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Trillian for Windows 4.1 Build 16.

Build 16 is now available to beta testers on the download page, fixing additional bugs. Reminder: Trillian 4.1 is not currently auto-updating itself – testers should download the new build by hand and manually update until further notice. Thanks!

38 Responses to “Trillian for Windows 4.1 Build 16.”
  1. Scream81 Says:

    Hey thanks alot CS, fixlist looks great to me!

  2. scottw Says:

    Where the heck is the iPhone App !!! Damn Apple. What a pain in the butt they are.

  3. StickyFinga Says:

    Thank you very much, guys! Keep up the good work.

  4. Kitezer Says:

    Yay! I am SO happy :D The new build is working great 100% for me :) Keep up the good work! I am so glad this finally got released :) (was missing the FB chat haha) I love all the bug fixes that were made! Thank you for your hard work CS!

  5. XAVIER Says:

    I agree scott , WTF is wrong with apple , cmon give us our Trillian for iPhone !

  6. Irontiger Says:

    Thanks for the update :D

  7. Ian Says:

    Already noticing some improvement in how Skype’s being handled. Thanks, CS!

  8. DiamondNRG Says:

    Nice build, thank you guys!

  9. Skip Kelly Says:

    Loving the update. The FB and Twitter link functionality is what I was missing in 4.0. Being able to mouse left and click on the popup is exactly what I was looking for. 4.1 earned my subscription renewal. What I’m really, really wanting though… IS THE DAMN iPHONE APP!! HELLO!? ANYONE FROM APPLE READING THIS!? AT LEAST TELL US WHAT THE HOLDUP IS! I remember wanting a Trillian app when they first announced the app store was coming! Then I spend months reading about the app in development, and then that it had been submitted. I’ve been checking almost every day for nearly 3 months, and still no love. APPLE!! WTF!?

  10. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the build, FYI Apple has made it so DEVELOPERS can check the status of their application, and I am eagerly awaiting an iphone release, I would love to get rid of beejive in favor of this potentially awesome app.

  11. Shenarah Says:

    When are you going to fix the mail notification sounds. I still haven’t got any for Facebook mail or Gmail.

  12. Brandon Wagoner Says:

    I just noticed that you are not able to create a metacontact in the 4.1 Trillian? Unless I am missing it somewhere?
    Can anyone verify or let me know how to do it?


  13. Toff Says:

    Brandon Wagoner
    There are two ways to create a metacontact.
    Either hold “Ctrl” to select two or more contacts in your contact list, then right-click and choose “Create Meta Contact…”
    Or you can click the “Add” button (looks like “+”) and choose “A MetaContact…” from the menu.

  14. Brandon Says:

    Thanks, that worked. The + sign doesn’t give me the option to create meta contact. I did not know this other option that worked.


  15. burnsjessica10 Says:

    yay, fb chat is fixed! no mail sound, but i’ll take that over no fb chat. thank you!

  16. Toff Says:

    Seems that adding a metacontact using the “+” button only works in Cordonata.

  17. kspainter Says:

    speaking about would be great to have a workaround for the unique name problem when creating a metacontact. i.e. has anyone else been banging their head against the wall when creating a metacontact and trying to come up with a unique name.

  18. DiamondNRG Says:

    @kspainter… Never had that problem as I use real names for their Metacontact names… But being that a Metacontact name is the actual contact name for the meta medium, I doubt it would be possible to allow multiples of the same… the problem is just like it would be if MSN let multiple users have the same account emails … … if more than 1 person had this it would be a huge mess.

  19. Yann Says:

    Superb version, lots of very needed corrections for Skype management, thanks a lot! Facebook part gets better and better, that’s great too. Trillian is really a great tool. :)
    A small suggestion : General “Invisible” state -> disconnect or away on Facebook (as there’s no invisible state there)

  20. angkasuwan Says:

    great build guys, lookin good

  21. kspainter Says:


    let’s say i have an aim contact named bob smith, a yahoo contact named bob smith, a facebook contact named bob smith and a windows live contact named bob smith and then i had a aim contact named bob jones, a facebook contact named bob jones, a windows live conctact named bob jones. how would you solved the problem with a metacontact

  22. DiamondNRG Says:

    Create a metacontact named “Bob Smith” and another named “Bob Jones”. You just can’t have 2 metacontacts named “Bob”.

