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Trillian for iPhone: Two months later, still no response from Apple…

Trillian for iPhone

UPDATE: Trillian for iPhone has been approved for sale on the App Store.

We’ve been getting more and more questions from customers wondering where the heck our iPhone App is. Unfortunately, we have no idea.

It’s been 60 days since our initial and only submission to the App Store. Unlike many of the horror stories you may have read about, we haven’t yet received a rejection notice and we’re not frantically going back and forth with Apple fixing reported problems. Despite sending a steady stream of emails to Apple requesting status updates, we continue to receive generic form letters in response – frustrating, to say the least. As developers, we absolutely understand and appreciate Apple’s need to quality control applications – including the need for additional review time when warranted – but being kept in the dark for two months is a strange way to accomplish this. Cerulean remains ready and willing to work with Apple to ensure the software meets all necessary requirements.

This is an important product to us and we’ll continue our efforts to bring it to market. Thanks for your patience and support!

167 Responses to “Trillian for iPhone: Two months later, still no response from Apple…”
  1. Zed01 Says:

    publish it via Cydia ;)

  2. arienh4 Says:

    Isn’t this what usually happens though? I’ve heard of longer… and sadly I can’t betatest anymore because I got a new iPhone :( .

  3. Dave White Says:

    Write an Android app, then see what an approval process should look like.

    Oh wait… there is no approval process for Anrdoid apps.

  4. Steve Says:

    Have you tried emailing or tried calling Apple on the phone?

  5. Leujin Says:

    Thanks for the update! At least you guys care enough to keep us abreast of the situation.

  6. Jeff B Says:

    Luckily a BlackBerry app would also be instantly available and reach a MUCH larger market share – hint, hint!

  7. Shmanky Says:

    What is the pricing model going to be on the iPhone app?

  8. Greg Says:

    We appreciate the update! I’ve been searching the App store for “Trillian” every other day. I suppose that I will continue to do so…

  9. Jeff Says:

    What about porting this application to Blackberry? This application would work quite nicely on the BB Storm, for example. Not to mention you don’t have to get permission/approval to put it on the App Store.

  10. Matt Says:

    I will say cydia too until the app store gets approved :)

  11. Byte Size Updates Says:

    Apple App Store Leaves Trillian Astra Hanging…

    Last month when Cerulean Studios launched Trillian Astra, they also submitted Trillian for iPhone to the Apple App Store for approval. Fast forward thirty days and they are still waiting for a response from Apple.

  12. ZeusII Says:

    Well, I hope this gets validated soon…

    With things like this is why I would never buy again another Apple product. To many restrictions, to many limitations. All of them affecting the end users, ¡oh whait!, the ones that are providing apple with money.

  13. Aaron Says:

    What confuses me is that Tweetie 2 was sent and was approved in a week. I check the app store everyday for Trillian. Its certainly frustrating!

  14. Goodge Says:

    To be honest, I wish Cerulean Studios wasn’t so anxious to support Apple, OSX, or the iPhone. I’d rather have seen a Windows Mobile version of this type of service, which would have been approved on day #1, since you’d just stick it on your website as a download. The tyranny that Apple runs with its “quality control” would never fly if it was anyone but Apple, and as a developer I’d be scared to spend any time writing applications for their “open” platform.

  15. Andreas Fink Says:

    oh boy. I’m at day 21 and I already feel very miserably waiting on Apple. On day 60 the product would probably be end of life already. In comparison to you, I loose money every day because customers can’t pay me (the App now has in App purchase). Apple should hire a few additional Dwarfs…

  16. Kevin H Says:

    +1 vote for android version.

  17. Astarael Says:

    I agree, publish it to Cydia or similar, unless that would hurt approval. Apple is a tyrant, control freak, where $$ are priority. Even so, Trillian will surely be one of most important apps to hit the iphone/ipod. They should have had the carpet laid out ready for you guys!

  18. danielc Says:

    Blackberry… Android… meh… Symbian will remain the dominant SmartPhone architecture, not only is SymbianOS open source but Nokia’s S60v5 platform is a heck load more impressive than iPhoneOS! On topic, Apple were always terrible with their Iron Curtain development behavior – even worse than Microsoft. Best of luck though, i’m sure it’ll be Gold when it eventually gets out there.

