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Trillian and Windows Live Messenger

As many of you have heard by now, Microsoft is shutting down Windows Live Messenger and directing users to Skype. There are two important concepts at play here – the Messenger clients and the Messenger servers. When we talk about the Messenger client, we’re referring to the official Microsoft Windows Live Messenger software, not Trillian. We wanted to take a minute and list all of the things we know so far in order to give Trillian customers as much time as possible to decide how best to proceed.

1. Effective early this year, Microsoft will be disabling their own Messenger client software. This means if you or your friends use the Messenger client, you won’t be able to sign in. As far as we know, this will have no impact on Trillian or other third-party IM solutions as the change is software-specific.

2. Some time next year, Microsoft will begin to disable their Messenger servers. This move will impact every client, including Trillian and any other third-party IM software that you and your friends may be using. At this point, the Messenger service as you know it will cease to exist – you will not be able to sign in.

3. As a result, Microsoft is currently asking its customers to merge their Messenger and Skype accounts and install the latest version of the Skype software. Unfortunately, the Skype-sanctioned method that we use to communicate with Skype relies on an SDK known as “SkypeKit”, which as of this writing does not work with migrated accounts. This means that if you listen to Microsoft and merge your Skype and Messenger accounts, you will be bricking your copy of Trillian in terms of Skype access. We are hopeful that Skype will be issuing a new update to their SkypeKit SDK that works with migrated accounts but have no insight into if and/or when this will occur. In the meantime, consider hanging tight on the migration if you want to continue using Skype through Trillian. One point of later clarification: until Microsoft starts rejecting Skype logins from your original Skype usernames, you can still use Skype through Trillian with your Skype usernames. It won’t be until a Windows Account is required that Trillian in its current form will have trouble signing in, and hopefully the SDK will be updated by then.

To minimize possible service outages, we recommend that any of you using Trillian to talk to other Trillian users start taking steps to migrate over to the Trillian IM network (referred to as “Astra” in some places) or another Trillian-supported IM network as soon as possible. Your Trillian username can be shared with other Trillian users so that they can add you and start chatting right away. Like Messenger, the Trillian network supports buzzes, drawing, voice and video chats, file transfers, and strong privacy controls. Unlike Messenger, the Trillian network also uses SSL by default to encrypt your conversations over-the-wire, supports persistent group chats, and is more reliable in terms of online and offline message delivery. If you’re currently relying on Messenger at your business, be sure to also evaluate our business-centric offerings to see if they will work for your company. We’ll keep everyone posted as we learn more about Messenger and Skype; thanks for supporting Trillian!

108 Responses to “Trillian and Windows Live Messenger”
  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the update! We were looking into your Trillian corporate plans for our small business, but there seems to be a recurring problem as of late when the Astra network goes offline, Trillian does not reconnect to it unless we manually re-connect it. Any idea when this will be addressed? Until then, I’m not sure if the Astra network is a reliable alternative.

  2. cyruz Says:

    I’ve been mostly relying on Astra anyway. It’s the fastest and has the most features, so this crap is fine with me. I appreciate the additional info. Go Trilly.

  3. smw Says:

    Hi Mike – this happens when we perform server maintenance specifically, which we’ve been doing quite a bit of lately in preparation for the 5.3 launch. Things should settle down once the launch happens, and we’re also going to start doing a better job exposing external indications of our maintenance windows when possible. Lastly, I think it would be acceptable to allow clients to auto-reconnect after a longer period of time, say 30 minutes, which will probably make this problem go away from your perspective while still giving our servers the time they need to come back online after maintenance. Hope this helps.

  4. Pechente Says:

    Sounds a lot like Microsoft – make a change that is not completely thought through.

