thing keeping you guys from absolute perfection. Great opportunities await!

  39. Francesco Says:

    If i use skype in Trillian and someone write to me an IM, since when i merged my skype account and msn account i recive double messages, first one from my friend, second one from friend@fakeskypedomainsomethingelse… any way to fix it or block by default the fakeskypedomain? I tried the block function but it doesn’t work

  40. Unicorn Says:

    Group-chats still not working correctly for social network (through Jabber protocol), the notification that somebody is typing the message pop-ups, but the actual message is not displayed, even if you press on the pop-up to open the chat window, it shows only that smb is typing.

  41. David Says:

    Has this version got a better version of xmpp, as at the minute MUC are so inconvenient to join/use that i just use another client for that… also seconding the mac client looking forward to!

  42. Eric Says:

    I also would like to see a version for Linux Ubuntu. We are in the process of replacing Windows on all of our computers at work and your product would be a huge addition.

  43. mike r Says:

    chinese fonts not working in either contact names or chat windows. pls help this is a real problem

  44. Yulyo Says:

    Still no Linux version? :( (

  45. Asserich Says:

    Hey guys, thank you for you awesome 5.3 client, really love the fixed features and stuff. One question: IRC channels are not availeble in the in-game chat for me, is that on purpose? Would it take too much time to integrate the IRC to the in- game chat function?

  46. SS Says:

    …and yet you didn’t fix some of the IRC bugs that were filed 3 or 4 years ago. I’ve been using Trillian since the beginning (yes, all the way back), but it’s losing its viability for the stuff my teams need — IRC being high among them — because seemingly simple bugs don’t get fixed and continue to provide a very aggravating user experience (example: in IRC, type several lines of text and hit the Home key… cursor jumps all the way to the top rather than just to the beginning of that line, which is inconsistent with all the other chat windows, such as Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, etc.)

  47. Madis Says:

    So.. how to get it? I tried visiting plugin area if there is something new – none. Tried restarting – none. Do we have to redownload Trillian?

  48. mws Says:

    The facebook was eliminated from the mail section?
    Now, how do we see if are new messages?

  49. Raquel Says:

    This version doesnt work with MSN messenger… it just says “MSN messenger is disconnected” and never connects, 5.2 works perfectly, please fix this :\

  50. Robin Says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to save the group chats to the contact list and haven’t figured it out. Has anyone been able to?

  51. DjDiabolik Says:

    It’s out from BETA ?!???!? I have installed 5.3 Build 12…………

    If you have MERGED you MSN or Live account with recent SKYPE you can use Trillian!!!

  52. qxork Says:

    You really need a linux version… Many organizations are transitioning from windows to ubuntu or linux as a desktop. This will not only gain you new users, it will keep you from losing existing users. I can’t see a reason not to.

  53. Day Says:

    1) where’s my “check for updates” menu? I use the Avion Pro 5.2 skin but even with standard skin I don’t get it…
    2) since today no auto-update message?! I’m confused

  54. Day Says:

    narf, auto-update just arrived…

  55. Dan Doughty Says:

    @mws @sarah

    I can for one say that I am waiting for feature parity with trillian for windows. Transparency in the contacts bar and the chat windows. Themes. Just to name a couple.

  56. pcts4you Says:

    Excellent product, and thank you very much for being on top of Microsoft’s IM + Skype situation. Big fan of your interface, and I appreciate all your efforts.
    stay \m/etal

  57. TLC67 Says:

    Would love for you add ooVoo as part of Trillian. plz

  58. ネヘマ Says:

    Trying to figure out the same thing Robin is. I’ve poked at all the options I could find, even tried just adding a chat as a contact, but nothing-doing. It’s nice that this update is in, I guess, but I wish it came with instructions on how to do it, or was painfully obvious.

  59. smw Says:

    @Robin: If you’re using the default skin, a toolbar button should exist for saving a chat to your contacts. We probably have to add an option to the right click menu for those of you not on the default skin. Can you confirm, and we’ll get it added in the next build?

  60. Asserich Says:

    I don’t know if you tried fixing it through my comment, but apparently the IRC in-game function is working flawless now, once again I want to say: Thank you! Really big thumbs up

  61. Murray Says:

    I’m a little surprised how you can launch a product called Trillian for Business, without supporting natively (or otherwise), one of the most widely used business IM protocols, namely Microsoft Lync. I have been a loyal Trillian customer and proponent for many years. If Cerulean Studios cannot keep up with this trend and plan support for Lync in some way, I will have to depart and go “Pidgin”. I guess the pain of changing will make it very unlikely I will return to Trillian :-(

  62. Tracie Says:

    Can we get a key for what the new status icon colors mean? I’m guessing green is available, but i also see blue, orange and red. These little dots aren’t as obvious as the old icons.