  19. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the update and I also want to have the Application directly now on my iPhone. Is there anything we can help? Writing daily eMails to Apple, that they can see, the users want to have this application? Or doing an search for trillian in the appstore?

  20. Kevin Says:

    I’m kinda new to Trillian, but always willing to try out a new app. Could you tell me, those cool looking avatars in the screencap above – do they come with the Trillian app (iphone and/or windows version)? Thanks for the info.

  21. Robert Biro Says:

    I sent this link over to The iPhone Blog and they immediately posted it.

    Maybe that kind of publicity will get Apple to respond…

  22. HH Says:

    I agree with previous poster. I have an iPhone and have gotten pretty tired of the Apple mentality. It’s a well designed phone. It’s got well designed hardware. As soon as someone comes out with anything even close I’m jumping ship and ditching Apple.

    Here’s hoping Windows 7 Mobile is decent…. not holding my breath, however….

  23. Alex Fajkowski Says:

    I have a feeling that this screen is one of the major reasons you’re not getting your app approved.

    That toolbar is kind of a usability disaster. Take a look at Apple’s HIG on the developer site.
    Has it been 60 days of complete radio silence? Or have you been talking back & forth with UI tweaks?

  24. rguidry Says:

    I literally check the appstore every day for both “trillian” and “astra”. For those mentioning all sorts of different OSes that this application should be published to, it might help to put things in perspective. Understandably everyone wants to use Trillian on their phone, and that’s fair. Unfortunately, not everyone can be served if market share doesn’t support the development effort required to publish an app on that platform. Symbian and iPhone OS are clearly the market leaders. Until traction is gained in those other platforms, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    See below for an idea of traffic generated by mobile OSes in the past month, worldwide:

  25. Pyrofallout Says:

    Thank you for the update. Apple needs to get off their asses. This is the iPhone I have been waiting for since first mention. It so close I can taste it!

  26. Alex Says:

    soon; haha

  27. TW Says:

    I agree with Zed01.

    Publish it to Cydia! Trillian is the best!

  28. Garrett Gregor Says:

    + another for trillian port to android

    pretty please with a cherry on top?

  29. Philippe Schnyder Says:

    Just bring a Windows Mobile Version – and you won’t have any problems – and I’ll be happy…

  30. Ant Says:

    Havent used Trillian for a while (I switched to the Mac a year ago) but it was my preferred client on Windows. As soon as it hits the App Store I’ll buy it just out of loyalty for all the years Trillian Pro served me well. Two months is very unusual though! I wish Apple had a tickbox to show pre-approved apps in the App Store.

  31. Trillian iPhone App’s Been Stuck In App Store Limbo For 60 Days | Gizmodo Australia Says:

    [...] about it. They musta made somebody mad, since Apple says the average review time is two weeks. [Cerulean] Tagged:app storeappleimiphone [...]

  32. Alex Says:

    I’m guessing you’re going to get rejected for that contacts icon. It too closely resembles the native iPhone contacts icon. We’ve been busted for that a couple of times.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  33. sb Says:

    Well, Google Voice has neither been rejected nor approved and it has been much longer than 2 months! Anyways, I sure hope you guys get approved soon especially since I just got an Iphone.

  34. Boots Says:

    Man, I can’t go a week without finding another reason to hate Apple.

  35. Techni Says:

    I see 4 votes for Cydia, and I make 5

  36. Rachel Blackman Says:

    The native contacts icon is included as a standard toolbar icon available to iPhone programs, though I can see that they might go ‘well, that can only be used for Address Book integration.’ In which case, so be it; graphics can be easily changed. That said, if they have UI objections, they’ve not voiced them to us. We have received literally no feedback — no rejection, no ‘fix this, please’ or anything similar. Just total radio silence; at this point, even a rejection would be progress, as we’d then have something concrete to address.

  37. r3dd1 Says:

    Those of us with jailbroken phones would kill for the .ipa right about now ;P.

  38. sk Says:

    Let’s hope what happened to Google Voice and companies such as Newber ( ) doesn’t happen to you guys. Trillian Astra has made life so much easier. I’ve got it on my desktop and netbook already. The only missing component is this app, for my iPhone. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t do something stupid.