  5. Bandkanon Says:

    I felt that MSN was slipping for a long while now, actually. By 2010 it’s updates began sending it downhill by taking away some fun things that I and my friends always loved. (Like full manual skinning)
    It’s a pity Windows is making such a self-destructive decision as merging their messaging service into Skype, but then again, I’ve managed to convert all my former MSN users to Astra at least a year ago when they got fed up with MSN’s gradually worsening interface.
    Ah well. Too bad for MSN. Looks like I’m stuck with you guys forever now! :P

  6. Mike Says:

    smw — thanks for the response! When I look in the Astra status window, it seems to pick a random number of seconds (usually under a minute) to retry connecting but when it gets a certain response, it just gives up completely. In our corporate trials, we saw that due to Windows 7′s nature of hiding tray icons, most of our employees would be disconnected for days before they noticed they had to manually re-connect. Would even 5-10 minutes be acceptable instead of 30? But even 30 minutes would be better than never! :) Thanks! Been using Trillian for years and hoping we can license it for the office once these kinks are worked out.

  7. smw Says:

    Mike, that’s exactly correct. Normal service interruptions trigger a random timer between 60-120 seconds – we do this to help prevent the “thundering herb” reconnection problems for both our servers and third-party IM servers. In the event of maintenance, our servers send a special “go away and don’t come back” code which is what you’re seeing. The feedback re: tray stuff makes sense, and I will work on fixing this for the next 5.3 build.

  8. Waqas Abdullah Says:

    Does that also mean that the email ID I am using ( also freezes and will be closed?

  9. smw Says:

    @Waqas: No, email functionality will not be impacted. This is only specific to instant messaging as far as we know. Microsoft has made no announcements that they are turning off email services.

  10. Vlad Says:

    I wish this was posted earlier, right after Microsoft’s annonce. I’ve just realized I’ve bricked both my Skype and my wife’s accounts (in respect to Trillian).

  11. Aaron Says:

    I’m using Trillian with a migrated Skype account. I sign in with the Skype username that I had before I merged my Skype and Microsoft accounts and it seems to work fine…? I can sign in to the same account using the Windows 8 Skype app (in this case authenticating with my Microsoft account which is tied to my e-mail address). Same contact list on both, but I use Trillian much more often.

    Maybe it just doesn’t work with Microsoft accounts that are migrated to Skype, instead of being merged into an existing Skype account.

  12. Rave_Zero Says:

    Too bad there is no Trillian app/support on WindowsPhone, which means WindowsPhone users have to switch from MSN to Skype Messenger (instead of Trillian).

  13. Karl Says:

    Yes, a normal Skype account should be fine… It’s their “this MSN account is really a Skype account” switch that would be problematic. Maybe if you create your own Skype user and then merge MSN into it, this might bypass the issue.

  14. DexLuther Says:

    Mike – The windows 7 issue of hiding tray icon can easily be fixed. Either by clicking the up arrow and then on customize. Checking the box will disable this behavior. Alternatively, you can select behaviors for specific programs. Also when you click the up arrow you can click and hold an icon and drag it out onto your tray.

  15. Frank Says:

    Could you please make Trillan for LINUX!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  16. Paula Says:

    Aaron and Karl, the old method of signing in will eventually be abolished, with the Microsoft account being the main method of login. once this happens, we’re toast.

    now, I hope this means that the OS X (and other) versions of Trillian will be getting Skype support when they update SkypeKit!

  17. Jude Boudreaux Says:

    Can I 2nd the request for Linux?

  18. chaos Says:

    The android trillian is still crappy, no skype support at all now the windows client is going downhill as well… too bad

  19. Sopalajo de Arrierez Says:

    You say «Trillian network also uses SSL by default to encrypt your conversations».
    I say: The encryption protocol that Trillian uses is not open source. Users don’t know if you people at Cerulean Studios are (or can do) decrypting and/or saving a clear copy of all our messages.
    A poor encryption, that one :-(

  20. Alexandr Says:

    My clients and I will switch from hotmail IM to Trillian Astra.Trillian is the best.

  21. John Says:

    How come other Android clients get voice support and Trillian doe snot? Are you guys not using the same “servers” and “sdk’s”.
    Please note the irony … Anyway you will probably not publish this comment … so continuing the idea is wasted time … unfortunately…

  22. smw Says:

    @Sopalajo: Trillian uses OpenSSL to establish SSL connections. OpenSSL is an industry-standard, open source toolkit that provides this kind of thing.

