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Trillian for Dogs!

Trillian for Dogs in Use

After years in secret development, today we proudly announce our new direction for the company: Trillian for Dogs!

During our research two years ago, we noticed that the future trend of the web is not IMs, mobile devices, web services or social networks. Instead, we discovered that dogs will be an important driving force of Web 3.0. As we prefer our strategies not to be followed or copied by our competition, Trillian for Dogs has been in secret development for the last couple years, while we used Trillian Astra as our decoy to confuse the media and rivals!

Trillian for Dogs - My Dogs Contact ListTrillian for Dogs in use with Dogcam!

While the target market of the new product is dogs, we display some human-readable messages just in case the owners want to make sure that no illegal music downloads or questionable media viewing is occuring.

In the main screen of Trillian for Dogs, you can see the My Dogs Contact List. It lists all the dogs that your dog is interested in. Your dog can send barks, sniffs or any gestures to other dogs, by simply entering the command using the webcam.

Trillian for Dogs - Dog Messages

You can also talk to your dog(s) remotely using our special Instant Dog Messages. This patented technology can translate dog language into the human language of your choice (e.g. English, Chinese, Spanish). Dogs all over the world can now easily tell their owners when they are in need! What’s more, Trillian allows your dog to use most of the standard IM functions, from voice chat to emoticons.

Trillian for Dogs - Alerts

Last but not least, instant messaging is not complete without real-time alerts and notifications that keep you up-to-date. The news feed system lets you monitor your canine’s every move and action.

We hope you enjoy this latest release of Trillian! We totally outdid ourselves by releasing 3 releases within 4 days! To ensure the quality of the product is as good as our other releases, Trillian for Dogs is rigorously tested by dogs worldwide, including the dogs of our fellow developers.

You can download this latest build from the alpha test signup email. The link is encoded using dog language, so you will need help from your dog to find it! Enjoy!

25 Responses to “Trillian for Dogs!”
  1. blueink Says:

    Lol, nice April fools joke!

  2. agraham208 Says:

    Silly rabbits. :) CC foolz teh noobz.

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  4. DiamondNRG Says:

    Hey, I figured out how to download this version, but how on earth do you block all the barks? It is getting late and they won’t shut up, even if I mute it, close it, and unplug the machine, it still barks!

  5. tometheus Says:

    @#%$ you CS! What about us cat lovers?? This just shows that they dont listen two there paying users yet again!!1!1!one! That’s it, Im leafing Trillion and going to feed my cat a Pidgin.

    – Olaf Prilos

  6. DiamondNRG Says:

    I agree Olaf! I just posted that in the forum thread!

    And there is no version for the FRUITY animals either… ugh, homophobic programmers they are for sure!

  7. sol Says:

    This place has truly gone to the dogs! Hang on while I check on the coyotes howling in the field across the street.

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  9. ottid888 Says:


  10. shdv Says:

    Who let the dogs out?

  11. globex Says:

    Quit wasting your time CS, and get back to work… that MSN video integration isn’t going to write itself.

  12. Pak-Kei Mak Says:

    globex: Trillian for Dogs is already final and released to public. If you can’t find the download, please ask your dog. ;)

  13. BuckoA51 Says:

    “Trillian for Dogs is already final and released to public. If you can’t find the download, please ask your dog.”

    A new Cerulean Studios product that’s not only out of Alpha but released? Now I’m convinced this is an April fools joke.

  14. Dav Says:

    WTF?!?! It crashes on my system?!? I’m switching to Dogsby!

  15. DiamondNRG Says:

    Now now, I already used that joke Dav!

  16. Chahk Says:

    I’ve tested the beta, and at that time it was full of fleas. Also it’s not compatible with Apple’s iMutt protocol, so 70% of the dogs out there will be left out in the cold.

  17. DiamondNRG Says:

    iMutt, hahahahhahaha. Alright, Chahk wins a free bone or something for that one.

    Talk about screwing the pooch … or is it iPooch…

  18. felixderkater Says:

    Now, I’d like to see the Typing for Dummies – Canine Edition, they used to train these dogs on the keyboard.

  19. globex Says:

    What does it mean when this error message comes up:

    “Fatal Error: Woof woof, rrrrr, woof, rrrr.”


  20. shdv Says:

    It means: “Fatal Error: Human user detected”

  21. hacky Says:

    Hi guys it´good woork, but default skin from build 70 was better (in chat window top part was dark-blue -> black ) so can you realease old skin in next build please ?

  22. hacky Says:

    sry I’ve been thinking if you have only 1 tab its dark

  23. mdshorts Says:

    Build 77… Only issue and it has been a problem is that when I choose to only be contacted by people in my contact list (under security) I still get ICQ requests constantly.

    Also, miscellaneous under my astra account just says loading. Nothing happens. Other than that.. looks good!

  24. DiamondNRG Says:

    mdshorts… that option is for messages, not auth requests. There is another option to forcibly ignore all auth requests. That is what you want.

  25. freedman Says:

    it’s so wonderfull seeing all these features for a product that apparently isn’t ever going to get into the hands of customers.

    might there come a point in time where you actually finish developing the product, THEN add new functionality. It seems you keep changing the development plan so there’s never an end in sight.