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Trillian Beta Round-Up: Windows, Mac, Linux!

Lots of new betas have now been released to testers. Feel free to give any of these builds a spin, but remember that they are still beta and may still have some bugs. Please let us know what you find!

As an additional reminder, Skype support in Trillian is coming to a close with the deprecation of SkypeKit! More details along with our latest knowledge can be found here.

Note: If your company uses an in-house Trillian Server, these clients won’t work until you upgrade the server to version 1.1 (also currently in beta).

Trillian 5.5 for Windows.
Tweaks to make Trillian feel a bit nicer on Windows 8 (a larger UI refresh is forthcoming), a new sign in window, support for Trillian group chats (with @mentions, topics, ops/voice, display names, and flags), per-contact muting, do not disturb status, and many more fixes and improvements! Download and changelog.

Trillian 3.0 for Mac.
A shiny new Yosemite-inspired user interface brings our Mac product back into the modern era. Also with support for Trillian group chats (with @mentions, topics, ops/voice, display names, and flags), improved support for XMPP group chats, per-contact muting, full screen support, do not disturb status, improved Retina support, Notification Center improvements (avatars, in-line replies), and many more fixes and improvements! Download and changelog.

Trillian 1.2 for Linux.
Still only available for Pro customers. Also with support for Trillian group chats (with @mentions, topics, ops/voice, display names, and flags), per-contact muting, do not disturb status, and many more fixes and improvements! Download and changelog.

A refresh of our mobile clients is next on the horizon. Stay tuned, and thanks!

77 Responses to “Trillian Beta Round-Up: Windows, Mac, Linux!”
  1. STiger Says:

    Cool, there’s an update. But it’d be wise to keep users at least updated with what your general future plans are… I have no idea if I even want to support Trillian anymore.

  2. Leujin Says:

    Mac user here, on OS 10.9.4. Downloaded the Beta and the windows for social media wouldn’t show up when clicked.

  3. kwk Says:

    @Leujin: We should have this fixed up in the next beta, thanks for letting us know.

    @STiger: We will continue to update all of our products in the future. The first 3 to get updates are Windows/Mac/Linux here. Anything in particular you are interested in?

  4. XaeonBE Says:

    Any info about the mobile version ?

  5. Toff Says:

    Nice update, guys, using Windows version. New theme looks pretty, so far so good, will report any abnormalities. :) Thank you.

    Any plans for the ModernUI version?

  6. tw1 Says:

    Why making the linux user base even smaller by restricting it to pro customers? I don’t get it…

  7. koobajoe Says:

    So still no OTR? /sadpanda

  8. puzzlepiece87 Says:

    @kwk I agree with STiger, it’s hard to know whether to jump in and support Trillian because Cerulean rarely announces where future development efforts will go. For example, do you have any plans to add protocols or enhance the functionality (particularly improved A/V compatibility) of existing protocols? I would be particularly interested in if you have near-term plans to add Steam compatibility, chat compatibility, or greater integration with Google+.

    Thanks for the work enhancing Trillian’s native protocol. Now we’d love to hear the roadmap, however tentative it may be, for the version after 5.5.

  9. Jon Says:

    kwk, one of the main reasons I became interested in trillian again after 3.x was because I saw references to using the cloud to switch between devices and keep conversations going without disconnecting. I *think* I’ve learned this is only possible with the Trillian IM protocol on your cloud servers… ? Any chance we could see this with XMPP, even if your servers were used as a bridge or something?

  10. Frank Says:

    New theme looks really nice! But guys -a word on OTR please. Is there any plan on building such a feature? I’d be great to get a statement on this. Thanks!

  11. Robert Says:

    Great news! THANKS!!

  12. destroyer954 Says:

    Hi, I wanna ask about few things
    1. looks like there’s a problem with 125% font size or i don’t know what else could cause this (bit weird radiobuttons/checkboxes in settings)
    2. I cannot find any info about translation and trillian is missing some texts especially in settings (same screenshot) where can I fix that myself? I’ve checked the wiki and it looks like it’s completly outdated so where can i find those language folders/files? I’ve find some parts in c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Trillian\languages but I don’t see settings there or am I blind? :)
    3. what about android devices and other languages there? Also i hope that new version which i think will be material design based will not remove the dark skin like last time :)
    4. a bit weird that it says that i am not connected on trillian on any other device in settings while my mobile phone is also online, using trillian :)

  13. Zytrel Says:

    I just wish there would be a focus on getting strong encryption going with Trillian as well.
    The protocols are out there, as well as the sources for well tested solutions.
    While I still love Trillian, if fear it will be obsolete very soon unless it becomes more than just a convenient container for a bunch of insecure protocols.

