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Trillian 5.4 for Windows!

Today we’re taking Trillian 5.4 for Windows out of beta and making it available to everyone. As we mentioned during beta, this release is primarily focused on improving existing functionality and fixing bugs. We thought the time was right to take a break from building new features to step back and address some common bugs and complaints. Some of the important bits in 5.4:

Facebook chat.
A change on the Facebook side meant that international users suddenly started seeing junk characters in their chat messages instead of properly encoded characters. This has been fixed in 5.4!

With now supporting the popular IMAP protocol, Trillian’s ability to monitor these email accounts has improved leaps and bounds. See your full mail preview, mark messages as spam, delete messages, etc. In addition, we’ve fixed bugs specific to Yahoo mail, improved our bandwidth consumption when dealing with large messages, and tweaked a few other mail-specific bugs as well.

In-house servers.
As more and more of our customers adopt our Trillian Server in-house business solution, we’re also making sure all of our client software can properly connect to an in-house server. Trillian 5.4 accomplishes this for the Windows side, making it possible to connect to servers with self-signed TLS certificates and more.

Message windows.
A few long-standing bugs have been addressed in 5.4, including a few very rare corner cases with message window flashing, improvements to group chat windows, fixes to spellcheck, and a few other great tweaks that long-time users will appreciate – including the removal of the tooltip in the edit area that annoyed so many of you!

Last but not least, our Twitter engine gets a few nice enhancements in 5.4: see user displaynames and usernames in your stream, fixes for direct messaging, fixes for RTs being cut off, and more.

We hope you enjoy the new release!

UPDATE: Build 13 has been released to address some reported bugs with MSN mail, XMPP connectivity, and a crash.

UPDATE: Build 15 has been released to address a recent Twitter-related crash.

113 Responses to “Trillian 5.4 for Windows!”
  1. Andres Garcia M Says:

    En la pantalla de notificaciones no puedo ver los correos recibidos en outlook igual como los veo en gmail.
    Les agradezco alguna sugerencia.
    Muchas gracias.

  2. Scharesoft Says:

    And skypekit is still buggy for Windows 8.1 :(

  3. Dan Goldstein Says:

    Feature request: Support for smartphone txt. I hate it that I have to do all my txt through the phone. it would be great if I could use my computer keyboard. How ’bout it?

  4. cronner Says:

    Hope this fixes the problems with my messages not getting received
    Skypekit won’t connect

  5. Eric S. Says:

    SkypeKit is being depreciated anyways, by the end of 2013 it will be gone.

  6. Axl Says:

    Still no Steam support?

  7. Stephen RIchard Says:

    Did the ignore bug for IRC option get fixed?

  8. bernard Says:

    We need Metro Trillian!

  9. daniel Says:

    Hey Dan Goldstein…you certainly can use Trillian to send a text to a phone, just link in an AIM account and add that mobile number as a contact and text back and forth from your pc.

  10. Lorea Says:

    Feature Request to allow texting from the computer: Using AIM is not the same! Although there are some great apps that allow you to use your computer to text (ie, Mighty Text), I also AGREE – it would be AWESOME if we could do our texting from Trillian as well. Talk about All-In-One communicator!! Can you please look at Mighty Text as a basis?

  11. Miki Says:

    Skypekit crashing – Windows 8.1 FINAL.

  12. Mihzvol Says:

    Looks like the ingame chat did not had it’s bugs fixed, waiting for that!!!

  13. farshid Says:

    really thanks for everything,especially for encoding.
    i’m waiting for a good version like this for android.

  14. Isatis Says:

    Steam Support for next version, please!

  15. Sierra Brown Says:

    “Feature request: Support for smartphone txt. I hate it that I have to do all my txt through the phone. it would be great if I could use my computer keyboard. How ’bout it?”

    Easily done by using AIM. Create an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account, then add the phone number you want to text as a contact. It does have to be a specific format The + symbol, followed by country code, then full phone number.

    (222) 333-4444 in the U.S. would be +12223334444

    From there, just send a message to that contact and it will send it as a text message. It’s free of any charges/fees beyond the cost of texting for the person you’re messaging. I use it all the time.

  16. Ahmet Says:

    Facebook encoding problem is still not fixed for me!

  17. Anthony Says:

    How about supporting the new Google hangouts? I really hate the hangout “app”. I have to keep it open though in case someone wants to vid chat (I use it for work).