  39. Gregg Thurman Says:

    It isn’t hard to spot the shills for Android, BB or WinMO. A real developer knows the difference between the programming nightmares those platforms are vs the tools Apple provides for OSX.

    There’s a very real reason why iPhone apps number in the tens of thousands, while the total of all competitors number in the tens of hundreds.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    This is totally a case of the pot calling the kettle black. CS has always been terrible about providing status updates and listening to customers. I have no sympathy for you clowns.

  41. NoOneHere Says:

    I looked long and hard and found the following email address ( Perhaps if everyone sends one status request a day (please no profanity, threats, or mailbombing, it defeats our cause), we can make a difference in how long the application sits in the abyss that is the event horizon.

  42. Neanjo78 Says:

    CNET picked it up:;contentBody

  43. James Says:

    lols. Trillian is a bloated piece of crap. Who the fuck cares.

  44. Namea Says:

    Unfortunately people seem to be able to make any app for Iphone they want. (You all know what I mean, so many ridiculous apps that seem to have almost no use to them) And yet the apps that are actually useful, like Trillian, seem to take forever to get approved. Good luck! Can’t wait to see it, though I won’t be using it…I don’t like Iphones very much.

  45. SDWolf Says:

    Honestly, you’ll be lucky if you ever hear back from Apple, since Trillian is one of those apps that duplicates existing functionality already present on the iPhone; the iPhone already has an embedded IM client, however limited it may be.

    I also vote for an Android build. The SDK is free, and Google’s approval process is quick and painless.

  46. slider_037 Says:

    I want a App for Android too!!!

  47. Ryan Says:

    I hope they accept it, and that it works on all ipod/iphone builds. (read: ipod touch gen 1!)

    Also- I vote for a Windows Mobile version! Beejive is no longer supported in winmo now that it is such a success on the iphone.

    Good luck! Trillian is a great product

  48. chefdave Says:

    I’d be happy just to hear something about the mac desktop version. That’s all I care about, since everyone seems to care about platforms other than the one this is about. I would like a mac version update though, been a while since we heard about it last.

  49. Mike Fish Says:

    Hopefully they’re too busy having fun with the App.

    I’ve waited too long!

  50. Laurens Holst Says:

    I have an Android phone. Please support it :) .

    The rediculously controlled application approval process you keep hearing about over and over again is one reason why I couldn’t be bothered to buy Apple’s iPhone.

  51. Björn Says:

    Welcome in the same boat ;-)

    It could be worse – like my diary (4!!! Months now) …

    Good luck anyway!

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  53. Paul Says:

    To my fellow commenters:
    - Cydia would ensure the app would never get approved (or paid for)
    - Blackberry development is an utter nightmare
    - Android… not yet worth the effort (catch-22, eh?)
    - Windows Mobile is a big turd

  54. hohoh0 Says:

    I see everyone asking for an Android app, which is great. I’m curious, though: what is Trillian’s stance on the Android platform? Do they have plans or have ever mentioned any interest in the platform? Just curious, as I would certainly be willing to purchase it if it ever came out.

  55. This is Me Says:

    Maybe they are still trying to work out what those vague smudges that you used for status icons actually mean ?

    …just a thought.

  56. Jay Owen Says:

    Wow, this is a little crazy. It has to be a little scary for developers to invest a lot of time and money into an app and then have no way of knowing when Apple is going to get to it and get it live.

  57. Ant Says:

    Those saying “why does Apple allow useless apps but reject useful ones”. Well I doubt usefulness is one of their criteria when approving apps. So to flip it around you’re asking Apple to change their criteria on a whim when an App is considered more useful by some.

    It’ll get approved eventually – it’s no different to several other multi-IM apps. In the meantime it would be a good idea to go through the UI guidelines and keep polishing the app. Then submit it again if you haven’t got the green light by then.

  58. Holger Says:

    Just one more reason why apple sucks. Get to work on the Pre version!

  59. 5Words: Apple vs. the Jailbreakers | Technologizer Says:

    [...] Trillian for iPhone: still waiting… [...]

  60. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    > Man, I can’t go a week without finding another reason to hate Apple.