    Many regards,

  14. Jim Patterson Says:

    Sorry to hear that you will be dropping support for Skype. Once that happens, I will have to stop being a user of Trillian.

  15. DV2 Says:

    A past comment said that trillian should allow 3rd parties or other people to make their own mods so,for example, Skype keeps working by editing the Skypekit or Skype working on Windows 8.1 (actually,if you install trillian (LATEST VERSION) on 8.1 and enable the Skype plugin THE PROGRAM CRASHES and you cannot start Trillian anymore in it)

    The day Trillian’s Skype dies i’ll jump on the Windows 8.1 wagon…MAYBE…but it’ll be a shame to not check the chatlogs on 8.1

    I wish there was a solution to this….

  16. Lori Hyrup Says:

    That’s unfortunate. I’ve been a Trillian user since its inception, and I use Skype quite heavily through it since half my work-related industry uses Skype. :(

  17. Mathieu Says:

    Bad news for Skype, it was quite useful! Have you ever considered a Team Speak integration?

  18. Dan G Says:

    I still want timestamps on Android! thanks :-)

    Maybe long-press to copy, too

  19. Frank Says:


  20. psot Says:

    Nice to hear about skype support, but …. Im trillian user for more then 10 years, but if there will be no WP version soon, I will propably tell good bye….sorry

  21. Dan H Says:

    Very disappointed that Skype is being removed a month after paying for Pro. I cannot see any point in continuing Trillian use without Skype as it’s the only reason I went for it in the first place.

  22. Annoyed Says:

    Come ON, people, it’s not as if they DON”T want to keep supporting Skype! It’s quite literally “MIcrosoft has pulled the rug out from under everyone and SkypeKit will cease to work shortly with absolutely no workarounds or fixes possible.”

    Complaining to anyone outside of MIcrosoft will do you no good on this. If you want this situation fixed, you’ll need to ask them to come up with a replacement for SkypeKit.

  23. Hescominsoon Says:

    how about twitter support since skype is not unable to be used by third party clients?

  24. Daniel Says:

    What Annoyed said: Cerulean, the makers of Trillian, have absolutely no say in the deprecation of Skype support. This is 100% on Microsoft, who want you to only use the official client so they can show you more ads. Cerulean wouldn’t be removing Skype support, and in fact they aren’t, they’re just leaving it in until they notice that SkypeKit is disabled by Microsoft.

    That’s why it’s also not possible to keep using Skype with Trillian by just sticking SkypeKit back into the equation. The only way would be to reverse-engineer Skype’s protocol (which could be changed at any time) and impersonate the official client. And I’m sure Microsoft knows a few laws that they would like to sue you over if you do that.

    Hescominsoon: Twitter is already supported and I don’t think it’s in any imminent danger of being disabled.

  25. Jotunhammer Says:

    I see that Skype is being thrown out, that was the one thing that set Trillian apart from the rest of the IM,
    what reason should I have to continue using Trillian then? Just curious.

  26. Kyle Says:

    I love trillian.

    The only thing preventing me from buying was lack of Steam integration.
    Now it has no Skype and the only update I’ve seen in half a year is skin change.

    as it stands, this ‘update’ is just removing a feature.
    At least integrate google talk or something as an alternative.

    I don’t know the size of the trillion dev team – but I’m pretty sure they don’t do much… Shame really.

  27. Dave Says:

    @Kyle Google Talk (Google Hangouts) has been part of Trillian for many years.

    The Android client really needs to be updated, and soon, with a complete overhaul. The last release, way back in November, was a total disaster. Unfortunately, the previous version of Trillian, which was much better, no longer works for me because there’s no way for me to get to the settings menu on my new phone.

  28. Patrick Says:

    I’m still waiting to be able to use it for Hangouts group chats. Been waiting since the release of Hangouts. Other IM clients are able to do it. When will this be implemented?

  29. Dex Luther Says:

    I’d like to see an update for the iphone app. It’s been wonky since the last update. I use it for a Jabber/XMMP conenction, and I regularly have to sign out and sign back in a number of times because there’s a second copy of the Jabber connection that shows up in my accounts lists as offline.

