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Trillian 2.0 for Android

We are pleased to introduce Trillian 2.0 for Android, featuring a more modern user interface that should blend beautifully with your ICS+ devices and a bunch of great new features and enhancements.

Trillian’s new launchpad UI lets you keep up with the people most important to you at a single glance. Paired with optional address book integration, Trillian can now automatically import names and photos for your contacts to make you feel right at home.

Trillian group chats.
You can now easily start group chats with your friends who also use Trillian, with server-backed chat history!

Improved security.
Although we’ve always transmitted passwords using TLS, Trillian 2.0 now uses TLS everywhere, meaning all of your chats are now encrypted over the wire and better protected from third-party eavesdropping.

In-house server compatibility.
If your company runs a Trillian Server you can now connect to it using this version of Trillian for Android!

Other goodies.
History has been cleanly integrated into message windows, sending photos has been refreshed, taking photos can now load the camera more easily, emoticons have been overhauled, and a bunch of bugs have been fixed! If you’ve had trouble connecting to MSN or Yahoo! in the past, see if 2.0 helps!

Next steps.
We’re excited to be working with a clean slate for our Android app – let us know what features you’d like to see come to Trillian for Android next!

59 Responses to “Trillian 2.0 for Android”
  1. Voider Says:

    Excellent work!
    As for “features” – looking forward to see plugin for Vkontakte integration.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    What about a Windows 8 or Windows Phone client? Since your web client is awesome, especially the latter would make me pay for another year Trillian Pro ;-)

  3. Jakub Says:

    Looks very nice and runs smooth, hopefully it will sync with desktop client without any issues
    Now some new version for Windows guys !

  4. Grrbrr Says:

    Skype chat support is just about the only thing i’d like to have. Without it, there is no reason for me at least to use this. Msn died, talk is built in on android and is now hangouts anyway.

  5. Rocker93 Says:

    It would be nice if it used Android Share dialog, it would be much more comfortable to send photos directly from other apps. Second thing- Skype integration, that would be really nice. Keep up the great work, I’m a big fan of your products :)

  6. Irontiger Says:

    Thanks for the update :)

  7. Irontiger Says:

    2 Features would be great:
    1) Custom font size
    2) a black Skin – the white one doesn’t fit to the android “dark” default skin

  8. Bolcien Says:

    Skype support would be great since MSN is no more and will be gone in a year or less. Also have an option to revert to classic view, I like the black background, I’m not blinded by black text on white background.

  9. Fyrus Says:

    I kinda miss having the remembered accounts at the front page for multiple Trillian accounts … Any way to bring that back ?

  10. Fyrus Says:

    Also, phone number pairing doesn”t seem to work in France …

  11. open Says:

    Very buggy, crashes often on my gs4.

  12. Connor Says:

    Well I got a handful of suggestions likes/dislikes
    The new icon you click on to open the app is ugly. It seems very large compared to all my other icons I have next to it. I loved the old icon. I’d really like the old icon back in the notification tray too, but people might like that more than I do.
    The login screen’s scrolling contact pictures are really really really really annoying. Its gonna get old, really fast. They serve no purpose, and it seems very unprofessional. My opinion, but I REALLY don’t like it.
    The new homescreen is anti productive compared to 1.2 because its missing Your current connections, and the whole contacts list.
    I would much rather have the option to make the contacts list my default screen. Or something that looks like the old trillian’s homescreen because it had everything on the new homescreen and more.
    I do like the new UI in general, it would be nice to have more themes or more customizability on the theme though.
    I would like to see the tab system like 1.2 had, sliding into an adjacent chat is pretty neat though.
    Its a small thing, but I’d like a button that says “Send” instead of an airplane.

    Thanks for working hard on Trillian!

  13. Holger Says:

    Hooooray, first post after three months, and so many great reactions. Please let this be motivation for you to stay in touch with your customers and fans more frequently…

    My wishlist:
    1. reverse engineer whatsapp
    2. reverse engineer whatsapp
    3. reverse engineer Vibr, if only for text messages.
    4. reverse engineer whatsapp.

  14. sabret00the Says:

    Definitely needs a dark them, but a welcome improvement. Now if only there was a Linux version too.

  15. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the update. Many of us have been waiting for it for a long time.

    I also miss the dark theme, I feel it needs an option for it.

    I love that Yahoo is now working again, I look forward to that ability to use Yahoo again.

    I find the “Link to phone contacts a little odd, but I still need to play with it some more.
    I like the idea of “favorites” but I find it awkward and annoying to not quickly and easily see my “online” contacts.

    Also the “Set phone” and First name/Last name do not seem to be working correctly.

    I hope for and look forward to future updates and fixes.

  16. TheKong Says:

    Got the “set name” working, it still says “unable to match code” for phone.