    You need to see a psychiatrist about your pent-up rage if Apple providing desktop-level app development for their phone platform ahead of other platforms that are years older (such as Android) makes you hate them. The iPhone also has a second, approval-free, totally open, industry-standard HTML5 application environment for any developer who doesn’t like the App Store model.

    Get a grip!

  61. Boots Says:


    You’re right. I shouldn’t hate Apple for treating developers, customers and artists like worthless peons. Clearly I should follow your logic and defend them unjustly while sounding like a condescending press release.

  62. LazyGun Says:

    Even Wired has picked up on it now:

  63. Dilirius Cortez Says:

    More or less good news. The latest IM+ Update was sent to Apple on the same day like Trillian. This Update was released today. So maybe … you know what I whant to say … :)

  64. mildm8nnered Says:

    If this is a screenshot ( you may be in limbo because of the “speech bubbles” user interface. I seem to remember someone with a similar app saying they got knocked back because Apple has a patent on that user interface.

    Still a bit annoying that they’ve not said anything concrete to you though. Good luck!

  65. uh huh Says:

    so you’re pissed that apple hasn’t released the iphone version yet? how bout this: how long have we been waiting for the mac version? huh? maybe there are reasons for the iphone version delay. the fact that you haven’t been able to ship a working mac version says something about your ability to pull this off to begin with…

    i long ago stopped holding my breath for a mac version and frankly couldn’t care less if you make it in the iphone app store or not.

  66. Aleksandar Says:

    I waited 30 days for an upgrade.

    Have you emailed appreview to ask what’s the hold up? Maybe they misplaced it :s

  67. Instant Messenger wartet auf App Store-Zulassung Says:

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  68. UnrealSun Says:

    Why don’t you go further with a port of my favorite messenger on the Windows Mobile platform or for Android in the near future? … instead of crossing your fingers waiting for Apple’s verification to-do-list, that surtainly reaches the moon and back ;)

    Nice greetings
    UrS :)

  69. Hexzero Says:

    Glad this is getting media attention… Will make for great sales in the end. I am sure Apple will give this the proper attention now that there is “noise” in the marketplace.

  70. DiamondNRG Says:

    A patent on bubbles? HAHA. Come on, that is a ridiculous claim. The point is that the iPhone is a neat tool, lots of people use it, and lots of people love it. That said, Apple is a worthless piece of crap and continues to screw up a very important part of their device’s continued existance at the top of the chart. In the big picture, they will need to change treating their “CUSTOMERS” like peons and users and not letting them customize anything and then also throwing these huge walls between 3rd party developers and the customers. It is some of the stupidest business logic (or lack there of) ever. And to all those asking for other mobile platforms, we should just hold our breath and wait. Nothing is going to happen until Apple lets this one go. And lets not look like trolls sticking our “make it for the wii or my stupid ds” or whatever posts in every iPhone blog update, it just makes all of you look childish. And to those slaming Trillian and being profane about it…your maturity level is showing and its not impressive. Good luck CS, this needs to get released by Apple soon because I am tired of it making you guys look bad. At some point it is going to become something that was just a waste of time.

  71. Macmarine Says:

    Well it is amazing to see that you are whining about Apples policies and that it takes to get the approval by them, but what about the develeopment for the Mac OS in general?? How long are the Mac users wait for a release of your vaporware??
    Before you blame Apple for the time they and start your hypocrtical whining again because you potential cashcow gets no approval, you’d rather should show some commitment to the Mac Plattform or stick your product to where the sun does not shine.

    nuff said…


    P.S. Before some fanboy thinks he must defend you against the arogant Applefanboys… I have a PC with Win and I use also Linux,
    but on none of my Systems I use other multiprotocol messengers…

  72. DarkNovaGamer Says:

    Well, I do not intend to get an iPhone/iPod. Ever. I’d rather get the Zune HD.

    Though I am glad to see a company that cares about its consumers, and communicates with them, that is part of the reason I paid for my premium.

    Regardless I hope this actually makes it to the iPhone store soon. Hopefully there will be one for the Zune HD maybe? :)

    Either way, good job Cerulean Studios.

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  74. Andy Says:

    We got the same problem with the eShaver… It’s really funny because there is absolutely no sourcecode behind it.