  63. Zonker Says:

    Hey, is it just me or are IRC channels only showing up in the in-game overlay when you connect with the IRC plugin AFTER starting a game? If I start Trillian, connect to everything including IRC and THEN start a game and access the overlay, none of the channels get displayed and I can’t find a way to bring them up, chatting with eg. ICQ contacts works, though.

    Start Trillian > start game > connect to IRC >> IRC channels visible in overlay
    Start Trillian > connect to IRC > start game >> IRC channels NOT visible in overlay

  64. Mike Says:

    There’s a minor graphic bug on the message windows.

    The status/service indicators at the top left of the window do not shift over when a scroll bar appears on the chat window. This causes the scroll bar to overlap the status indicator.

  65. Robin Says:

    @smw: I was not using the default skin but I changed to it. I still don’t see that option. I am using AIM group chats if that makes any difference.

  66. ネヘマ Says:

    @smw: Backing up what Robin says. I see the button for Skype chats, but not AIM chats. This is with the default skin.

  67. smw Says:

    @Mike: Do you happen to have a screenshot handy?

  68. smw Says:

    @Robin: Oh, it does. Are you using the kind of AIM group chat where you join it yourself versus receive an invite to it? In other words, does it have a name?

  69. Mike Says:

    @smw I just made one.

  70. Robin Says:

    @smw: It does have a name. I can join it myself.

  71. smw Says:

    @Mike: Thanks, will fix.

  72. smw Says:

    @Robin: Thanks, that makes sense. We don’t currently allow AIM rooms to be saved but I’ll see what we can do for the next build!

  73. Robin Says:

    @smw: Thanks for your help.

  74. Misted.Mind Says:

    I’m kind of enraged here… I can’t find an option to switch off the (to me most uselessly placed) status-icons in the contacts list….
    Why would you place it DIRECTLY OVER the contacts avatar?? User-Avatars are pretty much without any meaning that way, as everyone has a plain green / blue / what not face.
    The rest I’ll check after my rage has been calmed ^^

  75. Angela Says:

    Are you planning on launching a chat widget that businesses/organizations can embed into their web sites?

  76. Jonathan Allen Says:

    That’s nice, but what I really, really need is a Windows Phone 8 client. Even if it just has the basics I would be happy.

  77. Misted.Mind Says:

    Okay, after conversing with a friend of mine, on his Trillian the status-icons apper behind and left of the service-icons.
    I changed my skin back and forth, didn’t help:

    That’s what it looks like for me ^^

  78. Arinoth Says:

    I was wondering if there will be a plan in the future to select which windows or contacts that the in game UI alerts you, as there are some people or IRC channels I don’t really want to get messages from constantly while others I do.

  79. kwyjibo Says:

    When using the game overlay in Champions Online, the lowercase letter “p” is unavailable to the game. Uppercase “P” is fine. This problem goes away if game overlay is disabled.

  80. Zertos Says:

    I tried the ingame overlay with Mount & Blade Warband with the Steam overlay but that doesn’t work. :(

  81. Allyson Kurtz Says:

    Having the InGame on crashes Java SE when opening Minecraft 64bit. have not tried it w 32bit, as I don’t use the 32bit to play.
    Even when trying to add it tot he Black list, it will not work, until the option is turned off again.
    I hope this can be addressed, as this feature seems to be very awesome, indeed!
    Thanks for all the hard work Team Tril puts in, I’m sure there are many long hour’d days and sleepless nights and angry wives/girlfriends!
    <3 Tril has my heart!

  82. Ron Jeremy Jr. Says:

    Using trillian in game is OLD OLD news for us users of Logitech G15 and G19 keyboards. We still have it easier to type to another person, just a quick click on a button below the lcd and your keyboard now types directly on the g15/g19 lcd and not in game, plus it also doesn’t cover up your game with an overlay. Some sneaky softhead kills you because the chat window was blocking his approach. Totally boned out about this business edition, all the fluffers can be messaged and notified for their assistance.

  83. Luna Loris Says:

    Mail integration with msn/hotmail stopped working after installing 5.3, all others working

  84. Luna Loris Says:

    i had to downgrade to 5.2, works fine for me

  85. Luna Loris Says:

    anyone esle had this problem? plz answer ASAP

  86. Neil Says:

    NIce but, it still does not seem to update xmpp groups, groups are still only based on first connection so you have to kill an account and re-create to see group changes for contacs or is that only in a business version?