    Also, under Accounts, reallly need to separate “identities again, they are all mixed together”

  17. Mike Says:

    I begged for you to add font changing, as I’m legally blind. You all insisted it was in the latest version for Android to come out. Severely disappointed.

  18. Mike H Says:

    I’m really glad you all got the app updated. The new visual style is long overdue and quite frankly looks great.

    That said, I have two major complaints.

    1) I don’t want the ‘favorites’ view… when I open the app I want to see my full contacts list. Why isn’t this an option? Why are we ‘forced’ to use the favorites/open chats screen?

    2) The ‘Ongoing’ notification toggle does not work. The status bar notification is persistent whether the toggle is on or off.

  19. STiger Says:

    Why exactly is there contact integration? I prefer to keep my Google Contacts (i.e. people whom I have phone numbers for) and everything else separate. Don’t force contact integration on people.

  20. rob Says:

    Would be nice to have per contact notification settings so you can disable or change sounds.

    Would also be nice to have a toggle for Theme.holo.dark

  21. iq Says:

    Great to see a way to enter a phone number and tether android contacts to trillian BUT:
    - Phone function keeps producing “wrong security code number”, although the SMS from you shows varying numbers…its always wrong.
    - I misstethered two contacts by simple fat fingers, now I do not see how I can untether or correct my error.

    Also some crashes and yeah a dark theme would be nice. But anyways: A LIFESIGN, THANK YOU

  22. Steven Says:

    First of all thanks for a new version :)

    But I’m a little bit commiserate about the missing holo UI which means we have no swipe contact list and no dark theme…
    I would wish a Split view for contacts I am chatting with and the actual chat, at least in landscape mode. An option to have the contactlist as
    default view would be nice to and with a swipe from right to left you would see the opened chats.


  23. schoker90 Says:

    Thanks for the new version, but what’s with the favorites crap? I admit – there are people I talk to more often than others but I already positioned them at the top of my contact list.
    It takes me two taps now to actually login because you seemed to think it is a nice idea to first have a list of pictures of my phones contacts.
    I just want to login to Trillian – everyone who has it setup does not need the redirection that may lead those that are ‘new to trillian’ to set it up. – Just bring the direct account selection back.
    I can’t swipe from the active chats to the contacts – really disappointed.

  24. sabret00the Says:

    Err, there’s no intents for sending images? I thought that was gonna happen? Android supports it and its not hard to do, why was it left out?

  25. Tony Says:

    Wow, thanks for the completely unnecessary clutter that is this UI overhaul.

    Bring back the black theme
    Git rid of that worthless splash screen, just let me log in
    Stop asking me if I want to link contact info to my friends
    Just show me my damn contact list of who’s online. No need for this “favorites” trash.

    Never thought I’d see the day when Trillian jumps the shark. It’s IM. Keep it simple.

  26. Chilinmichael Says:

    1. This is buggy on both my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7. I’ve had crashes on both almost immediately.
    2. Fix the status bar icon…you’ve made it worse than the old one IMO…sometimes things are better left alone.
    3. Again, fix the bugs. I’ve been waiting how many years for this update and it does nothing but crash?
    4. I appreciate the effort, it does look better.
    5. Skype chat support. I understand video support would be a very long shot, but at least integrate chat.

  27. Chilinmichael Says:

    Also another note, I went to verify my phone number and add it, I entered the correct code yet it says it was wrong. Awful.

  28. Cyber Says:

    I am really, really disappointed with the new version. First of all, I want to see a contact list, not a favourite list when I use a messenger. This is a no-go, really! Then, the white skin uses a lot of battery rather than the old black one. Until now, the Android version was easy to use, but the new one will complicate everything and does not offer real new useful features (incl. – in case of Android – core features such as WhatsApp & Skype integration).

    Fortunatly, I was able to reinstall the older version. I use Trillian for more than 10 years, but before using this version I´d switch to another messenger! Please, do a complete redesign! This app is a good example how an update can ruin a good product!

  29. Kyle Says:

    Yeah, can we have an option to get rid of the launchpad UI?

  30. Martin S. Says:

    I’ve just updated to the new client. Thank you for the new version.

    I’d like to weigh in on the suggestions already made:
    1) Please add a dark skin.
    2) Please add a option to choose the default screen. I like to see my contact list as homescreen.
    3) Please put back the option to disable the avatars. I really liked the clean look of the previous version.
    4) Please get rid of the scrolling contact photos on the start screen. They serve no purpose and for my part those are pople i generally have nothing to do with. They are just people that happen to have a contact photo.

    I was really stoked as the update came out, but for now i have reverted to the previous version.

  31. MagicMiguel Says:

    Nice update! Suggestions:

    1) Use low priority notification icon so that it is not visible on the status bar (like Google Now notifications).
    2) Notification sync, so when I view a message on desktop, the notification disappears on mobile.