  23. Eric Stephens Says:

    I migrated my MSN account into my Skype account before seeing this warning, and both seem to still be working fine – although, occasionally if I’m offline when I receive a Skype message, when I log in I’ll get it both on MSN and on Skype from a “FakeSkypeDomain” account.

  24. NeedSkype Says:

    Will skype be supported at some point for the Mac app?

  25. BJ Says:

    I’m an AIM and Messenger user, and the biggest reason I switched to Trillian upon hearing that they were killing their client was that the Skype client did not support popups when a new message arrived at my Hotmail account – a key feature for me. When the Messenger network is disabled next year, I assume that means that the popup notifications for my Hotmail account will end as well in Trillian?

  26. darkgamer Says:

    I am sure at some point in some version Trillian will have a skype account option at least for chat and video chat and such :)

  27. BJ Says:

    I should add that Trillian is far superior to having multiple clients. I should’ve been using this years ago… Thanks, Trillian devs!

  28. Gavin Says:

    Not long after I first heard of MSN IM being shut down and Skype taking over, I made the jump and merged my accounts. Since then I’ve done several “skype audio conferences” through Trillian and they’ve worked fine for me. Just thought it worth mentioning.

    I’ve always been a used of MSN Messenger. My opinion of the software slid once the Windows Live Messenger program started and its never quite worked for me right since that point. Perhaps I’m in the minority here but I really don’t need all these flashy icons, just a basic messenger would suit me just fine thank you.

    Just to say thanks to the people that keep Trillian working. Its a great system, completely unrecognisable from what it was years ago when I was using IRC through it as well. Works a treat these days! Keep up the hard work.

  29. drxadium Says:

    Seconding the Windows Phone port request, I really don’t want to have to rely on skype / IM+, I use Trillian on the desktop and miss the seamless experience I had with the iphone

  30. Ian Says:

    I have a Skype account and an MSN account (converted from to last year).

    I merged my MSN account into my existing Skype account.

    I can still connect to both via Trillian.

    So, perhaps it’s just converted accounts which are unusable in Trillian, rather than merged accounts?

  31. Eric Says:

    Is Trillian part of Microsoft – I don’t Live Messenger – I use Trillian …

  32. Lia Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I had heard of it from them, but seeing as I didn’t really use Windows Live Messenger anyway (really only had one contact, and we have other ways of communicating), this doesn’t mean much for me personally. I still have access to my Skype stuff, and I have that messenger separately installed anyway. :)

  33. TheKong Says:

    After merging you WLM and Skype accounts you can (for now) still log into Skype through Trillian by using your Skype ID. So
    far it still appears to be working just as before merging.

  34. smw Says:

    Edited the blog to clarify that Skype usernames will still work through Trillian until Windows Accounts are *required*; the original text was a little ambiguous in this regard. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  35. Spike Says:

    I tried using skype though trillian but it slows everything down, have there been updates to the skypekit since implemented? is there a way to only connect to the IM part of skype to reduce load? or some other settings to help?

  36. godarium Says:

    I love use trillian for open all my Hotmail account; easylly and quickly, without type all info myself.

    do you think keep this possibility in your software.

    personnaly i dont care if i cant use mssenger for chatting.. but if i still can see how many message in my hotmail account and open it in browser with right click.. i will be happy

  37. Eivind Says:

    “send a special “go away and don’t come back” code” – given how frequently my client tells me the network is offline and that it never seems to get back online without manually clicking the button, I think you should have a “mainenance in progress” code that would make the client display a similar message so users would have a clue, and also implement a more sensible login retry to quickly get back on. a client that is offline is useless in a corporate environment.

  38. Raith Says:

    I’m apparently having an off day, but effectively what your saying is If I already have an Astra login all im going to loose is the MSN/Live Messenger portion of my Trillian account right?

  39. alfredo Says:

    please support Trillian for Windows Phone !

  40. TigerClaw Says:

    I merged my WLM to my Skype account, However I can still log into my Skype account using my Skype Login. The thing you would noticed is on Skype you will see your WLM contacts along with your Skype contacts. But if you log into your Skype Account on Trillian, You only see your Skype Contacts. So basically you can still log into your Skype Account. You just wont see the WLM contacts with the Skype Contacts listed. For the time being you can still log into your WLM on Trillian until they shut those servers down.