  75. Romain Says:

    What about a JAVA version of Trillian for all others mobiles phone?
    eBuddy mobile is fine, but Trillian mobile would be great!!

  76. Cybertimber2008 Says:

    Maybe the iphone web interface apps wasn’t such a bad idea after all ><
    Good luck CS.

  77. THE F4LG! Says:

    You are complaining that your software is taking a couple of months to get approved, but it’s clear that you don’t even care about our platform!

    The last post about Trillian for Mac is from December 17th, 2007!

    Please hold on for a moment while I call the waaaambulance.

  78. DiamondNRG Says:

    THE F4LG … learn how to read… there is tons of CURRENT information on the OSX development on the forums and the plan is to have it available around Thanksgiving which is only a month away. Your comment = FAIL.

  79. Astarael Says:

    I would guess the iPod/Phone version was made before the OSX version because 1) it is a much less complicated program. And 2) it is something both PC and Mac users will use.

  80. Badastigos Says:

    When will there be a palm webOS version? At least, you won’t have the run around like Apple is giving Developers.

  81. Paul Says:

    For what it’s worth I made a request for this app to Apple:

    Thanks for the info, Cerulean, and best of luck! I’m waiting with baited breath.

  82. Maik Says:

    Fuck on the Iphone (the let-the-user-test-what-we-shouldn’t-build-in-if-he-is-asking-for-phone). I need trillian for windows mobile…

  83. Jack Burton Says:

    Apple reserves the right to do whatever they want sure, but it seems lately they’ve been using the power maliciously. Google, Cerulean, etc all have felt the effects. Good luck guys.

  84. Jake Says:

    another vote for android!

  85. Tom Lauck Says:

    +1 for publishing to Cydia…. -1 for getting blacklisted by Apple once you do.

  86. Vexii Says:

    @Maik … you should not complain. When iPhone version is done then they can pick another mobile version to work on. So this delay is hurting all.

  87. paapDOTnet Says:

    I’ll provide another vote for Palm webOS. Getting it out to users would be no wait at all on homebrew apps…

  88. whitedd001 Says:

    Where do i get the link to become a beta tester?
    Is it gonna be for free?
    Does it have support for my Astra account?.

  89. funketyme Says:

    I’d prepay for a Windows Mobile version right now.

  90. j.mags Says:

    qik released a jailbreak app long before it released an official appstore release, and it has not seemed to impede them at all. They continue to release updates to both the jailbreak version and the appstore version both versions are supported on their website too. This leads me to believe that the rumors that “because you make a jailbreak app, you’ll never be approved in the appstore” are completely false.

  91. Trillian Waits For Apple To Catch Up ~ OS X Fanatics Says:

    [...] is ready with their own IM client for iPhone users. And yet as usual, we see Apple dragging their feet with the release of the Trillian app for the [...]

  92. Hexzero Says:

    I also left feedback at, requesting that an update be given. If you do leave feedback, do so with professionalism.

  93. nmp0906 Says:

    @j.mags – If this is the case, then I’d love to see a jailbreak Trillian version supporting things like file transfers. I’d also love to see Trillian supported on as many phones (or more) than Qik with full support for video conferencing of course :)

    To all you Trillian haters, vent somewhere else. Cerulean Studios has really turned themselves around and released an outstanding product. These ignorant remarks about past practices, or your favorite platform being unsupported are unnecessary. You know the OSX version is in the works. This stuff takes time.

    I want Trillian on my Mac and iPhone just as bad as the rest of you, but all this bitching (unless it’s directed at Apple for their excessive approval timeframes) is unwarranted.

  94. Corato Says:

    Hoping to buy for both my iPhone and MacbookPro and hope there will be a Sametime plugin… OK maybe that is a lot but from past experience on windose nobody does it better than Trillian. Getting tired of no decent IM on iPhone and Adium has it’s issues.

  95. GameGamer43 Says:

    Just an idea, but since the application was submitted for approval, and Apple hasn’t approved it yet, why not open up more slots for Beta Testers? This way we get to use and see the app and then when it becomes available via the App Store, we can purchase it.

  96. musicpaladin2007 Says:


    That’s not possible because the number of beta testers is set by Apple limitations and not by CS. They are only allowed to run the app on so many iphones at a time which have already been taken up by the beta testers already picked.