    And on Windows 7, the same account seem to have issues updating. Contacts will appear online long after they’ve logged off, and I have to sign out and back in to get the proper list.

  30. Daniel Says:

    Looks like it is time to start looking for another chat solution. Dropping major features like Skype is the last straw.

  31. treesan Says:

    Sadly with the lack of Steam support and the soon to be lack of Skype support i’ll be dropping Trillian as well.

  32. Jason Says:

    Trillian has been a great program to use over the past.. approximately year and a half I’ve used it. It has been a great way to integrate Skype, Aim, Facebook, and Google, all of that stuff into one simple program. This “update” is removing skype, which is something I can barely even comprehend as to why they would do that. That is one of the main reasons that I use trillian. I was expecting an update to be something like supported video call for Skype, not removing it all together. I may just stop using trillian, honestly a little disappointed. Good luck in your future endeavors cerulean.

  33. limazulu Says:

    Well, instead of dropping trillian because of stopping skype support, I’m really thinking about dropping skype, since there will be no way to use it without installing monstrous skype client. Everything coming to microsoft ends like this.

  34. Seelee_Majere Says:

    Of course I will never support this IM client. You have to see the changelog. Skype not default, MySpaceIM not default. So… the idea is less protocols and more skin or useless fixes?
    I’ll look for another IM because this one doesn’t hear its users. hello…. ¿hangout? ¿Skype? ¿Line? Whatsup? ¿KakaoTalk?

    P.D. and Outlook is a valid e-mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. dgp143 Says:

    did you add kick ban revocke make admin make owner plugin for jabber conference room with right click option on user id

  36. GoGoGo Says:

    I definitely agree with STiger, I hear so rarely from you that I don’t even know if there is going to be a next version or not. The last real update about Trillian for Windows was in October!

  37. Paweł Says:

    I bought Trillian Pro because I didn’t want to run the bulky skype client. I do not need to use it for anything else. If skype stops working, I want my money back.

  38. Jeff Says:

    Loss of Skype support is a major downside. I might as well switch to your competitors now. (I’ve already had to do so on some of my devices because there is no Win8 Modern or WP version)

    And for those of you saying it’s MS’s fault – sure, partially, but you’re forgetting that *every other protocol* (except Jabber) that Trillian uses is reverse-engineered. Before SkypeKit existed Trillian worked with Skype. Heck, Trillian used to support multi-login with Skype before they switched to SkypeKit, so in a way they took a step backwards.

    So if the dev team is unwilling to do for Skype what they do for all their other protocols, then they should not be surprised to see their user base drop off.

  39. Nicolas Says:

    I’m still waiting to be able to use it for Hangouts group chats. Been waiting since the release of Hangouts. Other IM clients are able to do it. When will this be implemented?

  40. Carlo Says:

    Has Microsoft provided no alternative? Because that would mean your support for MSN chat has come to a close would it not?

  41. Dustin Astbury Says:

    Any plans for windows RT support?

  42. David XXX Says:

    Whitout SKYPE it’s useless to INSTALL TRILLIAN………..

  43. CDA Wolf Says:

    I can’t blame you for Microsoft’s decision to limit Skype access, but I must say I have been very disappointed in the lack of a Windows 8.1 “Modern” app and a Windows Phone app (which could now even be a Universal app). People have been clamoring for this for ages in the forums, and it’s pretty much been silence from the devs. I don’t think I’ll be renewing my ‘pro’ status again unless I see some actual movement on this.


  44. Sean Says:

    Greetings, loosing Skype does suck and I understand that is out of your control. I agree with being able to see a road map. It appears to be that you have lost base with a lot of core features that originally attracted me to your product. A features do not appear to be getting updated. The Mac client is horrible and I’d prefer to use the web based client that the Trillian native app for OSX. I did like what you did for IOS application. However, the updates seem to be that they have stopped or slowed down. While the rest of the work is ramping up and providing more frequent updates you guys are slowing down and leaving existing bugs in. I am a life time member because I enjoy your software. I am concerned how in frequently it’s getting patched.