  18. Ricardo Says:

    Thank you for NOT fixing the f ing Skype Windows 8.1 bug.

  19. Adrianm Says:

    Facebook encoding is still completely broken

  20. Korital Says:

    For anyone who is having problems with Skype connecting, you have to have Skype already running for it to connect to Trillian. It would be really nice to see that fixed

  21. YangombiUmpakati Says:

    hey guys, not much going on lately.. old bugs hanging, no new features.. what’s up? this doesn’t sound very promising

  22. Vincent Says:

    It will great to have QQ support

  23. Frank Reid Says:

    Newest release causes XMPP to fail completely for a secure server, and it generates repeated Facebook connection warnings when using XMPP there.

  24. Mike Jenkins Says:

    Steam support, PLEASE!

  25. Pandu Ranga Rao Says:

    Login to google chat is buggy…

  26. Revrant Says:

    Now Trillian won’t connect.

  27. Maz Says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Skype still not working on windows 8.1 so still pointless for me. maybe next time.

  28. Shichibi Says:

    Great … now I cannot start Trillian anymore -__-!!!
    It tells me that when I want to start it, after typing in my PW: “Trillian doesn’t work anymore .. trying to fix it …. was unable to fix it, have to close it”

  29. NPC Says:

    It would have been nice to see the international languages bug fixed in this release. It’s been over a year since it was reported – keyboard language setting SHOULD NOT equate to spell check language. Having discussed with friends who are career programmers and developers, they totally agree that this is a flawed approach. Shouldn’t it have been given a bit more priority in the bug-fix and development pipeline? Sure it’s not a deal-breaker, but the fact that many of us have liked Trillian enough to support it by purchasing a lifetime Pro license, it does make one wonder where the priorities lie.

  30. coffee-turtle Says:

    Sounds like excellent work, team! Thank you for all of these years of improvements and a top notch product!
    Trillian has been on every machine that I have ever owned…and happily now on a couple of my mobile devices!

  31. Yondex Says:

    I need Trillian for Windows Phone 8

  32. ottid888 Says:

    I think it’s safe to say we’ll still stay under 5.2 for now…………… he he he ;)

  33. Wilhelm Says:

    We need the ability to hide away contacts!

  34. Dougal Dragon Says:

    Make when auto accept files it wont overwrite a file if have it make it make new name for file like TEST(1) instead of overwriting a file if nammed TEST

  35. Jen Says:

    Nice update for the desktop version. But I think maybe you should fix the way the studio screwed up the mobile app version (worked fine for me before the “update” and now force closes every. single. time.) before getting more aggressive about trying to get free users to convert to Pro as I’ve noticed this version sort of is.

  36. Arthur Hansen Says:

    Still not G+ support? Why does this social media group from Google never get any support?

  37. Daniel Says:

    Sorry folks,

    I was a long time user of Trillian – but now all I see are updates for Windows. What’s up with the Mac version?! Are we completely forgotten?

  38. ds Says:

    Warning, this version completely stopped me being able to connect to all networks (trillian/google talk/jabber/windows live) except Skype (system errorcode “0″). If it helps I’m using proxy for all but Jabber, reinstalling 5.3 fixed the problems.

  39. Michael Z Says:

    You solved the problem with the reoccurring crashes ?

  40. Robert Says:

    Still problem with directly open mail inbox from icon/emailadress. Works with gmail but not msn-mail.
    This worked three versions back and this is the third time I write here.
    Thanks for the great software otherwise!

  41. Nik Says:

    I hope you guys will stay with skype even after skypekit will deprecate and close. I dont want to move back to original client :(

  42. Luna Says:

    The same old problem became worst. Now the Windows Live not even appears at the menu, and as I wrote many times before, MSN/Live/Outlook mail is not working.
    THE BEST TRILLIAN VERSION 5.2 build 13. Is working with everything without problems. I wonder if you Trillian guys ever read what people write here, and what do you do..

  43. Luna Says:

    So I suggest to all old trillian users (I use trillian from it’s very beginning), to backup their LATEST WORKING VERSION, an/or create a “restore point” before makining any upgrade to new trillian versions, Sorry but after v.5.2 build 13 nothing works good for me (win 7 ultimate – vdsl)

  44. George Minkov Says:

    And yet still I see no way to suppress warnings for Skype Chat Groups. I can “Set Notification Settings” on each separate contact, but not on each separate group. I don’t want to be notified every time someone says “hi” in group chat for some groups, but I want to hear everything in others. Please let me set this. Please start treating Skype Groups as regular contacts.