  32. Utihnejte Says:

    This UI is not an improvement. It loses information that the previous iteration had, and does not make my chatting any easier.

    I will not be running this version.

  33. Dave Kratter Says:

    I’m not impressed with the Trillian 2.0 overhaul.

    1) The new UI does not at all fit in with Android Holo design standards, and looks cheesy. More so than in previous versions.
    2) There needs to be an option to disable the Favorites screen.
    3) There needs to be an option to have a dark theme. All this excessive white does not look good.
    4) There is no indication that I have an open chat with someone when I’m looking at the Contacts list.
    5) There is no indication that I have an open chat with a Favorite when I’m looking at the Favorites screen.
    6) Notification sync between mobile and desktop broke some time in the previous version, and still does not work reliably.
    7) The scrolling icons on the Sign in screen are ridiculous. Completely useless.
    8) The new icon sucks.
    9) It crashes. A lot.

    I think the Trillian team needs to spend a lot more time on basic UI design principles.

  34. GodSponge Says:

    This is honestly what you came up with for an update? I can’t find a single thing that I like. The favorites page is worthless and annoying to me, the sign in screen looks awful. There is no dark theme, not to mention that it doesn’t match android’s UI. The settings screen is now almost worthless as there are almost no settings there. When I enable phone contacts and try to do anything with them, Trillian crashes. Please post the previous version’s apk somewhere so the people who prefer the old version can get a working and useful program.

  35. Loren Says:

    Why is Trillian 2 pulling information from my Android contacts and how do I turn this off? I have my metacontact named X because I want her to be referred to as X in Trillian, not Y as she’s named in my Android contact list.

  36. ben Says:


  37. benk Says:

    I don’t know how you’re choosing the photos to scroll across the start page, but it’s bring up an ex-girlfriend and my boss, neither one of whom I want to see on a regular basis. There’s got to be a better way to do that. I also want to be able to turn off asking me to combine with my android contacts, as other people have mentioned.

  38. Tom Says:

    Lol. All u @ssholes have no clue how an instant messenger should look like and work.
    Who the hell asked for phonebook sync, and favourites screen and a searching bar OVER!!!!!!!! tha contact list (THAT SHOLUD BE ON MAIN SCREEN INSTEAD OF FAVOURITES)
    And about the white design, which smartphone platform uses WHIT as IT’S MAIN THEME COLOUR you retarded ˘^ˇ#&##^?!?!?!
    Yeah all the nice work that needed a one day work to be push out as an upgrade.

    But no “send voiceclip” or “send location” options, no language translations, no direkt linking for pictures that the user recieves from facebook, no fixed WLM connenction issues. ( Ah yes that is quite interesting, that PC version can cope with reamining WLm accounts, but the web and the android app can’t. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, and WHY not fixed insted all these bullshit you call an upgrade?)
    You might prefer bugfixes, not he silly ideas of a visual (most likely gay) designer.
    Stopt listening to teenage girls and hippster boys (who dress like teenage girls) and put functionallity, simplicity, speed, low ram/resource usage to focus and leave eyecandy and design for the second place.

  39. nano Says:

    Please, where can I find the old 1.2 version of Trillian for Android? The new one is just a pain in the ass; I wont use it anymore. The UI is just terrible! I want to install the old version again. But please: Where can I find it? Thanks!!! :-)

  40. Adrian Says:

    @Tom: You just went full retard. Never go full retard. No, really – insulting the programmers does NOT help with getting that abysmal thing they call an update fixed ASAP. It’s one thing to post valid criticism, and another to vent your – albeit justified – anger about what they did and shouldn’t have and have not but should have done.

  41. Paul E. Jones Says:

    This update looks really good. I did wake up this morning to discover that Trillian had closed. Is there something in the code that says “exit” after a period of inactivity? I could not find an option.

  42. nano Says:

    My trillian also closes from time to time and i dont know why….

  43. open Says:

    For those who want the prior version here:

  44. nano Says:

    @open: Thank you very much! :-)

  45. Tom Says:

    Adrian, let me just call this “upgrade” a bullshit. Please…Because it is nothing more than an unwanted graphic redesign of the app. This is just a copy of skype’s latest updte . Nothing more. You like it? Well I feel sorry for you then. All the popular android apps are downgraded by their developers ( skype, google maps, google talk, opera, gmail….) and they “sell” it as an update. Quality and usability are ont the way down, needed resources and permissions are higher and higher.
    Why follow this tendency? There is a point where there are no reasonable updates, so the app will be nothing better than the other competitors apps, but trillian is now very far from this point. They say there are only a few men working on every platform of trillian. Then why not they focus on real development, and bugfix? The most simple thing to update is the GUI of the app, but it is nothing more than jugglery… Or they have such a good position among the somewhat unstable market circumstances, that they can afford to up the most sensible IM app on google play? Have you visited the blog, or the facebook page, or google play? 85-90% of the users are considering this app a garbage.

