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Trillian for Windows (5.3 Build 13)

A new build is heading out today. We’ve been paying attention to the bug reports received after the launch of 5.3 to a larger audience and have fixed most of the major issues reported so far. Fixes include an XMPP crash, an IRC crash, connectivity issues with certain firewall setups, and a few enhancements to some commonly-requested features like the send button and service icons. Check out the full changelog here and thanks for your feedback! We’ll continue hunting down and fixing bugs!

UPDATE: Build 14 has been released to fix a bug with history not appearing for non-Pro users.

UPDATE: Build 16 has been released to fix Twitter connectivity.

87 Responses to “Trillian for Windows (5.3 Build 13)”
  1. ASD2003ru Says:

    Hi. I have problem with registration on forum. Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.

  2. Grant Says:

    Upon installing the new build, immediately after clicking “no thanks” to the offer to install RealPlayer, my antivirus (Avast! v7.0.1474, engine/definitions version 130129-1), popped up a warning about “ApnStub.exe” being a “suspicious item” and aborted its attempt to connect to the internet. The installation of Trillian proceeded regardless.

    What is this file, and why does it need to connect to the internet during installation? I assume it is not a virus, but its behavior did catch the eye of my antivirus software.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Many thanks for the service icons!

  4. glocke Says:

    I have a problem with the in game chat function, can I disable it or change the assigned key combination?
    When I press ctrl+t in Photoshop, the program freezes and after a long time the in game chat appears.

  5. Ali Says:

    chat sync from galaxy s3 is not working

  6. Rich Evans Says:

    The update started without my clicking it…it just did it on its own/started the process. I clicked in the Update is available bubble message initially and when the update window appeared I then clicked the link for opening the description of what is in the update…and it started the actual update then. I am sure I did not click any where near the box to start the update…only the update inclusion info. link fairly well above it
    I was going to do it anyway…usually do with you guys…so just passing that along.

  7. Jonathan Kirk Says:

    Works well.

  8. Bill Says:

    Still can’t log into skype.

  9. Galati Says:

    No more option for sound / no sound on specific contacts? :(

  10. Diane Says:

    I updated Trillian. Update said to check out the new features like the ‘send button’. What send button? I don’t see a send button at all. Wierd huh?

  11. Matt Says:

    Wow, thanks guys! I was bummed about the XMPP crash beacuse 5.3 added so many awesome new features I’ve been waiting for for years, what a great turnaround time!

  12. vizion Says:

    why did you remove the SEND button on the chat windows???

  13. Sgluber Says:

    Thank you… Trillian for the win! :-D

  14. oRRs Says:

    @Grant: It’s a tool that checks wheher the toolbar is installed. It’s also bundled with the Avira AntiVir installer so it should be safe.
    More info:

  15. Steve Says:

    First-off, thanks so much for the great product, and staying on top of it so diligently. Having been through a few of these releases, I always try to find the complete (or at least more complete) list of changes… to no avail. Is there a location I can see the change log for the release? TIA

  16. Misted.Mind Says:

    Still no fix for me and my Contacts-Avatars (in contact list) being overlay with their status icons :(

  17. kwyjibo Says:

    I am disappointed in the removal of an XMPP chat feature: The ability to specify a custom name that will appear to others (I think it was called Resource). Instead, Trillian exposes my computer’s local hostname to XMPP chatters in place of this setting without any way to change it. I really don’t want to have to use Pidgin. :(

  18. Mark Says:

    Seems to be problem with the message log. Not remembering anything current and opening with really old messages.. confusing.

  19. Vishal Mittal Says:

    I use trillian everyday and i love it. All the features and every customization is awesome. There is just one thing i face everyday.
    When trillian is left running overnight on my desktop it crashes. So everyday when i come to office first thing i see is a crash detected and trillian needs to be restarted.

    My desktop is a monster (12 core, 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD) so there is no machine or space issue.
    I use it on windows 7 professional edition, and it is Trillian 5.3 Build 12 Free (update on January 15 2013)
    there are around 6 accounts of mine added in it (two gtalks, yahoo, jabbr, skype, live and facebook).

    Not sure if this information will help you but just thought to send u a message.