  45. Zdenek Says:

    that issue with strange symbols in facebook chat? still got it after update :(

  46. SLiDeR Says:

    I still don’t understand why you removed Font and Edit controls from the chat window in the Default (Windows 8 compatible) Skin. Any way to bring them back?

  47. You ingrates Says:

    So many complainers. This software is free. Stop whining.

  48. DouglasLive Says:

    Jabber is broken…

  49. ManniX Says:

    ICQ and WIndows Live Messenger are not working anymore after 5.4 upgrade

  50. sethroid Says:

    Jabber/XMPP no worky. Had to fire up the native chat client this morning :(

  51. Landru Says:

    I just wanted to post to see my name up in lights. Please, please. No autographs.

  52. Enrico Says:

    I have the same problem like ds: version 5.4 only connect to skype, NOTHING more! No trillian, no icq, no windows live…

  53. sethroid Says:

    And Google Talk keeps disconnecting.

  54. smw Says:

    To those of you with Jabber issues, what error messages do you see in your Jabber status window? To anyone with general connectivity problems, make sure you’re not running firewall software that may be blocking Trillian after the update.

  55. DT Says:

    Does anything work with this new upgrade? A real piece of garbage on my system. Nothing connects properly. Will have to revert to a previous version. And for the poster above who says “So many complainers. This software is free. Stop whining.” many us us, including me, are paid users. This paid user is tired of updates that make things worse and mobile android clients that do not include Skype.

  56. Enrico Says:

    Without firewall the same issues. Trillian only connects to skype, nothing more. It tries every few seconds to connect, but fails. 5.3 worked, 5.4 is the first update which is useless :(

  57. Adam Says:

    smw, you asked for Jabber errors. I’m getting this one when attempting to connect to my work XMPP server that works fine under 5.3:

    [08:21] *** Connection to JABBER has failed: system errorcode “0″.

  58. smw Says:

    Adam, can you send us a diagnostic log? Disconnect Jabber, Prefs->Devices->Enable diagnostic log, reconnect and let it fail, then stop logging. Log file will exist on your desktop and you can email it to

  59. smw Says:

    Enrico, you can send us a diagnostic log as well and we can see what’s happening.

  60. Enrico Says:

    Sorry, already moved the 5.3 version to the folder. I need to stay connected. I use Win8.0 full updated (but not 8.1 yet) and its not an firewall issue. Maybe this will help to find that damn bug.

  61. Al Says:

    Skypekit is not their program, so they can’t fix it. They are also awaiting an updated Skypekit version from microsoft/skype team. There is a solution, it’s working:

  62. Adam Says:

    smw, I sent the log as requested. Thanks for looking into it.

  63. Adam Says:

    For those having issue with XMPP in the latest release you can find version 5.3 build 16 on the web. It doesn’t force an auto update and still allows xmpp to work properly

  64. Adam Says:

    Forgot to include the link

  65. Gsnerf Says:

    Unfortunately trillian seems to crash (without error message) when automatically starting on windows (7) boot. Is there anything one should be aware of? Tried to disable/reenable the autostart feature but didn’t change anything. Starting manually seems to cause no problems.

  66. Nate Says:

    Please add a way to disable chat for Google Talk accounts!

  67. SteveW Says:

    I just updated to for Windows, and it appears that the emoticon switching based on IM protocol is broken. The one I always trip on is :x , which I use with my GF a lot. In YIM, it’s a cute “smitten” face. It seems to have turned into a mouth-taped-closed emoticon elsewhere. If I select the “smitten” icon from the Control-E menu, I still get the tape-mouth version. Guess I shouldn’t have upgraded.

  68. Terry Says:

    Thank you for finally bringing Twitter back!!!! It works great!

  69. Bob Says:

    Wow, talk about a lot of complainers. Maybe you should check your *bitch* tone at the door. If there’s an issue you can report it without the attitude.

    I’m connected to everything just fine on 5.4 but I’m not using a proxy or firewall. My router is my firewall for my network. I don’t run Bonjour, Skype, VZ or MySpace accounts so I don’t know about those.