  46. Wes Says:

    Trillian iOS icon being used on Android is hideously ugly. Also clashes with all my other icons (except the also ugly dropbox iOS icon that dropbox thinks works on Android). Please revert it back.

  47. Wes Says:

    Also, please give us back a choice of a dark theme. While I do prefer a more modernized app that does not look like it belongs on 4 year old Android, an all white theme is jarring at times (especially for those of us with AMOLED screens). Themes are not overly hard to implement if one is abstracting out the styles for an Android app.

  48. APWaddington Says:

    I’m glad I read the comments and looked at the screen shots, this version is a no go for me I’ll sit on what I have

  49. JusMe Says:

    So, are you guys going to respond / listen to what’s being said and voiced loudly in the android store? Many really dislike what’s happened here, their app experience is totally ruined by all of the stuff that is now forced on us – white UI (battery eater), all sorts of forced things like the contacts, facebook and whatnot…. This, for many, is a downgrade, and not even a small one …

  50. Stringthing Says:

    First, I have one major issue and some minor ones. The major issue is that this thing has crashed multiple times, and as of last night will not sign me in on either my LG Optimus G or my Nexus 7. I use this program extensively and it just plain isn’t working.

    For my little issues, the splash screen is annoying, and since it is constantly signing me out, I see it a lot. I wish there were a dark theme as late night conversations are pretty blinding. I wish I could have the option to have the contacts list the main screen as well. The little issues I can live with, because I don’t know of a better program for chat messages, but the big one could be a dealbreaker if not fixed very soon.

  51. Jon Says:

    Totally Ruined the best IM application on android. Awful, just Awful.

  52. stickyfinga Says:

    Guys, I love Trillian, I’ve been using it for years and I have a Pro Membership but this is terrible. I don’t want this contact merging crap. At all. Please give me my contacts list and the proper login screen back. The app is very annoying to use now. While I do like the general look of the chat window, it’s much too bright. Mine was black before and that’s also why I’m going to downgrade to the previous version now. Some sort of warning shot would’ve been nice.

  53. Sanicle Says:

    A haiku for the android update:

    From dark into light,
    New skin on android OS
    Reflects changing times

  54. GodSponge Says:

    I was a bit angry when posting my last comment. I still like very little about the new trillian. It is also now not syncronizing my messages. I can send messages on my pc and the phone version doesn’t seem to get the new conversations for several days if at all. I have a meta contact for my wife that has her astra account along with several other protocols. Whenever she messages me with her astra account trillian for android asks me whether i want to add the contact or block it. I have her account already added. On top of that, When she sends me a message, I get a different chat history than the one that is on my contact list. I’ll see her last messages until I close the chat. When I open up her astra account from the favorite’s screen, I don’t have that history anymore.

    That being said, if Trillian could integrate my SMS and MMS messages into a single app with all of my other connections I’d never have to use another app. I’d like the problems fixed first, but you’ve started integrating contacts, next step should be to add text messages.

  55. masleyko Says:

    All s fine and smooth…. but 3 things…
    1>autologin on app start… when i sign off .. then i have to click sign in every time…
    2>that favourite contacts screen isnt a good idea.. i have about 1000contacts how do i pick 6? the screen with contact list after login is much more usefull
    3> Dark theme ,,,

  56. TJSynkral Says:

    When will we see the update in Amazon Appstore?

  57. Trillian für Android: Version 2.0 bringt Redesign und neue Funktionen » Cocas Blog Says:

    [...] Version 2.0 ist die Verbesserung der Trillian-App, die bereits extrem lange komplett überfällig war. Würde ich persönlich noch auf Instant-Messenger setzen, wäre Trillian mehr denn je meine Wahl unter Android. Bei einigen Nutzern scheint die neue Version überhaupt nicht gut wegzukommen, was ich allerdings überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen kann. “Geschmackssache” ist hier wohl eines der Zauberwörter, weswegen ihr die App bei Interesse auch einfach mal selbst ausprobieren solltet. Download @Google Play Trillian Entwickler: Cerulean Studios, LLC Preis: Kostenlos Quelle Cerulean Studios [...]

  58. Apapirra Says:

    Bye-Bye Trillian on my mobile. Used it on my phone for years. Didn’t use GTalk / Hangouts because i liked Trillian very much: was clean, had black design and was easy to use. Now i switched to Hangouts because it’s almost the same. While there is no Skype combatibility i think i will just use the desktop version and use hangouts on mobile.

  59. Mark N Says:

    My only request is to have the option to disable the status bar icon. I do not see a way to do this, and it doesn’t need to be there all the time taking up space. I want Trillian to run 24/7 on my phone, but I don’t really need the icon there to remind me. Having the option to disable the status bar icon is my only request. Thank you!