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  42. lekhu.pandey Says:


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  44. Eu9ene Says:

    Thanks for the message.

    If you need to involve other users include add “odnoklassniki”.

  45. Yonan Says:

    Please add steam chat asap, most people I know have steam accounts and with the advent of steam mobile, it’s a good choice for a replacement for MSN as a main IM protocol.

  46. Wade Says:

    I used msn messenger long time ago. I quit using it after it become a joke. I now use trillian for various social media. I think this is one of the many blunders microsoft is making and they likely could care less how much problem it will cause.

  47. sanjay Says:

    So from now on we can login to skype by microsoft account, it is a good move as trillian is supporting skype it is just a matter of time

  48. peter Says:

    Not sure about bricking my MSN accounts. I logged on once via my Microsoft account, it linked all my contacts, then I logged off my MSN account and re-logged on with my skype account. All my MSN contact are there and I can see them in trillian too.

  49. lionel Says:

    j’utilise trillian depuis des années sur mes pc . il fonctionnait très bien dans sa version pour telephone nokia je voudrais pouvoir l’y retrouver donc mon regret que vous l’ayez laissé à google qui nous empeche de l’utiliser si l’on a pas son appstore googleplay ! vous seriez bien aimable de remettre en téléchargement toutes vos versions sur votre site . entre temps continuez votre bon travail en esperant voir le developpement de la voip compatible entre toutes les IM !!

  50. Dook Says:

    RIP Hotmail, then. The only reason I still have my first mail account ever is because it was easy to access through Trillian. In all this time they didn’t introduce e-mail client support for Hotmail beyond MS Outlook and that awful Windows client.

  51. pimpys Says:

    As I have 2 PC, one with Win8, and therefore it came with the latest skype, I merged my MSN contacts I think as when I launched Skype from my Win8 Notebook, it asked my directly to enter my MSN logins, but I could not see my buddies on skype contact list.
    So I removed completely all logins linked to MSN (contacts, mail and skype) from the Metro.
    I have Trilian up to date using MSN logins on my MSN account and I am using Skype Portable using my Skype Logins. As if I enable Skype Plugins I got 2 messages one from my buddy and one from “SkypeFakeDomain thing”. But this solution is Working fine therefore. But will need to use Astra by next year but I don’t know how to get Astra’s ID from my MSN Friends. Any comments ?
    Thanks for making Trillian so cool.

  52. NashvilleSteveo Says:

    Change is inevitable and we much appreciate Trillian staying on top of this. Looking forward to something better at the end of the day when this all goes down anyway.

  53. Stephan Says:

    wasn’t to thrilled hearing about msn joining up with Skype always enjoyed msn the way it was for years why i could accesses my mail and contacts from it when it became easy i dont know if i want Skype or want it at all but i wish they would had left msn the way it was never cared for it in Skype to come a new thing or why it cant join up with yahoo since i can use yahoo pretty well then skype

  54. Mark Slater Says:

    Users should be aware that if you do have a Messenger client and it asks you to automatically update to Skype, then the process will also unstall your Messenger client and *delete* your entire Messenger history *without warning you*. I unfortunately did this and due to the irresponsible behaviour of Microsoft in this matter lost a considerable amount of useful data from my chat history. Beware!

  55. DjDiabolik Says:

    I don’t have convert my WIndows Live account to Skype… and i can continue to view my Friends on Windows live.
    I don’t want to convert my windows live account to ANOTHER skype account… i already have a skype account.

    If my Windows Live account it’s been converted automatically to Skype with trillian i can add two or more Skype Account or not ?

  56. articuno1_au Says:

    If you have merged your account, you can still log in with you old sky account name.

    I’m currently signed into Skype after having merged my accounts, and all of my contacts are still present.

    Just in case anyone has need of this >.<

  57. Mikey Says:

    It would be lovely if Trillain & Skype worked on Mac.