  97. BoRoN Says:

    Is there still no answer from apple yet ?
    Apple, what’s the problem to give a feedback ???
    We want this app now !!!!

  98. DiamondNRG Says:

    LOL at Corato insulting Windows and then spelling the insult wrong. LAME.

  99. Max Says:

    this is such a shame… I want this app – and I want it now :( .

  100. Matt Says:

    And this is why trillian should have been developed for Windows Mobile first. Apple waists developers’ time and money.

  101. BoRoN Says:

    When will Cerulean Studios contact apple to check what has happened with the app ????

  102. bubbameat Says:

    I can have a portable rack ready in about 30 mins. Where do you need to direct my flight????? Cupertino?? j/k!

  103. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Matt … while I would like to agree with you as a fellow WM user… that isn’t the case unforunately, the iPhone port was a lot less work and why it was done first as the guinea pig for the mobile ports. But it does seem like Apple should hurry up because I doubt CS will start another mobile port until this one is out the door.

    @BoRoN … they do that all the time, Apple never answers.

  104. radian Says:

    Get on Android instead.

  105. Dunkz Says:

    Keep working on it, and keep asking them what’s going on. Also work on an Android app. Once that starts making headway, Apple will have no choice but to get this process smoothed out and stop being idiots about it.

    It’s ridiculous that a commercial entity like Cerulean Studios can’t get their app ok’d/rejected but we can have the latest soundboard or fart application pushed through in a day :(

  106. SDreamer Says:

    Just as Trillian is a multi-client platform, it should also be a multi platform application. I say bring it to WM, Android, and BB, that’ll force Apple to look at what they’re doing… well if more developers did that anyways.

  107. Lex Says:

    You guys should think about releasing Trillian for iPhone to the jailbreak community, via Cydia. You can still make a profit and gain popularity among iPhone users that are looking for a more efficient IM app, all while waiting for Apple to decide the app’s fate in the app store. With beejive and IM+ as the only major competition, trillian should trump.

  108. BoRoN Says:

    Lex is absolutely right.
    Give the programm free to the jailbreak community.
    I would pay the same price !

  109. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Lex & BoRoN … except then it will never be approved and most users will never see it.

  110. This is the opposite of the Open Web « Not The User’s Fault Says:

    [...] is not unique in this regard. The process for getting apps approved on the iPhone is no less opaque: We’ve been getting more and more questions from customers wondering where the heck our iPhone [...]

  111. BoRoN Says:

    So, how long did all we users have to wait until we may buy the final version for our iPhones ?
    Doesn’t Cerulean Studios has any plans or possibilities ?
    I’m looking for the program every day.
    What’s the next step ?

  112. DiamondNRG Says:

    @BoRoN … The next step is for the iPhone version to collect dust until Apple approves it. CS is working on 4.1 for win32 and 4.0 for OS X.

  113. Soul Monarch Says:

    Trillian for WebOS, please!

    Palm won’t screw you like Apple does. ^_^

  114. Michael Says:

    Unfortunatly the Web version is also not working on the iPhone. Is there à possibility to enable the Web Version for the iPhone? Sorry if I’m writing stuff, but I’m New to theiPhone

  115. Michiel Says:

    Time for Cerulean to check out MAEMO on the new N900? seems way better to me then the Iphone.

  116. John Says:

    How long has it been now? This is just getting ridiculous!

  117. Chris Says:

    You are absolutely right, John.
    What shall we do ? Stop waiting and buy Beejive ???
    I really don’t understand what’s going on between Apple and Cerulean Studios.
    Isn’t it possible to send the app to Apple a second time ?
    There MUST be any possibility for a programmer in such a situation.
    Absolutely ridiculous.

  118. mtbgtr Says:

    Diamond – How can Cerulean be on 4.0 for OSX when there has yet to be a single release for OSX? Or is this just a name game to keep the op sys releases close in name? Unlike Microsoft’s Office naming differences between Windows and Mac.

  119. DiamondNRG Says:

    Well I don’t actually know for CERTAIN it would be called 4.0 at start… but I think it was supposed to be on par with the Windows 4.0 version, so perhaps they would do that to be consistent accross the board. Could go either way I guess.