  20. kwyjibo Says:

    Oops. Please disregard my other comment. It seems to be working!

  21. Scream81 Says:

    @Misted.Mind: That is a skin problem. What skin are you using?`

  22. Cougar Says:

    Grant > I believe apnstub checks for the presence of the Ask Toolbar, so that an installer won’t ask you if you want it if you already have it installed.

  23. Katie Says:

    Just upgraded to this and found out that it isn’t saving chat history per contact. Repro: chat with user on gchat or Yahoo, exit windows, reopen windows–no chat history shown from today. Open main Trillian Chat History window, see snippets of today’s chats from gchat and Yahoo; click on each; opens individual chat histories for those users–says no history for today to display. FYI my prefs specify to display 20 lines of chat history, but today’s chats (after upgrading) aren’t saved within the individual user chat histories. I am not on ‘off the record’ for either of my gchat or Yahoo chats.

  24. Subsonic Says:

    What Mark said: Seems to be problem with the message log. Not remembering anything current and opening with really old messages.. confusing. I even deleted my logs by the folders; first one worked, but nothing after. It’s quite annoying. hotfix! (Windows 7)

  25. Sgluber Says:

    Hummm… after install this 5.3 Build 13, all the messages I sent or received were not stored in the historic… backing to 5.3 Build 12… :(

  26. Sheryl Says:

    My chat window is not updating with conversation after today’s update (1/29). The history log is correct when I open it with Notepad but not when I click View.Chat History.

  27. Sam Macleod Says:

    wish you,s add a join call bottom for skype messenge calls.

  28. Gordon Says:

    definitely up there as the No 1 multi IM in the universe.

  29. gsac132 Says:

    hey,what happened to the send button

  30. Frank Says:

    LINUX!!!! please make Trillian for Linux Please!!!!

  31. susanai Says:

    HI there all. I am just loving Trillian. They always keep in contact and update regularly. Am using this program for ever.

  32. Jerry Lange Says:

    so the send button is back? I kinda liked it gone

  33. Jerry Lange Says:

    OMG Thank you so much for letting me show ONLY the service icons!


    to build 14 is giving error on facebook, unplugging is direct, please arrange

  35. Holger Says:

    Thanks for the update! Keep up the work and keep in touch with your user base :-)

  36. dohboy Says:

    @Galati — Hold shift and right click to get access to the per-conversation options for sound, et al. Yeah the change annoyed me too.

  37. Tom Says:

    Thanks, the version seems to work right for me. My only wish is to disable this really annoying help popup when the mouse is over the messageinput field!!! (Message typed here are send form….) I use my message twindows as a very narrowed window. Fast click in the messageinput field and direkt typing is not easy because the popup is over the typed text. Ok, i know i can click above in the received text area :-) but normally you click where you will type…
    Best regards – Tom

  38. alfredo Says:

    where is the BUZZ fitur ???

  39. Jonathan Allen Says:

    I am a pro user, but my history was still not showing up.

  40. daniacovelli Says:

    I don’t if it’s facebook problem or if has to with certain apps but I’m unable to log in to facebok. the status is coming up saying I’m already looged on on aother pc

  41. vizion Says:

    umm the history is broken……

  42. Iman Says:

    Still cannot login to skype using live account (live:liveaccount)


  43. melinjo Says:

    where is the BUZZ button?

  44. Yury Says:

    When I try to enter Facebook login&password then click submit, nothing happens. I can click many times without any reaction. nonPro, WinXP SP2.
    Besides, can you make skype group chats be saved and accessible in contacts?

  45. freibooter Says:

    Why does Trillian still use custom Aero style buttons on Windows 8? I just looks buggy and out of place …

  46. Tom Says:


    I got to build 13, but the updated version is build 14.

  47. omid khan Says:

    hi this is omid from afghanistan i used the trialian but some time we have some problem

  48. Scream81 Says:

    @freibooter: try these buttons here:

  49. Simon Says:

    Skype contacts seem to multiply. I have 40 contact icons for a single Skype contact.