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  59. Says:

    Sad for us! Usually for my some friends who had just one buddy is hotmail :( I am worried about them. How can i connect with them? Can i get them into my skype or any update about it? Please tell me more …………..

  60. Charles Says:

    I wish you guys would have said this before i attached my Microsoft account to my skype account. Is i think mine is bricked; I am now a trillian pro lifetime member who is unable to use Skype.

  61. tahwos Says:

    I have no interest in using Skype, in fact, I didn’t even bother adding my existing account to Trillian with my latest install.
    I only use Trillian to check my email status, and couldn’t care less about whether or not the messenger part works.
    How does this affect me?
    Does Skype now have access to everyone’s email passwords, whether they like it or not?

  62. Dr.Flay Says:

    Apparently they are keeping it running in Mainland China.
    Can we not just keep using MSN via the Chinese servers ?
    Trillian at least can choose what servers to use.

  63. Bye Bye Privacy Says:

    This move with live messenger connects with what MS is doing with Windows8, the way its is set up by default is you log in to MS Servers when ever you log on to your computer(you can change that). MS want everyone to ALWAYS be logged into Their SERVERS. And their other default setting seems to be “to “CLOUD everything”. Add some recent changes to IM and email TOS (they are not the only ones doing this however) it makes you wonder. I don’t think I like this trend.

  64. Jackalop Says:

    No problems, i use astra as it is. And if necessary i can run skype separately to talk with mah Canadian friends.

  65. Nysha Says:

    Will the Skype-related updates finally include polygamy for Skype accounts? Only being able to use one Skype account at a time through trillian has always been an annoyance up til now, but once my MSN account is also a Skype account, I’ll have to start looking at other clients.

  66. reaper Says:

    I wanted to make a question… so if the messenger client is going to be disabled, and the servers will be offline, that will mean that by next year i can’t login with my messenger account into trillian… like, forever??

    If so… will my trillian account allow to sign up onto astra, using the same e-mail ?
    Btw, i started using trillian a yesterday, i love it! Just need some themes and a more appealing visual and real time image sharing (like msn) .. but the program is PERFECT !! :D
    Regards and Thank You for your time ;)

  67. STiger Says:

    I was wondering when you guys were going to address this. I’ve merged my accounts, though by keeping my MSN account logged in, I’ll get duplicate messages from Skype contacts. Disconnected MSN, probably won’t use it anymore as most of my friends have Trillian or Skype now. Any chance we’ll see a QQ plugin though?

  68. Bryon Westover Says:

    Next is Lync Joining Skype.

  69. ASD2003ru Says:

    Why Trillian does not want to follow the path of Imo / Im?
    1. All correspondence on the server, should be stored in encrypted form.
    2. All protocols must be implemented on the server and not the client.
    There will not be such a big difference in the protocols on the client. All changes in the protocols will need to be done only on the server. Work so now many messengers for Android / iOS.

    My advice: Look at all the features of Imo messenger for Android and implement it in Trillian, plus keep the best currently syncing.
    At this point, do not understand what to pay money (I have lifetime subscribtion).

  70. tzarc Says:

    So has anyone got a suggestion for an alternative service that supports login from multiple devices?
    I’m loathe to use google talk for primary IM use, as delivery isn’t guaranteed…

  71. kadajawi Says:

    Bad move by MS. skypekit has insane hardware requirements, it wastes tons of RAM, keeps the hard drive busy. It’s so bad that I usually kill the process/deactivate Skype. Now they want to deactivate MSN and move users to the resource hungry Skype? Thanks.

  72. Suzy Says:

    I don’t use instant messaging but I have Trillian because of its extra fast email alerts, as my work is very time sensitive. Once MS Messenger services go down, would that mean I will not longer be able to receive email alerts?

  73. John Says:

    No answer for the below?

    “How come other Android clients get voice support and Trillian doe snot? Are you guys not using the same “servers” and “sdk’s”.
    Please note the irony … Anyway you will probably not publish this comment … so continuing the idea is wasted time … unfortunately…”

    How come some mobile clients work (think IM+ … etc)

  74. smw Says:

    @STiger: Possibly, but nothing in the works at the moment. We don’t get a huge number of requests for it but this may change once MSN sunsets.