  120. jailbroken Says:

    Why not put this out for the JB devices? If crapple has a problem with it do like the rest of us. Go JB. Many a developer has gone this way….

  121. HogCall Says:

    So what about a Windows Mobile version?? Or will that take another couple of years?

  122. Chris Says:

    Would Cerulean Studios like to say something to all of us users who are waiting and waiting and waiting for the iPhone Version ?
    How long shall we wait ?

  123. Nick Chhan Says:

    Man, this is a really long wait. Trillian is what I’m waiting for, I’m holding off from buying beejive.

  124. Lan Says:

    perhaps this is the tactic that CS needs to follow.. maybe a CS person will see this and try it.. I certainly would.. or heck even contact Jason Snell and see if he can create some buzz.. although trill hasn’t been rejected, same idea. Put some pressure out there.

  125. Anarch Nophobia Says:

    Trillian for iPhone: Two months later, still no response from Apple…

    Trillian for iPhone: Three months later, still no response from Apple and Ceruleanstudios…


  126. Chris Says:

    I wouldn’t wonder if Trillian would not be released this year. :-(

  127. Dacen Says:

    I would like to let you know something about Apple’s previous “decission-making-process” for accepting an app:

    No wonder nobody returned anything to Cerulean Studios.

  128. tony Says:

    I heard of this happening to other developers, apps not making it through the process. And they were told to resubmit. Ya might want to try that.
    Looking forward to the release!

  129. Ian Darke Says:

    Does Apple blacklist apps on Cydia from the iTunes store? /facepalm.

    Otherwise, +1 for Cydia. It has been 3 months now. I want to but a product from Cerulean Studios. Apple is an unwanted and inefficient intermediary in our transaction.

  130. Chris Says:

    I don’t understand why Cerulean Studios doesn’t talk to us people – which we want to buy that app.
    First no reaction from apple – now no reaction from Cerulean Studios.
    Really great work.

  131. smw Says:

    Chris – we have no news to report, as Apple has not responded to us. As soon as the situation changes, our customers will be the first to know. We continue our efforts to bring Trillian to the App Store.

  132. r4 ds Says:

    I think they should talk directly to people this help users as well as company that which application user want to use.

  133. Chris Says:

    @smw: OK. Thanxx

  134. mtbgtr Says:

    Apple now offers app developers progress reports?

    With the status reporting, “waiting for review,” “in review,” or “ready for sale.”
    Not that this will tell anyone much more than they already know, “in review” can mean anything without a timeline

  135. Nick Chhan Says:

    Apple moves to be more transparent by displaying app application status:

    Hope you finally get some updates on this. Can’t wait for the Astra app!

  136. Kathy K Says:

    Forget iPhone, you need an app for Motorola Droid. I have one and there are hardly any IM apps available, plenty of room for you to dominate the IM world of Android ;-)

  137. Chris Says:

    So, what’s the actual status of Trillian for iPhone at the moment ???

    @CS: Could you already tell us what Trillian iPhone will cost when it finally comes to the appstore ???

  138. Eric Says:

    Whats the status!?

  139. Chris Says:

    I would also like to know what’s the acutal status.
    Now it must be possible to check what’s up with trillian !!!!!
    I really really really want to buy this app !!!!!

  140. Don Says:

    Sounds like the app is not done and there stalling on the truth. No way takes this long for a app to get approved. Someone is not telling the truth here that’s for sure.

    I have a friend that wrote a app for a computer in fact a bank and 4 weeks ago he sent it in and 2 weeks he got a email and then 3 week he is approved.

  141. android Says:

    Put it on the Android, just replaced my closed platform (iPhone) and I love it. Feature for feature as good as the iPhone…just need the apps now.

  142. mtbgtr Says:

    I seriously doubt CS would lie about its completion and submission to Apple. And before you spout off about approval lengths, a simple net search would show you there other apps that have taken this long to be approved, maybe even check the CS forums? Your last sentence has zero relevance to the approval process Apple is so mysterious about.

  143. Nick Chhan Says:

    Yeah, but you can’t deny we’re being ignored here. I’m not going to think to deeply about who is lying or whatever, I just want an update.

