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Trillian for iPhone Build 269, Trillian for Web Build 600.

More fixes for the iPhone and Web versions today – Trillian for iPhone Build 269 and Trillian for Web Build 600. Testers for the web version should be automatically upgraded the next time they login to the service, and iPhone users should use the download link in their invitation email to grab the latest build. We’ve also decided to hold off on distributing Windows Build 112 to the general testing population as it introduced a few regression bugs we’d rather not force on everyone, so we’re working on getting Build 113 out instead. Enjoy the new builds!

iPhone testers: the provision file has been updated in 269! Don’t forget to re-install it by following the original instructions in the README file or the build won’t run!

5 Responses to “Trillian for iPhone Build 269, Trillian for Web Build 600.”
  1. cyruz Says:

    Keep up the good work everyone, looking forward to 113. (:

  2. iksg Says:

    Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work. Hoepfully in the near future (hoping fo it to be real soon) I’ll get an invitation for the iPhone and the Mac plaform.

  3. tricke Says:

    thanks for yours work, I hope that Mac versione will be available soon

  4. Stewie Says:

    I really wished to be a beta tester :(

  5. DiamondNRG Says:

    Stewie, you can beta test the web version :)