    @John: We use an official SDK from Skype called SkypeKit. The terms of its use forbid us from using it on mobile phones. Other third-party IM clients are using different, non-sanctioned solutions to connect to Skype. We are hoping that Skype will allow us to use the kit on mobile devices in the future, even if just for basic IM. We’ll see what they decide moving forward.

  75. The Ceej Says:

    The lengths Microsoft will go to try to force people to use the latest release of Skype…

    First, they introduced mandatory updates, and I had to block their server’s IP from my firewall ( so Skype 4 couldn’t call home and try to download Microsoft “Skype.”

    Then, they tried to sneak it into Windows Update.

    Now, they’re trying to dupe MSN and Trillian users into getting it.

    I mean, this is enough to suspect something really shady (and possibly criminal?) in Microsoft “Skype.”

  76. Claus Says:

    That kinda sucks since skype have so many known backdoor exploits that allow people on the internet to retrieve your IP with just your skype ID and harrass people at will

    this is a blow for all online users who use msn to chat with other people with minimal risk

  77. ASD2003ru Says:

    smw Says: We use an official SDK from Skype called SkypeKit. The terms of its use forbid us from using it on mobile phones. Other third-party IM clients are using different, non-sanctioned solutions to connect to Skype.

    If we use only the official SDK, you will never make Skype to mobile clients. It is not there.
    Moreover, MS is not likely to contribute to the creation of third-party clients as this would violate their advertising. For mobile clients enough opportunities to work with messages.

  78. Khurram Bhatty Says:

    You guys rock…


  79. agu Says:

    Hi, it was mentioned before that Trillian was working to make group chats accessible on all clients. Has it been implemented for Astra yet? If so, how do you go about making a group chat on Astra? I have been running the latest version and I have not come across any feature like that yet.

  80. DG Says:

    “Unlike Messenger, the Trillian network also uses SSL by default to encrypt your conversations over-the-wire, supports persistent group chats, and is more reliable in terms of online and offline message delivery.” I don’t understand, as Trillian Astra is NOT group chat-enabled. Is this talking about Trillian in general, referring to other accounts on the program, or is the writer saying that Astra should have group chat functionality? Will it have this soon?

  81. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    Two questions.

    1) If we “un-join” the MSN/WLM account and our existing Skype account (you can do that from the Skype web-page). Will that ensure that our old Skype login will work?

    2) Skype also support “joining” with you Facebook account (making Facebook chat appear inside Skype). Does this cause any trouble….

    Note: Sine MS now joins both MSN/WLM, Skype and Facebook inside the Skype client I guess that will be a strong competion to all 3rd party client. MSN/WLM, Skype and Facebook chat is the most used IM networks. And they are now all available from Skype….

  82. lol Says:

    No. Skype rulez. Bye.

  83. TehTDK Says:

    Just waiting on the Skypekit actually offering support for videochat etc.

  84. Daniel Says:

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on this. Microsoft isn’t very forthcoming in informing users about these changes, which is quite unlike them actually.

    Generally speaking, it’s the worst possible move they could make. They retire the protocol and service that has worked almost flawlessly for 12+ years, in favour of one that has never worked and gives no indication that it ever will, just because its brand is more flashy. Skype is a joke. No offline messaging, hit-or-miss IM delivery without any indication of success or failure, embarrassing video and audio quality like straight out of the early 90s, too stupid to get history sync right, too stupid to sync read/unread status (even for messages you wrote yourself…), very restrictive terms and support on protocol interfacing and SDKs, no security to speak of, a client with more bugs than features, and apparently not a single programmer or support representative that would give the impression that someone is reading their user’s complaints, or actually works on fixing a bug for once. After the Microsoft takeover I was hoping things would improve—maybe they could get someone from the WLM team to fix the Skype IM component. But nothing happened, I don’t think a single programmer has worked on that turd for the last 7 years. I’m not the best programmer there is, but I probably could take half the awfulness out of it if they gave me a week. They just don’t care. People should know how easy and quick it would be to fix some of the things they didn’t worry about for 8 years. But there’s no money in fixing something that people use even if it’s broken.

