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Trillian 2.1 for iOS: Trillian group chats, tweaks and fixes!

Trillian 2.1 for iOS is now available featuring a few notable changes:

Trillian group chats.
To start our group chat support, we’re adding support for Trillian to Trillian group chats. If you have any other friends on Trillian you can now easily add them to a group conversation! Now that we’ve tackled the basics of group chat and the underlying UI changes, our next milestone will be to add XMPP conferencing to our iOS version for those of you that rely on these for work.

Device management.
You can now see the devices you’re connected to directly from the iOS interface in a manner similar to Trillian for Windows.

In-house server support.
Previous versions of Trillian for iOS were incompatible with in-house Trillian Server deployments. If your company runs a Trillian Server you can now connect to it using this version of Trillian for iOS.

We’ve fixed the bug where images would sometimes fail to download or end up in a corrupted, half-downloaded state. We also remember the state of your camera’s flash so you don’t accidentally flash a restaurant while taking a picture of your food. :) Those of you beta testing iOS 7 will also note we’ve slightly tweaked our icon to make it blend nicer within the flatter world of iOS 7. We plan on making additional changes as well moving forward.

Next steps.
Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you: we’ve been working on Trillian for Android to make sure it was on par, feature-wise, with Trillian for iOS 2.1. Sorry for the delay, but we are now just a few weeks away from a public beta of Trillian 2.0 for Android in full holo-themed glory!

14 Responses to “Trillian 2.1 for iOS: Trillian group chats, tweaks and fixes!”
  1. Shawn Says:

    Does this still have the bug where you can’t scroll the master contacts list?

  2. Steven Says:

    I’m was reading “two weeks” instead of “few weeks” for Android ^^ I would alpha test it with my Tablet (ASUS TF201) and Phone (Galaxy S3) just drop me a link ;)

  3. Manuel Cruz Says:

    For Android, a grid view could be awesome…. its easy and fast to find a friend. I dont know if u can add skype to it, but could be awesome too to add a voice call service.

  4. JJ Says:

    Great to see progress and published info of it. Really looking forward to great Trillian Android app improvements…

  5. Sebastian Says:

    I am still wondering why labels that are scaled down so that the text fits are also shifted right. Beside that, I would choose shorter words rather than have the labels in different font sizes.

  6. svoop Says:

    Alright, I’ve had it. I’ve been waiting for a Mac OS X version which at least covers Skype support for ages now. But while other platforms, most notably Windows and now iOS, receive regular updates, the Mac users get nothing but the yearly “working on it” statement. Let’s face it, the Mac version is vaporware.

  7. XAVIER Says:

    I agree on the option for a grid view. It would also be good if this be made optional on both iOS and android for which type of view you wanted to see on startup.
    Gridview being the default.

    ps: Please add a way to both to add custom avatars for contacts and metacontacts from our own photos.

  8. Thomas Says:

    Holo? Oh no :(

  9. Fyrus Says:

    I would love to help testing the Android Beta if possible. I am running on a stock Nexus 4.

  10. Denis Says:

    Ans what’s with Windows Phone users? Will you just continue to ignore them?

  11. REQUiRED Says:

    Oh, nice. I really like it. Unfortunately the Mac version does not support Group Chats? Whats the latest version? I’m still using “1.6 Build 40″ ..
    Thumbs up for the iOS version!

  12. Willem Says:

    Please don’t make the android version fatter than it currently is.

  13. Chahk Says:

    Trillian, do you even Holo?

    Can’t wait for the update. Thanks, CS developers!

  14. animexx Says:

    and Trillian for Windows Phone?