  50. hex4 Says:

    nice bug when a friend log in to skype via msn and contact you , a window will appear but you are not able to add him to contact list …. nice work trillian devs

  51. friday13 Says:

    since first version of trillian astra it is not possible for me to change the color of received messages
    i reported here ->

  52. Phil McKerracher Says:

    Still losing connections to different services, especially after “standby”. Happens on multiple machines and ISPs. It recovers when the “reconnect” button is clicked, but why can’t this be automatic? I see I’m not the only sufferer. Seems to have been a known problem for a long time now.

  53. Stones Says:

    to bring to your notice that the transparency view is working when you click on any form of transparency from 10% to 90%…but as son as you open another user to chat with, it changes back to the default which is visible and no longer the transparency that you set…please try to fix this bug…thanks…

  54. Luna Loris Says:

    Mail integration with msn/hotmail stopped working after installing 5.3, all others working – i had to downgrade to 5.2 ONE MORE TIME, thank god i didnt delete the 5.2 installer….

  55. COrey Says:

    The live preview part of the windows 7 start menu has been broken since the previous update. Now all it shows it a colored title bar, used to give a real preview.. Please fix!

  56. BRandon Says:

    I get double text in a group chat. This is very frustrating.

  57. Hugo Says:

    Gracias por haber reparado el problema con el historial. Me resultaba muy problemático el hecho que al cerrar la ventana perdía todo el hilo de la conversación.


  58. Cory Says:

    Every time I install a Trillian update I have to re-install my custom chatviews. They don’t even appear in the theme list anymore once installed, it just defaults to the last one I happened to be using, and I can’t change it. What the heck guys.

  59. Shirley Says:

    Build 14 has not resolved the problem with Google Talk. Just as in Build 13 the desktop version for Windows will not connect to Google Talk.

  60. John Fryling Says:

    When will Trillian be issuing a new or revised app for an IPAD?

  61. Everton Says:

    OMG! I’m loving the updates. With the departure of MSN, Trillian can be a good salvation. Please update the windows, let the photo beside.

  62. mambo Says:

    Is there any way to disable/change the colors for nicknames in group chat?
    Update works fine. Even the skype bug is fixed.

  63. xrsean Says:

    I am still unable to edit the account settings of a jabber/xmpp account after it is created. After creating the account, entering the login info, then I click on the setting button, nothing happens.

  64. dthen Says:

    Never for ANY reason EVER should my IM client pop as a VIRUS. I don’t care WHAT it’s bundled with (NO bundle requested perm to d/l onto my platform, only the update, so WHY did it pop as a Virus in the First Place???)
    SAS just popped Tril as a virus. Yes, it still installed, I really don’t care. This is NOT acceptable. Whether I chose to pay for this service (and I do) or not (as some don’t), it is not OK to have any AV software believe I am installing a VIRUS in the form of should-be SAFE software.
    This needs to be addressed ASAP.
    Also, THANK YOU!!!! For fixing the bug w IGC not working w MineCraft! *hugs* NOw works great! Yay!

  65. Jenny Says:

    In the last two updates, my away status message is up all the time now, it never goes away. When I go to put in a new status message it doesn’t change the away message. Fix please

  66. Luuk Tijssen Says:

    With this version i started using group-voice chat in skype. Trillian crashes each time i finish my conversation…. Am I the only one with this problem?

  67. Brian Says:

    Thanks for the update!

    For people asking about the send button, there’s an option about it under “Fonts and Chat”.

  68. Joe Geek Says:

    The key to successful deployment of products is testing, testing, testing, and more testing by a wide range of users on many different platforms. A programmer can get so fixated on one little particular bug that he or she does not even realize that something on down the food chain got messed up by the ‘fix’. The Project Life Cycle methodology is a cumbersome little critter, but, boy, has it saved a whole lot of unnecessary post deployment headaches, and scrambling around to fix ‘this’ while, at the same time, causing other problems. Good luck Trillian.

  69. Scream81 Says:

    @ Cory: Custom Chatviews are third party stuff. It’s clearly written in the Installation instructions that they will get overwritten with every new build. No chance to change that, as the skin where chatviews get installed to is overwritten every time. Please reply in the chatviews thread for problems or suggestions.