    The only issue I’ve see so far is that on first startup Trillian immediately closed. I had to click the Trillian icon to launch it again. All my accounts have connected and are working.

    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    I’d like to say that no matter how you slice it and complain, Trillian is still the best IM client available and I look forward to every update. I especially look forward to a Windows Phone 8 version of the client and possibly a Ubuntu Phone client. :-)

  70. Brian Says:

    @bob, thanks for the commentary. My Win7Pro x86 (32 bit) had no issue with the update, even with Symantec on the box. For me, it closed, and then almost immediately reopened. I’ll have to update my work machine later today, (64 bit) and see if it runs into a problem similar to yours or not.

  71. Kyle Says:

    I know it’s been said already but steam chat would make Trillian exceptional!

  72. Sean Says:

    Hotmail IMAP and working links in Twitter are exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

  73. Akira Says:

    thank you Trillian for your continuous updates and support

  74. Mia Says:

    Spellcheck still doesn’t work

  75. Salvador Moraes Says:

    Skype still not working on windows 8.1!!! :(

  76. Paul Says:

    Still annoyed by the fact that I have to reset my profile icon each time I launch Trillian. I don’t understand it either, cause my wife uses the free version of Trillian and has never had to reset her icon, which I’m pretty sure she set herself (Betty Boop). I am using a custom icon, and it shows up fine when I choose it, but why doesn’t it stay set?

    I’ve talked with Trillian support several times over the years about this, but have never been given a resolution. Am I doing something wrong, or is this really a feature that Trillian has ignored for the past 8-9 years?

  77. David Says:

    I installed 5.3 Build 16 on Windows 8.1 replacing 5.4. Trillian now logs into Astra without a problem.

  78. jaclerigo Says:

    Build 13 not yet working with skype accounts.

  79. Alejandra Says:

    Still don’t understand how I can use the Jabber/XMPP account on Trillian app for cell phones without any problems but when I attempt to login on the desktop version, it constantly keeps disconnecting. Also, when will the Skype chatting option be available on the cell app? Fix those two items and this app would be perfect.

  80. James Says:

    Good update, but there’s still a bug of chat windows reappearing instantly after they are closed for no reason, appearing with the “unread message” tone.

  81. Passo Says:

    Profile icon setting works for me. It stays set here.

    What is still missing is making a voice call via astra WITHOUT quicktime. Even swiss cheese has less holes than quicktime.

  82. Hebatullah Says:

    I am a big fan of trillian and I wanna see it very soon on the apps list on windows phone 8. It is the only app that I miss the most. Don’t forget to include push notifications :D

  83. Lars Says:

    Update 5.4: Connection to In-House Jabber server is still buggy..i can´t receive or send messages from and to my seems skype is also affected by this bug

  84. FoxMcCloud Says:

    Can’t you please do something against Skype group chats always popping up? That’s the only real problem I still have with Trillian and it shouldn’t be that hard to programm som button to choose if messages will be just recieved but not pop-up.

  85. Joerg Bingemer Says:

    Did you really just remove Skypekit silently with an Upgrade ? The Folder content where one could place the old Skypekit.exe is gone :( If this: is true, you might consider talking to your customers. Connecting using the original Skype Client is not an option since I wanted to have a replacement and it makes absolutly no sense to put two messengers in a row, sry.

  86. Derek Says:

    I’d like to second George on his comment on Skype group chats. It is really annoying for group chats to popup a window, even though Trillian is set to hide new windows. Please fix this soon.

  87. KK Says:

    Changing the username that others see you by still doesn’t work in this version. It’s minor but it still sucks. I have to install the actual chat clients in order to just change my name.

  88. Karen Says:

    I can no longer see the number of unread email messages in the Mail pane.

  89. Joerg Bingemer Says:

    Sry was wrong, You can delete both comments :(

    Seems like a rest of an old installation of Trillian in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SkypeKit.

    Found and replaced the exe with an old one in the now used ../Trillian/plugins folder and it works again.

  90. Idiots Says:

    Skin complaints: shut up, the computer is a tool not an art project. Do you paint your hammers because “wood and metal are ugly”? If you do, please bash yourself in the face a few times with it so I can better appreciate your “art”.

    Emoticons: shut up, anyone who can’t internally convert the ASCII version of a emoticon to “stupid icon” in their head is a moron, see also: not an art project.