  45. Ernie Says:

    I appreciate the announcement of the new versions for the different operating system after such a long time of silence. I think a lot of angry users could be avoided if you would be a little bit more open about your raodmap and planning in the different areas. Perhaps voting for the next steps is an option to satisfy a higher number of users. Atlassian does it for some issues and features…
    The Skypething is for me like for others disapointing as this is one of the most important reasons for Trillian for me. Perhaps when you now leave the Skype area you have more time for improving the XMPP support. e.g. OTR / VOICE / VIDEO and this cross platform. As the communication is “more” P2P. As we have now such an increased intrest in content of P2P communications.
    For me UI amendments for win 8.1 are not so important as MS will switch mostly probably back with the next version. Meanwhile Classic shell helps to have a usable GUI.

  46. abix Says:

    So lets sum the things up: Skype dropped so Windows Live Messenger is too, almost no one uses Yahoo, ICQ and AIM anymore, Hangouts in Trillian is limited almost only to chat… future of Trillian doesn’t look good to me and i am using it since 2004 or 2005. I will still use it but i can’t think of ways to keep advertising it to my friends as “Multi-protocol client”

  47. Lori Hyrup Says:

    @abix – The reason why I keep using Trillian is because I actually do have friend and family (some using older technology or who never upgrade anything) continue to use the older services. I do have at least a few contacts on ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, WLM, and a whole slew of them on Skype. (And now people on my specific team have started using Hipchat, so that’s there now, too).

  48. Cerem Beyazit Says:

    @David XXX +1

    Where is the flat theme? Theme still same (aquatic)…

  49. Black Raven Weasel Says:

    well, to all those skype bandwagoners that are jumping off Trillian because of -Microsoft-, not Cerulean Studios, but -microsoft- tableflipping things, then that’s your decision, now, i know i can’t support monetary wise on Trillian and i wish i could, but it is -still- one of the best third party messengers i use (Been with it ever since i found it in 2004) for AIM and Yahell Messenger ,since the mentioned clients had ticked me off in the past. the only thing i’d ask for is for it to continue developing this fine messenger.

    will also let you guys know if i have trouble out of the beta ^_^

  50. Dreadicon Says:

    Thinking about it, I have to say, I am hard pressed to see a reason to continue with Trillian over alternatives like Pidgin. I’m aware that Skype is out of your control (without major pain involved in building a reverse-engineered solution). However, as many have said, feature rollout has slowed to a crawl, bugfixing is mediocre, and now your fault or not, you are loosing one of your top two client bases (counting Skype and MSN as one; the other top being Facebook). You really need to give your users hope; hope that even though you can’t support Skype, you can offer things other interop chat clients cant, like full Hangouts support, Steam chat support, teamspeak support, and so forth. These have been requested continuously by users for years, but we haven’t even gotten a ‘it’s coming soon’ in response. Also, if cross-platform is such an issue, you may want to consider porting Trillian to C#/Xamarin. Cross-platform is very easy to develop and maintain using Xamarin in my experience developing software. Well, if it gets proper Hangouts support, I may go pro again, but for now, there just isn’t any incentive. I wish you the best of luck, Trillian! You served me well for many years.

  51. Kyoji Says:

    Just grabbed the Mac beta, feels much lighter and more responsive. However, why are the senders messages such a vibrant blue? I know Mavericks+ uses this color for file selections, but its only used in temporary ways that demand your immediate attention. If anything the messages from the person you are talking to should be the bolder color; I already know what I said, why does it need to be constantly called out? Or at least provide a way to customize these colors, I would like to change the blue to a much less vibrant and attention grabbing version.

  52. hypersw Says:

    Well, well.
    I’ve used Trillinan for more than ten years, but things are changing.
    Once it were mostly for ICQ/MSN/Yahoo.
    Then jabber/gtalk. And Skype.

    Now what?
    MSN is dead officially. ICQ is dead unofficially. Of Yahoo I don’t know.
    GTalk is discontinued. Into Hangouts, Trillian can’t login.
    Skype. Lots of people are using Skype nowdays. Now you’re saying Trillian is gonna drop Skype as well.
    So what’s left?

    Why, no legal issues can prevent Trillian from reversing the new protocol. There’re jurisdictions which would allow this officially, at the least. For instance, Trillian’s been hacking the OSCAR protocol ever since, so why not?
    I count on Trillian devs keeping up, really. Otherwise there’s little to stay for.