  70. Lindomar mengarejo Says:

    não consigo cadastrar meu e-mail pop3 e imap

  71. Matt Says:

    Hi, I bought the Pro for 5.0. If I upgrade to 5.3 will I lose my Pro?

  72. Sgluber Says:

    Wow: Build 14 is quite fine!

    GREAT! :-D

  73. Ciricillo Says:

    We use Trillian everyday it is a vital part of our communication both in house and with clients. Keep up the good work and look forward to continued use and future updates

  74. David Says:

    With MSN closing down and migrating to skype accounts, will there be a facility for multiple skype accounts on Trillian Pro

  75. Robert Says:

    Hei, I have problems with my hotmail/msn/live account. Before I could view my inbox by doubleclicking on my mail, now nothing happens, not even if I right click and then try to click “view inbox”. I don´t have this problem with my google mail…

    Thanks for great software!
    All the best

  76. CJ Says:

    hay un problema que no se han dado cuenta creo, antes podia abrir la pagina web de hotmail (outlook) directamente de mi direccion de correo o de lo contrario dandole click derecho sobre el correo (Ver bandeja de entrada) con estas nuevas actualizaciones no abre nada, he probado la version 5.1.0021 estaba perfecto cuando paso a la 5.3 ya no funciona a ver si podrian resolver ese pequeño defecto. Gracias.

  77. Hossein Says:

    My Trillian have problem with gtalk connection.
    I use windows 7

  78. raja Says:

    in the new version i cant see the message of facebook in the mail column which is there in the previous versions is der any option to enable this feature please tell me. thanks in advance

  79. Kyle Wiering Says:

    For all those complaining that “Trillian doesn’t work with MSN->Skype Authentication” MSN and Skype have officially locked their protocol and will NOT allow 3rd party applications (such as trillian, pidgin, etc.) to chat on their network. This is a legality issue from Microsoft and it’s brand Skype. The MSN client/protocol will be going away completely, possibly gone within the year. For me, the Trillian Skype client still works with ‘Skype Only’ accounts, but not with accounts that are MSN to Skype Converts. That said, I’ve also found I’m able to chat to Skype+MSN accounts IFF the skype client initiates conversation first. (i.e. I have skype client on my box, start a convo in skype, then continue it trillian).

  80. JB Says:

    I still wish clicking on embedded AIM, Yahoo, MSN links would pop up a chat window like they used to. It’s a pain to have to either type in the person’s screen name or add them to your contacts everytime you want to send someone new a message.

    Would it be possible to bring that back? Thanks.

  81. Big Lebowsky Says:

    Bug report:
    The “Ingame”-HUD is messed up in Starcraft 2 on regular basis. The available chat window is moved off screen to the left, including the buttons on the top right.

    Request report :) :
    Can you please, please, PLEASE add the possibility to bind a hotkey to “accepting”/”hanging up” a call in Skype? And maybe the possibility to call someone directly in the “ingame”-HUD? That would absolutely complete Trillian as an Ingame-Chatting-Client.

    Thank you

  82. Todd Says:

    What a surprise. Send Message To All via MSN still doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. maruthi Says:

    Any possiblites for shortcut keys to open groups of users or to move to directly to chat positions

  84. Andres G Says:

    Any plans on getting in-game chat integration with Steam and Steam games? The preview snapshot looks like World of Warcraft and it looks pretty cool. I am just wondering if Steam games are on your To-Do list.

    Thanks for the update!

  85. Luna Loris Says:

    I have tried everything but nothing. This 5.3 version (build 13 and build 14) refuse to connect with msn/hotmail and not because of microsoft changes. As many of you say above. Now, I DOWNGRADED TO version 5.2 build 13. IT WORKS FINE. And I mean ecerything works at their best……
    So I suggest to everyone who has problems with 5.3 to downgrade to 5.2 build 13, until all these problems will be fixed.

  86. jess Says:

    Biggest issue? Text gets mixed up.

  87. Devin Says:

    When I put my mouse over the icon on the status bar it constantly blinks a status window, never stays fully open. It has been this way for quite a while and has not been addressed in recent updates. Running Windows Vista 32bit