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Trillian for Windows: A focus on performance and stability (5.4 Beta Build 9)

Today’s release of a new beta, Trillian 5.4 for Windows, is primarily focused on improving existing functionality and fixing bugs. We thought the time was right to take a break from building new features to step back and address some common bugs and complaints. Some of the important bits in 5.4:

Facebook chat.
A change on the Facebook side meant that international users suddenly started seeing junk characters in their chat messages instead of properly encoded characters. This has been fixed in 5.4!

With now supporting the popular IMAP protocol, Trillian’s ability to monitor these email accounts has improved leaps and bounds. See your full mail preview, mark messages as spam, delete messages, etc. In addition, we’ve fixed bugs specific to Yahoo mail, improved our bandwidth consumption when dealing with large messages, and tweaked a few other mail-specific bugs as well.

In-house servers.
As more and more of our customers adopt our Trillian Server in-house business solution, we’re also making sure all of our client software can properly connect to an in-house server. Trillian 5.4 accomplishes this for the Windows side, making it possible to connect to servers with self-signed TLS certificates and more.

Message windows.
A few long-standing bugs have been addressed in 5.4, including a few very rare corner cases with message window flashing, improvements to group chat windows, fixes to spellcheck, and a few other great tweaks that long-time users will appreciate.

Last but not least, our Twitter engine gets a few nice enhancements in 5.4: see user displaynames and usernames in your stream, fixes for direct messaging, fixes for RTs being cut off, and more.

We hope you enjoy all the fixes – let us know how the beta runs for you and if you have any bug reports you think we should tackle before the final release! We also have an early alpha of Trillian 2.0 for Mac that we’re testing, available here – more info to come soon.

UPDATE: Build 10 has been released with additional bugfixes.

UPDATE: Build 11 has been released with additional bugfixes.

29 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: A focus on performance and stability (5.4 Beta Build 9)”
  1. Terepin Says:

    Oh c’mon! I was waiting MONTHS to see Windows 8 skin. Do you know how Windows 7 skin looks in Win8? Awful.

  2. Stephen Says:

    While fixing message window bugs, you should take care of this annoying one:
    If you have a chat window open with multiple tabs, and you close the second-to-last tab (i.e., you reduce it to a one-tab window), the window appears to close and reopen without a tab bar. The new non-tabbed chat window appears unfocused until you interact with another window and then refocus it. In addition, there are invisible caption buttons located on the toolbar below their real counterparts. This makes it possible to accidentally close the window by clicking the toolbar. This bug has been present for me across multiple computers and installations, in Windows XP through 8, and since Trillian was still using the more 3D and curvy theme.

  3. kosmordom Says:

    Still have no hangout support. Anybody cares?

  4. Originalme8 Says:

    Nice update guys! Love the right-click for group chat!

  5. John Says:

    Can you please give an indicator about a Windows 8 and Windows Phone app? This is getting frustrating.

  6. Juas Says:

    Don’t be afraid… I do not waste any more time on OTR Messaging here… Bye Bye, Trillian.

  7. TheKong Says:

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to testing.

  8. fresco Says:

    Thanks for the (long awaited) update. I really appreciate that you decided to release a bugfix update instead of a feature-update. Hope to see more bugfix releases in the future.
    However I agree on the missing Windows 8 skin ;-)

  9. muhgo Says:

    still no skype support for windows 8.1 :(

  10. James Says:

    Still waiting for Skype video chats. Using Skype on Trillian until is does, is useless.

  11. STiger Says:

    Now please fix all of the issues with the Android version.

  12. Lars-Erik Østerud Says:

    Have trouble with ICQ and Yahoo from inside our corporate firewall.
    Strange thing is that ICQ connects finally – after 10-20 attempts.
    Any idea why (does it switch to another connection method?)

    Also Skype disconnect now. Worked with the older version.

    Is there any alternate setup to better bypass firewalls?

  13. Mike Says:

    Thank you!! Tooltip no longer displays in edit area

    See, this update really shows who you guys are. Who on earth did you guys put in charge of the Android build!? Haha.

    Anyway thanks!

  14. open Says:

    Does not properly reconnect most services coming out of sleep, does a better job.

  15. MrM Says:

    Hmmm. I have still problems with characters in FB chat.

  16. R W Says:

    Problem with facebook chat is stil here. For me, just in case. (Russian language)

  17. R W Says:

    Sorry? problem with facebook chat in names of persons, they still not look understandable

  18. Brian Says:

    +1 on Skype support under Win8.1 . Skypekit.exe seems to be crashing on Win8.1 just as it did on Win8 before the updates.

  19. bacon Says:

    I’m getting constant crashes after logging in. If I retry 3 or 4 times it will eventually stop crashing and login.

    Also can you please have an option to disable twitter nick names and only show the twitter user name?

  20. peter Says:

    Recently my android phone prompted me to upgrade google talk to hangouts. I resisted the temptation, but suddenly I notice more than 50% of my usual google talk contacts have disappeared!

    Presumably they have updated to hangouts and now I can’t communicate with them via trillian anymore?

    Makes it very hard to continue using trillian, with first MSN chat contacts disappearing, and now google chat ones. There’s not a lot left.

  21. Dragon Says:

    Well i know this is still beta, but there could be any fixed on the idle on the yahoo, if the status is blocking the way of knowing he starts it.

  22. Dragon Says:

    forgot to mention the link, if any mod can combine this and go from there.

  23. blue0711 Says:

    I have Connection Problems with IMAP-Protocoll.
    Trillian will not connect to an Exchange 2010 (Errorcode 20) and it will not connect to GMX-IMAP (Errorcode 50).
    Both uses IMAP with SSL/TLS on Port 993

    As soon as I install the last Final, ist working fine, but not in the beta.

  24. Vincent Says:

    I notice that the facebook problem is still present

  25. Vincent Says:

    Actually the facebook chat message content doens’t any encoding issue anymore but the contact names have still the issue.

  26. Anonymouse Says:

    Skype does not working on Windows 8 neither on 8.1. Always stays disconnected.

  27. lestaticon Says:

    I occasionally get a crash (Trillian has stopped working) at launch in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (different computers). So far relaunching Trillian seems to work okay. The crash occurs after I enter my Trillian password on the profile selection window and press enter on the Win7 computer, and when I click on my profile on the profile selection window on the Win8 computer (I save my Trillian profile password on the Win8 computer).

  28. Nicolas Teeuwen Says:

    This build seems really unstable. It crashes almost every time I start it up the first time. This morning it crashed 3 times in a row, then said something about downloading an update even though it is up to date.

  29. Mr_Orange Says:

    Whenever I delete an email from an mailbox via trillian it shows as deleted in trillian but it marks it as read in the webmail portal.