  23. kspainter Says:

    i CAN’T create a metacontact called bob smith because i have an aim contact named bob smith, a yahoo contact named bob smith, a facebook contact named bob smith and a windows live contact named bob smith. i CAN’T create a metacontact called bob jones because i have an aim contact named bob jones, a facebook contact named bob jones, a windows live conctact named bob jones. is this a bug?

  24. DiamondNRG Says:

    Must be, I can do that just fine… I just can’t have 2 metacontacts with the same name.

  25. Johnno Says:

    I just installed build 16 yesterday and I think it installed the Ask Toolbar without my permission… anyone else get this?

  26. DiamondNRG Says:

    @johnno, there are 2 boxes to uncheck to make sure that doesn’t happen… a lot of people miss one of them and thus end up in your situation.

    If they turn automatic updates back on, then we won’t have to deal with that anymore on every build… I think it really needs to know its upgrading a current install and not ask questions that have already been answered.

  27. Phyxtra Says:

    Hm, is it just on my PC? 4.1 seems to be pretty slow, though blending mode is disabled. Windows need longer to pop up and sometimes trillian freezes or crashes because of the contanct list’s popups. Is there a way to fix it or is it because of beta?

  28. Johnno Says:

    @DiamondNRG – thanks mate. Yeah I caught the one about Google Chrome, I guess my eyes skipped over the Ask Toolbar.

  29. vee Says:

    Error: Please use the same Facebook account for chat and notifications log in.

  30. rionpulya Says:

    I recently updated to 4.1 beta, and noticed, that in bubble chat mode, the bubbles of my friends chats have got darker blue. I liked it better the in 4.0, light blue, how it is still shown in the preferences > chat > chat views –> bubbles chat image.
    Can I change its color back?

  31. DiamondNRG Says:

    @rionpulya, a few edits were made in 4.1 to bubble colors and font colors so that it would all be easier to read. You can change the text color, but not the bubble color. To change the bubble color you would need to manually edit the skin. An overwhelming majority of the users that have commented so far seem to prefer the changes made in 4.1 to the coloring.

  32. kspainter Says:

    fb chat isn’t working…it won’t switch to online

  33. AtomXenonizer101 Says:

    I am trouble downloading 4.1 build 16. at first i thought it was a problem with IE, so i tried Google Chrome, but it just gets stuck on “Starting…” and does not continue….could anyone possibly send me the file over Astra?

  34. Ian Says:

    Still got an annoying bug re Twitter updates — or am I not understand the prefs properly? — ‘Notify me when: “Someone posts a new tweet”, “A newsbot posts a new tweet”‘
    I would’ve thought the first option would just notify me on new tweets from people I follow who aren’t newsbots, but it still notifies me on newsbots too. Needs a new option: “A non-newsbot friend posts a new tweet”.

  35. rionpulya Says:

    @DiamondNRG Could you give me a hint, in which xml or ini file is the color of the bubble defined, and what is it called? (There are some color settings for bubble view in Trillian\stixe\elements\DisplayViews.xml, but the difference between 4.0 and 4.1 are only the colors of the urls)

  36. Ottid888 Says:

    Kaspersky suddenly flagged trillian 4.1 build 16 as Trojan-PSW.Win32.Agent.omm trojan virus and won’t load…. i’m currently back to 4.0.119 right now…. what the hecks wrong?? is trillian trying to load a backdoor thingy on us?

  37. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Ottid888 … was discussed tons in the forums, its a false positive, should be fixed now… and 4.1 build 17 should be fine to install.

  38. b3nny Says:

    I just enter in the world of Trilian Astra:))) ..and i`m glad to find this soft … The most beautiful that i have all my accounts in one place :P
    Anyway Good job … and great soft