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WARNING: Cracked copy of Trillian Astra!

There is apparently a cracked copy of Trillian Astra floating around Usenet and IRC – we’ve been given some preliminary feedback that this cracked copy of Astra contains a Trojan Horse designed to turn your computer into a remotely-controllable robot, among possible other things. More information on our forums (thanks, Nemon!)

Folks, we can’t stress this enough – please use extreme caution anytime you’re downloading software from untrusted sources, especially if there’s some form of crack or ‘loader’ involved. We did NOT authorize this release and it does NOT come from Cerulean Studios.

In happier news, Build 29 will be available later today. We will be adding another group of testers throughout the weekend.

34 Responses to “WARNING: Cracked copy of Trillian Astra!”
  1. aLx Says:

    Hope to be included in this group.

  2. steve Says:

    Good notice. Damn people and their horsey cracks.

  3. ChrisNYC Says:

    I hope I’m included in this group as well.
    Any word on that online version of Astra? I could of used it during my trip this week. Will that online version sync up with the desktop version so it will have all the customized groups and nicknames?

  4. sabret00the Says:

    hopefully i’m in the next wave of testers, the current trillian is doing my head in at the mo’.

  5. Interdit Says:

    Hoping to be in too, I just installed Vista.

  6. smz88 Says:

    Hackers need a life..

  7. Nemon Says:

    Sorry about posting that, i wasn’t sure whether i should or not. In the end i decided it was more important for others to be safe than me to not look a fool. It’s in no ones interest to have more zombie PCs on the net after all.

    Just to clarify, im a Trillian 3.1 Pro customer and fully intend on purchasing Astra when it comes out.

    There are only a couple of applications i use every single day and that i really value. Whose worth to me is immeasurable, and one of those applications is Trillian, so i’m really glad to see things are going and looking! so great.

    Sorry for any trouble. Looking forwards to Trillian 4, keep up the great work.

  8. LostMyBottleCap Says:

    *Fingers Crossed* I Hope I Get In. *Fingers Crossed*

  9. MattG121 Says:

    I hope i get on this new wave of testers. Ive been trying for the longest time.

  10. goyalmayank Says:

    These lifeless hackers must be knowing how desperate we are becoming waiting for Astra.

  11. y0himba Says:

    Nemon, I pretty much did the same thing, except I let Scott know privately. Thanks for the warning and the post. Pathetic thing is, Trillan (so far) is only $25 year. If you are pathetic enough to need to steal that…

  12. MattG121 Says:

    I hope I get into testing soon. After the countless days go by and no email. Ah well, guess it will come in time.

  13. subkamran Says:

    Damn I want Astra. I signed up via the form awhile ago too.

  14. Salz Says:

    Interdit: I use Vista, too. But is this a criteria to join the testing team? Anyway, i love MSDN AA, got Vista for 0$ :)
    CeruleanTeam: Thanks for that News, btw what about multilanguage support for Trillian 4?

    ps: hope to be in the new tester wave at the weekend.

  15. LostMyBottleCap Says:

    Come On I Want It!!! lol.

  16. breadman Says:

    I get tired of the crackers—-Here’s hoping I am on the list of the next users……

  17. Trillian Astra Leaked (with Trojan Horse) « Universe_JDJ’s News Blog Says:

    [...] read more | digg story [...]

  18. kryptonite Says:

    Gheez. Why even bother trying to download something off p2p? Even a somewhat “trusted” app, such as limewire will eventually become infected. Why even bother messing up your computer? Just the chance of getting crap-ware on your computer should be enough of a deterrent to stay away from P2P.

  19. rwmisner Says:

    i hope to be in the beta group i cant wait to test it i wanna use it so bad lol please include me thanks

  20. xxdesmus Says:

    Of coarse they are going to say it has a trojan/virus in it… that is a good way of deterring people from using a leaked build.

    I don’t have a copy (yet) so I can’t verify, but think about it…that’s an easy way to slow the spread of a leak of your new app…

    Anyways, here’s to hoping for an invite, finally.

  21. Betatester Says:

    found it, downloaded it. looks like it is a clean leak of trillian astra build 28. came with a loader.exe scanned it, nothing, ran it and AVG free picked up the trojan…. unlike previous trillian installs this one appears to absolutly require a log in via from beta as of right now to get it to work…. still the log in looked pretty damn sexy… cant wait too see the rest.


  22. Betatester Says:

    eh, double post… but. thanks for the warning guys, for some of us though. “curiosity killed the cat”

    (psssssst “build 30 is now available. yes you read that right”)

    *scurries off into email box waiting for beta invitation*

  23. xxdesmus Says:

    so betamaster, feel free to drop me an email with where i might find this trojan laden file …

    xxdesmus AT that google email service.

  24. xxdesmus Says:

    so betamaster, feel free to drop me an email with where i might find this trojan laden file … I am just curious to see the login at least.

    xxdesmus AT that google email service.

  25. kalel90 Says:

    Yea i got the version with out the crack but it requires a username and password as stated above. (and no it didnt have a trojan with it)

  26. Rachel Blackman Says:

    CeruleanTeam: Thanks for that News, btw what about multilanguage support for Trillian 4?

    We’ve actually put the language pack contents up onto the Trillian wiki, and are thus letting people translate all the language packs during the alpha, into all kinds of languages.

  27. nicole Says:

    Well, hackers always made their way out. We just have to be careful when downloading from untrusted sources.

  28. freedman Says:

    Looks like your precious hand picked beta team aren’t the big fans you thought they were…

  29. tatgirl Says:

    I am not surprised some lamer cracked the Astra program just to put their cyber cooties in it to pass on to others. Just like having ‘unsafe’ sex. Hahahahahaha!

  30. donsmith Says:

    okay so when is the target date? I’m getting bored with Meebo.

  31. hherron Says:

    Cyber cooties hahaha, but I agree.

  32. FM4k Says:

    hey.. I downloaded the cracked release.. works fine. No trojans (due to the nature of any cracking program, it’s going to show up AS a trojan… regardless of whether or not its packing any special sauce) :) – other then some very minor glitches, it works very well ;) But this limited alpha testing junk is useless… because the new trillian already has been very well field tested :P So I formally request, on behalf of all pirates, STOP RIPPING ON US. thanks :D

  33. str8jacket Says:

    I downloaded the cracked version and it has a trojan and locks up all the time…

  34. Bass Says:

    I still fail to see the logic behind paying for IM logs.