  53. Dakeru Says:

    So the last time I read any major news was October last year I think. Back then you talked about the incoming changes to Skype and said something along the lines of:
    Don’t worry we have a full year now to adapt the new Skype so nothing will change for you.

    The year is over and the first real news you give is: Oh yeah we are dumping Skype.

    What are you guys thinking? Technically you just told me that over night Trillian will become worthless to me cause 90% of my contacts are using Skype or the converted version of old MSN.

  54. bob Says:

    Windows 8 theme was loooong overdue, we shouldn’t have had to deal with an ugly hardcoded win7 style look in win8 for so long :/

  55. Oscar Says:

    Trillian needs some new services support now that skype, messenger is gone. Some new famous chats/voip is needed, like whatssapp, line, viber, wechat or something. The best candidate is Telegram acording his open source API.

  56. Joe Smith Says:

    Where is the OTR support?? How many years do we have to ask for this functionality??

  57. EvilWhiteDragon Says:

    I hate to say it, but Cerulean Studios, you fail. Why? Because of Skype.

    Not because it is going to be deprecated, but because if you want to use Trillian and connect to Skype you have to copy an old version of skypekit over the one in the current release and put it in compatibility mode. Then it DOES FUCKING WORK. Why can’t you do this automatically and why haven’t we had a proper official response on this?
    I’m fully aware that it’s a bit of a hack, but as many users above me already say: without skype integration the use for trillian diminishes rapidly. Even more so because of the competition in mobile space, with WhatsApp, FB messenger, and a ton of others have a greater reach than trillian has or will have in the foreseeable future.

    Because of the lack of recent updates, I’m kind of expect Cerulean studios toeither be closed soon, or be more or less shut down already. That’d be a pity really, be cause Trillian is great to use.

  58. Steve Says:

    STILL no option (that I can see anyway) to list ALL online users in an ungrouped fashion. I don’t care what service they’re using, I just want them to show up in one tidy list without mucking around with moving them between groups which seems to periodically reset itself. Can this PLEASE be added as an option!?

  59. stufff Says:

    I don’t care if Microsoft dropped Skype Support, you guys used to reverse engineer your client to use unsupported protocols all the time. You used to actively fight against some of the protocols constantly changing to lock you out. That’s why I liked your company and your product. Rolling over and ending Skype support like this makes me lose faith in you, and since Skype is the only client most of my friends use any more, I don’t really have any reason to keep using Trillian.

  60. Paul Says:

    What I don’t understand is why a fix has not come out for the Android client that would correct the problem of connecting to an XMPP/Jabber server. I originally started using Trillian because of the way I could seamlessly use multiple devices under the same account and all chat history gets synced. I use Trillian primarily to connect to an Openfire server but having lost the ability to use it dependably on my mobile has been a nightmare. I still use it on my Windows clients but only because I haven’t found another solution that syncs as well as Trillian. Please FIX this problem on the Android app.

  61. brian Says:

    If you had a Windows Phone and a windows 8 modern app, I would go pro.

  62. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    Man, this gives me flashbacks to my babysitting days. All the whining is over the top. If all you use is Skype, then, I don’t know, maybe you should use the Skype client and quit whining. For me, Trillian STILL does what I bought it for, by allowing me to connect with family, friends, workmates and customers without making me sound like a pompous ass while dictating to them what IM system they should use and without me having to have multiple buggy, resource-hogging IM clients cluttering up my PC and making it unstable.

    As for dropping Skype support, that doesn’t affect me because I deleted all of my MS accounts except the one I use for Xbox when they announced they were dropping MSN Messenger in favor of Skype. Most of my MSN contacts had already dropped off in favor of FB anyway and I saw no reason to subject myself to a repeat of the MS-jerk-around like when they were trying to figure out how to utilize MSN Messenger. I haven’t used Skype video since my son got back from Iraq several years ago so I uninstalled is Skype everywhere except the laptop I use when I go on the road for work.

    All this to say that, Trillian is NOT just a Skype client-substitute. Frankly, from being on the periphery of my younger son and his friends’ world, Steam integration would likely be a better use of developer resources than trying to stay ahead of Microsoft’s attempts to block use of any other Skype clients. I don’t know anyone that still uses Skype regularly but, I do know plenty that use Steam, FB and Twitter.

  63. The O Says:

    So, what’s the status of Trillian for BlackBerry 10? I’d love to be able to use it on the go as well as on my desktop.

