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Trillian for Linux: Debian, Fedora, dependency improvements, fixes! (1.0 Build 2)

Build 2 of Trillian for Linux is now available. By popular request, we’ve been spending time improving some of the dependencies Trillian requires and have also made clean Debian and Fedora builds. While we still support Ubuntu extensions, they are now optional instead of required, which should make using Trillian on your favorite Linux distribution much easier! A handful of bugs have been tackled in this build as well, and we’ve tried to improve Trillian’s resilience in the face of many different theme and color configurations.

13 Responses to “Trillian for Linux: Debian, Fedora, dependency improvements, fixes! (1.0 Build 2)”
  1. sabret00the Says:

    It wouldn’t update going via the command line but the package updated it just fine and fixed my major problem. Thank you kwk and team, your hard work is appreciated.

  2. lepanen Says:

    Thanks, it works now well in Debian Wheezy, and finally I was able to chat with someone, before it just crashed. You’re doing great job!

  3. Chris Says:


    Facebook doesn’t want to connect though.

    Attempting to reconnect in 37 seconds…Connection to FACEBOOK has failed: system errorcode “0″.
    You have been disconnected.
    Attempting to reconnect in 29 seconds…
    Attempting to reconnect in 38 seconds…

  4. 13xforever Says:

    Alas, no libcairo2 1.12.0 for Ubuntu 12.04 and other distros based on it.

  5. Chris Says:

    I stand corrected. A yum update + reboot seems to have solved it.

  6. Francois Says:

    I see the login window and after the window disappears I get an error in the terminal saying this:

    Assertion ‘s’ failed at pulse/simple.c:255, function pa_simple_free(). Aborting.
    Aborted (core dumped)

    I don’t have pulseaudio installed (ALSA alone works fine for me) and I also don’t want it. Could you please allow for the use of alsa instead of pulseaudio?

  7. Daniel Says:

    It would be nice if you could improve it’s look in KDE as well.

  8. kwk Says:

    13xforever: We are investigating some 12.04 compatibility. Thanks for letting us know

    Francois: I will see what we can do about alsa vs pulse support.

    Daniel: Which particular distro are you using?

  9. Daniel Says:

    I am using Kubuntu.

  10. Kaecyus Says:

    Any chance of having it auto-connect accounts rather than having to go to the Pref’s window and connect them all manually.

  11. digitaLbraVo Says:

    Fedora 19 w/ GNOME3 won’t connect to Facebook. A notification pops up and says it “needs permission to connect to Facebook” then reports a bad name/password. On Trillian for Windows a window pops up prompting you to login to Facebook, I don’t get that here?

    So far looking good though. I’ve had a lifetime license for years and I’m glad I bought it! It’s a shame IM networks are falling to the wayside….

  12. JesterEE Says:

    Just installed on my Ubuntu 13.04 computer. Minimal features right now, but I’m happy to start anywhere! One thing so far from a user experience point of view. The indicator that houses Trillian on Ubuntu is the “envelope icon” on the unity bar. If I click Trillian in that menu it opens up the chat window. Other IM clients (Empathy, Pidgin) open up the contact list on this action, and it seems more natural that way. Otherwise, to get to the contact list, you have to load the chat window and select Window-> Contact List from the menu bar. Seems like a lot of extra/unnecessary clicks to get to the main window.

    Great work so far!

  13. Bazzek Says:

    Trillian on Ubuntu 13.04, 13.10 en 14.04 (beta) runs. only issue seem to be with secure jabber connections. On KDE no error message that is useful, but suspicion is that certificates cannot be accepted.