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Trillian and Skype

In order to connect to Skype, Trillian relies upon an SDK developed by Skype known as “SkypeKit”. Unfortunately, after Microsoft acquired Skype they made the decision to terminate the SkypeKit program, leaving Trillian in a state of limbo in terms of future updates and ongoing support for Skype connectivity. We’ve recently received official confirmation that the SkypeKit program will be winding down at the end of this month, July 2014. Here’s what this means for Trillian users:

1. Importantly, our legal ability to continue to distribute SkypeKit with Trillian is *not* impacted by the termination of the program itself, which means we’re allowed to continue distributing the current version of Trillian with Skype connectivity. We may decide to remove Skype support from a future version of Trillian as more and more customers move to Windows 8.1, where Skype support doesn’t work (see item #3).

2. According to Microsoft, “Key investments in Skype’s application and service architecture may cause the Skype features to stop working without notice in SkypeKit products. As a result, we encourage you to end any further distribution of SkypeKit products.”. This means SkypeKit may brick itself at some point in the future without notice to us, ending Trillian’s ability to connect to Skype.

3. The ongoing compatibility issues with SkypeKit and Windows 8.1 will not be fixed. These issues were never something we could control or address (we don’t have the source code to SkypeKit and can’t make changes or fixes to it), and with the termination of SkypeKit we don’t anticipate any additional development resources being allocated to bugfixes. Some of our more creative users have found workarounds to this issue that involve replacing SkypeKit with an older version, but unfortunately we aren’t able to do this in an official capacity for reasons relating to our legal agreement with Skype.

The bottom line: Skype support in Trillian is likely coming to a close in the (possibly near) future. This is obviously a disappointment for us and for our users and we’ll continue to explore other ways to bring Skype connectivity back to Trillian when the time comes.

In happier news, we have a large batch of updates across almost all platforms nearly ready for everyone to test. We’ll update the blog with more information once the builds are ready for testing.

21 Responses to “Trillian and Skype”
  1. cyruz Says:

    I’ve never used Skype with Trilly, but thanks for the update anyway. Looking forward to the updates!

  2. Svoop Says:

    Great news! I’ve been waiting for a Trillian version for Mac with Skype support ever since you promised it many years ago. This will never happen, so I can finally drop that thread and haven’t spent a dime on this promiseware. Great news indeed!

  3. Boos Says:

    I use Trillian mainly for FB+ICQ+Skype chat with in-game features, because there is no other application, which can do it. And now Microsoft screws it all… great -_-

  4. fresco Says:

    This is really sad, but I understand that it’s not your fault. I’m not a huge fan of the official Skype desktop client or the metro version. Probably I’ll only use Skype on my windows phone in the future.

  5. zaventh Says:

    No one cares about Skype. Add OTR support instead.

  6. GranoblasticMan Says:

    Sounds like Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot here. I have no intention on installing their bloated, invasive software. I can do without Skype entirely.

  7. Michael A Says:

    With so many people who I talk to running skype and skype only, I am sorry, but this renders Trillian totaaly pointless. i now have to run two systems, Skype amd Trillian which sort of defeats the point of Trillian. Pity you haven’t posted this on all the conversations about Skype and Trillian…kind of makes my lifetime subscription not too useful.

  8. tomy Says:

    The whole reason I got Trillian was because I wanted to use Google Talk and Skype at the same time. It was the exact reason I decided not to use IMO.IM, though maybe in the future Trillian can go Pidgin style but hide Skype’s icon (possible??)
    Video chat/screen sharing would sure be nice though, and SkypeKit does support it I hear.

  9. Dreadicon Says:

    While I understand that the Official Micro$oft integration is out of your hands, the Trillian I first fell in love with wouldn’t have stopped there. Trillian used what it could find to reverse-engineer protocols when there was no API. Sure, integration wasn’t perfect, but it worked! And you guys had control, eventually building in many cases BETTER software than the original client. Note that you are now also loosing one of the original big three in that MSN is now Skype. If you don’t have the funds to build it yourself or would face legal trouble, why not add better plugin support, and issue a call-to-arms for fans and users to build their own Skype plugin? Oh how far Trillian has fallen, to simply roll over when the largest messaging service of our day pushes them out.

  10. XAVIER Says:

    While i definitely agree with Dreadicon in some respects. I have to applaud the trillian team for keeping us in the loop and keeping the app updated.
    Even when its not the popular thing to do the trillian developers have worked very hard to give us the best and safest multi IM app available and i do APPLAUD them 10 fold for doing so. However that being said it pains me to think what may happen when the next protocol suffers the same fate.
    Perhaps its time to think about redundancy. And give redundancy a open forum discussion. Talk is cheap but inaction can be costly.

  11. cty Says:

    Basically Dreadicon already said what I had to say – so I completely second his thoughts. This is not what I was expecting from Trillian.