  64. Blargh Says:

    For updates I’m interested in, I’m very curious as to the state of the iOS version. I’d like to take advantage of customizable keyboards, enjoy an iOS7 UI, and not duplicate the contents of my chat log when I browse my chat log. Very encouraged by the sight of these new betas though. I am looking forward to more active development.

  65. rlindabury Says:

    Wow. What a batch of ungrateful bastards. You’ve either used Trillian for free or paid a measly amount of money to use the client for the past 10 years and now all you can do is bitch and moan. You’re a batch of asshats.

    Stop your moaning and go use another client and see how much better they are than Trillian. You probably already know, they aren’t.

    I’d love them to keep supporting various clients for text chat. I’d like to see them support Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT.

    Beyond that I find Trillian the best IM client available. I just wish I could use it as an app on my Surface RT and my Windows Phone.

    Annoyed with the bunch of little asshats that think the world owes them all exactly what they want in life just because they bitch and moan incessantly about it.

  66. David XXX Says:

    YEAH.. whiout SKYPE it’s useless to continue to use TRILLIAN………….. if newest 5.5 not support it i uninstall it and i thinks to ASK to remove my account from astra.

  67. Jeremy Says:

    Jesus Christ, some of you people need to learn HOW TO READ.

    This link was provided in the original post that answers so many of your questions and concerns about skype:

    1. Skype support is ending because Microsoft is killing off SkypeKit.
    2. Cerulean cannot distribute an older version of skypekit along with trillian because of legal agreements with Microsoft.
    3. Cerulean is going to be looking for ways to continue Skype support in future versions of Trillian.

    So much entitlement dripping off of many of these comments…

  68. George Says:

    Thanks for the update. Can’t believe how many people cannot read. Removal of Skype is *forced* on Trillian by Microsoft. I agree with the user that said the Skype must be abandoned, not Trillian. Having said that, Cerulean should try and circumvent this by any means possible. Perhaps even by automatically opening the official Skype client, minimizing it to the tray (the idea is to hide it away as much as humanly possible) and do the Skype stuff inside Trillian. I’m not sure though if that will be allowed, but it’s definitively worth a try.

    A user said that there are problems with a medium 125% DPI setting. Can this be confirmed by others, even Cerulean? I cannot install the beta if that is true.

  69. George Says:

    Also, what Zytrel said is quite important. Please do your best to improve and encrypt connection security.

  70. Cupro Says:

    First on iPhone, now on Computer.

    I am really sad about that news.
    I will not Install Skype on my Computer, So I only have Skype on iPhone and will just chat not so often with these contacts.

    Trillian … I have payed for it so I will still use it. But it will never be the same again.

  71. Angarita Says:

    I hope the hints of “larger UI refresh” in Windows means that you’re building a Modern app. I hope it’s a universal app so that we see it on Windows Phone as well. I’d like to give you my money for lifetime Pro but you need to make a Windows 8/Windows Phone app first. No app, no money.

  72. DV2 Says:

    Don’t tell me Skype is ALREADY DEAD on Trillian…Because no matter how many times i press Reconnect…it WON’T reconnect AT ALL

  73. destroyer954 Says:

    It should be dead and if it’s not, it’ll be very soon:
    Trillian devs can’t do shit about it.

  74. Steven Says:

    @DV2, same here. Looks like Skype/MSN are dead. Won’t connect here either. Microsoft probably disconnected SkypeKit, since there was no Trillian update. Probably a tactical move to kill multi-IM clients and force the switch to using Skype for everything, since many users (like me) use Skype and cannot get rid of it (work). I love trillian and have lifetime pro, so I’ll continue using it. It still has AIM, FB, and Gchat and all of my cloud history and logs across my laptop, desktop and phone. But it is a sad day.

  75. JoBoBC Says:

    The discontinuation of Skype support is a deal breaker for our organization’s licensed use of Trillian. I strongly hope you reconsider the decision not to pursue support through some other means, official or otherwise.

  76. Dr.Flay Says:

    I’m guessing that today is the day we wave it goodbye :(
    Internal SkypeKit errorcode “5″

    Well I’m glad I can still use MSN Live webcam instead, and wasn’t fooled into combining accounts.

  77. Dr.Flay Says:

    Skype fix available here.
    It does not work for everyone, but this may be because of combined MSN and Skype accounts.
    Working well for me (I kept my accounts separate)