  144. Raqib12 Says:

    I think resubmitting the application would be the best idea, as other applications have made it through just fine. eBuddy recently had an update, and they got acknowledged not too long after submitting the new update.

  145. smw Says:

    We aren’t ignoring you – we just have nothing to say. Replace “60 days” with “N days” in this post and you’ll have the current status of Trillian for iPhone. :(

    As soon as we hear from Apple, we’ll blog with the details.

  146. roymon Says:

    I have had the iPhone for several years and when I convereted to apple iphone, then I lost several functions which are still not available…Apple doesn’t seem to listen to the users, which is why they let developers do it better anyway…These functions are a video capture for the camera, not just to take pictures with no zoom or anything else. Another feature is to tether your cell pohne when you use a laptop as a modem. This was handy for me because I traveled 4 hours every day to and from work. Another feature lost was to send pictures directly to another cell phone…So maybe someday a new OS will be much better, like DROID !!! which is based on LINUX a better OS…Happy snail trails….

  147. Trillian für iPhone: Veröffentlich nach langem Review-Prozess Says:

    [...] im Oktober haben war im Cerulean Studios-Blog zu lesen: Anders als bei vielen Horrorgeschichten, über die man in der letzten Zeit gelesen hat, [...]

  148. Trillian launches in Appstore - Gets pirated on Day Zero | Solo Engine Says:

    [...] After almost three months, famous multi protocol chat client Trillian has been approved in the iPhone appstore. In the past couple of years Beejive, IM+, fring etc got pretty popular in the appstore with hundreds of downloads everyday. However, Trillian’s strength is its huge desktop install base of loyal users. Trilian is  one of the earliest desktop IM clients that supported multiple protocols like Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc. [...]

  149. Tobi Says:

    Have you forced an unexpected reboot ?

  150. cpe Says:

    I have an Android phone and would love to use your product on it. Please support!

  151. rich Says:


  152. Brenda Says:

    Would be so HAPPY if there’s an android version in progess, but I haven’t found any info on the net.

  153. Ian Jones Says:

    Well i have installed Trillian on my iPhone. great app. but drains the hell out of my battery.
    Uninstalled it and battery back to normal. Got to go back to im+ for now untill they fix it.
    So a waste of money for now.

  154. Earl S Bethel Says:

    I recently purchased a Droid from Verizon made by Motorola, run Android operating system. Have any efforts been made to put Trillion on the Droid ?

  155. Rolando Says:

    where is facebook support on the Iphone app!?

  156. joe Says:

    Post an app for Android. No waiting and costs $25.00. I phone sucks because of this issue. I am getting a droid with VZW.

  157. Chris Audette Says:

    While your waiting why don’t you port the client to Android and Windows Mobile?

  158. RayZorback Says:

    FYI: I found the ap in “Social Networks”. You might want to update the story.

  159. Roberto Says:

    Time to try out the Android market! Droid kicks iPhones butt anyway! DO IT! :)

  160. Roberto Says:

    Put your app on Droid instead. Much better phone than iPhone and they are MUCH more open to allowing new apps! DO IT!!!

  161. peel Says:

    One more vote for Android!

  162. Mike Says:

    So I just paid for and installed the trillian iphone app, thinking that it would exceed the app I currently use, BeeJiveIM.

    It doesn’t come close to even competing with beejive. The app doesn’t rotate to a horizontal position so I can type with a larger keyboard.

    I will be requesting a refund.

  163. Samee Says:

    I also want a Zune HD one.
    It would be super epic.
    And with less than 10 apps, I doubt they would say no…
    Oh wait, you’ve already made it for iPhone…

  164. Geddy Says:

    Yes, I’m sure that 9 people in over 30 days clamoring for Trillian for Droid constitutes a massive groundswell of support. Or not.

  165. John Says:

    another vote for android port

  166. Derek Says:

    Android application market is now over 20,000, thats not in hundreds and plenty of apps are $2 or less with many completely free. Most applications are as polished but Android 2.x has brought many new possibilities with better resolutions and stability to boot. Sure there are some minor things that google is working on but Android is alot younger then blackberry and iPhone, I would love to see trillian astra for Android, I rarely use my computer now that I own my Droid.

  167. Com Says:

    Another vote for the droid.