    Reading the post on and interoperability, I cannot help but be confused: on one hand Scott (I think) seems to declare they are continuing the fight, but on the other hand they have already given up the fight on Skype. And from the same post: “And yet… Trillian was started because Kevin and I had a problem: we were tired of having to load mIRC and AIM at the same time just to stay in touch with all of our contacts”. Well, this is exactly the promise sold to customers (myself included), and it’s being dropped…

    Probably the key to understanding this decision is in the same post: “This got us thinking: reverse engineering other IM protocols is a thankless task and Facebook just acquired WhatsApp for ~19 billion dollars, so what the heck are we still doing here?”. OK guys, I do understand the frustration generated by that deal, and I do understand you don’t have resources to both reverse engineer protocols and implement more modern stuff, let’s call it. But if you want to get where WhatsApp is/was, you need to expand – not to shoot your existing customers in the foot. WhatsApp had 30 devs, Cerulean I think still only has 3. Please, please expand :) . And yeah, I would too love a more functional web interface, and an online history viewer and manager, and so on – but not at the cost of compatibility with major networks.

    Anyway, my hope is somebody somewhere will reverse engineer the Skype protocol and write an open library – which Trillian would be able to use (either directly or through an unofficial plug-in).

  12. DV2 Says:

    The day Skype dies for Trillian i might jump on Windows 8.1 , since Skype CRASHES Trillian if checked on 1st setup.

    What needs to be fixed though is having Kaspersky Internet Security’s latest version to let Trillian’s NOTIFICATIONS to appear, wich haven’t been solved AT ALL

  13. SolidSnake Says:

    Well, I saw this coming ever since Microsoft purchased Skype and practically ruined it.. Why do they ruin everything they touch?
    Anyways if that’s how they want to play it then so be it.. Let skype out and focus on other platforms that are more widely used.

    Viber and Whatsapp should be Trillian’s priorities now.. Also Google Hangout support is also interesting.
    More and more of my friends tend to let go off skype lately and turn to Viber along with other plattforms so I’d be happy to see Viber support replacing Skype on Trillian.

    I’ve been with trillian since 2005 and no other app could satisfy my needs ever since..
    So, I’m using the pro version and I’m fully supporting Trillian even without Skype..

    Microsoft has to understand that the more they ditch their users, twice as more their users ditch them in the end..
    Especially now that there are so many competitors we don’t have to tolerate their nonsense anymore..

    Keep going Cerulean Studios!
    Rule the IM industry! (Y)

  14. Dmitriy Z Says:

    That’s totally sucks. I was waiting for a miracle, but the miracle did not happen (Trillian with Skype on Linux). This dream kept me on Windows. But now I can install Ubuntu :)

    Alternatively, you can try skype-xmpp transport/gateway (like Spectrum 2) for skype history in the Trillian cloud.

  15. Kyli Rouge Says:

    Thank you for being open and honest with us!

  16. Aaron Kelley Says:

    Can’t you go back to the old way? Before Trillian 5.1, Trillian still supported Skype, using the desktop client API (which appears to still be functional). Yeah, you have to have the Skype client running in the background which is not ideal, but at least it works…

  17. Wolvenmoon Says:

    Please update the developer API for Trillian. I’d like to get a bunch of my developer friends together and make Trillian an end-all be-all IM client.

    Let the community help you. Skype’s ugly, clunky, controlling interface has no place on modern desktops and Trillian can run as a sleek, small program with minimal interference to one’s day to day workflow. Skype demands a huge amount of screen real-estate. We can outclass it. Bring us in. Make us an integral part of the Trillian development cycle. Add support for plugins on mobile platforms. Let’s kick Skype’s ass.

  18. corwen Says:

    skype still works on my trillian, running windows 7 here
    still wish i could block calls/silence them though, don’t want to be woken up from a nap from a friend calling ><

  19. Frank Says:

    Soooo -what about OTR? Come on guys! Seriously now!

  20. stufff Says:

    Well, this has basically rendered Trillian useless for me.

    I’ve been using Trillian for over 10 years at this point, and have been a paid user for a little over half that time. Most of my friends have moved away from IM clients in favor of SMS messaging or facebook, the one exception being Skype, which we all use for voice chat while gaming.

    Not having to install the bloated piece of crapware that the Skype client has become was my main reason to keep running Trillian. Even as skypekit support stopped and it got worse and worse over the past couple years I stuck with it. This is the nail in the coffin for Trillian on my computers.

    As others have stated, I’m really disappointed that you guys are just rolling over and taking it. That you haven’t been working on a replacement as skypekit has gotten less and less usable over the years or once support was discontinued officially so you’d have something for us. This isn’t the Trillian I fell in love with that was integrating despite active countermeasures from other IM services.

    “we’ll continue to explore other ways to bring Skype connectivity back to Trillian when the time comes.” Seriously? The time has come and gone.

  21. Aam Says:

    Sad news. Even though I have Trillian Pro I’ve been running skype and Trillian side by side this entire time anyway. I mostly use Trillian as a chat client, which alerts me of new Gmail messages on all 5 of my Gmail accounts.

    One bug I have seen in that regard, is that even though a message is deleted from the server of gmail I have to refresh the gmail account on Trillian for the messages to disappear.