    Skype complaints: Any tool that “supports” Skype is a hack. Skype software is all that is allowed to connect to Skype anything else is a HACK. *** OF COURSE A HACK DOESN”T ALWAYS WORK GREAT, *** stop complaining. use the Skype client like you MUST according to the Skype user agreement, GTFO and STFU.

    Other complaints: You’re doing it wrong.

  91. Vijay Pote Says:

    After doing windows 8.1 enterprise update. My trillian Skype is not working

    Please help

  92. Susan Says:

    You still need to fix the Windows7 Trillian connection with Google. I easily connect with AOL and Yahoo people, but cannot connect with my Google IMs…

  93. Michael Jaekel Says:

    Ohhhhh Skype not working on Windows 8.1, here on Windows 7 it works very good :-)
    Ok Tile Heads fun aside…

    Steam Support, Xfire, Raptr, Overwolf, Hangout, WhatsApp i will it all.

  94. Cyoor Says:

    How about the following?:
    - Video chat for skype.
    - Support for whatsapp
    - Support for google hangouts

  95. Ryan Says:

    When will support for encryption be natively provided? I would gladly support the devs if this was a priority.

  96. Vincent Says:

    Special characters in contact names are still a problem with last upade.

  97. Sean Richards Says:

    Thanks for the update. So far so good. I have not had any issues. Keep up the good work and continue to get things patched. I am using Skype, Google, Yahoo and Trillian.

  98. Jeff Says:

    I still love Trillian and use it daily. However, we’ve been waiting a reeeeally long time for the Windows Phone app. A proper Windows 8 client would be appreciated, too. I want to use Trillian on all of my devices (including my WP8 and Surface RT), but I have to use clients from other developers right now.

  99. Shirley Says:

    Google Chat still won’t connect. I worked with your tech support for a while but then they stoped answering my emails. I think they gave up because they don’t know what’s wrong. They tried to blame it on the firewall I’m behind but I took the same computer to my home network and it still doesn’t work. The previous version (still installed on my other PC) does not have this issue. I tested both versions on the same network at the same time to confirm these results.

  100. Matias Nino Says:

    My heart is as broken as Skype is on Windows 8.1.

  101. Dave Hong Says:

    Keep up the great work!

  102. Grindhead Jim Says:

    My only concern is if Trillian has any plans to overcome the Skypekit being retired. Being able to use Trillian for Skype with other IM clients is the primary reason that I use it, and, I am deeply concerned that this (for me) essential feature will go away. I have been a Pro user in the past, and would gladly reup if I had any assurance that this was the case.

  103. Icoboss Says:
    Change Skypekit in Plugins
    Skype at W 8.1 its functional
    Run in compatibility W7

  104. south Says:

    Thx for all the work done !

    Any news about Steam chat integration in the future ?

  105. Shaddy Says:

    When I chat on a facebook, it is not updated in the Trillian facebook messenger. So I could not see the chat history that i made outside the Trillian facebook messenger. Pls fix this. Thanks.

  106. Alexander Pavlenko Says:

    can’t connect to my primary AIM acc now, (Other acc is working)

  107. Eddie Edwards Says:

    Would love to see WorldTruth added to Trillian

  108. Joe Weinmunson Says:

    So, still no problem for IRC chat history crashing the program. That’s weaksauce, Cerulean. This has been broken for at least six months.

  109. Dr.Flay Says:

    All networks are functioning correctly for me, including Skype, IRC, Jabber, MSN and Facebook.
    My only functionality gripe is that IMAP for Yahoo has not been added like Outlook/Hotmail.

    Other than that, my views on the lack of good encryption have already been posted.

  110. Lori Says:

    @DanGoldstein You know you can send texts to peoples phones by emailing them, right? For AT&T customers, its their phone number like
    I think all the carriers do this actually. It will show up at a text message on their phone.

  111. majid Says:

    When I chat on a facebook, it is not updated in the Trillian facebook messenger. So I could not see the chat history that i made outside the Trillian facebook messenger. Pls fix this. Thanks.

  112. Jbucklee Says:

    Please please please update/upgrade the video chat through Astra. It’s quite awful and very disappointing.

  113. bachikho Says:

    v5.4 build 13 still cannot display vietnamese in facebook chat properly, plz fix it ASAP, many thanks