    Switching to Trillian was great, because it meant that I could at least get around using the Skype client—half the hurt. When MSN servers retire I’ll probably retire my Skype account as well.

    Mark Slater: Thanks for the warning about message history deletion. It would be nice if they told us these things before they do it.

    Bye Bye Privacy: The privacy issues are one part, although I don’t see how Skype is worse than any other IM in that respect. You give them as much data as you want, and both MSN and Skype were unencrypted, so they could have theoretically accessed your conversations all along. I’m not as privacy-conscious as others, but what I think more people should care about is the other side of the whole (personal) cloud fad: the user’s side. The fact that you’re no longer in possession of your own data, and that other instances, like some dubious company on the other side of the planet, can take it away from you at any instant. I think we need to have a lot of very severe data disasters (companies going out of business and taking their user’s data with them, security breaches, outages, misuse…) where people lose important data and stuff they spent a lot of money on, in order for awareness to increase. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of what it means to store their data in the cloud.

    That was a lot of digression, sorry :)

  85. Daniel Says:

    Oh, and just a followup after reading some more comments: apparently Cerulean even take feature suggestions from blog comments! That’s the way you keep customers, and get new ones to join. Please stay this way! Over at Skype, I think you’d be lucky to get anyone to even read a bug report. It’s one of the reasons why, being a relatively new user, I’m already praising and advertising Trillian among all my friends and coworkers :)

  86. John Says:

    @smw Thanks for the answer …. Is there a particular reason why you do not switch for “different, non-sanctioned solutions to connect to Skype”. If their client works and Trillian not, maybe that is the way to go …

    Don’t take me bad, I like Trillian and use it since 4 years ago. But on my Android I am already with IM+ PRO since 6 months ago only for one reason – they allow Skype calling. The rest of the app sucks, but Skype works. I am changing my desktop client too for IM+ web version – it sucks again – but I prefer using 1 software on Mobile and Desktop …

    Don’t you guys really see – everybody is asking for the same thing … Skype Calling on Mobile …. why do you choose to fail everybody?
    I really hope you have a hidden reason that makes you stuck with technology that does not work … otherwise … I am tarting to think more and more that either you do not care about users, or you need to change the project manager handling this issue!

  87. schmidty169 Says:

    I wonder how this will affect Back in August they said hotmail and live were being replaced by outlook. They haven’t given the shut off date yet but you know they will.

  88. TheBigVB Says:

    My account hasn’t been bricked and it was merged. Skype merged my account with my Microsoft account months ago (via Skype and not via Microsoft’s process). Maybe there is some other logic on the bricking process?

  89. Anthropicus Says:

    Most of my friends have moved from AIM and MSN to Steam, I really hope Steam support is coming soon. With MSN being replaced by Skype, I won’t have much reason to use it soon.

  90. Steve Says:

    Dang, I wish you had posted this sooner. I migrated last week after I got the email from Microsoft telling me to do so. If Skype and MS are the same company now, it is a shame that the two parts cannot coordinate better with each other. If they had, I would not have “a brick” right now in Trillian.

  91. Satras Says:

    I hope you enable Skype Video Chat once you got the new KIT.
    Badly missing this feature !

  92. Un sursis pour les serveurs Messenger de Microsoft Says:

    [...] [...]

  93. Muzical84 Says:

    I use multiple Skypes on a regular basis (/secondary flag) so how’ll I be able to do that through Skypekit? I’d be nice if I could roll all of my Skypage into one thing without some of the weirdness that’s happened when I’ve tried to do so in the past.