  87. Adam W. Says:

    On Mac version, please make it where we can “X” out notifications, like on Windows notifications. :)

  88. M. Pence Says:

    Thank you, from the bottom of my gaming little black heart–THANK YOU–for the game chat. I sincerely hope you consider improving and keeping this feature, as well as adding many more options in the future. This, and all of the other little additions and improvements over the years is exactly why I keep coming back.

  89. Asa Says:

    Any chance of supporting connection-specific certificate authentication for IRC SSL connections like many dedicated clients support? It can eliminate the need for /msg nickserv identify.

    Also with IRC, I have in my perform list /msg nickserv identify … folowed by join for the channels I want to join. However, the IRC server performs these commans nearly simultaniously, and the chaneel joins complete before nickserv has cnforimed my identity, resulting in my being prevented from joining all channels thast required a confirmed ident. I have to then manually join those channels again. There must be a better way…

    And thanks for the update :)

  90. Toufiq Says:

    Really Trillian is getting more professional day by day. But still Inbox attachment of Facebook has still got some issue in Trillian. Hope you will fix it soon.

  91. RSMurphy Says:

    Hmphhh . . . Build 5.3 killed my AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, and Yahoo connections. All I’m left with is Skype and Facebook. The connections refuse to go online and deleting then recreating the accounts does nothing. I’ve even tried wiping Trillian off the system including cleaning out the registry but I get nothing. I guess I’ll drop back a version to see if it works like before but this version is a 99% fail for me. Ugh.

    If anyone has any thoughts please share.

  92. Frank Zavelberg Says:

    Where did the function to individually turn off sound notifications per chat window go? Before, there was an “Advanced” submenu in the chat window’s context menu. That is gone now.

  93. BC Says:

    I have been using Trillian since the original beta and it still never fails to amaze me that IRC is so buggy and unsupported …And yet, ironically, IRC is the simplest, most stable and best documented chat protocol in existence …Maybe Cerulean Studios bought mIRC and it is deliberate? …Still, features such as maintaining a list of your most frequented channels, or being alerted when your name is called get forgotten once again …Let’s not mention the known bugs which have been being ignored for *years* …Disappointed once more :(

  94. Dan B. Says:

    Steam and video chat on skypekit finally working yet? Both are available now, just need you guys to add in support!

  95. Chartax Says:

    And yet, there’s still no Linux version, even though the market share is growing exponentially and businesses everywhere are switching to it.

    Good call?

  96. Vinicius Says:

    Skype on Trillian for Mac? = /

  97. Reece Savage Says:

    IRC windows no longer seem to flash or notify you when a message has appeared. They did so in 5.2. Perhaps I am missing something?

  98. tedych Says:

    Not happy with the 5.3 upgrade I allowed today :( .
    I use only skype. Status icons are way worse, smaller and hard to sitinguish who’s online etc. Contrary to what you state in the blog.
    In the chat window, the options about sounds etc in the far right, are gone. Start writing and there is no SEND button anymore for mouse users. Etc. Not happy. I’ll downgrade. Why lately I’m witnessing a constant UI worsening from every possible corner and program :( ..

  99. Russ Says:

    Any update on the possiblity of Xbox Live functionality? Raptr already does this quite well, but lacks many of the IM features that Trillian has.

    Should be easy enough…

  100. naijenn Says:

    Okay – I waited before commenting to see if its just a fluke, but ever since this update, Trillian will eventually quit on me. It’s getting very frustrating and hope you have others experiencing this to make a fix asap. I have to switch to a different app to keep up communications. That’s simply not good. Running on Windows XP – i5 intel dell laptop.

  101. ukaawe Says:

    Will the full release fix the issue of duplicate “@fakeskypedomain” tabs popping up on every conversation, and also resolve the issue of group chat whereby every time a new message arrives in a group chat, a new tab opens? Very annoying!

  102. Bruno Says:

    Very good update.

    But i still would like to have a facebook chat in trillian…

  103. Bruno Says:


    a facebook group chat

  104. Bruno Says:


    a facebook GROUP chat…

  105. Specious Says:

    Would love to see supported. There’s a Pidgin plug in for it, but Trillian is my pick and it’s not worth switching for. Still, if it’s easy to implement might as well :)

  106. Dmitry Says:

    I like how Trillian continues to evolve. I tried it two years ago, a year ago — and it wasn’t perfect enough for me. Now there is only one extremely annoying thing left: “Type your message here” tooltip showing every time I put mouse cursor over textbox. And it never hides until I move cursor out. Do I really need this to know where I should type my message? Too annoying to live with it.

  107. chapas Says:

    Trillian overlay is crashing League of Legends!!!! Fix this please.