  94. Fate Says:

    I honestly was happy to hear WLM merging with Skype, it just makes my life easier as a Trillian User anyway, but trillians skype features still aren’t on par with the features skype has which is a little let down, like being able to video call skype users with Trillian would be nice instead of having to open up my skype for this, basically making my skype account useless on trillian, and the voice calls aren’t that great either, Skype has an option to disable the automatic Microphone adjustment but trillian doesn’t, which means if I’m quiet for to long the mic keeps increasing it’s gain all the way until the person on the other end can hear the office chatter in the background, which is annoying as well, but all in all I’m still very happy to see WLM become Skype and that Trillian is working on a way to allow the new account to connect through them

  95. ytg Says:

    (I think I already suggested this before it was this crucial, but here it comes again.) Trillian used to be able to connect to Skype before it used SkypeKit. Through Skype itself. I know that it may seem as a step back, but is that option really really really not possible at all? Using Skype through Skype’s APIs again?

  96. Q Says:

    @smw : What about the possibility of continuing skype conversations while you are mobile, even though you aren’t “signed in” on the mobile device?

    I’m thinking along the same way that yahoo functionality currently works. I can be signed into yahoo on *either* my desktop or my android phone. Signing in on one signs me out of the other. However, if I’m signed into trillian on my phone (and yahoo on my desktop) and someone messages me on yahoo, I still get a notification on my phone and can reply to it. I’m guessing that due to Trillian’s cloud functionality, what is actually happening is my phone sends a message to trillian’s server, which then goes to my desktop, and out to whoever receives the message.

    Could something similar to this be done with Skype so that we can send/receive skype messages via android trillian, without requiring skypeKit? Or would this use also be against their terms of use? Seems like it might be a loophole, since skypekit would not be used on the actual mobile device.

  97. Sub Says:

    Ooh, perfect timing. This was just on my mind.

    Does someone care to explain how exactly the transition works? If I merge my accounts, do I lose my Skype username completely?

    @schmidty169: is basically just the new domain name for Hotmail. The service is still the same, but the front-end is different. You can keep using your email, or get a new one, like you could with Literally the only reason I have Windows Live Messenger enabled (or even a Messenger account) is for pushed email notifications from my mailbox to Trillian. I never had a Microsoft Account before

  98. Slake House Says:

    If I signed up for Skype and I use my Live ID (email) to log in, and my Skype username (that people can find me with) is in the “live:username” format, how will this affect me? Is that what a merged account is? I notice that I can’t use that account to authenticate through Trillian yet.

  99. smw Says:

    @Q: Yeah, continuous client stuff can send data to the mobile side even if the mobile side isn’t connected. Maybe I can geek something up here but it’s too confusing to expose as an official solution. Right now I have to actually drop that traffic on purpose to avoid weird ghost windows… but could consider some advanced pref to let it through?

  100. TSimpson Says:

    Please get Skype integration working on Mac asap, or trillian won’t be useful for me any longer when chatting with my clients. Most are on Messenger and it sounds like they’ll be moving to Skype quickly here. I’ve tried getting them to go to trillian in the past, but to no avail. I hate the native Skype chat functionality and would love to stick with Trillian. Is there any hope of this actually happening? I’ve been a Trillian Pro user for years (and years) and I’d hate to switch.

  101. GregB Says:

    I want to add my name to the others who want a LINUX client. Will the Mac Code port to linux? Of course, with firefox, I guess we can chat on FB while we wait 8-)…..but it doesn’t feel the same…

  102. Fluppy Says:

    I just use Trillian for email notifications, not for chatting. I have about a dozen email addresses on several different webmail services, and Trillian notifies me instantly when any of them gets a new email. Will my Hotmail email notifications be affected by this? Thx.

  103. Jon Says:

    Well With the Fall of MSN/WLive Messenger, I and I’m sure many others are going to return to IRC; because IMO IRC is way better then Skype!…

  104. Chris Says:

    Linux please!!!!! I’ll pay(again)!!

  105. MM Says:

    The last idea (Skype) sounds great!

  106. April Says:

    Ok, I’m not tech savvy enough to fully understand. Maybe someone can help me out. I use Live Msg as my only instant messenger (chat) for work. I have installed Trillian and all the contacts from Live are showing up fine. For now I am able to chat with everyone that I need to. When Live “dies” will my contacts still be there? If not, is there a way to move then to the Trillian Astra program?
    Also, what is “bricking”?

  107. luckz Says:

    “is more reliable in terms of online and offline message delivery”?
    Astra offline messaging did not work at all in my tests.

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